OGU: Chapter 53


Chapter 53

  ”Spam call.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said.

  He may be a smooth businessman, but he definitely wasn’t a lover who had a habit of lying.

  Tong Yan sniffed, saying suspiciously: “Let me look.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pursed his lips and dropped his eyes, tossing the phone towards the other side of the bed, then saying: “Sleep.”

  Tong Yan crawled over, picked up the cell phone, swiftly unlocked it, then asked him: “Can you show me the spam call?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming’s robe had been clutched and pulled into a mess, half-naked upper body, messy hair, and his face was still sticky with Tong Yan’s tears. A twenty something year old man had been besieged by an 18-year-old brat.

  Ah … after the New Year, he should be nineteen.

  ”Look.” He scratched his hair, calmly fastened Tong Yan’s pajama buttons, and waited quietly with locked eyebrows—

  ”Zhao Xiang Ming!!!”

  The cell phone lay in the hollow of Tong Yan’s palm, his eyes widened when he saw the caller’s name, and his scalp went numb when he saw the length of the call: Dad, two minutes and 48 seconds.

  Zhuo ZhengDe’s contact name was Father, Tong Li Qin’s was Dad, Tong Yan knew this.

  ”What the hell?!!” He was about to cry again.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming grabbed his hand and turned off the screen, then he hugged him and laid down on the bed, like it was business as usual: “Maybe I accidentally touched it.”

  In fact, Tong Yan only knew that he had a fight with Zhuo Xiang Ming a moment ago, and that he’d cried a lot. His brain was dizzy, so he didn’t quite remember the specific details of the fight. Now he was afraid that Tong Li Qin had overheard him causing unreasonable trouble. Drilling into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s arms, he muffled out: “What do you think he heard?”

  What else could Zhuo Xiang Ming say? He heard how I shamelessly quarreled with you and made you cry. As for whether or not his father-in-law knew that he got a hard on— But all Zhuo Xiang Ming said was: “It was wrapped up in the quilt, what could he hear?”

  Tong Yan really believed him, and after Zhuo Xiang Ming placated him for a while, he stopped thinking about it. Fitted snugly against Zhuo Xiang Ming, he merely said: “Don’t bring your phone to bed next time.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hummed earnestly. Tong Yan added: “I’m exhausted.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I’m sorry.”

  ”You’ve already said that many times.” Tong Yan mumbled, “There needs to be a change.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming encircled him: “I’ll definitely change.”

  Tong Yan was soaked with sweat from the struggle, the scent of his pheromones also became softer and more fragrant. But Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t dare be unruly again tonight. He hugged Tong Yan for a while, keeping his lower-body away from him, then got out of bed to wring a towel. He wiped Tong Yan’s face and neck, then switched to wiping his arms and belly.

  The boy laid there, his just-wiped white belly exposed under his still rolled up pajama top. His eyes were half-closed, and his long crow-black eyelashes cast a shadow under his eyes. His wiped clean face was still tender and red.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at him and couldn’t get up for a while. He squeezed his face and kissed him. Tong Yan groaned, and Zhuo Xiang Ming lowered his head again, sucking on the exposed white and warm skin.

  Tong Yan’s small beast like vigilant instincts sensed that the other man wanted to eat him. He quickly and apprehensively pulled his clothes and rolled to the side, but when Zhuo Xiang Ming came back after leaving to return the towel, he automatically rolled into the alpha’s arms.


  ”How am I supposed to respond to this?” Tong Yang’s face crumpled, “What the hell is going on, dad?”

  Tong Li Qin paced in a circle, decisively saying: “Just tell him that I haven’t been feeling well lately and was hospitalized. Ask him to come back to look after me.”

  Tong Yang: “No way… Zhuo Xiang Ming’s mother was just hospitalized, you’re even jealous of this?”

  Tong Li Qin gave him a fierce glance. Tong Yang didn’t dare speak, shutting his mouth temporarily.

  The father and son silently sat opposite each other; the atmosphere was thick. Tong Li Qin suddenly made a fist and pounded the small table next to him: “Those Zhou’s are no good!”

  Tong Yang shivered in fright. Something was very wrong with Tong Li Qin today. He called him at 5 in the morning to ask him what time he got off work, but without even waiting for a reply, he ordered him to quickly come home.

  Little Zhuo, who was on his bed, was awakened halfway. He wanted to lose his temper but had no energy. Unfortunately, Tong Li Qin was urgently pressing Tong Yang, as if there was a critical matter, so he could only guiltily drive through half of the city to go home early in the morning.

  When he arrived home, Tong Li Qin told him to go pick up Tong Yan and bring him home.

  The young couple were newlyweds, Tong Yang felt that his father was trying to find ways to get him killed.

  Gods knows that this little old man was getting more and more angry the more he talked.

“What’s wrong? What did Tong Tong say when you contacted him?” Tong Yang thought of many possibilities, but each one was based on Zhuo Xiang Ming bullying Tong Yan, and Zhuo Xiang Ming bullying Tong Yan was the most improbable kind of possibility ——

  ”I won’t be able to think of a way if you keep holding back all the details. Do you think this is appropriate? What time is it?” Tong Yang looked at his watch, “It’s 6:30, none of the people who go to school or work are awake yet, I can’t just drop by and demand someone. Let’s be reasonable, okay?”

  Tong Li Qin gritted his teeth, but in the end, he merely said: “In any case, we can’t leave the boy there anymore.”

  Tong Yang found this both laughable and infuriating: “What nonsense are you saying? What do you mean, ‘leave him there’? Tong Yan is married. Married. It’s both reasonable and legal for him to live with Zhuo Xiang Ming, you …”

  ”I’m not sensible, I’m unreasonable?” The always reticent Tong Li Qin resembled a pile of finally ignited explosives, “My greatest mistake was expecting them to be reasonable in the first place. My, my dear child … that whole family is completely rotten! That father was depraved when he was younger, and his son is no better!”

  ”What the hell is he doing all day? And his youngest, does he just have nothing better to do? How could he post those kinds of pictures online? What’s all this talk about what’s underneath? I looked away for a second, and there were thousands of comments proclaiming that the ‘steamed bun has a baby bun inside’. Don’t they know that Tong Yan is only eighteen?!”

  As soon as that OUKM post came out, interest and engagement skyrocketed to the point where there were still people discussing it today. The clothing brands worn by the two men in the photo were completely analyzed. Tong Yan’s face was blurred, but the sweater he wore was quickly identified using only the exposed collar: DON’T CARE brand, Spring Festival limited edition model, small dinosaur pattern, 40,888 sales price, additional small diamond-studded dinosaur on the collar, 46,888. There was no small dinosaur on Tong Yan’s collar, crookedly stuck to the edge of his windbreaker.

  Below, as soon as someone said that Zhuo Xiang Ming was pampering his wife, someone else immediately rushed to discuss net worth.

  Of course, even more people were discussing the blurred face and beautiful love. Tong Yang was holding his dad’s cell phone, listening to Tong Li Qin’s cursing. Suddenly he had a premonition and clicked on [my comments]: He is still a child!!!!!!!!! x140

  In the comments, there were many more words and pictures posted by strangers and CP fans that were “unsightly” in Tong Li Qin’s eyes, but the pregnancy rumors stabbed Tong Li Qin’s heart the most.

  His chest was blocked up for many days. He simply couldn’t fall asleep tonight. However, it wouldn’t be very reasonable for the father in law to speak up after spying on the two husbands, so he endured and endured.

  Finally, he summoned Tong Yang, the unlucky one.

  He didn’t feel much when Tong Li Qin cursed Zhuo ZhengDe and Zhuo Xiang Ming, after all, he had been cursing them off and on since the two families had dinner, but now it sounded like he was dragging Zhuo Jia Shuo along, so Tong Yang couldn’t help but speak: “Actually …”

  ”Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been up to every day!” Tong Li Qin was furious. Tong Yang wanted to say more, but he didn’t want to paint a target on his own back, “W-what’s wrong with Tong Yan? What did Zhuo Xiang Ming do? I’ll be the first one to not spare him!”

  Tong Li Qin braced his hands on his knees and exhaled with his eyes closed, then he took his phone to play back the recent call.

It started with a series of rustling noises, which sounded noisy, then a thud. Tong Yang was baffled, then he suddenly heard Tong Yan’s voice: “Let me go!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t let go, Tong Yan screamed at him to let go, Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t let go … Tong Yan cried, scolding him: “Do you have any pride? I won’t forgive you even if you kneel down… get up already!”

  Tong Yang’s face was stiff, trying his best not to laugh. He’d also guessed how that thud sound at the beginning came about. He said in his heart, I was really blind, the usually weak Tong Yan and pokerfaced Zhuo Xiang Ming actually had such a dynamic behind the scenes.

  What happens in a young couple’s quarrel? He listened to Zhuo Xiang Ming’s brief forceful kiss with great relish. The recording itself was very short, and it soon stopped at Tong Yan crying and yelling at Zhuo Xiang Ming, “Don’t get hard”.

  Hearing it again, Tong Li Qin’s face darkened another degree.

  Tong Yang was really speechless. It was reasonable to assume that his dad had a lot of life experience, he should be able to understand that this event wasn’t a big deal.

  Of course, he also felt distressed, embarrassed and distressed, when he heard Tong Yan’s pitiful crying, but this kind of thing was unavoidable if two people got together. Conflict and contradictions would never completely end. Zhuo Xiang Ming listened and continuously coaxed, but just what was the cause ——

  ”What else could it be about?” Tong Li Qin pressed on, “It must be because he wouldn’t stop, like an animal … How old is Tong Tong? I really was insane; I must’ve been insane to agree to such a thing.”

  That being said, Tong Yang also thought that this was probably the cause … ahem.

  This time, Tong Yang’s heart was also quite disgruntled. Tong Yan was his younger brother. The tender grass was dragged into the nest to be eaten by the old cow, and was even bullied so miserably.

  A scene appeared in front of Tong Yang: a beautiful and fragile little white flower was swaying in the wind, when suddenly, there was a rainstorm, followed by a strong wind, and it was broken after a few blows.

  His younger brother was the little white flower, and Zhuo Xiang Ming was the rain and wind that didn’t understand compassion.

  ”He’s not human!” Tong Yang suddenly shouted, then he vowed to Tong Li Qin, “You go up to rest first. I’ll go to him; I must teach him a lesson.”

  Seeing that he was really angry, Tong Li Qin unexpectedly opened his mouth to stop him: “You don’t have to hit him, just bring Tong Yan back.”

  ”No, I have to let him know that our Tong family has no pushovers, so watch out for us in the future.” Tong Yang pushed him upstairs, “I’m leaving.”


  Tong Yang dropped by first thing in the morning. Zhuo Xiang Ming went to open the door for him. A little surprised, he welcomed him in, then went to make a portion of breakfast for him.

  The two chatted awkwardly for a while, then Zhuo Xiang Ming arranged breakfast on the table, and invited Tong Yang to eat first, before heading upstairs. A short while later, he carried a human-shaped cat, which smelled of cape jasmine, downstairs.

  Tong Yang: “…”

  Tong Yan: “…”

  Tong Yan: “Brother … why are you…”

  Tong Yang lowered his head and ate some fried eggs: “I dropped by to freeload breakfast. Hurry up and eat, you’ll be late for school.”


  The three ate breakfast in silence. Finally, Zhuo Xiang Ming got up and brought over a mug of warm milk, placing it in Tong Yan’s hands. He habitually kissed Tong Yan before walking away, then the three of them froze in unison.

  ”Done.” Tong Yan chugged the milk in one breath, “Let’s go.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming found Tong Yan’s jacket and schoolbag. Tong Yang followed beside them, and finally got into the back seat of Zhuo Xiang Ming’s car.

  The atmosphere was strange. After arriving at school, Tong Yan said goodbye to the two people in the car and got out, leaving Zhuo Xiang Ming and Tong Yang alone.

  ”Should I drop you at the company?”

  Tong Yang moved to the front seat then heard this question: “Ah, oh, OK.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming roughly knew why Tong Yang was here. It was inseparably linked to that mistaken phone call last night, but because Tong Yang didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say.

  He also hadn’t slept well last night because of this. It was too embarrassing. That time he met with Tong Li Qin alone, he felt that Tong Li Qin was uneasy with their relationship. He didn’t expect for a quarrel with Tong Yan to be overheard such a short time later. That kind of dialogue was also overheard, this situation was really embarrassing.

  His steady and reliable image was probably ruined.

  ”Umm.” When they arrived at Tong Yang’s company, Tong Yang said, looking straight ahead, “My dad said, that what, y-you and Tong Yan, you guys … you know why I’m here, right?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was ten times more embarrassed than him: “I know, I definitely won’t do it again.”

  No more…that? Gosh, wasn’t that too cruel?

  Tong Yang hurriedly said: “No no no, it’s not that serious … Anyway, just take it a little easy, we’re about the same age, I know, I can understand. Just … take it easy a bit more.”

Zhuo Xiang Ming said, a little confused: “… OK.”


  Author’s Note:

  Mr. Tong Yang, who wishes to remain anonymous, uploaded an explosive cell phone video:

  “What’s your name?”

  ”Tong, Yah.”

  ”How old are you? Stop biting the pacifier. Repeat after me, Tong. Yan.”

  ”Dong … Yah …”

  ”Tong Yan. If you say it right, I’ll give you this Christmas hat.”

  ”Dong, Dong, Yah!”

Give it, give it, eat the pacifier.”


48 seconds- I know last chapter said 45s, this is the author’s error, not mine

Little Zhuo- Zhuo Jia Shuo, I presume

The tender grass was dragged into the nest to be eaten by the old cow- calling ZXM a cradle robber again

Give it, give it- 给, gěi, the verb ‘to give’ is repeated 3 times, but one dictionary translated it to ‘here, here’ so idk if he’s telling TongTong to return something or is giving him something.

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3 years ago

I still can’t help shaking my head at TLQ’s hypocrisy. He’s certainly allowed to be concerned for his son, but he’s the one who married off his teenager. Why not simply ask Tong Tong how things are going.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

2 years ago
Reply to  Kleep

Yep. Not to mention be married him off to an alpha and forced them to live together all while TY had some pheromone issue. All that while they were complete strangers. And now that they are together, ofc the two are going to fight. Seriously, TLQ is a dumbo.

3 years ago

Daddy Tong, has your guilt over neglecting Tong Yan as a child eroded your IQ (and EQ)?
Even Tong Yang behaves in a (much) more sensible way than you…
Thank you for the chapter! <3

Wandering Fujoshi
Wandering Fujoshi
3 years ago

Happy how the fight was solved. ?
Thanks for the chapter!?