New Potential Projects

After searching some more, I’ve found 4 novels that haven’t been picked up yet as far as I can tell. I’m thinking of doing a double translation, two 200k short novels. 偏不善良[重生] – Partial unkindness[Rebirth] and 家有Omega初长成 – My family’s Omega has grown up. If I like those two, I’ll translate them both at once, but if I dislike them, then rip lol The beginning chapters are pretty good so far, lets hope it doesn’t shit the bed at the last few chapters like Waiting For You Online.

EDIT: Welp, Partial Unkindness was a bust, super strong first half, very mediocre second half. It’s not terrible to read. but I don’t feel very motivated to translate it. In a perfect world, I’d translate the enjoyable first half and someone else would take the latter half lol

The First Dragon Convention: