Chapter 14



Chapter 14

Zhou Yun Sheng had just entered the tree house when the stupid lion pounced on him, pushing him to the soft floor.

His loincloth was pulled away by a rough tongue, revealing a round bottom and slender legs.

“Oww, slow down!” He felt the stupid lion’s tongue impatiently spread open his cheeks, exploring his sweet hole, the small barbs stabbing at his tender flesh. There was an agonizing burn, so he promptly called out a reminder.

Zhao Xuan’s eager movements slowed down. He pressed his lover’s white rump down with one paw, preventing him from turning over, and his other paw spread apart his legs, exposing his privates. The pink flower was already moist from his prods, lower down, two small globes were pressed against the floor, very enticing.

Zhao Xuan pulled out his tongue and licked along the seam to reach the two globes. Hearing his lover’s sexy moans, he flipped him over and began slowly sucking on his erect manhood.

Zhou Yun Sheng arched his hips, pushing himself in deeper into the lion’s mouth. One hand supported his weight, the other hand fingered himself, rubbing in and out, his legs bent apart. It was too much stimulation, the ecstasy making him writhe.

“Come on, don’t stretch it out.” He had already fit in three fingers, but he still felt so empty. Seeing the stupid lion still meticulously licking his shaft, he had no choice but to urge him on.

His lover’s enthusiastic reactions caused Zhao Xuan to let out a low roar, proud and delighted. He finally let go of the shaft that was dripping wet, and slowly lowered his huge body, his burning hot rod teasing that entrance, pushing in inch by inch.

The huge rod stretched his hole, somewhat unbearable. Zhou Yun Sheng tried to relax his body, taking deep breaths and clenching his back entrance, swallowing the lion’s giant stem. The initial pain was gradually replaced by numbness, but there was an indescribable emptiness. He gritted his teeth, and wrapped his two long legs around the lion’s waist, causing him to slip further in.

The sense of emptiness dissipated in an instant. Because the lion’s tool was too large, Zhou Yun Cheng’s flat stomach puffed up a little, the outline of a long and think shape clearly visible.

He pressed down the bulge with one hand and tugged the lion’s thick mane with the other, urging in a hoarse voice: “Move stupid, what are you doing, waiting for food?”

Waiting for food? It’s more than enough to eat you!

Zhao Xuan growled and quickly adjusted his position, his two huge globes continually smacking his lover’s plump moons, making a crisp “plopping” sound.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s belly undulated, his most sensitive points ruthlessly attacked. The continuously rising pleasure was dizzying, his vision blurring. His legs had already fallen off, limply spread haphazardly on the floor. His hips were sore, his rump trembled with each thrust, and the red beads on his chest were swollen, he looked very tragic.

However, he refused to admit defeat, along with excited moans, he continued taunting the stupid lion, mockingly asking if he was still waiting for dinner to arrive.

Zhao Xuan really adored his lover’s obstinate character, especially in bed. He snorted, apparently amused. His waist and hips resembled a pile driver, slamming in and out with consistent pressure, planning to make his lover shout out and beg for mercy.

It was absolutely impossible to make Zhou Yun Sheng beg for mercy. He gripped the tip of his shaft, stemming the inevitable eruption, and clenched rhythmically, trying to shove the stupid lion over the edge first.

One man and one beast bumped and writhed rhythmically, a half turn, an angled thrust. There was a burst of frantic pounding, the back entrance wet and dripping sticky fluids, then, the two erupted simultaneously….

When the activities were over, Zhao Xuan licked his lover clean, using the tip of his tongue to draw out the sticky liquid dripping out of his red swollen hole. After he was satisfied, he pulled his lover into his bosom and closed his eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng mumbled and slowly fell asleep.

An hour later, Xiao Anchun and Snow came back with a large bundle of fruits and vegetables.

Kuhn heard Snow’s roar and also headed back to the tree house, carrying a large fish on his back. He untied his wet loincloth and wrung out the water.

The Bayan tribe members often strolled around in their birthday suits, so Xiao Anchun was already used to it. But Zhao Xuan has never experienced a primitive tribe’s everyday life. He saw Kuhn stark naked and immediately blocked his lover, who had just descended from the treehouse, and covered his eyes with a paw, roaring in anger.

Kuhn was confused, but Xiao Anchun eventually understood, immediately explaining: “The golden lion wants you to put on a loincloth, so that the male god doesn’t have to look at your thing. Try to pay attention to this later on, and don’t get too close to the male god, the golden lion gets very jealous.” The last sentence was said with feeling.

Kuhn quickly re-wrapped his loincloth and sincerely apologized.

Zhao Xuan snorted, still dissatisfied, but he didn’t pursue it any longer. Zhou Yun Sheng picked out a few golden hairs stuck to his face and walked into the simple kitchen, unperturbed.

“What’s this?” He picked up a bright yellow fruit and asked as if he was curious.

“This is sour fruit, it makes your whole mouth hurt. We never eat this thing.” Xiao Anchun’s pigheadedness made Kuhn feel very helpless. He’d warned him so many times that this sour fruit couldn’t be eaten, but every time he saw it, he still picked it. It’s no wonder Addie always partnered with Xiao Anchun whenever they went to find food, he really needed monitoring.

“You just don’t know how to eat it. If you use lemons properly, you can improve the taste of your food.” Xiao Anchun had gotten more annoyed recently than he had in his entire life.

When looking at him from afar, he used to feel that Kuhn was mature and steady, a man of little words, a good man. Now, after spending some time together, he learned just how stubborn the other man could be. He wouldn’t allow anyone to refute the things he believed in.

But forget it, he didn’t need these people’s approval anymore, having the male god, big lion and Snow’s support was enough. He caught sight of the male god stuffing a lemon into the big lion’s mouth, laughing happily when the big lion’s fur stood on end, but he still didn’t dare fight back.

Snow shuddered, and when he noticed that Xiao Anchun was also looking at him with devious eyes, he immediately bolted. Xiao Anchun grabbed a lemon and chased after him. The two men and two beasts fooled around without a care, making Kuhn look even more out of place.

He stood around awkwardly for a moment, then he crouched down to study the stove built out of yellow clay and stones. After looking at it for a long time, he still didn’t understand it, so he just shook his head and carried the big fish to find a clear space to start a fire. The fish was huge, it needed to be turned over constantly otherwise it would cook unevenly, the heat control was very difficult to grasp.

All the tribe’s food was cooked by females, the males were in charge of hunting and eating. Something like roasting meat, Kuhn couldn’t say that he has never done it, but it was a rare occurrence. He smelled the scent of burning meat and got somewhat annoyed, plus, even after the fish was cooked, the gross fishy smell lingered around, making him lose his appetite. He endured it silently, and even felt some anticipation, because Xiao Anchun was pouring the chopped purple fruit and salted fish into a tortoise shell for cooking, then he took out another clean tortoise shell to cook the red fruit. As long as they ate this lunch, it would only be a matter of time before he could bring their belongings back to the tribe.

As for the method to construct a tree house, he would just have to bring the old shaman over to take a look. He was so smart, he should be able to quickly figure it out. Thinking of this, Kuhn snickered and continued rotating the fatty fish, his mood much improved.

Not long after, a rich scent he’d never smelled before spread in the air. He couldn’t describe what kind of feeling this scent invoked, he only knew that he unconsciously widened his nostrils and sucked in deep lungfuls of air, salivating uncontrollably.

Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan sat near the stove, a faint glow in their eyes. They haven’t eaten properly cooked dishes in a long time. Xiao Anchun really hadn’t been exaggerating his craftsmanship, he was able to bring out extraordinary flavor with such simple ingredients.

“Smells great right? Don’t fret, it’ll be ready soon. Behave, otherwise you won’t get a share.” Seeing Snow reaching towards the tortoise shell, Xiao Anchun gently swatted him.

Snow groaned, nodding repeatedly, as if acknowledging his mistake, making Xiao Anchun laugh cheerfully.

Kuhn felt very troubled at the moment.

He never imagined that the purple fruit and the red fruit would smell so fragrant when cooked, it definitely didn’t seem like the fragrance of a poisonous fruit. He covered his nose and turned his head, trying to escape the tempting aroma.

“Okay, time to eat. Kuhn, are you coming?” Twenty minutes later, Xiao Anchun pulled the finish dishes off the stove and placed them on a round table cut out of stone. He politely invited Kuhn, but he really didn’t want to welcome him. After all, Kuhn was an outsider. With him there, the reunion dinner’s atmosphere would be destroyed.

Fortunately, Kuhn was very tactful, he pointed to his grilled fish, saying that this was enough. He swallowed back a flood of saliva and flipped the fish, secretly staring at the group that was chowing down, hoping that they would drop dead in the next second. But unfortunately, even after his fish was burnt into charcoal, they were still upright. Even their cheeks seemed to be rosier, obviously enjoying their meal.

“Phew I’m full, let’s go for a walk. It’ll help the food digest.” After the table of dishes were cleaned up, Xiao Anchun invited the male god for a walk in the forest, the two beasts following beside them.

Weren’t they poisoned? No, maybe the poison moves slowly, just wait a minute.

Kuhn stared at the group’s retreating backs, his expression very disappointed. After a while, he raised his spirits up and nibbled on a piece of fish. In order to prevent fishbones from getting stuck in his throat, he ate very slowly, the fishy smell suffocating his nostrils, making him feel nauseous.

There were obviously so many wild beasts in the forest, their meat tasted better than fish and there were no unpleasant smells. Why did that group insist on only eating fish? But even if this piece of forest was now occupied by the golden lion, it was only temporary. It had supported the Bayan tribe’s ancestors, and it would support countless future generations. It would always belong to the Bayan tribe.

Kuhn threw away a fish bone and smiled grimly. He’d already started imagining that he was dragging the corpses of the golden lion and the ice flame tiger behind him as he was being warmly welcomed by the tribe. He’d killed two beasts with high-level blood, and had gotten a bag of salt and a ton of red crystals. Even better, he’d singlehandedly taken back the eastern forest for the tribe. These achievements were enough for him to replace the chief and become the number one warrior in the tribe.

It’s a pity that a daydream was still just a daydream. Just when Kuhn was starting to think that the group had succumbed to the poison and had died in the forest, they unexpectedly returned. They also had no signs of poisoning at all. They just said their goodbyes and climbed into their tree houses to rest, ignoring the stiff faced Kuhn.

Kuhn waited and waited, from noon to night, and from night to the next morning. When he saw Xiao Anchun slip down the rope ladder, lively as always, it finally hit him. Maybe the purple fruit and red fruit weren’t poisonous.

But how? Were the ancestor’s wrong? Kuhn clenched his fists, his eyes darkening.

He kept telling himself that the ancestors couldn’t be wrong, maybe the amount of poison was too small, they just haven’t felt it yet, just wait, wait….

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5 months ago

………. *sigh*

11 months ago

Reading kuhn thoughts gives me headache…but i want to know how stu- ehem I mean ignorant people thoughts…..

1 year ago

They will have to be careful with food like potatoes tho. It’s partly poisonous and since all the plants on that continent have their effects increased, it might be unsafe to eat.

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
1 year ago

Dude 😬 I cant help but face palm

1 year ago

Stupidity can kill sometimes ya know? Just like how Khun’s stupidity is internally killing me

1 year ago

“it finally hit him. Maybe the purple fruit and red fruit weren’t poisonous.”

It took you three chapters, you dim cabbage.

2 years ago

This kuhn is really stupid 🤦‍♀️ well he will regret it later but it’s already too late for that

2 years ago


Me: breaks into a smile 🙂

One thing about Chinese light novels though (maybe even Korean?), the MC is always smart and sensible but the other characters are dumb as hell, no one is ever smarter or better than the protagonist. I wonder if this connects to wish fulfillment and conditioned pride and arrogance as the “Middle Kingdom”. Okay, nvm, every country has aspects like this.

Kuhn is just…. ignorant yet arrogant as hell. He’s those sorts of people that are too self important to be humble.