Chapter 3


Chapter 3

A few children noticed the strangers who suddenly appeared, their shrieks of alarm made the noisy tribe instantly quiet down.

A male covered in a full body animal pattern came out from the crowd and stood in front of the vulnerable females and children. The tallest and biggest male slowly walked over and asked, “Who are you? What do you want here?”

Fortunately, he spoke in the universal beast language, Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan not only understood, they could also speak it.

One man and one beast looked at each other and decided to stay in this tribe to scout out the situation. How many years were they in the future, how long had it been since they set off? Without clarifying these things, it was impossible for the Empire to set the time coordinates and jump through the space-time nodes to bring them back. Compared to an uncultured primitive tribe, Zhou Yun Sheng preferred a higher-level civilization with advanced technology, he didn’t want to be stranded on this planet forever.

“Hello, we were separated from our tribe during migration. Can we temporarily live in your tribe? My name is Sheng, he is Xuan, we are mates.” Zhou Yun Sheng stepped forward and courteously asked.

Population was the key to whether a tribe could develop and grow. Moreover, this person was obviously a female who was extraordinarily attractive, the kind of attractive that was difficult to describe. As soon as they saw the man who spoke up, their eyes would widen and they’d feel faint. The tribe leader’s cheeks flushed slightly, he quickly glanced at him and said, “If you want to stay, you must prove that you have the ability to support yourself. Our tribe can support females, but we won’t support able bodied males.” These words were obviously directed at the golden furred lion.

Zhao Xuan opened his razor-sharp toothed mouth and let out a deafening roar at the man.

Belittling him in front of his wife, unforgivable.

His roar was very intimidating, but it was only for a moment. Quickly, the male beastkin in the tribe gathered together, exposing a ready to fight expression, clenching their fists and saying: “Change into human form and play with us. If you beat three people in a row, you can stay.”

Zhao Xuan, who’d just laid down a challenge, froze, then turned to look at his lover. He’d taken a transformation pill, the effectiveness was one year. Only after waiting a year could he turn back into a human.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and asked: “You can’t fight unless it’s in human form?”

“Could it be…is your mate a throwback beast? He can’t transform?” The tribe leader was very surprised. The tribesmen standing behind him couldn’t help but laugh mockingly.

It’s been more than two thousand years since the first male transformed into a human form. During this period, the beastmen experienced genocidal massacres and burning skies, endangered but miraculously multiplying. In the aftermath of these tribulations, the humanoid beastmen grew stronger and stronger, and the primitive beasts that were unable to transform were becoming weaker. Some even lost their intellect, completely degenerating into wild beasts and attacking their tribes.

A tribe needed females, it needed strong beastmen, but it didn’t need a useless, possible to lose rationality at any time, throwback beast.

The arrival of a throwback beast heralds endless troubles.

Throwback beast? Zhou Yun Sheng quickly got the information he wanted from these two words.

It turns out that there were still male beastkin who couldn’t transform. Because their form was the same as the ancestors, they were collectively called the throwback beasts. Looking at their expressions, throwbacks were not a good phenomenon. In the tribe, they should be discriminated against and excluded.

Zhou Yun Sheng was a very arrogant man, it was impossible for him to stay in a place where he was looked at with contemptuous eyes. Zhao Xuan’s temperament was even more overbearing. Even though he had the strength to defeat all the male beastkin, he disdained to associate with them. Compared to living in a community, he naturally preferred a world of two people. One man and one beast looked at each other, then chose to leave with tacit understanding.

Seeing them turning around and leaving without further words, the view of their backs looking very bleak, a female in the back of the crowd spoke out: “Chief, don’t turn them away. If they leave the community to live in the forest, they’ll die. Abu and Xiao Hei are also throwbacks, isn’t it better for everyone to get along? Although throwbacks are weaker, they can still catch prey to support themselves. They can still contribute to the tribe.”

As the female spoke, a brown bear and a black cheetah hiding in the shadows came out and roared at the tribe leader. They were Abu and Xiao Hei.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned around and glanced at the female. The other party was very short, their height of 175 cm was unique among the females who had an average height of more than 190cm. They were also very thin, their muscle lines were barely visible, covered up by soft fat. They were clearly pampered, and didn’t get much exercise. He stood among the group of giants, his cheeks flushed rosy red, like a frail chick hiding among a flock of cranes. If he hadn’t rashly spoken out, his existence would be imperceptible.

He was very pretty, his eyes were especially clear and bright, full of a sense of justice.

Zhou Yun Sheng could see that he was very nervous, but in order to stop them from dying out in the forest, he still spoke up. This much compassion was very rare.

The tribe leader was about to talk when a gray-haired old man slowly walked forward and spoke harshly: “Abu and Xiao Hei were born in the tribe. Our own tribesmen are naturally different from outsiders. In other tribes when a throwback beast is born, it’ll immediately be thrown out. We already can be called charitable for raising Abu and Xiao Hei to adult-hood, we can’t accept foreign throwback beasts that can threaten the safety of our people.”

The old man walked all the way to the front, and the clansmen standing around him bowed their heads and respectfully called out, “Honorable Shaman”. The old shaman represented the beast god. His position in the tribe was much higher than that of the chief. Since he opened his mouth, the leader had no room for rebuttal. He had no choice but to wave his hand, signaling that the man and beast should hurriedly leave.

The female bit his lip, then mustered up his boldness to say: “Even if we can’t accept the throwback, can’t the female stay?” Females were very precious resources on this beastman planet, where the sex ratio was unbalanced.

After listening to his words, the old shaman obviously hesitated, and all the unmarried males looked at Zhou Yun Sheng with hot gazes. They had never seen such a beautiful female, his skin was white and smooth, thin and sparse body hair, no strong male body odor, and his butt wrapped in a hide loincloth was round and perky. He was extremely erotic, with straight and slender legs, if those legs wrapped around the waist during mating, it would certainly feel wonderful.

“The female can stay.” The old shaman considered it for a long time before speaking.

“Thank you for your kindness.” But Zhou Yun Sheng nevertheless waved his hand and directly left.

His eyes glanced passed the old shaman and locked onto the pretty little female. This thank you was obviously directed at the other party.

“D-Don’t mention it!” The little female stammered out a reply, and was about to persuade him to stay again when the big golden lion suddenly turned his head and let out an exceptionally fierce and malevolent roar. The roar shook the air, causing everyone’ flesh to tremble and skin to sting.

After they walked away, the old shaman felt that his nose was a little itchy, and when his raised his hand to touch it, he found that his fingertips were covered with blood. The people around him also felt uncomfortable, their faces were unusually flushed, not from anger, but because of the heat generated from the air blast.

While everyone was dazed by the golden lion’s horrifying strength, only the small female rubbed his stinging cheek, and whispered with interest: “One looks more handsome than a supermodel, and the other can use the shockwave of his roar to casually attack. This man and beast couple are not only unique, they’re super cool.”

“The old shaman is injured, quickly send his honor back!” The leader recovered from his shock and saw the old shaman with two bloody streaks under his nose, then quickly stepped forward to help.

Everyone gathered around in twos and threes, concealing their inner shock and dread by rambling respectful words of concern. Was that really a throwback beast? With a roar, he could injure people with invisible waves, if someone fought him, that person would probably not last one claw swipe. No wonder they could make their way safely to the edge of the forest after losing their tribe. No wonder the female didn’t show even a hint of exhaustion. With such a powerful throwback beast for protection, it wasn’t difficult for him to live comfortably.

“Don’t look, he may be strong but he’s still a throwback, he can lose rationality and become a complete wild beast at any time. If you invite him to stay, would you be able to subdue him when he loses control?” Seeing the leader’s regretful expression, one very beautiful female commented disdainfully, pushing through the crowd to hold the old shaman’s arm.

He was the only descendant of the old shaman. After his mother died during childbirth, the old shaman brought him up personally, so he had an untouchable position in the tribe.

It was because of his established mate relationship with him that the leader could become the ruler of this tribe.

After he spoke, everyone was no longer confused, and they dispersed to fulfill their work tasks.

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7 months ago

So, this can’t be, but I’m gonna think that female is the one nice guy we get in the worlds of data. Ivanna, Ah Qi, Weng Kan. Just because.

10 months ago

xiao heii?????? momo where are you??

1 month ago
Reply to  ladyro

May I ask from what novel is this Xiao Hei and Momo?

Blue Wine
Blue Wine
1 year ago

One looks more handsome than a supermodel, and the other can use the shockwave of his roar to casually attack. This man and beast couple are not only unique, they’re super cool.

This guy is very short for a beast, and he said supermodel. Does that mean he too is from another planet??

10 months ago
Reply to  Blue Wine


Last edited 10 months ago by ladyro
9 months ago
Reply to  Blue Wine

Was thinking the same thing! How is it possible? O-O

1 year ago

“The other party was very short, their height of 175 cm ”

Please please please no cannon fodder. 🙏🙏🙏

“He was very pretty, his eyes were especially clear and bright, full of a sense of justice.”

This should be a good sign right? He/she doesn’t have a throwback beast complex.

//shaman enters and tribe discusses

I understand their concerns, this is normal. And ZYS doesn’t really need to live with them to survive, he just wanted to observe.

“Females are rare”

But why, cause birth rate? Isn’t that counterintuitive to survival? Why??

1 year ago
Reply to  Lin

Given how weak males are looked down upon, it’d make more sense for there be a fewer males after getting eliminated in fights and more females to increase the population.

In battle and development, spread out numbers and diversity are more effective than the same equal individually condensed power. Is the situation something like the queen and her ants? Then the females would have to be birth giving masters!


Yo what, they exist in primitive society??

The female in the end was sassy and rational~ me like