FOD Chap 12.4


Chapter 12.4

When Chi Xiao Zhenren rushed to Silent Fire Peak, the other peak masters had also gathered and were looking up at the dark clouds on top of Shattered Heaven Palace in awe, especially the First Alchemy Peak’s master, whose eyes were full of reverence and longing.

“Grand Elder is a chaos level alchemist, how maddening that he hid this from us. Judging from its aura, this pill should be the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, his new small disciple is really fortunate indeed!”

“Is it really the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill?” Chi Xiao Zhenren looked back at the man, aghast. That was the legendary chaotic level medicinal pill, the pill’s recipe had been lost to time for several thousands of years.

“Yes.” First Alchemy Peak’s master was drunk on the rich medicinal fragrance.

Someone close by exclaimed, “Both sword cultivation base and alchemy cultivation base, and both cultivation base are at the peak. Then he comes up with so many amazing treasures to change his disciple’s fate, Grand Elder is really unpredictable! No doubt, he’ll become the first to triumph over the Shattered Heaven Sword Path technique.”

Song Yufei and Zou Yiming arrived in time to hear this last sentence, the former felt gloomy, the latter was drowning in admiration, only the stunning woman in the jade pendant sneered, “Heaven only gives out what it prepares to collect back. The stronger this Ding Guan Zhenren grows, the faster his fall.” Unfortunately, he has great talent, but he insisted on cultivating the Shattered Heaven Sword Path.”

Song Yufei immediately felt relieved, he walked over to stand by First Thunder Peak master’s side. Taiping Zhenren only faintly glanced at him, then continued to look up at the tribulation cloud, he didn’t want to talk to him too much. This small disciple’s scheming was too unfathomable, and he had many secrets, in the future, he feared the boy would bring a lot of disturbances. Look, a grand disturbance has already surrounded Shattered Heaven Palace.

A Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill could not only improve a cultivator’s qualifications, it could also help the cultivators bearing lightning tribulations heal and add spiritual power, even the Dasheng Qi cultivators and possibly the Loose Immortals only needed one medicinal pill to be able to smoothly ascend. So, the cultivators who wanted to win this medicinal pill were simply numerous. Those with low cultivation base were stopped at the gate by the large defense array, those with high cultivation base had already started lurking in the dark.

The rest of the eleven elders arrived at Silent Fire Peak. They’d already sensed the dangerous atmosphere, but they only held still, making no moves to stop it. They were all tens of thousands of years old monsters, holding extraordinary seniority in the sect, but they hadn’t expected a mere 400 year old spring chicken boy to reach the top, and that boy was also arrogant and defiant, his temperament detestable.

So, the elders wanted to teach him a lesson, when he was heavily outnumbered and called out for help, they would make him offer the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill to the benefit of the entire sect. Four of the eleven elders had been on the edge of a breakthrough to Dasheng Qi for many years, but they have not been able to successfully advance. Taking this medicinal pill would guarantee success.

Everyone had their own motives, there was silence, then the first lightning tribulation roared and struck the Shattered Heaven Palace. There was a burst of purple light that quickly dissipated, followed by the second, the third … … constant strikes until fifty-four, then the momentum gradually disappeared, revealing the blue sky.

A huge amount of spiritual energy quickly rushed into Shattered Heaven Palace, carrying on it a rich medicinal smell, which was the sign of a successful pill.

“Little one, you will come out and hand over the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, and this senior will spare your life!” An aged, raspy voice resounded in the air, then a blood red figure suddenly appeared, his hand waving a giant sword to strike at the palace’s defense array.

Chi Xiao Zhenren stared intently at the man, it was actually Xue Mo ancestor, a master with one of the highest cultivation base on the devil path. He had already broken into Dasheng Qi more than a thousand years ago, but because of his numerous evil acts, he didn’t dare try to pass through the Heavenly Tribulations, so he was waiting for such a treasure to appear.

He was determined to capture the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill.

“Xue Mo, two fists can’t overcome four. We’re also interested in the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill, we advise you to quickly retreat.” Two shadows flashed, it was actually Yang Ming Loose Immortal and Xuan Hui Loose Immortal, both had withdrawn from worldly affairs a long time ago. One was a 6th Tribulation Loose Immortal, the other was a 7th Tribulation Loose Immortal, regarded among the strongest masters in Grand Heaven World.

Xue Mo ancestor hesitated, then they heard a gloomy and impatient voice come out of Shattered Heaven Palace, “Who dares act imprudent in front of my Silent Fire Peak, get lost!”

Ho, this boy is reckless! The three powerful masters exposed angry expressions, but before they could raise their hands, countless black light swords suddenly shot out from within Shattered Heaven Palace, containing the imposing momentum to destroy heaven and earth.

The three people quickly positioned themselves to battle. It was easy to deflect the blades at first, but they couldn’t step closer to Shattered Heaven Palace, and two incense sticks later, the light swords not only didn’t exhaust, their aggressiveness seemed to intensify, each light sword aiming to mortally wound, the overwhelming attack simply blocked all chances of dodging and escape.

The three gradually lost ground, falling into a disadvantageous position, the light swords opening numerous wounds in their almost invincible bodies, blood flowing from the wounds as if it was being pulled out, the pain unbearable. Unexpectedly, they were unable to use their spiritual power and medicinal pills to heal the wounds. This was the formidable power of the Shattered Heaven Sword Path, the light swords could even break down the laws of heaven, how could they be deflected by insignificant fleshly bodies?

Xue Mo ancestor even tried to strike back once, but after barely avoiding a fatal blow, he didn’t hesitate to escape. The two Loose Immortals glanced at each other, then turned and fled toward the ends of the earth. Someone could embarrass them so without even showing their face, anyone could see that their strength was far above theirs.

The Shattered Heaven Sword Path is truly extraordinary!

Moreover, the three had received heavy sword injuries, no matter what medicinal pill they ate, they couldn’t be healed. They could only use up their spiritual power to support themselves daily, then eventually suffer a series of falls in power, shocking and horrifying all parties. The people of Promise Immortal Sect were already shocked speechless.

“Xuan Hui Loose Immortal is a 7th Tribulation Loose Immortal, the strongest cultivator in Grand Heaven World, but he actually wasn’t Grand Elder’s opponent. Shattered Heaven Sword Path, Shattered Heaven Sword Path … …” First Sword Peak’s master repeatedly murmured ‘Shattered Heaven Sword Path’, his face full of fearful reverence.

“Yufei, stay as far away from Silent Fire Peak as possible in the future.” The stunning woman opened cautiously after a long moment of silence. During the attack, she’d felt a heaven and earth destroying power in that person’s sword spell, making her wisp of spirit shudder. She’d calculated, that man had to pass through seven sets of 9×9 Heavenly Tribulations, yet he’s still safe and sound, was heavenly law really able to wipe him out?

What kind of talent does such a tough cultivator possess? Not to mention in the Three Thousand Large Worlds, she feared he would stand at the top even in the Immortal World.

The woman’s eyebrows scrunched in brooding, after a long time, she let out a deep sigh. Song Yufei felt more and more gloomy, he promised to stay away in his heart, his face stiff.

Chi Xiao Zhenren went back to Chi Xiao Palace and immediately called over his beloved daughter.

“Grand Elder has refined the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill for Fang Xinghai, after taking it, even a four spiritual roots waste wood can turn into a genius cultivator. You still remember the life and death contract you signed?”

Mo Yu drooped her head and replied, “I naturally remember.”

“Then don’t slack off in the future. Although Fang Xinghai is only now beginning to cultivate, the Grand Elder is a chaotic level alchemist, he must have countless treasures to gift him. It’s not difficult for him to refine a few cultivation base promoting medicinal pills. We can’t predict who will be the victor in ten years.”

“I know father, I certainly won’t procrastinate my cultivation.” Mo Yu cupped her hands, her expression was very calm, but panic was hidden in her eyes.


Shattered Heaven Palace, Zong Yi was embracing his small disciple in the bubbling shattered jade spiritual pool, his big hand lifted water to rinse his small disciple, his fingertips slowly massaging his small disciple’s smooth round shoulder.

“Why did you want to cultivate the Shattered Heaven Sword Path? I heard that the cultivators on this sword path have a death wish, they will be destroyed by heavenly law.” Zhou Yun Sheng exposed his worries.

“I was born to destroy heavenly law.” Zong Yi dully replied.

“What does that mean?” These words were too arrogant!

“No meaning, just a feeling, a kind of… …” Zong Yi considered his words for a long time, then slowly said, “A duty.”

A duty? Zhou Yun Sheng pondered, he had a faint guess about his lover’s identity.

Zong Yi washed his small disciple and carried him to the jade bed, then said in a struggling tone, “Before taking the medicinal pill, master needs to take out your damaged root bone. It’ll be very painful, please endure it.”

“Do it, I don’t care.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved away his concerns.

Zong Yi hesitated for a moment, then finally pulled out the blackened fragments of root bone form his small disciple’s body. If he doesn’t clear these impurities, then his small disciple would be in even more severe pain after taking the medicinal pill.

“Fortunately, the injury wasn’t in my skull.” Zhou Yun Sheng joked through the pain.

Zong Yi leaned over to kiss his pale lips, his tongue slipping into his mouth, pushing in the medicinal pill. Without being wrapped in spiritual power, the medicinal pill immediately melted into a liquid and flowed down his throat, pushing out a stream of hot air.

“Don’t be afraid, master is here, master won’t let anything happen to you.” Zong Yi wrapped his small disciple, groaning in pain, in his arms, and gently wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Zhou Yun Sheng was in too much pain to talk, even his consciousness was blurring. This pain wasn’t only in the flesh, but also in his soul, as if he was immersed in a pool of sulfuric acid, as if he’d fallen into boiling magma, like he was burning in the fires of hell.

“Don’t be afraid small disciple, the pain will soon pass.” Zong Yi felt like a knife was twisting into heart, he repeatedly kissed his small disciple’s tear stained eyelashes. It felt like the intense pain was being conducted through his small disciple’s ice cold skin, almost making him lose control.

After a whole night of suffering, Zhou Yun Sheng woke up in Zong Yi’s warm arms the next day. He lifted his arms, kicked out his legs, then rolled over with a grunt and sat up.

“I’m healed, I can walk!” He shook Zong Yi vigorously.

Those with Dasheng Qi cultivation base didn’t need to sleep, Zong Yi had withdrawn from his meditation the moment his small disciple had woken up, he patted his head gently, “Master will help you test your spiritual roots first, so you can start drawing in spiritual energy. Then I’ll help you choose a suitable cultivation method.” He’d collected a lot of first rate cultivation methods, so there was plenty to choose from no matter what kind of spiritual roots his small disciple had.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and nodded, ate breakfast, then walked into the testing chamber.

Zong Yi handed him a piece of transparent crystal and said, “You don’t need to do anything, just hold it in your palm.”

Zhou Yun Sheng gripped the crystal and waited, after a few breaths, the crystal shone with a circle of gray divine light, a cloud of gas gathered in the center, slowly spreading throughout the stone’s surface.

“What is this spiritual roots?” If Fang Xinghai’s memory was not wrong, gray divine light didn’t belong to any kind of spiritual roots.

“This is… …” Even the omniscient Zong Yi hesitated for a moment, then he slowly said, “This is a hybrid spiritual roots, fog spiritual roots.”

“Fog spiritual roots?” Zhou Yun Sheng asked with a glimmer of hope, “This kind of spiritual roots is very rare?” Please tell me I also have a golden finger!

“It’s very rare indeed, there hasn’t been one in ten thousand years.” Zong Yi nodded, saw his small disciple’s bright expression, and couldn’t help but pityingly reach out to rub his head as he added, “So there’s no complete cultivation method for you to cultivate. And if my memory serves right, the last fog spiritual roots cultivator only cultivated to Jindan Qi, then he fell, and the cultivation method he created also wasn’t very strong.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s high eyebrows collapsed, he monotonously opened, “Meaning, fog spiritual roots is a junk spiritual roots?”

Zong Yi’s big palm covered the back of his head, pressing his unhappy face into his bosom, he comforted, “Don’t be afraid small disciple, your master is here. If there’s no method, we can create our own, although master is a sword cultivator, I also know the way to create cultivation methods.”

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly cheered up, he smiled, “Good, we’ll create our own method. I might not have any other strengths, but my mind is still clever, I learn quickly.”

Seeing his small disciple so cheerful and confident, Zong Yi felt relived, he couldn’t help but print a kiss on top of the boy’s dark hair.

After measuring his spiritual roots, Zhou Yun Sheng began drawing qi into his body. In the end, the Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill had transformed his body, giving him excellent qualifications, in just a quarter of an hour he captured a lot of spiritual energy, traveling along his meridians into his dantian, but before the spiritual energy could completely settle, it started scrambling to escape from his dantian.

Zhou Yun Sheng tried several times with the same results, it was as if the spiritual energy was rejecting him.

What’s going on? Does this mean that heavenly law doesn’t approve of his existence? Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, this wasn’t heavenly law, but the Lord God itself, it certainly wouldn’t acknowledge an escaped prisoner. The junk-like fog spiritual roots were probably also its masterpiece.

After four more attempts, Zhou Yun Sheng gave up and walked out to find his master.

“How can you not draw qi into your body?” Zong Yi grabbed his small disciple’s fingers, sending out his spiritual awareness to probe his dantian, then his eyes widened in astonishment. The Steal Heaven’s Fortune Pill could raise a person’s potential to the limit, logically speaking, his small disciple should have no problems getting started.

“Heavenly law has rejected me, it refuses to let spiritual energy into my dantian.” When facing his lover, Zhou Yun Sheng felt he had nothing to hide.

Zong Yi’s mouth twitched, he gave a wry smile, “Even my small disciple is not tolerated by heavenly law. Very well.” He pondered for a moment, then took something out from within his space ring.

Zhou Yun Sheng moved closer to take a look and found a strange stone with a transparent outer layer, and dark spiral shaped inner layer. An extremely frightening gravitational force was concealed within the center of the stone, sucking in the surrounding spiritual energy. Even the light from the night pearl used to illuminate the palace was being sucked in, it swayed erratically, drawing streaks of light in the air.

“What is this?” Zhou Yun Sheng asked in astonishment.

“This is … …” Zong Yi paused suspiciously, then waved, “You don’t need to know, just know that this stone can absorb all things, even light. Put it in your inner core and the problem will be solved.”

If it can even absorb light, isn’t it like a black hole? Zhou Yun Sheng took the stone to get a closer look, it looked more and more like a miniature black hole up close, but the outside layer was a transparent shell. He glanced at Zong Yi and probed, “You really don’t know what this stone is?”

Zong Yi looked a little embarrassed, but didn’t speak.

“Where did you find it?” Zhou Yun Sheng continued to question.

“From … …” another suspicious pause, then Zong Yi admitted frankly, “Master doesn’t know where the stone came from. One day, it suddenly appeared in my ring and absorbed all the treasures I’d kept in there. Master felt it looked important enough to keep.”

Zhou Yun Sheng thought of the black hole they were sucked into in the last life, thought of his lover’s ever increasing strength, then sighed at his own bad luck. Fortunately, he’d met his lover, or he’d have no way to escape the Lord God’s Black Hand.

“Give me a drop of your life blood, after I refine it, I’ll put it in your abdomen.” Zong Yi took out a small jade bottle.

Zhou Yun Sheng dropped some life blood into the jade bottle.

After three more months, Zong Yi finally refined the stone, then used an incantation to put it into Zhou Yun Sheng’s abdomen. This time when he cultivated, the feeling was significantly different, Zhou Yun Sheng could absorb as much spiritual energy as he wanted, and there was no feeling of overload. If Zong Yi hadn’t placed a few spiritual vein concealing arrays in Shattered Heaven Palace, the strong spiritual energy whirlpool would draw the attention of all parties.

In only one short month, Zhou Yun Sheng crossed over Lianqi Qi and entered late stage Zhuji. A 16-year-old at Zhuji could be considered a young genius, but the premise was that they’d started cultivating from childhood. For a 16-year-old to begin at 16 and reach Zhuji, not to mention Grand Heaven World, even the other Large Thousand Worlds wouldn’t have such a person.

“Your mind was damaged for a long time. Train with this cultivation method, it can help mend it.” Zong Yi called over his small disciple and handed him a jade book.

Zhou Yun Sheng took it and inputted his spiritual power. This was a very rare soul refining method, refining the mind by absorbing the light of the sun and moon. Truly, whatever he lacked the man provided it, he really was too loving and considerate. He climbed on top of Zong Yi’s knee and silently hugged his waist for a long time.

Zong Yi quickly hugged him back, his fingers slipping into his hair to slowly caress it, he spoke softly, “You really love to be spoiled, just like in my dreams.”

The corner of Zhou Yun Sheng’s mouth twitched. He really couldn’t understand it, they clearly have so many sweet and warm memories together, why did the man always firmly remember his most embarrassing sides. Couldn’t he remember his cool and handsome sides?

Forget it, as long as he likes it. Zhou Yun Sheng twisted around and pulled his lover’s hands around his waist, then coldly hmphed.

Sure enough, he loves to be spoiled. Zong Yi chuckled in his heart, then embraced him firmly as he flew them to the Inner Sect’s Book Pavilion, he explained, “Although you want to create your own law, you cannot build a cart behind closed doors. You must first try to find a few cultivation methods related to fog spiritual roots to use as a reference. Then master will take you to the Great Fog Border to cultivate. The extent to which you can cultivate depends solely on your ability to learn.”

At this sentence he slightly paused, then said confidently, “Small disciple’s ability to learn is very good, so don’t worry, we can take our time.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded his agreement, once again sighing for his lover’s consideration. The man was afraid that if he was too anxious to get results he would invite in internal demons right? As long as his lover was by his side, even if he never went back home, he didn’t care.

The two people landed in front of the Book Pavilion. The staff responsible for cultivation method management quickly greeted them.

“No need to stand on ceremony, we’ll be fine from here.” Zong Yi dropped his small disciple on the ground and flicked his sleeve.

The book master felt relieved, he bowed and handed them two Passage Talismans.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t want to miss out on any exercises related to fog spiritual roots, he began rummaging from the top cultivation methods, then searched down layer by layer, Zong Yi by his side.

“Cultivation methods similar to fog spiritual roots are so rare!” Reaching the bottom row, Zhou Yun Sheng held up two jade books, shook his head and sighed.

“Look again, no hurry.” Zong Yi comfortingly patted his head, his eyes full of love and affection. His small disciple had reached Zhuji at 16, so his stature would stay at 16. His height wasn’t high, and he looked very thin and weak, like a stiff wind could knock him down, Zong Yi couldn’t help but want to embrace and protect him in his arms.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, glanced down the wooden shelves, then his gentle face was suddenly covered with ice.

He’d noticed Song Yufei, who was gripping a jade book and staring at him with wide open horror. There’s no need to guess at why he’d forgotten propriety, anyone who detects Fang Xinghai’s late stage Zhuji cultivation base would also be shocked silly. Already Zhuji in just four months? Song Yufei, who always felt he had amazing talent worth boasting about, had broken into Zhuji Qi after a full five years.

A good master really makes all the difference. Thinking of Taiping Zhenren, who was now treating him with obvious cold indifference, Song Yufei felt inescapable resentment.

“Let me look at the jade book in your hands.” Zong Yi suddenly opened.

Song Yufei reflexively gripped the jade book tighter, the stunning woman in the jade pendant immediately shouted, “Absolutely do not give it to him!” This was the legendary cultivation method of the Immortal World, “Nine chaotic circles body refining technique”. Those who cultivate this method could turn their flesh into a powerful weapon, invincible, not to mention taking down ancient spirit soldiers with bare fists, even a sharp look could kill.

This cultivation method was lost to the Immortal World for many years, but turns out it had somehow fallen down to Grand Heaven World, and also ended up classified as a low level cultivation method because of its very slow cultivation speed, which was almost laughable. If not for the woman’s wide range of spiritual awareness, she might have missed it.

“Don’t give it to him! This cultivation method has extraordinary origins, a treasure from the world of Immortals.” The woman urgently added.

After listening to this, Song Yufei’s heart shook violently, he racked his brain for a way to slip out of his predicament.

Zong Yi’s expression was chilling. This woman, an insignificant Mysterious Immortal, actually dared try to play him for a fool to his face. She didn’t know that her so-called unbreakable ban had been torn apart from the moment he’d looked at her. Zong Yi clearly heard everything she said.

Of course, even if she hadn’t said it, Zong Yi could already tell that the jade book was extraordinary. He threw out a thread of black light and wrapped it around the jade book, easily snatching it away, then used his spiritual awareness to browse the book.

Although the jade book’s title was “Promise body refining technique”, Zong Yi swept his eyes below the surface and saw its true title, “Nine chaotic circles body refining technique”, the world’s most powerful body refining cultivation method.

He was born in Grand Heaven World, his age wasn’t large, but he instinctually knew the inner workings of the upper Spirit World and Immortal World, and the lower Three Thousand Large Worlds, Three Thousand Medium Worlds, and Three Thousand Small Worlds as well. He himself didn’t know why he was like this, no men were born wise and knowledgeable, but there wasn’t much to investigate on.

He handed the method to his small disciple then softly said, “We finally had a success today, let’s go back.”

The woman could barely hold back her desire to attack him. Although this man was only at Dasheng Qi, his spiritual power contained a very terrible coercion, making her dignified Mysterious Immortal heart feel frightened.

She hoarsely urged, “You need to get that cultivation method back. With that method, you could easily take on 9×9 Heavenly Tribulations, that way my return to the Immortal World can be hastened by hundreds of years.”

Song Yufei hurriedly chased them outside, he shouted, “Grand Elder, this junior saw the exercise first, don’t they say first come, first served … …”

“The Butian Herb also belonged to my brother first, but weren’t you trailing behind him, watching unfeelingly as he was murdered by devil path disciples so you could sweep in to rob it? If the devil path disciples hadn’t appeared, you would’ve probably done it yourself. Don’t give me such a bullshit sermon, I fancy this cultivation method, it’s mine, if you have the ability, you can grab it back.” Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly turned around, his eyes scarlet red with rage.

He’d used a soul searching technique to find Fang Wen Guang’s soul, wanting to send him to reincarnation, but the magic tool used to kill him belonged to disciples from the Soul Eater Sect. The magic tool had long ago destroyed his life essence, making him completely disappear from this side of heaven and earth. Although Song Yufei and friends were unlikely to have recognized the cultivation method of the Soul Eater Sect, ultimately, they’d refused to lend a helping hand. From now on, he would take away all the things they cared about.

The surrounding disciples going about their business had gathered around to watch, they heard this and their eyes filled with contempt as they glared at Song Yufei.

Song Yufei immediately felt extremely embarrassed, he couldn’t move the blame forward, nor take the blame back. Zong Yi’s dark eyes glanced at him, then he picked up his small disciple and flew toward Silent Fire Peak.

The stunning woman sighed and said, “You and Fang Xinghai already have bad karma, you have to think of a way to resolve it. Otherwise, he will always hinder your practice.”

“In what ways can I resolve it? He has Grand Elder to protect him, if I lay a hand on him, I would be beaten down by Grand Elder. Even you feel pressure form Grand Elder, I’m afraid we’re not his opponents.” Song Yufei slowly turned to leave, mocking himself in his heart.

The woman rested her palm on her forehead, her expression depressed.

Song Yufei’s last sentence had been a test, seeing this scene, he finally confirmed, the woman really wasn’t Grand Elder’s opponent. His heart sank, but after a moment, he calmed down. In this world, there were thousands of ways to make someone disappear, he didn’t have to personally take them out, he just needed a good plan for the future, a way to let someone else do the dirty work.



Heaven only gives out what it prepares to collect back. The stronger this Ding Guan Zhenren grows, the faster his fall.- Thank Drollawake for their translation.

Jade book:


Build a cart behind closed doors- to be overly subjective and disregard the outside world.

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Kawaii Panda
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