Xue Zi Xuan Extra 1.3


T/N: I’ve seen some of your questions…not really sure if I should answer them though haha ;p. But this story does have a happy ending (HE), it’s stated in the author’s summary so it’s not a spoiler. This is an extra the author wrote after FOD, which has a rather interesting scenario, in this case, ZYS isn’t free of the villain system yet and the ML doesn’t appear at all. The ML in this book is Xue Zi Xuan instead. And yes, the XZX in this story is reincarnated but not yet… this is the most I can say without spoiling but I saw that some of you guessed it correctly so good job.

Chapter 1.3

“Ai,” Zhou Yun Sheng agreed, before climbing into the car with much trouble.

Due to malnutrition, the development of this body was very slow, although he was already 16 years old, he was only around 1.6 m, and his figure was also very slender, as though a gust of wind could blow him away. His cheeks even had two red patches, overall an ugly appearance.

Seeing that Zhou Yun Sheng took more than half a day to climb up, and even half rolled in, and afterward started touching here and there, looking extremely curious, the assistant couldn’t help but laugh again, scorn unknowingly leaking from his eyes.

The handsome man still did not have any reaction, commanding the assistant to quickly start the car. As Xiao Liu village started to slowly fade into the distance, Zhou Yun Sheng rested against the window, looking at his aunts and uncles who continued to chase after the car, shouting while running, “Yi-Zi, where is the bank book? You’re going to the city where you can enjoy life and won’t need the money, why don’t you leave the bank book behind? Your younger brothers and sisters still need to attend school!”

What school, you’re going to let them go to the port to work next year, even the foreman has already been contacted, did you think I didn’t know? Zhou Yun Sheng was clear in his heart but didn’t expose it, he just waved at his relatives, his smile innocent.

After a few hours’ drive, they reached the provincial capital where they took a flight, and after one day and one night, they finally reached the capital. The handsome man did not say anything the entire trip, Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to converse with him, to search out his bottom line, but all his words were diverted away by the assistant. He obviously did not want him to bother the handsome man.

Turns out that I’m an unwelcomed presence, but then why did they travel so far to bring me back? Zhou Yun Sheng wondered to himself but had already realized that he definitely had something on him that they wanted. They were separated from young, and had not seen each other for more than a decade, these kind of siblings, even if they were blood-related, what kind of feelings could they have towards each other? Once his sister heard of his presence she begged for him to be taken back, but did not even ask a single word about their dead parents, no matter how this situation was looked at it just seemed strange.

Thinking till this point, Zhou Yun Sheng’s wariness of this family was raised to the maximum, but a second later, it immediately deflated. So what if I’m wary about them? With the villain system around, even if it was a sea of fire in front of him, he would still have to bash his way through it, without any room for resistance.

Looking at the neon lights which flew past outside the window, Zhou Yun Sheng quietly sighed. The car passed through the bustling city, into the forested suburbs, through a winding mountain road and finally arrived at a golf course. The handsome man’s home was located in the villa area of the golf course, such a landscape, such a location, this can’t be bought with only money.

Zhou Yun Sheng had no choice but to reassess the man’s family background, not only was he from an influential clan, but he was also from one which was very wealthy. As expected, his twin sister was this world’s protagonist, she was born in such a remote mountain village but could still be adopted by such a prominent family, that type of luck really went against the heavens. However, in order to reduce complications, many people liked to adopt children from remote places, some even adopted abroad, this point was not difficult to understand.

The car bypassed the fountain before steadily stopping at the front door. When Zhou Yun Sheng hopped out of the car, the system released the second task – to integrate into the new family. In other words, it’s to settle his relationship with this family and get their approval. Zhou Yun Sheng immediately showed a look of fear, and walked towards the handsome man step by step, gently holding his hand which was in pure white gloves.

The handsome man obviously didn’t expect the teenager to make such a move. He immediately shrugged him off, using a cold and disgusted tone he clearly said, “You are not allowed to touch me, this is the first rule you must abide by.” (T/N you’ll regret this later)

Oh, so it turns out I have to follow rules too? Then what exactly do you take me for? A pet? A servant? Or just a tool to achieve your purpose, whatever that is? Zhou Yun Sheng had a deeper understanding of his future. He stepped back two steps, bowed his head, and used his overly long bangs to cover his own cold and hateful expression.

The two walked into the living room, one behind the other, and the assistant followed, holding the baggage.

“Young Master, welcome back. The hot water is already ready, when you’re done washing up we can have the meal.” A white-haired old man walked to the door with a straight posture to welcome them, his tone very respectful. As he raised his head, he looked at Zhou Yun Sheng, his gaze staying on his chest for a long time (not in a perverted way).

“This is the young miss’s brother?”

“Yes, take him back to his room to clean up, he’s filthy.” The handsome man ordered with a frown.

“Very well, Mr. Huang, please come with me.” The old man beckoned.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded reservedly, his eyes quickly sweeping the living room, not finding his so-called twin sister. The news that he had arrived today, the assistant had told the family about it as early as when they got off the plane. If they cared about him, they would have definitely waited for him in the living room, or better, stand at the door to welcome him.

But they hadn’t, except for the handsome man, not a single one of this family’s members appeared. And this old man, who seemed to be the housekeeper, the way he looked at him was very strange, not like looking at a living person, but more like the dead. When his gaze lingered on his chest, that bone-chilling feeling made all the hairs on his body instantly stand on end.

What on earth are they planning? Zhou Yun Sheng did not like the feeling of jumping into a trap and being unable to climb out. But with the villain system, he could only accept it, freely letting others oppress him, when will this kind of life end? Thinking of this, a strong feeling of resentment and unwillingness churned in his chest, but he still kept a cautiously humble expression on his face.

The housekeeper led him to a room on the second floor and said, “You will live here from now on, feel free to ask for anything. I am Fu Bo, Xue Jia’s housekeeper.”

“Xue Jia?” Zhou Yun Sheng softly asked, “My sister’s surname is Xue? What is her name? Where is she now?”

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1 year ago

Why u do this to us T_T I wanted more

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Happy ending?

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This guy is the only one i felt bad for in any reincarnations