Chapter 15


Chapter 15

Xiao Anchun didn’t notice Kuhn’s strange behavior, generously offering to help him build a tree house.

But Zhou Yun Sheng clearly saw through his deep inner struggles, so in order to make Kuhn feel even more stressed, he asked Xiao Anchun to serve eggplants for five days in a row. When the stupid lion and Snow’s coats almost turned purple, he finally declared that he was tired of eggplants, and requested something different.

Xiao Anchun sighed in relief and eagerly ran into the forest to pick mushrooms with Snow.

It had rained heavily a few days ago. The moist forest floor was full of mushrooms of all kinds. He planned to make a pot of mushroom soup and improve the male god’s meals.

Five, no six days had already passed. These people were not only not dead, they looked healthier. Kuhn couldn’t deceive himself any longer by insisting that the purple fruit and red fruit was poisonous, but he still didn’t want to admit that his judgment was wrong. So, he stifled down his cravings and ate roasted fish alone. It’s just that, no matter how much fish he ate, that hungry feeling remained and was difficult to dispel. He was increasingly curious about the new ingredients Xiao Anchun brought back.

Today, he watched as Xiao Anchun poured a pile of mushrooms out from his bag. He finally felt relief, and advised in a serious tone: “These things absolutely shouldn’t be eaten, they’re poisonous. I watched some people eat this kind of thing and die. I personally saw it.” He emphasized that he’d witnessed the event in person, showing that it was not just rumor this time.

“Some mushrooms are poisonous, and some mushrooms are not. It’s fine to pick them if you know the difference. Male god, you can trust me. I’m a pharmacist, I know a lot about plants.” Xiao Anchun looked anxiously at the male god, afraid that he would make him throw away the mushrooms he’d worked so hard to pick.

“Just cook.” Zhou Yun Sheng sent Xiao Anchun off with one short sentence.

Kuhn’s complexion fluctuated, clearly angry at their unreasonable attitudes, but then he quickly felt relieved.

Forget it, didn’t he want them to be poisoned? Why should he say more? Anyway, his tree house had already been built. He looked up at a large tree in the southwest corner. The thick trunk was framed by a relatively small tree house. This was his residence, lined with shark leather and soft moss, fresh air and a clean floor. There was no dust and gravel, only sunshine and breeze.

To be honest, he had never lived in such a good place, it was like a dream.

There was also the tableware, table, bench, bed, axe, bow and arrows that were invented by Xiao Anchun. They were strange but effective devices, which greatly facilitated life. He must bring these things back to the tribe someday. Thinking this way, Kuhn unexpectedly thought that Xiao Anchun was somewhat capable, too bad he liked playing around with poison.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Xiao Anchun cleaned the numerous mushrooms, occasionally exchanging a few gossips and breaking out into hearty laughter. The golden lion and Snow laid down beside them. Snow’s fore paws swayed gently on Xiao Anchun’s knees, blinking slowly in drowsiness. The golden lion was also drowsy, his thick tail was wrapped around his lover’s waist, demanding his presence even in his dreams.

This scene was very homey, greatly upsetting Kuhn. He and Addie had never just leisurely hung out together. Every time they met, except for mating, nothing else was said. He looked away and silently bit off a piece of fish, his expression indicating that it was difficult to swallow.

He’d resolutely decided that the mushrooms were poisonous, so he was waiting, waiting for these people to collapse. The toxicity of the mushrooms was very high. A short while after eating, they would foam at the mouth and drop into a coma. He had seen it already. But could someone please explain to him why the cooked mushrooms smelled better than the purple fruit and red fruit? He almost bit off his tongue.

Kuhn silently swallowed the blood flowing out of his tongue.

The two men and the two beasts demolished the lunch as usual, then went for a walk through the forest. Kuhn trailed after them, planning to collect their bodies. However, the anticipated tragedy never happened. They lived well, washing up in the lake and joking around on the walk back, then climbing into the tree house for an afternoon nap.

Kuhn stood beneath the tree house, his eyes wide open. He walked around the two big trees and listened for movements. In Xiao Anchun and Snow’s room, there was only the sound of snoring, but in the golden lion and the beautiful female’s room, there was the sound of moaning, and crisp slapping sounds.

This kind of intense mating was the best proof that there was no poisoning. Sure enough, like Xiao Anchun said, some mushrooms were poisonous, and some mushrooms were not. Kuhn had no choice but to admit that he was wrong again. Xiao Anchun was using the most practical method to prove that everything he’d said before was correct, but the tribe refused to believe him.

Looking at the kitchen piled high with dried fish and numerous fruits and vegetables, Kuhn’s chest felt uncomfortably tight. Xiao Anchun’s current life was pleasant, comfortable and rich, and if the tribe had been willing to trust him and listen to his opinions, they would’ve been equally well off.

Fortunately, Xiao Anchun had fled into the wilderness and had not been sent to the Dada tribe, otherwise the Dada tribe would’ve certainly grown stronger. Kuhn was good at brainstorming, and immediately thought about the important points. Of course, if he knew that the old shaman had planned to cut out Xiao Anchun’s tongue, he wouldn’t feel so alarmed. But now he was beginning to gradually recognize Xiao Anchun’s value, and if he could, he wanted to bring him back.

So, whenever there was no one around, he constantly pressed Xiao Anchun to come back to the tribe with him.

“Go back? They abandoned you, why do you want to go back?” Xiao Anchun frowned in confusion.

“Naturally because it’s my home. My family and my lover are waiting for me. Xiao Anchun, you also need a home. You need a family, you need a mate, not a group of throwback beasts that you can’t even communicate with. Maybe you think that you’re happy now, but eventually, you’ll go mad with loneliness. Beastmen are social animals, you need to know this.” Kuhn earnestly persuaded.

Xiao Anchun looked at him in amazement.

Kuhn unexpectedly still had some wisdom left, he could even say philosophical words like “beastmen are social animals.”

He looked at the other man emotionally, then waved his hand: “Then go back, I wish you a pleasant journey. You’re healed now, the Bayan tribe will definitely accept you again. I have no friends, family or lover in the Bayan tribe. My friends, family and lover are all here. We’re also a tribe. Although there’s only a few members, we help each other and love each other. That’s enough.”

Zhao Xuan had extraordinary hearing and could hear his confession from a 100 meters away. He roared in anger, fretfully stomping the ground. His thick tail was tightly wrapped around his lover’s waist, his movements and expressions were full of possessiveness.

Snow was also very restless. He paced back and forth, eventually, he turned to look at Zhou Yun Sheng, then turned to look in Xiao Anchun’s direction, a few drops of tears appearing in his eyes. He looked very pitiful.

Zhou Yun Sheng understood the stupid lion’s thought process very well. When the other side’s eyes turned, he could immediately guess what he was thinking. He laughed in disbelief, stomped his foot and scolded: “What’s with that look, eh? The ‘lover’ he’s talking about isn’t me, it’s Snow.”

It’s Snow? Zhao Xuan turned around to see Snow whining and bouncing around, and he immediately calmed down.

Don’t blame him for mistaking the ‘lover’ at first. Xiao Anchun really loved sticking to Zhou Yun Sheng, basically his lover’s tail, where he went, he followed. There were a few occasions where he almost gave in to the temptation to swipe at this third wheel.

Snow was unable to hold back anymore, he rushed into the campground, pushed Kuhn aside, and pounced on Xiao Anchun, licking everywhere he could reach. Xiao Anchun was very ticklish, laughing as he tried to avoid the licks. One man and one beast played around, completely forgetting about Kuhn who stood nearby, embarrassed.

Since then, Kuhn never mentioned the words ‘come back to the tribe’ to Xiao Anchun.

He could clearly see it. Xiao Anchun had no attachment to the tribe. If he forcefully brought him back, he would only gain his resentment. He might one day get revenge by throwing poison into the food supply, bringing disaster to the whole tribe. So, it was better for him to die in the wilderness.

Thinking like this, Kuhn changed his plans again. He began intentionally approaching Xiao Anchun, learning how to identify plants and cook food from him. As long as Xiao Anchun said that it could be eaten, he tasted it without the slightest hesitation, and he generously praised it afterwards. To be honest, Xiao Anchun’s food was much more delicious than he’d imagined. He really wasn’t thinking straight when he’d refused to eat it earlier.

Xiao Anchun was touched by his unreserved trust and enthusiastically taught him. His attitude towards Kuhn had changed from alienation to familiarity, and he sincerely started regarding him as a friend.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan watched from the sidelines, not planning to expose anything yet.

Three months later, Kuhn could already identify most of the local plants, very clear on what he could eat and what he couldn’t eat. Xiao Anchun took him out again and again, gradually, there was nothing left to teach him.

“Seems like it’s time to leave. Too bad I never found where the female and the golden lion hid the red crystals.” Kuhn muttered to himself, unconsciously wandering into an area of the forest they rarely visited, arriving at the border of the southern forest.

He faintly smelled the aroma of a white bone orchid and immediately ran away in fright, only stopping to gasp for air when the fragrance dissipated.

At this time, he noticed a very eye-catching plant growing nearby. The plant was short, and its fruits were long and skinny, the end pointy and angled, like a horn. Some were green, and some were bright red, it looked very odd.

It’s poisonous! That was Kuhn’s automatic judgment, but he’d stayed with Xiao Anchun for so long that he quickly rejected it. It wasn’t necessarily poisonous, you can only know after testing it. He decided to pick a few fruits and bring them back to Xiao Anchun. The other man had instructed him to always pick some samples for study if he found strange plants in the forest.

Kuhn was approaching the plant when a rabbit bounced up to the plant, sniffed, then nibbled on a bright red horn fruit. Almost immediately after eating it, the rabbit let out a painful squeal, and hopped in place as if it had gone crazy. It spun around in a circle, foaming at the mouth, and in its blind panic, it stumbled into a nearby tree trunk and fainted.

In Kuhn’s estimation, the rabbit had undoubtedly been poisoned by the red horn fruit. He quickly walked over and stared at the horn fruit for a long time, then carefully picked a few red fruits and threw them into his bag. He glanced at the rabbit, but decided against bringing it back for lunch. He was scared that the toxins would invade the meat.

Not long after he left, the rabbit climbed up, spit out the red fruit pieces left in its mouth, and hopped away. This thing looked so pretty, who could’ve guessed that it tasted like live coals, it almost burned to death!

Kuhn tried to suppress his nervous excitement. He continuously stroked the horn fruits in his bag, his bloodshot eyes brimming with strong killing intent. He had already emptied out all the knowledge in Xiao Anchun’s mind. He no longer had any value, it was fine if he died. He found this poison just in time, his bloodlust had already reached its peak.

If it could poison a rabbit in two breaths, it won’t be a problem to poison two females and two throwback beasts. He thought about that, and started feeling anxious that a few horn fruits wouldn’t be enough. He ran back and grabbed the rest of the horn fruits, noticing that the rabbit’s body was no longer there. But he didn’t dwell on it, guessing that a beast had passed by and taken it.

Xiao Anchun already had complete trust in Kuhn, and was teaching him how to cook. He occasionally asked him to wash a dish or fetch some water, and let him help watch the stove. Today, he was sweating over the stove as usual when he saw Kuhn return. He quickly asked him to look after the fire, and went to the creek to clean fishes with Snow.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan had laid out a huge leather blanket under a shady tree, and were napping lightly. As soon as Kuhn approached, Zhou Yun Sheng noticed that the other man’s complexion was off, and his heartbeat was too fast, like he was stressed. He hugged the stupid lion’s furry head, his eyes shut, obviously sleeping. But in fact, he’d spread out his spiritual power and was watching Kuhn attentively.

Kuhn didn’t know that such a person existed in this world. They didn’t need their eyes to look around, they could always use their spiritual power and perception. He glanced at the fast-asleep couple, then looked at the pot of simmering tomato soup. The bright red color and the sweet and sour taste should mask the horn fruits’ weird odor. Of course, this was just his conjecture. He didn’t have the courage to taste poison, so he didn’t know just how overbearing the red horn fruit’s taste was. As long as he added one to a pot, any food would be tainted by its unique spicy taste.

He grabbed a handful of horn fruits, squished them into mush, and tossed them into the boiling soup. Then he wiped his palm on his loincloth and calmly sat down, adding firewood to the stove.

Zhou Yun Sheng saw what he’d taken out and almost laughed out loud. Fortunately, the stupid lion raised a paw and covered his distorting face just in time.

Kuhn added enough firewood to keep the soup at a rolling boil. Gradually, the pieces of horn fruit softened and blended in with the tomato soup, even the seeds looked exactly like tomato seeds, there was nothing off about it at all. He stood by the stove and observed for a while, but when he heard the sound of Xiao Anchun and Snow joking around as they headed back to camp, he couldn’t help but cold sweat.

He quickly glanced at the golden lion and the beautiful female under the big tree, and found that they were still asleep. Hearing the sound of light snoring, his nervous heart calmed down slightly.

Xiao Anchun strolled into the kitchen and looked at the thick red soup. He sniffed at the wafting steam, and thought he smelled something spicy, but it must’ve been his imagination. He was a simple-minded soul, the thought that someone might be plotting evil against him would never cross his mind. When the soup was ready, he poured it into a large wooden bowl.

Snow immediately sensed that something was different about the soup. Just as he was about to swat the bowl down, his tail was lightly pinched by Zhou Yun Sheng, who had walked up behind him at some unknown point, and he turned around to see him shaking his head slightly.

The king and queen wouldn’t harm their own people. Something was wrong with this soup, but it definitely wouldn’t be life-threatening.

Thinking like this, Snow pretended to casually sit beside Xiao Anchun and poked his buttocks with his head. He’d called him his lover, they should flirt at least sometimes, right?

Xiao Anchun was very embarrassed, but he was not as fierce as the male god, he just blushed, and earnestly continued cooking, although his hands trembled.

Kuhn saw that they had not noticed any weirdness and secretly sighed in relief. He rubbed his stomach, pretending that he felt ill, and climbed into the tree house to rest, asking Xiao Anchun to save some food for him to eat after he woke up. Xiao Anchun naturally promised.

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7 months ago

// He looked at the other man emotionally, then waved his hand: “Then go back, I wish you a pleasant journey. You’re healed now, the Bayan tribe will definitely accept you again. I have no friends, family or lover in the Bayan tribe. My friends, family and lover are all here. We’re also a tribe. Although there’s only a few members, we help each other and love each other. That’s enough.” //

He said lover ????????

3 years ago

squished them into mush, and tossed them into the boiling soup. Then he wiped his palm on his loincloth

I hope he masturbates with that hand.

8 months ago
Reply to  Awl

Bro that’s evil!! Do it again!!! Hahahaha lmao I’d love to see him burning there but can’t do anything to relieve it

3 years ago

Truly Ingrate tribe.

3 years ago
Reply to  Baldingère

Is it chili? That’s going to be spicy, better use it as sauce but not soup.

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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
3 years ago

I hope he eat that poisonous soup ? or something

4 years ago

this arc has already been fully translated on novel updates by flying crysanthemum it would be nice if you did another one which wasn’t translated yet. thankyou

4 years ago
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chrysanthemum garden i mean not flying chrysanthemum.

4 years ago
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Excuse me, this is super late, but if you read the TN, the translator had already painstakingly worked on it, so it would be a shame not to post it. If you also look at the last chapter of the main story, they provided a link for the cg translation first before theirs. The translator was fully aware and you wouldn’t have had to be redundant if you had read the notes ^_^