Chapter 2


Chapter 2

Zhao Xuan originally wanted to control the spaceship to avoid the vortex of time and space. However, this spaceship was a civilian aircraft, its performance was far inferior to mechs and warships. In the end, it was inevitably sucked into the turbulence of space-time.

Fortunately, the two men were very strong, and they released their spiritual power in time to wrap the spaceship. Because of this, the impact of the space-time distortion was negated, and they landed safely on the beastman planet.

“What bad luck.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked around the destroyed spaceship and shook his head, sighing.

“Can you fix it?” Zhao Xuan was not dismayed. Wherever his lover was, that’s where his home was. It didn’t matter if they could return to the Empire or not, as long as his lover was safe.

“I can’t fix it, this planet doesn’t have the metals I need.” Zhou Yun Sheng had already thoroughly studied the beastman planet, including the species, mineral resources, topography and so on.

He pressed 008 on his earlobe and sent a string of distress signals to the Imperial Army.

“Let’s go scout out the location first. I’ve already notified the military to rescue us, but I haven’t received a reply yet.” Although his tone was calm, his heart was faintly troubled.

With such a fierce cosmic explosion, it was reasonable to assume that the beastman planet should’ve been devastated. But currently, they were surrounded by lush primitive forests and blue crystal-clear lakes, there was no trace of impacts from asteroid fragments.

It was too calm and quiet, quite strange.

Zhao Xuan nodded, then he took the transformation pill out from his space ring and swallowed it.

Zhou Yun Sheng wanted to stop the man, but it was already too late, one second there was a tall handsome man, the next second four long limbs distorted, body hair lengthened and shifted, finally becoming a male lion with an untamed mane. Since the vocal cords were also distorted, except for deafening roars, the man could no longer communicate in words.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know whether to laugh or rage. He walked up to the lion and ruthlessly smacked it. While venting his anger, he panted: “Are your f*cking brain cells drowning in sperm? We don’t know our situation right now yet you recklessly turn into a lion? How am I supposed to communicate with you? Do you think it’s convenient to have no hands and feet? Why would you do something so stupid?”

His lover’s fist beating his head was less noticeable than a tickle, he even felt quite comfortable. Zhao Xuan squinted, his mirth clearly visible, but he spread his huge body on the ground, exposing his belly and making an “I surrender” gesture. When his lover tired himself out, he stuck out his tongue to lick his snow-white wrist, letting out a pleading sound.

Zhou Yun Sheng unsympathetically kicked him, then face palmed and sighed helplessly: “Forget it, at least with a transformed body we won’t look suspicious. Come, let’s circle the vicinity and see if there are any natives.”

Zhao Xuan raised his head and made a noise that seemed to be an agreement, but instead of climbing up, he grasped his lover’s ankle with a huge forepaw and pulled him down to the ground. His teeth caught onto his lover’s clothes and tore it into pieces. His big tongue ravaged the jade white skin, making a “scrapping” sound.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s whole body was smeared with saliva, he still couldn’t escape even after struggling for a few minutes, and had no choice but to kick at the lion’s vulnerable groin. He scolded, “Idiot, don’t you think before you act? Is this really the time for this?”

Zhao Xuan hmphed, feeling wronged, then he took out a loincloth from his space ring with spiritual power and gripped it in his mouth, shaking it. Zhou Yun Sheng stared blankly, then he remembered the staff member’s warning- when on the beastman planet, please be sure to dress identically to the indigenous people, so as not to expose your identity.

His current attire was a set of casual linen clothes, the style and material were very extraordinary, if he met the natives, it would definitely cause them to be curious.

It seemed that he’d misunderstood his lover this time, he was just reminding him.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he was in the wrong and immediately changed his tone, he grabbed the lion’s furry head and kissed him on the tip of his nose and smiled, “I’m sorry, I misunderstood you. I’ll change my clothes now.” He used a torn cloth to wipe off the saliva covering his whole body, grabbed the loincloth from the lion’s mouth and quickly put it on, then he collected the broken spaceship into his space ring and waved, “Well, let’s go.”

Zhao Xuan didn’t delay this time, he licked his lover’s two exposed back dimples and obediently followed after him.

One man, one beast walked through the dense primitive forest, above their heads, in addition to the branches and leaves that blocked the sky, some large birds squawked and circled around. The light around them was getting dimmer and dimmer, the air was also getting damper, if they kept going forward, they’d most likely find themselves in the deepest part of the forest.

“There are traces of native activity here, come and see.” Zhou Yun Sheng crouched to look over a string of footprints.

Zhao Xuan immediately stepped forward to sniff for scents left over in the soil. Both of them had used spiritual power to temper their bodies, their five senses were very sharp, and they quickly followed the faintly bloody smell to the east. The closer they got to the target, the thinner the surrounding trees grew and the brighter the light, this seemed to be the edge of the primitive forest.

After walking for about half an hour, the bloody scent faded, but the smell of sweat and smoke strengthened significantly, plus, there was the sound of everyday life, there was obviously a native settlement ahead. The two pushed aside a clump of bushes and finally arrived at a grassy plain. At the far end of the plain was a continuous thousand-kilometer-long cliff. The cliff was filled with caves of various sizes, and vines woven into rope ladders connected them, it didn’t seem like a human habitat, more like a nest for a Petrel flock, densely packed over a wide expanse.

This was a primitive cave dwelling tribe with a population of four or five hundred people. They were gathered together in small groups, cutting up their freshly hunted down prey with wicked sharp stones. Many children were loudly laughing and playing in the open field.

This scene looked very ordinary, but Zhou Yun Sheng immediately noticed an abnormality.

Before he came here, he’d carefully read the brochure and knew that this was not long after the birth of the planet. The race he read about was still in the early stage of evolution, only a small number of females had transformed into human form, most of the females and males were still in beast form. In other words, the main composition of the races was a dozen or even fewer humanoid natives mixed with a large group of beasts.

But now, there were only a few beasts in this tribe, who were lying on top of the cliff enjoying the cool air, while a majority were humanoid, moreover, there were only men, no women. There were subtle differences between the men, some were short and slender, clear skinned, and some were tall and husky, with rough skin. The big men were tattooed, either on the chest or on the back, neck and thighs. The design was various kinds of beasts.

Zhou Yun Sheng completely analyzed the structure of this community with a glance.

He speculated: The slim built men should be the females described in the book, the ones with big physiques are the males. The beast ‘tattoos’ are not really tattoos, but a marking they were born with to indicate their race. In other words, the information provided in the book was wrong, and the creatures here had already crossed the initial stage of evolution and completed the humanization stage.

No, maybe the information wasn’t wrong, but the time period they’d landed in was wrong.

They’d traveled through time and space to this planet, from flight to landing, only a few hours passed in their view, but for this planet, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of millenniums had passed.

They’d crossed through time and went into the future.

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng looked at the big lion by his side. Zhao Xuan’s analytical ability was not inferior to his lover, he’d also reached the same conclusion at a glance.

One man and one beast stood at the edge of the colony, quite a bit out of place.



Petrel- species of sea bird. Apparently, they like to build their nests in extreme places, like in cliffs.

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4 months ago

Silly ML turning into beast so fast without observing their surroundings. He cant wait to do ZYS in beast form lololol ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

1 year ago

I’m excited ?

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
3 years ago

Ohohoho ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

3 years ago

I was imagining Katy Perry’s Roar the entire time but then it suddenly became a BL paradise… whaa ?

4 years ago

{Spoiler alert}

“majority were humanoid, moreover, there were only men, no women. ”
I should’ve know when they said only females were human.

At first I thought of it more as a matriarch, but they’re few in numbers.

“He speculated: The slim built men should be the females described in the book, the ones with big physiques are the males. ”

Wow! He figured it out really quickly.

Ahh, so they went into the future.

Thank you for translating the extra!