Chapter 13


Chapter 13

Meanwhile, Kuhn’s wounds were gradually recovering.

Xiao Anchun didn’t realize that not only were the herbs on the beastman planet bigger than on earth, even the potency was ten times higher than on earth. He never expected that the wound he’d thought would be absolutely unbeatable without antibiotics would actually heal cleanly, only leaving behind a pink scar.

Xiao Anchun was ecstatic. He recorded down the medical process on a slab with charcoal and carefully stored it in a large chest. This was a chest that Snow had made for him. The wood was very smooth, and the craftmanship was no worse than a modern carpenter. It was important to know that the claws of a throwback beast were even sharper than a scalpel.

Kuhn gently touched his scars. There was no gratitude to Xiao Anchun in his eyes, but he’d also lost a lot of resentment. After all, Xiao Anchun had been taking care of him these past few days, and he was very attentive. But he still didn’t believe that Xiao Anchun had cured him, thinking that this was the result of the divine blood, but it’d worked too late, before Addie had a chance to see it.

Thinking of Addie, his heart softened. But just as he was about to bid Xiao Anchun farewell, he heard Snow roar down below, and an unfamiliar voice responded, seemingly greeting Snow.

There were other beastkin here? Wasn’t it only Xiao Anchun and Snow?

He’d thought that Xiao Anchun had given himself to a throwback beast in exchange for protection, in order to survive in the wilderness. In fact, he secretly looked down on this self-degradation. But suddenly, he remembered that there was another female who’d debased himself with a beast, and he revealed an expression of realization. No wonder there were two houses built onto trees, another couple lived here.

To be honest, he really liked this ‘tree house’. It was drier than a cave, and the air flowed better, quickly taking away any unpleasant smells. Plus, there were many strange but convenient things here. If only he could bring back the knowledge of how to build these things to the tribe. Just by looking at it, he had no idea how to start.

Kuhn secretly came up with a plan, and, seeing Xiao Anchun run off excitedly, he immediately followed him. The two men slid down the rope ladder and saw a strong looking golden lion slowly walking over, a female wearing a fish leather loincloth on his back.

“Catch.” The female smiled brightly and threw over a leather sack.

Xiao Anchun hurriedly caught it, and when he opened it up, he suddenly exploded with joy, jumping and squealing like a madman.

It’s salt ah! So heavy, at least fifty catties! Enough to last a long, long time, the male god really is perfect.

Snow was also very excited, he pounced on Xiao Anchun, licking his cheeks and shoulders, his eyes full of tenderness. Kuhn looked at this interaction between man and beast, uncomfortable for some unknown reason. He could sense that Xiao Anchun wasn’t depending on him like he’d used to, and he also no longer told him baffling stories.

Xiao Anchun had Snow now. No matter how incomprehensible his words, Snow would always listen attentively and nod. He couldn’t reply, but his understanding was what Xiao Anchun needed the most. Xiao Anchun grew more and more fond of him each day, and transferred the enthusiasm he’d previously had for Kuhn onto Snow.

Kuhn was always ridiculed by the tribe because of Xiao Anchun’s obsession with him, so his heart was somewhat bitter about it. But he quickly suppressed this strange feeling and stepped forward, greeting the newly returned female. To be able to buy such a big bag of salt all at once, the other party was awfully productive. In order to learn the method to construct a tree house, and figure out this couple’s secrets, he had to stay here just a little longer.

Kuhn indirectly questioned Zhou Yun Sheng about how they got so many red crystals and how much red crystals was needed to buy so much salt, his eyes gleaming with a constant sly light.

Zhou Yun Sheng has always believed that human nature was inclined towards evil. If human nature was naturally good, there would be no need to formulate so many ethical laws to restrict human behavior. The natives of the beastman planet still lived in an uncivilized state, but their selfish desires were not inferior to a modern man. On the contrary, they were even more direct and wanton with their desires. Murder after of a slight argument was extremely common, and even eating your fellow clansmen because of starvation wasn’t unthinkable here. A beastman like Kuhn who went through the trouble of covering up his true intentions with a friendly smile was quite rare.

His masquerade was not enough to deceive Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan, but it was more than enough to fool Xiao Anchun. Unfortunately, Zhou Yun Sheng was very unforthcoming, and Xiao Anchun hadn’t accompanied them, so he couldn’t provide any information. Kuhn repeatedly sounded him out, finally stopping after he noticed that the golden lion hated it whenever he approached this enigmatic female, its eyes filling with killing intent.

A simple kitchen with a stove was built underneath the tree houses. Four wooden beams supported a roof, and all four beams were lined with rope, the salted fish Zhou Yun Sheng had brought back hung up on them. The smell was ecstasy inducing. Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan yawned and walked away, but Xiao Anchun stood under the porch and sniffed, his expression very intoxicated.

“I didn’t know the merman race sold salted fish. Why don’t we eat some salted fish and grilled eggplant tonight?” Xiao Anchun pumped his fists.

“What’s an eggplant?” Kuhn asked curiously.

Xiao Anchun’s life surviving in the wilderness was unexpectedly comfortable, it wasn’t as risky and famishing as he’d imagined. Their food was plentiful, in fact, they ate even better than the tribe. They had so many ingredients that he’d never even heard of, making it clear as day that Xiao Anchun never felt any comradery with the tribe, to the point where he hid his knowledge. Thinking of this, Kuhn’s eyes darkened slightly.

“Eggplant is the thing you guys call purple fruit ah. I told Addie that it was edible, but Addie insisted that it was poisonous and wouldn’t let me pick it. He also ripped open my bag and squashed all my purple fruits.”

After remembering that frustrating incident, Xiao Anchun’s belly was filled with indignant fire, and he ranted: “There’s also the tomatoes, the things you call red fruit. Those can also be eaten, and they taste great! But Addie also decided that they were poisonous. He somehow found the stash I’d secretly picked and spread vile rumors about me. He insisted that I was planning to poison the warriors and demanded that I be kicked out. I ate one for him to see but he still didn’t believe me, claiming that I was just lucky that I hadn’t died.”

The Bayan tribe was still in the stage of joint food distribution. The prey the males brought back and the fruits the females harvested were placed together and distributed by the old shaman and the chief. Because the shaman was getting weaker with old age, Addie had taken over some of his duties. He was deeply envious of Xiao Anchun, and didn’t want the other’s limelight to over shadow his own. So even when he knew that Xiao Anchun was telling the truth, he’ll refuse to acknowledge it, and doubly wouldn’t let the tribe members try it out. That would only prove that Xiao Anchun’s judgment was correct, and earn him the respect and trust of everyone.

However, he’d also secretly memorized the foods Xiao Anchun had pointed out, planning to reveal them to the tribe members after he’d killed Xiao Anchun off, so they’d worship him instead. This would also help smooth the way for him to successfully inherit the old shaman’s position. All these twisted schemes were beyond Xiao Anchun’s ability to think of, and Kuhn was even more unwilling to entertain these thoughts.

In his heart, Addie was kind, honest, and loving, he was perfect. His every action was for the benefit of the tribe, there was no selfishness in him. If the food could really be eaten, he would never block Xiao Anchun, and absolutely would never make the Bayan tribe think that the purple fruit and red fruit were poisonous for so long. Were they all wrong? Impossible, so it could only be Xiao Anchun who was wrong. Addie stopped him in order to save the whole tribe.

Thinking like this, he defended Addie: “Our ancestors have lived here for hundreds of years, don’t you know how many people died after accidentally eating the purple fruit and the red fruit? Those fruits are really poisonous, you shouldn’t attempt to eat them again. The fruit wasn’t fully ripe, so the poison was weak, that’s probably why nothing happened when you ate it the last time. Xiao Anchun, you’re always fooling around instead of working properly; you really should learn from Addie.”

Someone died because they ate eggplant and tomatoes? Was this a comedy routine?

Zhou Yun Sheng’s lips curled, his eyes full of disdain. He knew that in nature, the more colorful the fruit and the more unusual the shape, the more likely it was to be toxic. The Bayan tribe’s ancestors probably used this knowledge to judge whether a fruit could be eaten. They firmly believed that eggplants and tomatoes were poisonous, and in order to warn the future generations, they naturally made up a few frightening legends, such as “So and so died after eating this, you must not eat it ah!” and so on. These words were passed down from generation to generation, and the credibility had strengthened from generation to generation, to the extent that no one dared test it.

Naturally, the ancestors were more trustworthy than some female of unknown origin. The people of the Bayan tribe were very close minded. They’d even tested the dull colored, unassuming looking sweet potato on rabbits for three months before allowing it to be eaten. To put it nicely, the people of the Bayan tribe were very cautious. To put it impolitely, they judged everyone by their own standards. And now, if Kuhn was any indication of the rest of the tribe’s attitude, you could add ‘ungrateful’ to that description.

Why were they called the Bayan tribe? Wasn’t calling themselves the ‘ingrate tribe’ more fitting? Seeing Xiao Anchun trembling with anger because of Kuhn’s words, Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and said: “Great, so we’ll eat salted fish and grilled eggplants tonight. Let’s also pick some tomatoes, let everyone have a taste, in any case, we’re not afraid of death.”

Hearing his sarcasm, Kuhn’s complexion turned green. Xiao Anchun grinned, and cheerfully brought Snow along to dig up wild vegetables. He knew that the male god was different from others, especially his good taste.

Kuhn felt very sullen, warning: “Don’t just believe everything Xiao Anchun says. He’s a bit weird. He’s always liked giving people poisonous things. I remember once, he boiled a bowl of black water and made one of the children in the tribe drink it. He said that it would cure his illness. As a result, the child had diarrhea for three days and three nights, he almost died. If Addie and the old shaman hadn’t pleaded on his behalf, Xiao Anchun would’ve been killed by the angry relatives.”

Explaining this much was enough, if this female had any brains, he shouldn’t easily believe Xiao Anchun’s words. Xiao Anchun was an infamous troublemaker. It felt like every other day, a new tribe member would come complain about him, shouting that they were going to kill him. Recalling Xiao Anchun’s “great achievements”, Kuhn shook his head and sighed gloomily.

But Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t seem to understand his warning at all. He even burst out laughing. Zhou Yun Sheng could imagine the scene of Xiao Anchun been encircled by an angry mob after obviously trying to help them. It was too comical. That child really was clumsy. Zhao Xuan also snorted twice, but there was no suspicion in his eyes, only amusement.

Kuhn didn’t understand what was so funny. Wasn’t his warning a matter of life and death? Xiao Anchun had returned just in time to hear his slander. His eyes were clearly cloudier, and he didn’t move for a long time until Snow ran over and bopped him on the butt. He walked into the simple kitchen and hung up his bag.

“That wasn’t poison, it was a life-saving medicine, why don’t you believe me? The child was severely constipated. He hadn’t excreted for more than a month. His skin was sallow, his face was splotchy, his belly was swollen and rock hard. If he didn’t let it out, he would’ve died. Believe it or not, this is the last time I’ll explain it. Besides, the male god believes me, right?” He looked at the male god with big, hopeful eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng was still smiling, he waved Xiao Anchun off, saying: “What are you doing, I’ve been waiting for you to come back to cook.”

This sentence was worth a thousand words, Xiao Anchun loudly shouted ‘Okay’, joyfully riding away on Snow.

Kuhn decided that he would no longer try to warn this group of lawless people. In any case, he had never eaten Xiao Anchun’s food, and he never would. For the record, in order to prevent Xiao Anchun from poisoning them, the tribe’s females refused to let him approach the bonfire while they were cooking. If he hadn’t introduced the edible root vegetables to the tribe, making up for all his troublemaking, he would’ve already been expelled.

“I’m going out to hunt.” Kuhn broke a branch and sharpened the front end to make a spear.

Zhao Xuan suddenly roared, his expression very displeased.

Zhou Yun Sheng diligently translated: “The Bayan tribe is not allowed to hunt in my territory, either die, or get lost.”

Kuhn’s gentle expression instantly turned cold, shouting angrily: “So you’re the one directing the eastern forest’s beast tide!”

Zhao Xuan flicked his tail, slapping Kuhn several meters away. Fortunately, male beastmen had very tough skin. After crashing into a huge tree and tumbling to the ground, except for a bloody gash on his forehead, there were no serious injuries. He used the spear to prop himself up, his furious expression replaced by terror.

“Either die or get lost, you can choose.” Zhou Yun Sheng patiently repeated. He has always treated those who wholeheartedly sought death leniently.

Kuhn quickly reigned in his emotions and said: “Forgive me, I’ve offended you. I’ve already been abandoned by the tribe. I have nowhere to go. I don’t want to die or leave, I want to stay. Please forgive me.” After saying this, he dropped to his knees, hands flat and forehead pressed against the back of his hands, performing a gesture of submission.

This person was not only shameless, he was also shrewd. Can stand tall one minute, and bow and submit the next, how talented.

Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, then brought the stupid lion to go rest in the tree house.

Kuhn stayed kneeling for a long time. When he was certain that the couple no longer planned to drive him away, he slowly stood up, his handsome face distorted into a hateful expression.

If it wasn’t for Xiao Anchun scraping away the divine blood, how could he have fallen to the point where he was thrown out by the tribe? He didn’t even know who’d taken over his duties and became Addie’s second mate. If he wanted to take Addie back, he’d have to make some important contributions to the tribe.

Since the female was able to bring back so much salt, he must not be lacking red crystals. If he could get the red crystals and the method to construct tree houses, he could return to the tribe with pride. Thinking like this, Kuhn immediately calmed down and walked toward the nearby lake. There was so much salted fish hanging in the wooden hut. It seemed that fish was the main food for these people. He could always catch and eat a few fish.

Fish meat was prickly, it stunk, and it always blocked his throat. Unless he was starving, Kuhn never ate that stuff. He never expected that he’d have to rely on it to live one day. He walked, cursing under his breath, the grievances in his heart growing deeper and deeper. He walked past the creek that was now equivalent to entering the forbidden land, looking at the distant cliff where he used to live, getting more and more furious.

If this golden lion hadn’t come here, the eastern forest would still be the Bayan tribe’s territory. Why did they have to send their precious females in exchange for the right to hunt in the northern forest? Why were they now at war with the Dada tribe? If only he could kill that lion. Kuhn lowered his eyes, covering up the overwhelming killing intent.

But he knew that he couldn’t kill the golden lion singlehandedly. He could only outsmart it. Thinking about that, his eyes brightened slightly, and he suddenly smiled. Didn’t they completely trust Xiao Anchun? Then he only needed to stand by as Xiao Anchun served them the purple fruit and red fruit.

After they were all poisoned, he could search their tree houses for the red crystals and salt, then he could return to Addie with two precious spoils.

The more Kuhn thought about it, the more beautiful the future looked, and his steps became much lighter.



they judged everyone by their own standards –to gauge the heart of a gentleman with one’s own mean measure (idiom).

Ingrate –Bayan and bá(i)yǎn(láng) or ingrate, he’s making a pun

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13 days ago

I didn’t know how many times I face palmed with Kuhn’s thoughts and words. 🤦‍♀️ no matter how primitive the era you’re in, people naturally have this so called ‘trial and error’ thing to continue surviving. And It’s human nature to continue learning, discovering, and advancing. You can’t always rely on customs and traditions. Geez.

1 month ago

i dont mean to laugh at hus ignorancy but-

2 months ago

truly courting death

Xian Yi Xi
Xian Yi Xi
3 months ago

Fuck, i smell my 2nd ship. Snow X Anchun ….. sail~⛵⛵
“Snow was also very excited, he pounced on Xiao Anchun, licking his cheeks and shoulders, his eyes full of tenderness.

Xiao Anchun had Snow now. No matter how incomprehensible his words, Snow would always listen attentively and nod. He couldn’t reply, but his understanding was what Xiao Anchun needed the most. Xiao Anchun grew more and more fond of him each day, and transferred the enthusiasm he’d previously had for Kuhn onto Snow.”

7 months ago

Gosh I want Kuhn dead now.

8 months ago

“human nature was inclined towards evil.”

Rather than evil I’d say selfish. It’s only natural for children to be selfish, without selfish, without ego, there is no color. Imo, good and morals need to be taught, as there is no clear line between good and evil. After being taught morality standard in the culture, then the children mentally grow to adults.

If ZYS consider selfishness as evil, then fair enough. I’d like to think of it as raw potential waiting to be polished. He has indeed suffered through the villain system.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lin

In the case of Kuhn, he’s too thoughtless, as a outward result, unrefined and lack manners in our standards. They live in primitive societies where they don’t think after all. Yes, I’m calling them stupid.

“So even when he knew that Xiao Anchun was telling the truth, he’ll refuse to acknowledge it, and doubly wouldn’t let the tribe members try it out. ”

That’s the just plain selfish, prioritizing status and ego over tribe member’s lives. Addie is still too immature to take on the chief’s roles.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lin

Humans have less control over their thought process than they think they do. We’re taught and thus learn certain frameworks, and treat them as normal as that’s what we learn to see. A good example of this is the smile. If you smile and tell yourself you’re happy, your brain will follow and release hormones, making you happier. If children are taught and influenced by good, they do “good”, and vice versa. If a group leader said, “this project will fail”, everyone will think this way and feel negative, whereas the opposite is also true.

8 months ago
Reply to  Lin

In conclusion, good and bad is subjective, Mother Nature doesn’t care about protecting your life, which is often on the good side, more than she cares about bringing you death, which is often considered the bad side.

8 months ago

Shit man , what the ever loving fuck is wrong with all these people !? Can’t they be happy with a shelter , enough food , drinking water are a few friends or single lover . Always plotting murder

8 months ago
Reply to  SixSidesToADie

Agree. Welp, they live on a primitive beastman planet, and most importantly the author loves to write about human selfishness and drama