Extra 4: Honeymoon on Beastman Planet


Extra 4: Honeymoon on Beastman Planet

Chapter 1

A large tourist spaceship traveled through the vast sea of ​​stars. The spaceship was full of newlyweds, straight and gay, from all over the universe. Everyone had different destinations, when they arrived at the scheduled planet, they would land with a two-person spaceship.

Among the couples, the most eye-catching was undoubtedly the Assai husbands.

They’d saved the universe and unraveled a sinister plot, their accomplishments were enough to write a legend.

Everyone gathered together to chat happily and share the joy of newlywed life. Only those two were sitting in the farthest corner, leaning over to look at a travel album. The cover of the album was a planet full of forests and oceans, it looked very primitive.

Honeymoons were for enjoyment, not adventure. Ordinary couples would never choose a place where technology was too backwards or where living conditions were too difficult. A tame vacation was a small matter, even a small chance of meeting with danger and losing your life wasn’t worth the risk.

But this pair showed no concern for security. Who didn’t know that General Orr was the Empire’s, heck even the entire universe’s only superhuman to have successfully evolved? He was powerful enough to destroy a planet. There was no place in the universe that he couldn’t go.

Both of them were unparalleled existences. Everyone was very curious about them, but they didn’t dare disturb them. They only peeked at them from time to time, wanting to see how they differed from ordinary couples.

The reality was that they, like ordinary people, were enjoying the sweetness of newly wed life, in fact they were even more sticky and intimate. When they saw interesting images, they stopped to discuss, gazing into each other’s eyes as they talked, then they smiled and pressed their foreheads together, exchanging a warm, or spicy kiss.

When the tall and heroic General held the slender and thin youth in his arms, the view was very beautiful and peaceful.

Zhao Xuan lost interest halfway through the brochure. Seeing that his lover was still immersed in it, he handed it to him and called the attendant, then whispered a few words into their ear.

The attendant’s expression turned a bit strange, then he showed a knowing and slightly lecherous smile, and quickly dropped a big booklet into Zhao Xuan’s palm.

Zhao Xuan gripped the booklet, and like a thief, stealthily shoved it into his pants pocket. Seeing that his lover seemed to not be paying any attention, he hesitated for a few seconds before slowly pulling his hand out of his pants pocket and turning his back, then he spread out the booklet on his palm, eagerly reading.

About ten minutes later, Zhou Yun Sheng closed the album and asked, “What are you looking at?”

Zhao Xuan flinched in surprise, and the booklet dropped to the floor. Two pages spread open to reveal a flesh-like color. Zhao Xuan didn’t dare bend over to pick it up, he just quickly slammed his foot onto the booklet, then said in a serious tone, “I’m not looking at anything, just some precautions that’s all. Are you hungry baby? Let’s head to the restaurant and grabbed something to eat.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyesight was very outstanding. He’d clearly seen what was drawn on the booklet with just a quick glance. He laid his right hand on the other man’s knee and gently and slowly massaged it: “Hand it over, or you’ll regret it.”

Every hair on Zhao Xuan’s body stood on end at his touch, he had no choice but to lift his foot and hand the flattened booklet over to his lover, then the great hero’s extraordinarily handsome face split open into an ingratiating smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow and gave him a sideways glance, then he pat the dust off the booklet’s page and read out loud as he browsed: “The males of the black Mamba giant snakes have two complete sets of genitals, including two testes, and two penises, both of which are fully barbed. This allows it to hook itself deeply into the female’s inner canals, the friction bringing about strong pleasant sensations…. The males of the mammoth elephants have only one reproductive organ, but it’s massive in size, and the volume of semen is plentiful and very rich…”

The book’s pages swished as Zhou Yun Sheng read through them, sneering.

This was a booklet dedicated to describing the characteristics of the genitalia of the beastman planet’s males. Not only did it have detailed text, it included clear images, very exhilarating.

Since it was a honeymoon, the satisfaction over that aspect was certainly important. In order to increase the fun of the newlyweds, various special services were offered. Zhou Yun Sheng had a strong libido, he especially enjoyed combing in spirit and flesh, but that didn’t mean he was down for everything.

“My love, which one do you plan to choose?” He closed the booklet and asked in a sweet tone.

Zhao Xuan quickly looked at him and cautiously asked: “Which one do you like?”

“I like the giant snakes, they have two genitals, it must feel so good when they do it. But the mammoths are good too, so big. Oh, there’s still the saber-toothed tigers, their genitals are fully barbed, and their stamina is amazing. But the water bear’s balls are huge, they can store a lot of semen. Oh, it’s too much, I can’t choose.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand, apparently distressed.

Zhao Xuan’s eyes were growing brighter and brighter. He opened the booklet and pointed as he explained, “Baby, I was also thinking about choosing these two you liked. How about this, let’s extend our vacation to two years. In the first year, I’ll take the giant snake transformation pill, then I’ll take the saber-toothed tiger’s transformation pill the next year, so you can experience both.” Then he leaned closer to his lover, wanting to kiss the youth’s rosy lips, a cocky smile spreading across his face.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned to face him and puckered his graceful lips, seemingly in a good mood. Then he suddenly struck out, printing his fist across the other man’s handsome face, then he stood up and delivered a few ruthless kicks before walking away in a huff.

Choosing twin fully barbed d*cks, what was he planning to do? Make love to him or torture him?

Zhao Xuan was a superhuman, his constitution was astounding, so he didn’t feel the slightest bit of pain from his lover’s attacks. He just pretended to be knocked down, and after his lover vented his anger, he quickly got up and chased after him, apologizing and asking worriedly: “Baby, did you injure your hand? Slow down, let me see.” Of course, he didn’t forget to grab the booklet as he ran out.

After the two walked a good distance away, the rest area exploded into commotion. The honeymooners would’ve never imagined that the superhuman Orr Assai behaved this way when he was with his partner.

“How shocking, false advertising!”

“Is he still a superhuman? In private, he’s this afraid of his spouse!”

“Doesn’t he have any pride as a man? I’m so disappointed.”

Some people ridiculed sourly.

One man shouted: “Don’t be so quick to judge. Haven’t you heard? There’s no such thing as a man afraid of his spouse, only a husband who loves his spouse. Because Orr loves his partner, he allows him to give and take freely, look, even after getting beat up he was worried about his partner’s hand. My God! Too sweet, I really want to marry someone like that!”

“Dear, you’re already married, please wake up.” The man’s husband immediately stood up to defend his rights.

At this interruption, the people who sneered at and ridiculed Orr couldn’t help but show an embarrassed expression. After a moment of silence, they tried to change the topic: “Did you hear? Nan Qing died.”

“Oh? How did he die?” Someone immediately asked.

“I heard that because he was too beautiful, he was gang-raped by his cell mates and died of excessive bleeding.”

“Was he really that handsome? He just stole Mr. Zhou’s face, standing next to Mr. Zhou, he’s so ugly it hurts to look.”

“I’m glad he’s dead, he deserves it! He didn’t know how to cherish a superhuman like Orr. He not only tried to frame him once, he even wanted a do over! Who does he think he is, God? Everyone has to bend over for him?”

“My god! He died from excessive bleeding? Too cruel, could it be that his lower body rotted and fell off…”

The following details were too disturbing, everyone unconsciously lowered their voices, discussing Nan Qing’s tragic life in prison with gusto.

The rest area bubbled with excitement. Without the two bigwigs sitting in the corner, suppressing everyone with their presence, the newlyweds finally felt the honeymooning spirit.

On the other hand, Zhao Xuan was being beat up again. As the ship finally approached the beastman planet, Zhou Yun Sheng put away his fists and headed towards the general affairs office. The staff nervously asked the two to sit down, then said “This is the contract. I ask you two to please read it carefully. If there’s no problem, sign the lower right corner.”

This was a travel agreement. In order to protect the lesser civilizations, races from higher civilizations must not reveal their identities or kill the indigenous people, except in self-defense. They also must not leave behind items beyond the technology of the local civilization; they must not alter the local history… There were thousands of similar rules. To sum up – you can play around, but you can’t leave behind any evidence.

Zhou Yun Sheng skimmed through the document. After determining there weren’t any problems, he signed his name in bold cursive. Zhao Xuan also signed the agreement, then looked up at the staff member.

The staff member understood and quickly set up a row of transformation pills on the table, then smiled: “Please select two.”

In order to cover-up their identity, travelers must pretend to be one of the natives. The current beastman planet was still very backward. All races only had a small number of females who managed to evolve into human form. All males and most females were still animal-shaped. Perhaps in hundreds of thousands of years, through the mating and breeding of the humanoid females, the ethnic composition of the beastman planet will gradually be dominated by the human form, but it was clearly not up to that level yet.

This was an extremely backwards planet, the indigenous people were at the lowest level of evolution. There was no text, no tools, no language, they were complete savages. But one aspect was very suitable for newlyweds, that was the unrestrained lifestyle.

Mating was always the main theme of the beastman planet. As long as their bellies were full, the only thing they could think of was mating, mating, and more mating. Mating in the trees, in the rivers, in the caves, and even in front of audiences. They haven’t developed a system of values yet, so they didn’t know what it meant to feel shame, everything was for the purpose of breeding the next generation.

Because of their excessive sexual lifestyle, their genitals had evolved faster that other parts of their bodies, not only was the sizes considerable, the quantity was also unique. This was Zhao Xuan’s reason for choosing this beastman planet for his honeymoon.

Currently, he was staring at each transformation pill, a frightful glint in his eye. He looked at the giant snake pill then looked at the saber-toothed tiger pill. Finally, he glanced at the water bear pill and exposed a somewhat hesitant expression.

Zhou Yun Sheng crossed his slender legs, and propped his cheek on one fist. He raised an eyebrow slightly, and calmly looked at his husband.

Zhao Xuan thought over his choice for a minute, then reached for the giant snake transformation pill, but after hearing Zhou Yun Sheng’s light cough, he immediately changed direction to take the saber-toothed tiger transformation pill. This time, the coughing stopped, and became a bone chilling chuckle. Zhao Xuan’s fingers flinched, then he grabbed a random pill without looking.

Zhou Yun Sheng pried opened Zhao Xuan’s hand and saw the word “Lion” written on the small transformation pill’s box. Only then did he put away his fake smile and gently pat the other man’s handsome face. He praised: “Good choice.”

The lion was of medium size, and its privates were also medium sized. There were no unique inhuman features, so it was within the acceptable range.

Zhao Xuan waited for him to walk away before letting out a long regretful sigh, while the staff member fearfully held in his laughter.

Who would’ve thought that the most powerful couple in the Empire was so comical, but their harmony also far exceeded his expectations.

A short while later, Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan entered a small spacecraft and headed towards the ancient beastman planet.

The small spaceship had just left the main ship when two black holes collided not far away, releasing a huge shockwave. All the planets located in the same cosmic dimension were affected, experiencing different degrees of oscillation, even time and space was distorted. After a brief stagnation, it would return to its original state.

The main ship put up its protective cover in time to survive the disaster, but the small spaceship flying towards the beastman planet was swallowed by the twisting whirlpool of time and space, then it completely disappeared.

The ship captain witnessed the whole event, and immediately contacted the military for assistance. Mr. Orr and Mr. Zhou were heroes of the Empire, they absolutely couldn’t meet with mishap!



Hey guys. I’m back. I think this one was already translated but I spent 80hr translating and editing it so I’m not gonna not post it. I’ll be honest, I was not into the sex scenes in this extra, so that’s partially why it took me so long. Oh Well, hopefully it’s one of you guys’ fetish. Enjoy!

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Kawaii Panda
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