Chapter 16


Chapter 16

At last the food was ready, a banquet of fried fish and a pot of tomato soup was placed on the stone table, constantly steaming.

Zhou Yun Sheng personally poured out four bowls of tomato soup and smiled: “Today’s soup is very special, drink it all, okay?”

This crafty smile, why did it look like he was about to swindle someone!?

Snow felt a bit timid, and looked towards the Beast King.

Zhao Xuan couldn’t stand spicy food. He blinked at his lover, his head on his shoulder, poking his earlobe with his wet nose. The whining and cajoling act made Xiao Anchun break out into goose bumps.

“What’s wrong with the big lion? Is he sick?” he asked dimwittedly.

“He’s fine. What’s all the fuss, just drink the soup.” Zhou Yun Sheng picked up the bowl and casually drank a mouthful. He squinted afterwards, making an expression as if he was savoring the taste.

Zhao Xuan saw this expression and felt even more scared. His lover’s tastes were very special, he absolutely loved spicy food. The simple chili pepper wouldn’t even enter his eye, his favorite spice was the Trinidad scorpion pepper. It wasn’t strange to see him wash and pack them into a fruit basket, then casually munch on them. Like how Zhao Xuan ate cherries. Whenever he saw him eating peppers like this, Zhao Xuan always broke out into a cold sweat, his legs unsteady.

His lover was so happy after drinking the soup, that obviously meant that this pepper was suitably hot for him.

It’s over, today will be a disaster! Zhao Xuan stared at the soup bowl, like looking into the face of death.

The Beast King’s reaction made Snow involuntarily shudder.

Was this bowl really poisonous? But the queen looks fine? He whined and whipped the ground with his tail, looking very distressed.

Only Xiao Anchun didn’t notice anything odd, he picked up the bowl and blew over it.

Kuhn, who was hiding in the tree house, clenched his fist and waited for the rest of the group to drink the soup. When they finished drinking, he would finally be freed, and could return to the tribe with plenty of spoils. Just imagining that scene made him tremble with excitement. The only pity was the loss of the two throwback beasts’ meat, which were contaminated with poison. They were rare animals with high-level blood, their meat contained a lot of energy, no worse than the red crystals.

Sensing Kuhn’s heart already drumming in excitement, Zhou Yun Sheng wickedly urged Xiao Anchun and Snow to drink. The stupid lion jumped off the stone chair, apparently wanting to escape, but was dragged back by his mane.

“Dear, open your mouth, if you perform well, I’ll give you a reward tonight.” He raised an eyebrow and smiled faintly. He looked beautiful and extremely dangerous.

Zhao Xuan looked at him, then finally succumbed to the evil forces, slowly opening his mouth and gesturing for his lover to feed him. He could never refuse a request from his lover, even if he ordered him to die, he was perfectly willing, much less for drinking a bowl of spicy soup.

While Zhao Xuan was pumping himself up, Zhou Yun Sheng gently poured the soup into his mouth. At the other end of the stone table, Xiao Anchun and Snow also took a mouthful. Immediately, there was a ‘pshuuww’ sound, and one man and two beasts coughed and spitted.

“What…the f#ck! Why is this tomato soup so spicy? Who did it? Who touched my soup?” Xiao Anchun fanned his mouth, tears and snot running down his face.

Snow rolled on the ground in pain, his big tongue hanging out, sucking in cool air.

He was still too naive, he actually thought that the queen wouldn’t harm his own people! What kind of poison was this? It was like eating a live coal, burning his mouth, esophagus, stomach, his whole body was burning! It was painful enough to make someone wish for death.

In the end, Zhao Xuan had been tempered over the years, so his ability to handle hot food was far above Xiao Anchun and Snow. To be honest, this pepper was really hot, but it wasn’t as hot as the scorpion pepper his lover often ate. However, it was only weaker by a bit, it was more than enough to burn the stomachs of ordinary people.

He ran into the kitchen and buried his head in the stone jar filled with water. Xiao Anchun and Snow also returned to reality, one grabbing his throat, one swishing his tail frantically, then they rushed to pour out water from another stone jar.

Looking at the group that were about to drown themselves, Zhou Yun Sheng simply chuckled, then picked up his wooden bowl and drank the rest of the soup.

Kuhn finally did something worthwhile. He found him a pretty good pepper. He had to ‘thank’ the other man, otherwise he’d look ungrateful.

Xiao Anchun drank a bellyful of water and finally felt a little better. The big lion and Snow’s taste buds were a thousand times sharper than his, so they were still suffering. The water in the jars reduced at a rate visible to the naked eye. Xiao Anchun patted Snow, who was sneezing incessantly, and walked back to the table to inspect the tomato soup.

In a nearby tree house, Kuhn held his breath, waiting for them to drop dead.

He never expected that their reaction to the soup would be so fierce, and couldn’t help but recall how the rabbit suddenly went mad. This poison was really potent! Not only did it poison people, it also made them lose their senses. He sighed with feeling, at the same time, memorizing the appearance of this fruit, planning to bring some back. When he saw Xiao Anchun looking around after checking the soup, he quickly lowered his body, his eyes firmly on the target. He was waiting, waiting for them to die from the poison. But, in the next second, an ominous feeling of premonition floated up, because this feeling of waiting was all too familiar. It was the same feeling he got every time Xiao Anchun brought back food he thought were poisonous, he’d stared at them just like now.

But this time was really different, because he was certain that the red horn fruits were extremely poisonous, otherwise, they wouldn’t have reacted crazily like the dead rabbit.

While Kuhn was full of confidence, Zhao Xuan and Snow also calmed down and returned to the stone table with a bellyful of water.

Snow looked at the queen in accusation, then turned towards the king and growled, meaning you have to take a stand.

Zhao Xuan didn’t dare rebuke, instead, he backed up two steps, revealing a fearful expression. That was because he noticed that his lover was looking at him, waving him over, his amber eyes sparkling, like a gentle temptress.

No, he shook his head, aware that a sweet torture was coming. His lover’s wicked tastes often made him retreat in fear, but the delicious memories lingered long after the affair.

“Didn’t I say that there’s a reward for good performance earlier? Aren’t you coming?” Zhou Yun Sheng hooked an index finger, his peach blossom eyes sparkling.

Zhao Xuan was enticed by him. He slowly approached, like he was about to be hanged, and was caught by his lover and dragged in closer. Then he was kissed. A hot tongue slid into his mouth, licked his gums, and caressed his tongue. Zhou Yun Sheng tongued his throat, then wrapped his tongue around the barbed tongue and sucked, making a loud ‘slurping’ sound.

Zhao Xuan’s tongue felt so burning hot that he cried, but he was addicted to his lover’s kiss, and couldn’t bring himself to back away. His limbs trembled, as if he would collapse at any time, he felt weak every time his lover kissed him.

Snow and Xiao Anchun stared at the couple’s deep kiss, stupefied, only waking up when the male god stopped the kiss, licking the golden lion’s nose one last time before leaning back and sighing, “A French kiss is the correct way to suppress spiciness.”

Snow suddenly turned to look at Xiao Anchun, he opened his mouth, letting him see that his tongue had turned red from the spiciness. But Xiao Anchun wasn’t at that stage in his life yet, not to mention his conservative nature, he could never be as unbridled as the male god. Wanting to change the subject, he immediately asked: “Male god, I found a lot of hot peppers in the tomato soup, do you know who added it? Hot peppers are a very special plant, it’s what gave the food we ate such a unique taste.”

The tomatoes and peppers had blended, but the seeds still floated in the soup. Maybe someone else wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart, but he knew a lot about plants, and there were differences to be found if you looked closely. But he didn’t think too deeply about it, contrarily, he was happy about the pepper.

That’s right, he also loved spicy food.

“If there are hot peppers here, I’ll be able to make a lot of spicy dishes! Male god, you’ve never eaten chili oil, right? I’m telling you, it’s delicious!” Xiao Anchun excitedly pumped his fists, making Zhou Yun Sheng chuckle.

Zhao Xuan backed up two steps, looking in awe at Xiao Anchun for the first time. He never expected this third wheel would also have a strong side, sure enough, everyone had their weaknesses and strengths.

Snow wasn’t sure about what was going on, but judging by Xiao Anchun’s reaction, the soup they just drank was not only not poisonous, it even had something good in it? But what good things tasted like that? It was terrible!

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and patiently guided: “I and Xuan never touched the stove. Who do you think could’ve put the pepper in the soup?”

Xiao Anchun unconsciously turned to look at Kuhn’s tree house, but the male god pinched his chin and fixed his head in place, so he could only shift his eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng continued to guide him: “Kuhn has always been very careful about what he eats. He thinks that poisonous foods should never be touched. Think about it, when you brought back those eggplants, luffas, and mushrooms, did he eat them first? Or did he always wait for us to try it first? He only touched it if we didn’t die. But this time, he did something very unusual. He grabbed a hot pepper that he’d never seen before and put it into the soup. Then he crawled into his tree house to take a nap. What was he hoping would happen? Move your brain Anchun, stop letting others take advantage of you.”

If Xiao Anchun was willing to work his brain, rather than just going through life relying on enthusiasm and kindness, he would’ve surely been able to gain a high status in the Bayan tribe. But still, Zhou Yun Sheng liked this kind of Xiao Anchun, he liked his pure kindness and selflessness, so he really loathed this Kuhn, who wanted to exploit and murder him.

Xiao Anchun didn’t like using his brain, but that didn’t mean he was hopelessly stupid, he understood everything after thinking a little deeper. Kuhn thought that the pepper was poisonous. In fact, its stunning color and strange shape really did resemble something poisonous. So, the reason he grabbed the pepper and threw it into the pot, could only be because he wanted to poison everyone.

Motherf#cker! Xiao Anchun was furious, his eyes spitting fire, like he wanted to roast someone alive.

But he couldn’t think of anything he’d done to inspire such hatred from the other man?

“Kuhn wants to return to the tribe, but someone must’ve already replaced his position while he was gone. So, he needs some capital, maybe some precious salt, red crystals, heck, why not the flesh and hide of a high-level throwback beast?” Zhou Yun Sheng caressed the stupid lion’s smooth golden fur, a gentle smile on his lips, but his eyes were bitingly cold.

“How could he do such an awful thing?” Xiao Anchun’s eyes nearly popped out.

Snow also wanted to tear Kuhn to pieces, then throw the pieces into the lake to feed the fishes, but he was constrained by the Beast King’s power, and could only dig his claws into the earth.

Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand, brushing off Xiao Anchun’s childish question. He poured himself another bowl of soup and slowly sipped. From time to time, he sighed with satisfaction. Zhao Xuan stared at his rosy lips and gulped, lamenting in his heart: My lover always looks so beautiful when he’s enjoying eating something spicy, of course, the painfully hot kisses afterwards are also hard to bear.

Xiao Anchun also poured another bowl of soup, wiping the snot from his nose when he suddenly frowned, apparently thinking of something, then asked in alarm: “Male god, did you see Kuhn put the hot pepper into the soup? How could you be sure that the pepper wasn’t poisonous? Why did you drink it right away?” He’d never doubted the male god’s origin. In his opinion, if the male god was a modern man, it would be absolutely impossible for him to have sex with an animal, that was beyond a vast majority of people’s tolerance scale.

But as it turns out, he was still too naive. No matter how heavy the flavor, there will always be someone into it. Man and beast play was just something fresh for them, nothing more.

“I saw a bird flying around with this fruit in its beak. The shape and color were very strange, so I paid close attention to it. I guessed that if birds can eat it, we should be able to eat it no problem. Plus, I wanted to see what Kuhn was planning, and find out just how black his heart had gotten.” After speaking, he grabbed the bowl and drank the rest of the spicy soup in one breath.

A mammal’s digestive tract digested the pepper seeds, and even if they came back out, they couldn’t germinate. In order to reproduce, this plant evolved to have a very strong taste, so a mammal that tastes it once wouldn’t dare eat it again, greatly reducing seed waste.

But a bird’s tongue couldn’t taste spiciness, and its digestive tract wasn’t the same as a mammal. It was the natural spreader of hot pepper seeds, so hot pepper became one of the birds’ favorite fruits. What birds eat every day was not important, and people naturally didn’t think about it much.

Xiao Anchun understood the cause and effects, and had no choice but to praise the male god’s intelligence. If he was in modern times, he would definitely be a clever, successful man. At this time, his previous rage had already settled down a lot, and he rubbed his hands together as he asked: “Male god, the big lion’s sense of smell is awfully sharp. Can he smell where Kuhn went?”

“Do you want to try and find the hot pepper plant?” Zhou Yun Sheng narrowed his eyes in delight.

“Yeah, I also really like the taste of hot peppers. In the future, our dining table will get more and more diverse.” Xiao Anchun looked into the distance, his eyes bright.

“Great, let’s go find it after lunch.” Zhou Yun Sheng gladly promised.

Zhao Xuan and Snow silently retreated.

Snow looked at the Beast King with a special grief. After sacrificing himself, the Beast King at least got a hot kiss out of it, but he only got a bellyful of cold water. They really couldn’t be compared.

Zhao Xuan felt his younger brother’s envious gaze and unconsciously puffed his chest.

After finishing lunch, the group re-traced Kuhn’s scent, treating it like an after meal walk.



Trinidad- The scorpion pepper originates from Trinidad, but the author said Mexico for some reason

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