OGU: Chapter 54


Chapter 54

  These past few days, the company had little use for him, so Tong Yang simply didn’t go up. He just asked his secretary to send car keys down, drank a cup of coffee downstairs, and calculated the time for Zhuo Jia Shuo to wake up again before buying breakfast and heading home.

  On the way back, he received another call from Tong Li Qin: “Did you go?”

  Tong Yang made an ‘ah’ sound, but before he could talk, Tong Li Qin spoke again: “The things we said at home, you can’t repeat them in front of Zhuo Xiang Ming, okay?”

  Tong Yang inwardly said, ‘oh, you know this?’, but was very touched: “I know Dad.”

  ”Maybe you shouldn’t go.” Last night, the more Tong Li Qin thought about it, the worse he felt. It took a bit of lashing out at Tong Yang in the morning to bring him to his senses, “These kinds of thing shouldn’t be said. They’ll both see it for themselves.”

  Tong Yang still hadn’t shaken off the embarrassment from just now, he was suddenly very annoyed: “Hurry up and rest. What are you mulling over all day? This isn’t a sudden mid-life crisis, right?”

  Tong Li Qin was stubbornly unreasonable: “Oy! I wish I hadn’t called the likes of you, I even thought it was us at that time.”

  Tong Yang: “OK, you’re the most upright.”

  Tong Li Qin: “Don’t talk nonsense in front of your brother.”

  Tong Yang: “Yes, I know.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was in his office when he received an email from Tong Li Qin. It contained the contact information for two experts who specialized in Lin Yue Hua’s illness. He’d most likely called last night because of this. Zhuo Xiang Ming replied: “Thank you, Dad, sorry for inconveniencing you.”

  Tong Li Qin didn’t reply back, he’d fallen asleep.

  It was Friday. Zhuo Xiang Ming took Tong Yan out for dinner. He had an appointment with someone later, so he sent Tong Yan to the hospital first.

  Zhuo Jia Shuo and Zhuo ZhengDe had just left, only Lin Yue Hua and Tong Yan remained in the ward. The things in the suite were more noticeable, and the temperature was higher. Tong Yan was sitting on a small sofa, his schoolbag at his side, his face a little flushed from the heat.

  Lin Yue Hua: “Take off your coat if you’re hot.”

  Tong Yan finally started to undress when she said this, Lin Yue Hua laughed: “The zipper was even pulled so tightly, silly child, you can’t even tell when it’s hot.”

  Tong Yan pouted, then smiled, holding his coat in his arms, he asked Lin Yue Hua: “How is it today?”

  Lin Yue Hua: “Same old, it’s just that a group of doctors and nurses argued and gave me a headache, plus they keep forbidding this and forbidding that.”

  Tong Yan solemnly said: “You have to listen to the doctor.”

  ”Fine.” Lin Yue Hua said, “How about you? I heard from Xiang Ming that you’ve been deciding on a school recently?”

  Tong Yan nodded: “Yes, it was confirmed this afternoon.”

  It was the school he and Zhuo Xiang Ming picked together, located in this city, just 40 minutes away from home.

  Lin Yue Hua smiled slightly, the fine lines at the corners of her eyes were obvious: “Don’t all kids your age prefer venturing out?”

  ”Actually, it’s not like I don’t ever go out.” Tong Yan said, “I didn’t have time before, but I can go out to play during summer vacation this year. Zhuo Xiang Ming said he can take his annual leave.”

  In fact, Zhuo Xiang Ming also said that the current decision was because Tong Yan didn’t have any specific ideas, and time was running out. If Tong Yan still wanted to continue his education in a few years, Tong Yan would certainly have to leave Jiangdu, and he would leave with Tong Yan when that time came.

  Tong Yan was a little bit self-conscious about becoming a daughter-in-law confronting the “evil mother-in-law”, so he didn’t tell Lin Yue Hua this.

  He felt that he wasn’t very ambitious, he just always wanted to be with Zhuo Xiang Ming.

  Lin Yue Hua said that it was good to have a plan, then asked him about the little things in his life.

  Tong Yan was afraid she was feeling tired, so after a while, he asked: “Mom, don’t you want to rest?”

  ”I’m not tired.” Lin Yue Hua said, “I’ve been lying down all day, I was looking forward to your visit so we could chat.”

  Zhuo Jia Shuo and Tong Yang were getting married. Lin Yue Hua felt anxious, but she couldn’t say what she was anxious about. Tong Yan comforted her: “My brother is a nice man, and he’s very good at taking care of people. He also doesn’t pick fights.”

  Lin Yue Hua didn’t treat Tong Yan like a stranger either, saying softly: “I still don’t know, neither of them have trouble-free personalities. I’m very worried about the one in our family, I really don’t know …… I guess the younger generation will do all right on their own. Be good, you and Xiang Ming.”

  Speaking of him, Tong Yan nodded and said: “He’s very good to me, mom’s health must also be very good.”

  Lin Yue Hua laughed again.

  She looked at him, sitting there so well-behaved, hands on his knees according to etiquette, sometimes seeming like an ignorant child. But it’s also true that he’d grown taller, and he could say such comforting words, much easier to get along with than many adults.

  When Zhuo Xiang Ming dropped him off just now, Lin Yue Hua noticed that he gave a very brief glance back. Her family’s oldest seemed to really like this very charming child.


  Tong Yan, who was not yet completely 19 years old, was exceptionally busy this summer, with two sets of parents to meet after getting married, and his own little family. He went to the hospital often to accompany Lin Yue Hua. Later, he simply changed his meal times, doing half of his homework at the hospital first, then completing it after going home and having dinner.

  The midsummer had not yet arrived, the cicadas were still lazy. In June, when there were only a few sporadic chirpings at night, he took the college entrance examination. When the last exam ended, the exam candidates all rushed outside, noisy and chaotic. Zhuo Xiang Ming was waiting under the row of sidewalk trees opposite the exam room. He was surrounded by a crowd of people, but was still eye-catching.

  He only wore a white shirt, and his hands were tucked into his trouser pockets. Standing with his feet slightly apart, his wide shoulders and narrow waist, his profile handsome and somewhat aloof as he silently pondered.

  Tong Yan walked over, stopping a few steps away. He blocked the sun above his head with a document pouch. A while later, Zhuo Xiang Ming looked over, a slight smile immediately appearing in his eyes.

  Tong Yan ran towards him, it was only a few steps, and, with a bit of deliberateness, he crashed into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s bosom.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming wrapped his arms around him, his smile becoming more pronounced: “Hungry?”

  ”I want to eat hotpot.” Tong Yan looked up at him.

  ”Done.” Zhuo Xiang Ming gently stroked his back, finally, he hugged him, “You’ve worked hard.”

  Tong Yan stood on tiptoe and hugged him, faces almost touching. Zhuo Xiang Ming’s recently cut hair was a little prickly. Tong Yan pinched his ears and said: “I worked so hard; I want compensation.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming’s breathing paused a little, but fortunately, it happened so quickly it wasn’t noticeable: “Okay.”

  It was true, Tong Yan had been really tired recently. Every time he said he wanted it, Zhuo Xiang Ming cuddled him and helped him out with one hand, afterwards, he was so sleepy he couldn’t keep his eyes open. In this way, the two hadn’t really done it for more than half a month.

  The day before yesterday, Tong Yan accused him of being cunning, and after lecturing him, he pulled him in for a kiss. It was extremely sweet. Only Zhuo Xiang Ming knew how weak his own willpower was, but from the kiss by the desk to the bed, when he glanced at the time and saw that it was almost twelve, he still coaxed Tong Yan to sleep.

  ”Let’s go see mom first.” Tong Yan decided.

Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Okay.”

He held Tong Yan’s hand: “The car’s parked a little far away, let’s walk for a bit.”

  Tong Yan’s document pouch was taken over by Zhuo Xiang Ming. The two walked slowly along the sidewalk by the river, holding hands. The early summer evening breeze was slow, puffing up Zhuo Xiang Ming’s white shirt and Tong Yan’s cotton t-shirt.

  In the end, Lin Yue Hua had been transferred to a sanatorium. The two went to see her first. Her state was still okay, it’s just that she slept a lot more. Tong Yan only just got a little used to it. Seeing how sleepy she was, he pulled Zhuo Xiang Ming away and left.

  When they arrived home after dinner, Tong Yan threw the document pouch onto the sofa, shouting: “Freedom! Freedom!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming walked in with an express delivery from the hospital, smoothly picking him up and carrying him upstairs. Tong Yan wasn’t scared, after holding on tight, he continued spouting nonsense: “I want to freely make love! Be glad! Be happy!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t hold back his laughter, kissing him. They paused at the staircase corner for a while, then Tong Yan anxiously pushed him: “Go up, up.”


  Author’s Note:

  Mr. Zhuo Xiang Ming, who wished to remain anonymous, sent a piece of mysterious news: 2018.12.25 at 10:00 p.m Weibo [QiuQianZaiZaiZaiShi] Private message, susbribe to screenshots of Sailor Moon’s super beautiful transformation.

Pay attention to the messages, and don’t send the wrong message at the wrong time. As long as you’re attentive, we can have a relationship.


I even thought it was us at that time-还当是我们那会儿呢, unsure of translation

didn’t treat Tong Yan like a stranger either- She’s confiding her true feelings in him, unlike she would a stranger. Not sure how to make this more concise

QiuQianZaiZaiZaiShi- The author is called QuiQianZaiShi. I think they’re referencing TongTong’s love for Sailor Moon

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3 years ago

I laughed at the last bit. “Freely make love!”

Yes. The exhilaration of everything after exams.

3 years ago

Part of being a parent is knowing when to stop fighting your child’s battles for them.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️

3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter! It’s kinda bitter-sweet, but yeah, “kids” will be all right on their own.