FOD Chap 12.3


Chapter 12.3

Zhou Yun Sheng now just wanted to quickly heal his body and cultivate, then fifty years later, when the One Hundred Herb Secret Border opened again, he could go in to get Fang Wen Guang’s body and bring it back to the sect to be buried. Of course, it was also a top priority to get revenge for his brother.

He sat on Zong Yi’s knees, his body completely immersed in the shattered jade spiritual pool, only his head exposed. Severe pain assaulted his limbs like countless steel needles puncturing them, if it wasn’t for his amazing willpower, he would’ve probably fainted and drowned.

Zong Yi had one hand on the spiritual pool’s edge, the other hugging his small disciple’s slender waist, slanting to observe his expressions.

“Are you in a lot of pain?”

“No, I’m fine.”

“Tell master if you can’t hold on.”


The two people sat for a long time without a word, Zong Yi saw his small disciple still silently bearing the pain, and his heart couldn’t help but feel some loss. He would rather his small disciple not try to be brave in everything, it would be good if he was more dependent on him.

After resting in the spiritual water, Zong Yi carried his small disciple to the jade bed, drying his hair with magic spells. He took out a set of white under dress and a black robe and carefully dressed him. The small disciple’s body was thin, his skin pale, as if a light bump would bruise him, making Zong Yi feel a burst of sympathy. He wrapped his palm around his small disciple’s feet, waited for them to get a little warmer, then pull on his socks and boots.

Each crease in the clothes were flattened, Zong Yi picked up a fine toothed comb and combed his small disciple’s jet black hair into smooth silk. The two people cuddled and reclined on a soft couch, their hair twisting around and flowing together, their handsome faces fitted close to each other’s, the scene looked beautiful and charming.

Zong Yi was fascinated with having his small disciple’s gaze focused on him, he couldn’t help but use his fingertips to carefully brush his long curly eyelashes, his always cold and stiff expression was, at this moment, incredibly gentle.

He pinned his small disciple’s long hair back with a white jade hairpin and cupped his small disciple’s soft face to look him up and down. The more he looked, the more he liked it, he wished he could hold him in his arms at all times.

“Master, when can I walk?” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t like being held and carried around like a toy all day.

“I haven’t gotten the spiritual treasures to refine the medicinal pill yet, I need a few days to search.” Zong Yi lied without batting an eye. In the future, when his small disciple could run and jump and cultivate, he would certainly think about leaving home to wander the continent, maybe even leave his master’s sect and become an independent peak master when he cultivated to Yuanying. Just thinking about that made Zong Yi feel anxious.

If his small disciple dared put forward a demand to be an independent peak master in the future, he might simply break his two legs, happily tying him to his side all day. A light flashed across Zong Yi’s eyes, but he just embraced his small disciple more tenderly and carried him to the side chamber to eat.

“You can’t eat too much of this Red Jade fruit, you’re now mortal, you’ll explode if you eat more.” Seeing his small disciple fondly devouring the sweet and sour fruit, Zong Yi quickly stopped him, he also reached into his mouth to pull out the fruit he was already chewing.

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately sucked in his fingers, wrapping his tongue around and licking them. Zong Yi’s heart trembled violently, but his face didn’t show it, he pressed down on his soft tongue for a moment, enjoying the warm and satiny sensation, then switched out his fingers for a jade spoon.

“Drink this congee. Silent Soul Peak’s master said it’s best if you drink this congee. When you can draw qi into your body again in a few days, master will get you as much fruit as you want to eat.” He lifted a spoon of congee to his small disciple’s lips, his eyes containing a slight smile.

At this time, the array outside Shattered Heaven Palace was touched, two Transmission Talisman flew into the hall and two men’s voices simultaneously poured out, “Junior Chi Xiao (Junior Taiping), in company with a disciple wish to meet with the Grand Elder.”

Taiping was First Thunder Peak’s master name, this person was Song Yufei’s master.

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately put away his leisurely expression and turned to look at the palace door.

Zong Yi saw that his small disciple wanted to meet them and waved his sleeves to remove the array, allowing them in.

“Juniors see the Grand Elder.” Chi Xiao Zhenren led in Zou Yiming, Taiping Zhenren led in Song Yufei, then they respectfully bowed in greeting.

“What’s the matter?” Zong Yi did not lift his head, he only scooped another spoonful of congee into his small disciple’s mouth.

“Naturally, we bring our disciples to Grand Elder to beg forgiveness.” Chi Xiao Zhenren signaled with his eyes and Zou Yiming and Song Yufei immediately kneeled down in the palace’s hall in self-reflection. Zou Yiming’s expression was indignant, Song Yufei’s expression was depressed, like he was truly remorseful.

The fact that the three people had sat on the sidelines and watched Fang Wen Guang be murdered by devil path disciples had been spread all over the sect. Mo Yu had already entered Dark Peak to meditate, if her will wasn’t firm, she would be possessed by internal demons, and her future cultivation would be in a detrimental state. The two men had received two hundred bone penetrating whips, not a single spot on their bodies had intact skin, and their root bones were also slightly damaged, making them both drop two or three levels in their cultivation state, the punishment was quite serious.

However, the two’s masters didn’t dare indulge them, without waiting for their injuries to completely heal, they were brought to Silent Fire Peak to personally apologize. In the Promise Immortal Sect, even the most daring person wouldn’t provoke Grand Elder.

Zong Yi concentrated on feeding his small disciple, regarding the other people as empty air, from time to time he would raise his finger to wipe congee from his small disciple’s mouth, his pampering attitude clearly manifesting. Chi Xiao Zhenren and Taiping Zhenren couldn’t help but be horrified, they would’ve never imagined that the usually cold and unmovable Grand Elder would have such a tender side. He treated Fang Xinghai like he deeply loved him.

At such a thought, they were even more worried about the lives of their own small disciples.

Zou Yiming’s most admired person was Grand Elder, he knew he himself had no hope of becoming his disciple, but he didn’t expect the top class Grand Elder would take a fancy to the waste Fang Xinghai. His heart was filled with jealousy and hate, although he’d apologized, his cold and stiff tone was like a condemnation.

Song Yufei was also secretly complaining in his heart. If he’d known that Fang Xinghai had this kind of good fortune, he would’ve prevented Mo Yu’s reckless behavior that day. If it wasn’t for Fang Xinghai being rescued and brought back by Grand Elder, and also confronting him for his involvement with Fang Wen Guang’s murder, the news of him owning a Butian Herb wouldn’t be so spread out.

These past few days, a few people had been making things difficult for him, their purpose was obviously Butian Herb. He had only managed to avoid serious trouble because of Taiping Zhenren’s straightforward and selfless shielding.

Currently, he didn’t know how many pairs of eyes were always staring at him in the sect, so it was quite inconvenient for him to move about. If the secret in his body was found, a disaster was unavoidable, and even the entirety of Promise Immortal Sect wouldn’t be able to protect him.

Song Yufei strongly pushed down the hate and resentment in his heart and apologized more sincerely.

Zhou Yun Sheng swallowed a mouthful of congee and slowly opened, “I don’t need you to apologize. This was the so-called law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest. My brother got himself killed, he can only blame his inferior strength, bystanders have nothing to do with it. Don’t you agree?”

Is this sarcasm? Song Yufei hesitated.

Zou Yiming was never one to think before he spoke, he sneered, “Exactly, seems like you understand just fine.”

Zhou Yun Sheng lightly glanced at him and nodded, “Right, so in the future when I flay, rend and ground your bones into dust, and your souls fly out of your bodies in terror, you can’t complain, after all, it’s the fault of your inferior strength.”

Song Yufei’s face twisted for a moment, Zou Yiming didn’t hesitate to respond, “As long as you have that ability, I’ll agree.”

Taiping Zhenren choked, he opened unhappily, “We’re all in the same sect, why do we need to fight amongst … …”

“We’re in the same sect? That’s an odd thing to point out now. When my brother was ambushed by devil path disciples, they weren’t concerned about any same sect camaraderie, from beginning to end, they sat on the sidelines. I want no part in this kind of same sect ‘camaraderie’.” Zhou Yun Sheng gritted his teeth and mocked.

Taiping Zhenren choked again, then let out a sigh after a long moment. This matter was his small disciple’s mistake, and there was no way to redeem him. He’d forged an enmity with Grand Elder’s beloved last disciple, a future battle was inevitable. Fine, they could only wait to see who grew stronger.

The four apologized again, but they had never gotten the Grand Elder’s attention even when it was time to depart, so they didn’t expect the Grand Elder to suddenly stop Song Yufei when they entered the outside hall.

“You, come here.” Zong Yi put down the bowl and looked up.

Song Yufei gingerly stepped forward.

Zong Yi looked at him for a long time, then his eyes finally settled on the jade pendent resting on his chest.

Song Yufei resisted the urge to hide his jade pendant. At this moment, he felt like his soul was transparent under Grand Elder’s penetrating gaze. Since he’d gotten the jade pendant, no one could give him such a heavy sense of oppression.

Cold sweat emerged on his forehead, when Song Yufei was almost unable to support his own. weight, Zong Yi faintly opened, “Since you’ve already taken the Butian pill, why are you faking having fire spiritual roots. You’re daring enough to act, but not courageous enough to take responsibility for it. Don’t hide your head and show your tail.”

He really took the Butian pill, who helped him refine it? None of the alchemist within the Inner Sect had received his request, how odd. Waiting outside in the main hall, Chi Xiao Zhenren’s eyes flashed.

Taiping Zhenren also carefully sized up his small disciple, his heart suddenly aware that his small disciple was not as simple as he seemed, he had a lot of secrets. His character was upright, so he never thought he was one to take part in deep scheming, he couldn’t help but feel more alert about this small disciple.

He didn’t find a problem with the jade pendant! Song Yufei felt relief and vexation at the same time. Before, he’d told everyone that he’d sold the Butian Herb to several treasure pavilions, and he’d also set up an array with a fire essence stone to give himself pseudo-fire spiritual roots to deceive everyone. But the Grand Elder had exposed his lies, this would attract more people looking for trouble. If only he’d known that dealing with Fang Xinghai would cause so much annoyance.

He was hateful inside, but he respectfully and tearfully apologized on the outside, however, the Grand Elder just flung out his sleeve and tossed him out of Shattered Heaven Palace.

When the unwelcomed guests went away, Zhou Yun Sheng softly asked, “Master, is there a problem with Song Yufei?”

“The jade pendant he wears is strange, it’s a spirit vessel with someone hiding inside. From their breath, they should be at least Mysterious Immortal level.”

Mysterious Immortal, more powerful than a Da Lou Jin Immortal, they should be living in the Immortal World, how could they be wandering around Grand Heaven World, and also living in a spirit vessel? Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyebrows twisted in contemplation, he guessed that Song Yufei was the fate of the world’s son. A Mysterious Immortal level golden finger, except for fate’s son, who could have such a blessing?

It seems that he was fated to become cannon fodder. Zhou Yun Sheng sighed and shook his head, but his heart was surging with excitement. He loved resisting fate.

Zong Yi saw his locked eyebrows and thought he was worried, he quickly wrapped him in his arms and comforted, “Small disciple, don’t be afraid. That thing is merely an insignificant Mysterious Immortal, even if it was an Immortal Senior, master still has the power to fight it. Master won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t think of anything else, his heart was full of gratitude and affection for his lover. He gently rubbed his cheek into his lover’s chest, then raised his head, his moist peach eyes filled with warm affection.

Zong Yi stiffened, he hesitated for a moment, but couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss him. They slowly kissed, using the tip of their tongues to tease each other, the wet smacking sounds echoing in the hall.

Song Yufei returned to First Thunder Peak, locked himself in his room and laid out a ban, then shouted in his heart, “Senior, are you still there?”

“I’m here.” A very cold female voice suddenly echoed.

The pendant could accommodate a vast expanse of heaven and earth, all kinds of immortal cultivated spiritual herbs covered the land, producing a thin misty qi, and a small loft made out of white jade was hidden in the thicket, faintly discernible. Song Yufei’s spiritual awareness entered the loft, he respectfully cupped his hands to the stunning woman sitting on the couch.

“Senior, just then, you weren’t found out right?”

“That person is an insignificant Dasheng Qi child, how could he see through my ban? Haven’t I already told you? Unless their cultivation base is higher than mine, no one can find me in this pedant.” The stunning woman slightly frowned, she seemed to have a short temper.

This Grand Heaven World’s strongest was only a 7th Tribulation Loose Immortal, how could they compare to a Mysterious Immortal? Song Yufei was assured, he was about to withdraw from the jade pendant when he heard the woman ask, “That person, what method does he practice?”

“Grand Elder cultivates the Shattered Heaven Sword Path.”

“What, the Shattered Heaven Sword Path? That’s impossible!” The woman revealed a horrified expression. The purpose of the Shattered Heaven Sword Path was to destroy heaven with a sword swing and replace heavenly laws, so naturally, heavenly law doesn’t tolerate it. Those who cultivate this method, even if they were only at Zhuji Qi, they would face 9×9 Heavenly Tribulations, it could be described as a death sentence.

She’d lived for tens of thousands of years but had never heard of someone who could cultivate Shattered Heaven Sword Path to Dasheng Qi. It was no wonder that in the Shattered Heaven Palace, even she had felt a strong sense of oppression. Legend said that those who cultivated the Shattered Heaven Sword Path would have a soaring cultivation base, they could directly surpass Human Immortal, Heavenly Immortal, Golden Immortal and other Immortals, becoming the highest existence in the Immortal World – Immortal Senior.

Such calculation, that person wasn’t a child, his military capability wasn’t inferior to the Immortal Lord, the Immortal Emperor’s first class hand.

The woman’s heart trembled, feeling some unescapable fear. She never thought that such a character would exist in this large thousand world. She had underestimated him, and overestimated herself too much.

She feared that that person must’ve sensed her in the palace.

“Yufei, stay far away from this Grand Elder in the future, the method he cultivates is unusual.” The woman warned warily.

Song Yufei saw her tensed expression and his heart also tensed up, he sighed, “I’m afraid I can’t do that even if I want to stay away from him. I and his disciple, Fang Xinghai, have forged a hatred, there will be an inevitable fight in the future. You saw it today, that man deeply spoils and adores Fang Xinghai, if I killed Fang Xinghai, I will face his retaliation.”

The woman’s brows scrunched up as she brooded for a moment, then she waved, “Don’t worry, his cultivation is at the peak of Dasheng Qi, heavenly law has long ago stopped tolerating him, in a hundred years or so, heavenly law will inevitably make him fall. His small disciple’s dantian, and spiritual roots have been destroyed, he’s not worth worrying about.”

Learning that Grand Elder would eventually fall, Song Yufei was relieved, but he still whispered, “Maybe he has a way to change Fang Xinghai’s fate.”

The woman laughed, her voice was full of contempt, “Change someone’s fate, how could that be so easy? Even us celestial beings cannot go against the natural order. Fang Xinghai’s root bone was destroyed to that point, unless they refine the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, he can never be healed.”

“The Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, from the word ‘steal’, you can see just how extraordinary this medicinal pill is. It can reshape the flesh and rebuild spiritual roots, and the results is first class flesh and single spiritual roots. To say that this medicine’s effect is in defiance of the natural order is not an exaggeration.”

“However, refining this kind of medicinal pill requires a condensation of the five elements, and the top three in every kind of first class spiritual drug, adding up to fifteen. Then you still need to draw out ten thousand years’ worth of spiritual essence, produce Ninth Heaven Mysterious Fire for fuel, and a chaos level alchemist pill furnace. In this Grand Heaven World, the best alchemist is only heavenly level, and this spiritual drug’s recipe has long been extinct, how can you say that Fang Xinghai can change his fate?”

Song Yufei pondered for a moment, then slowly smiled, “Thank you senior for you guidance, junior was impatient.” Now that he learned this, what Fang Xinghai said in Silent Fire Peak was so ferocious, but as it turns out, it was all a laughable threat.

“Hmph! From now on when you meet an obstacle, you must remain clear headed, so that disciple doesn’t increase your internal demons.” The woman waved her hand and dismissed him.

Song Yufei hurriedly exited the jade pendant, thinking of Mo Yu meditating in Dark Peak as punishment, he felt a burst of depression. Dark Peak was surrounded by a large heart reading array, the array absorbed the countless sins and demons in the disciple’s heart, so the hearts of the people who came down from the peak were forever disturbed by internal demons. He could only hope Mo Yu didn’t follow in their footsteps.


Zong Yi woke up from a beautiful dream. He saw his lovely disciple asleep in the crook of his arm and couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by emotions. In the dream, he and his small disciple were wrapped around each other, although the boy often changed his appearance, his pair of glittering peach eyes never changed.

He’d dreamt that he laid on top of his body, dropped his head and sobbed, begging earnestly: “Slow down already”, then he suddenly straddled his waist, fiercely denouncing: “Move faster, don’t you want to eat me?” He was sometimes kind and cute, and sometimes arrogant, but every side of him just made him more obsessed. He’d used all his strength to connect with his body and had awakened on the peak of supreme pleasure.

His blood was still boiling, his lower abdomen still upright. Zong Yi stripped off his small disciple’s night clothes and pulled his naked body closer to fit snugly to his chest, then gave a satisfied sigh.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt a huge stick shaped thing crammed in between his legs and immediately woke up, he ambiguously asked, “When can I walk?” The helplessness of paralysis was really unpleasant.

“Today, I’ll refine the pill for you.” Zong Yi unobtrusively covered his small disciple’s upturned butt with a big palm, the smooth and delicate sensation almost made him unable to resist kneading it.

“A medicinal pill that can rebuild the body and spiritual roots is certainly extraordinary, are you sure you can refine it? You have sword cultivation base right?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised a suspicious eyebrow.

“I’m also proficient in the alchemy path.” Zong Yi massaged his small disciple’s pale lips with a finger, kneading until it was rosy before holding him up to dress.

“I’m afraid it’s going to take three months over the furnace to refine this medicinal pill. Ring this small bell if you’re hungry, a servant puppet will deliver you food. I’m dressing you in a special robe, it can automatically dispel dirt, so you don’t need to bathe these three months. There are many servant puppets for you to call to wait on you. They’ll treat you as me, so if you want to do anything, don’t hesitate to command them as I do.”

Zong Yi carefully instructed, then finally lifted his small disciple onto a floating rug and added, “Wherever you want to go, just name it, this will take you there, but it’s limited to within the Shattered Heaven Palace. Your body is still broken, and you have no power to protect yourself, so don’t run around, be careful not to injure yourself. Master already laid out a defense array around outside and inside the palace, unless they have a cultivation base two realms above master’s, no one would dare try to break it.”

Here he paused, then gently rubbed the top of his small disciple’s hair and softly said, “Don’t be afraid, master will come out soon.”

Zhou Yun Sheng repeatedly nodded, and watched the man turn and walk toward the alchemy room, his eyes suddenly reddening. He realized that he felt more and more inseparable from this person, rather than return to reality alone, he preferred living with this man forever in illusions.

Zong Yi’s heart felt a sting, he looked back and froze in his steps.

“Why are you so fond of crying?” He squatted next to his small disciple and pulled his thin body into his arms, holding him up like he was cradling a baby, his voice held a slight smile, “You also loved to cry in my dreams. Your head, wrists, and ankles were all circled with rose flower rings, like a little girl.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes widened, he retorted, “Wasn’t it you who forced me to wear them? You also pushed me down into the flower bushes and … …” Here he hurriedly stopped, but his heart was happy: This man really is gradually recovering his memory, the fragments he remembers seem to be multiplying.

Zong Yi said with certainty, “We really have entangled in many lifetimes, you are mine.” He affectionately kissed his small disciple’s bright eyes, carried him into the alchemy room and walked a few laps around it, continuously re-assuring him, then put him back on the rug.


Song Yufei obviously felt that his master and his senior brothers were treating him coldly, and the other Inner Sect disciples were the same. To be able to sit on the sidelines and watch devil path disciples kill his sect brother, then jump out to loot his sect brother’s belongings, his heart was obviously cold and his scheming despicable. If they associated with such a person, maybe someday they would be killed, and their cause of death would be dubious.

Therefore, whenever there was a meaningful glance, or disciples who stickily followed the righteous school of thought, they all kept a respectful distance form Song Yufei. As for Zou Yiming and Mo Yu, those two had supercilious characters, so they had always disdained keeping company with common disciples.

Song Yufei’s life in the Inner Sect was now very difficult, but fortunately, Zou Yiming was still fond of him and frequently helped him out, so his daily life wasn’t too miserable. Mo Yu came down from Dark Peak and returned to the sect, but her heart was obviously producing internal demons. If she doesn’t promptly eradicate them, her cultivation base would be affected.

Chi Xiao Zhenren learned that his beloved daughter had committed successive sins to help Song Yufei, so his impression of the boy had fallen to the bottom, if he didn’t also want to pry open his secrets, he would’ve long expelled him from the sect.

This day, just after noon, Silent Fire Peak suddenly glowed like a multi-colored sunset, a golden beam of light shot up into the sky, spiraling up to ninth heaven above then dropping down, an extraordinary, heart stopping medicinal fragrance floated in the air, drawing in all the spiritual energy far and near.

The heavens have dropped down a strange vision, there must be an amazing treasure!

All the cultivators who witnessed this scene immediately rushed to the light column and found that it was within Promise Immortal Sect’s boundary, those with low rank cultivation bases could only gaze longingly, those with high cultivation bases quietly sneaked in, looking for an opportunity to steal.

A few minutes later, the multi-colored sunset glow dispersed, and the light beam disappeared. Then the top of Silent Fire Peak was enveloped by a group of black tribulation clouds.

A pill furnace glowed like a multi-colored sunset, a gold pillar shot up, and tribulation clouds surrounded, this was clearly the prelude to the creation of a natural order defying medicinal pill. But didn’t Grand Elder have sword cultivation base? When did he practice the alchemy path, and also grow strong enough to refine a medicinal pill that can incur tribulation clouds? Chi Xiao Zhenren’s horror was endless, he immediately rushed over to Silent Fire Peak.

“Alchemy tribulations? A multi-colored sunset glowing pill furnace? Don’t tell me, he really refined a Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill?” The woman living in the jade pendant whispered in disbelieving awe.

“Senior, should we go take a look?” Song Yufei felt a very bad premonition. He never thought that Grand Elder would actually successfully refine a natural order defying medicinal pill. It seemed that he didn’t only have a sword cultivation base, he also had a chaos-level alchemy cultivation base, and he owned countless treasures. Thanks to this omnipotent master, Fang Xinghai’s future was limitless.

He gritted his teeth and groaned. He resented Mo Yu for not simply stabbing Fang Xinghai to death. She only brought him enormous trouble!



Heavenly spiritual roots- another name for single spiritual roots

I flay, rend and ground your bones into dust- Full version, ‘flay off their skin, rend flesh off their bones and ground their bones into dust.’ Probably not literal….probably.


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5 months ago

He gritted his teeth and groaned. He resented Mo Yu for not simply stabbing Fang Xinghai to death.”

haha! well…he did die actually. don’t worry tho he got better <3

2 months ago
Reply to  Dragon

To be fair he is right. If the MC had simply been killed and made a waste he would have jumped ship to another world with no damage, not been forced into staying like he was with the soul eating array.

5 months ago

I really love to hate the villains who can only blame their own sins on others, as if the evil in their hearts isn’t greater than anyone else’s. But villains are really the spice of novels so I can tolerate them for a long time lmao

6 months ago

Mc lived for a very, very long time with an enormous amount of reincarnations, and he always had to deal with all the pain by himself. Now he has someone to rely on, someone who protects him and gives him a shelter. His tears and fear of being apart made me melt. Mc is such a stubborn person. The fact that he shows his weekest state to ml and completely trusts him makes me feel very happy.

1 year ago

I’ve always wondered what ‘Peach blossom eyes’ meant. At first i thought maybe his eye color was ? colour, but the same phrase was used when he had blue eyes….so i got confused, i kept ignoring this term until now. Finally searched on Google and this is the result. And i gotta admit….those eyes are pretty AF

2 years ago

The woman: There’s no way he can make the fortune pill!! Its has many conditions and etc….!!!
The ML: *Successfully made the pill*
The woman: *Surprised pikachu face*

2 years ago

as usual, this world’s protagonist song yufei is as hateful as other world’s protagonist

2 years ago

Now i can confirm, no matter what appearances MC’s taken, his og peach blossom eyes will always be the same. At first i thought its the author’s way of letting us feel at ease and familiarity by not changing his eyes despite many appearances, so that readers will always knows its ZYS even in different bodies and different names….But its not just that, it can also have deeper meaning in the story. Like ML knows him from his soul, but also his peach eyes…ah yes the eyes are the windows of the soul.

2 years ago
Reply to  LingMomo

Also fuck those three whats their name. I don’t care if they are supposed to be the protags of this world, our anti-hero/villain MC have been stepping on them since story one. This novel ain’t for those Fate’s sons and daughters. hahaha. Its the time for the cannon fodders to shine. Yes, Fang Xinghai was a school bully from what we’ve known so far, and he died for it (which is a bit extreme for a bully) ..but now MC crosses over, but he will still carry out the revenge for the original owner, why cause MC is not a saint, he treats the og owners like his family, no matter how rotten they are, he will take their injustices to heart and avenge them…esp so since this time he crosses over right before FXH was brutally killed…i think he’s taking this personally cause of the torture MC was put through in this new body. Provoked him first, then he attacked you with no holding back and no remorse. Yes, i want these ppl to be slapped even more harder than the past’s slapped victims…oh wait the way story four protag gong was slapped is still the most satisfying to me XD