FOD Chap 12.2


Chapter 12.2

As a Dasheng Qi master, traveling over 10000 li in the blink of an eye was nothing but a trivial matter. Zong Yi’s front foot left the abyss, and he entered the Shattered Heaven Palace on his hind foot. He laid the boy out on top of the ten thousand year jade bed, his fingertips pushing aside his blood soaked robe, examining his scarred body.

One set of Seven Star Bone Eating Nails could completely destroy the root bone of someone with Zhuji Qi cultivation, let alone five sets. The boy’s five viscera and six bowels had failed, his meridian’s had atrophied and faded away, his bone tissue had necrosed and shattered, his spiritual roots were completely destroyed, and even his dantian was mutilated with a huge bloody hole. The one who owned this personal handiwork was too wicked.

“Who did this?” Zong Yi’s face was expressionless, but his deep voice was full of killing intent. His black sword’s aura rushed out of its body and spread out, creating a few cracks in the 7th heavenly stem gold forged floor. Because he feared injuring the boy, he immediately recovered its momentum, and gently and lovingly stroked the boy’s pale cheek.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes reddened as he opened, “It was Mo Yu, but I don’t want you to avenge me, I want to do it myself.” He didn’t know who the fate of the world’s son was, so he couldn’t carelessly kill, but there were more painful things than death in the world, and one day, he would gift Mo Yu the pain he’d had to bear a thousand-fold.

“So be it, if that’s what small disciple wants.” Zong Yi nodded as his palm covered his wide open and festering wounds, he comforted, “Master will help you pull out the Seven Star Bone Eating Nails, there might be some pain, please bear with it. Please don’t cry this time.” Or your master will be very distressed.

Of course, Zong Yi absolutely wouldn’t say these straightforward words.

“Who was crying? That was only a physical response to the pain. Pull it out, this pain is nothing to me.” Zhou Yun Sheng clenched his teeth, remembering the shameful scene of him crying and breaking down in the man’s arms. Although he’d laid on his knees and cried countless times, that was Brainless Sheng, it had nothing to do with him.
“Yes, small disciple didn’t cry, master was mistaken. Small disciple is very brave and tough.” Seeing the young man’s flushed face and resisting shame expression, Zong Yi really wanted to laugh, but his face didn’t reveal it.

His palm glowed a black light, instantly sucking out a Seven Star Bone Eating Nail, then he looked up to observe his small disciple’s reaction.

“Does it hurt?” He still couldn’t help but worry.

“It won’t hurt if you kiss me.” Probably because his soul was too weak, Zhou Yun Sheng felt very lethargic. He wanted to rely on this man, because he knew he would accept all of him without reservation.

Zong Yi’s eyes flashed, but he didn’t take action. Don’t think that it’s illogical, he practices the Shattered Heaven Sword Path, he even dares to attack heaven, how could he care about so-called ethics and morality? The real reason is because the feeling of kissing his small disciple was too wonderful, it was unexpectedly able to captivate him, making him unable to stop, he was worried that if he started kissing him again, he wouldn’t be able to withdraw.

With a slight sigh, he restrained himself and lightly touched the boy’s pale lips, then began removing the second Bone Eating Nail. In this way, he kissed his small disciple’s pale cheeks, frowning brow, or trembling eyelashes every time he pulled one out. It took a full half an hour for completion, then he quickly fed him a vitality increasing medicinal pill.

“Why did she do this?” Zong Yi asked gravely while looking at the quickly closing opened and festering wounds.

“I don’t know, I’ve never interacted with her.” Zhou Yun Sheng reclined on the jade bed, unable to move, he could only shake his head, puzzled. Although his internal trauma had been cured, the Bone Eating Nails had completely corroded his root bone, unless he was given a rebirth and reconstruction of spiritual roots heavenly grade medicinal pill, he couldn’t even hope to stand up for a long time.

“You’ll know after master finds and asks her. Don’t be anxious, wait for master to gather medicinal herbs and spiritual treasures to refine a heaven and earth pill. You can start practicing again, and in a few years, you can naturally pay her back. Wherever she hurt you, pay her back a hundredfold, feel free to capture her soul and cast it in everlasting flames.” Zong Yi affectionately caressed his small disciple’s cheeks, but the words coming out of his mouth were incomparably ruthless.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, his eyes slowly reddening. This person has always been cruel to others, but exceptionally gentle when dealing with him, even after so many reincarnations, he has never changed.

“Don’t cry.” When you cry, your master’s heart also follows in pain. There were many words that Zong Yi was unable to say, he could only let out an insipid command, but he also used his fingertips to tease his small disciple’s wet eyelashes.

“I told you, it’s a physiological reaction.” Zhou Yun Sheng glared at him, then turned his head away.

“Ah, small disciple is right.” Zong Yi’s eyes smiled, he liked his small disciple’s small stubbornness and small pride. He took off his robe, wearing only the white under dress, then held up his small disciple and brought him into the shattered jade spiritual pool in the back of the palace. The water in the spiritual pool was 10000 year-old spiritual essence, it could refine the body and broaden the meridians, an extremely rare treasure.

“You’re now too physically weak, so you have to soak for a few hours every day. When the spiritual energy enters your body, you may feel a little pain, please endure it.” Zong Yi stepped into the water and sat down, putting his small disciple on his lap, lifting the spiritual pool water to rinse his thin body.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, even if there was pain in his bones, he no longer revealed a fragile demeanor, making Zong Yi, who was observing him, disappointed. If his small disciple’s pain was unbearable, he could comfort him by kissing him again.

It seemed that having a very strong and sensible small disciple wasn’t always a good thing.

He secretly sighed, but couldn’t help but hold the boy tighter.

After two hours, Zhou Yun Sheng felt that he could move his fingers slightly, so he pulled Zong Yi’s sleeve and said in a low voice, “Master, I’m hungry.” Since this man wanted to be his master, then he would comply with him, in any case, they were even father and son at one point, there was nothing to be shy about.

Zong Yi remembered, now his small disciple was just a mortal, he still needed to eat. He’d spent 10 days at the bottom of the valley, unable to move, he could only rely on eating grass to survive, he was probably extremely starved.

Zong Yi was immediately distressed, he hurriedly hugged him and stepped out, then gently laid him back on the jade bed.

“Master will go prepare food for you at once.” He turned and walked a few steps, then turned back, he touched the boy’s cheek and softly said, “Don’t be afraid, master will be back soon.” His deep gaze lingered on his small disciple’s slightly rosy lips for a moment, then he hurried away.

No other people lived in Silent Fire Peak with Zong Yi. He has fasted for many years and wasn’t familiar with common social customs, so he really didn’t know where to find food at the moment, but he didn’t dare delay, he quickly sent out a Transmission Talisman.

A few minutes later, the next door peak’s master rushed over and cupped his hands in a respectful greeting, “Dare to question Grand Elder, for what matter did you call junior over?’

“Send some food fit for a mortal’s consumption over.” Here he paused for a bit, then added, “The finer the better.”

The peak master was somewhat stupefied. Was there a mortal staying in Silent Fire Peak? What was their relationship with the Grand Elder? However, he didn’t dare ask more, he immediately ordered people to deliver a lot of fine and delicious food.

Zong Yi personally carried the tray into the room, his heart instantly becoming unbearably soft at the sight of his small disciple’s wet and bright peach eyes.

“Were you waiting anxiously?” He pulled his small disciple into his bosom, his two hands holding him still from below his armpits, then he raised a bowl and fed him a spoonful of food.

Fortunately, cultivators preferred lightly flavored food, so they sent mostly congee and other liquid things, nothing that could upset the stomach. Zhou Yun Sheng knew that he shouldn’t eat too much after starving for a long time, so he only drank half a small bowl.

“How are you already full?” Zong Yi frowned slightly.

“I’ve been starving for too long, I’ll get stomach pain if I eat more.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s appearance was listless, he was still hungry, but he could only endure.

Zong Yi’s eyes let out a hint of hostility, he flung out his sleeve and sent out another Transmission Talisman.

When Chi Xiao Zhenren received the Transmission Talisman, he couldn’t help but be surprised, but he didn’t dare delay, he quickly rushed to Silent Fire Peak with his beloved daughter.

“Father, why did Grand Elder mention me by name to come see him? Could it be that he wants to accept me as his disciple?” Mo Yu’s expression was very excited. Among the Promise Immortal Sect disciples, who did not desire to be under the powerful Grand Elder? If you could be the Grand Elder’s disciple, not to mention your future prospects, your seniority would instantly be higher than the Sect Leader’s own disciples.

“Your father doesn’t know, we’re on our way to see.” Chi Xiao Zhenren’s eyes contained hidden expectations. When the Grand Elder had cultivated to a divine Qi, he no longer summoned anyone. The sect had hinted several times that he should accept a disciple, but he ignored it, so the disciples waiting with bated breath were really disappointed.

He hoped this time would bring good news.

The two people entered the Shattered Heaven Palace, sat down and waited, suddenly their expressions turned surprised. They saw a black haired handsome man carrying a thin boy in his arms, he had carefully wrapped him in a pure white robe, his eyes looking down at the boy was gentle and tender.

The boy’s face was buried in his arms, they couldn’t see his appearance, but judging from his breath, he was no doubt a mortal.

What’s happening? Chi Xiao Zhenren hesitantly took two steps forward.

“This is my small disciple Xinghai, he’s also my last disciple.” Zong Yi slowly opened.

Chi Xiao Zhenren was about to cautiously question when he heard his daughter cry out in fear. The concealed boy suddenly turned his head, revealing a gorgeous and gentle face, he was none other than the Fang Xinghai who had been pestering him to find Fang Wen Guang, a four spiritual roots waste.

“How can you be here?” Mo Yu forgot herself and shouted.

“Where should I be? Broken at the bottom of an abyss?” Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, a malicious glare mixed with his gorgeous face, he looked like a colorful viper ready to strike and devour.

Mo Yu paled, her eyes evaded him, her heart frightened and dreadful. She also couldn’t understand why the boy was rescued by the Grand Elder and brought back, he also received him as a disciple. How could he deserve it?!

Chi Xiao Zhenren looked at the insidious boy, then looked at his daughter’s panic, his heart was suddenly apprehensive.

Sure enough, Grand Elder said, “I called you over today to one, declare my small disciple, and two, ask Mo Yu why she tried to kill my small disciple. Let’s get to the bottom of this, where is your hatred?”

“Also, where is my brother? If you don’t say it, don’t expect to take a step out of Shattered Heaven Palace today.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes were red with menace. Finding big brother was Fang Xinghai’s final wish, he would spare no effort to help him complete it.

Chi Xiao Zhenren had not yet had the time to scold ‘impudent’ when he saw Grand Elder wave his sleeves, casting a Confinement array in the interior of Shattered Heaven Palace. Unless they were at Dasheng Qi cultivation base, they were trapped here.

A usually callous person, yet he indulged his small disciple to the extreme, how much he cared about Fang Xinghai could be clearly seen. Chi Xiao Zhenren turned and looked at his daughter, he didn’t understand why she wanted to murder an unremarkable Outer Sect Disciple, could it be that Fang Wen Guang’s death was also related to his daughter?

Except for during the decennial tournament, Promise Immortal Sect prohibited brutality between sect members. If this was true, his daughter had seriously violated the sect rules, and Grand Elder had the right to punish her.

Mo Yu clenched her teeth and refused to speak.

Zhou Yun Sheng was currently lame, he could only use increasingly menacing eyes to glare at her.

Zong Yi gripped his small disciple’s ice-cold fingers in his palm and pacifyingly rubbed it, then he coldly said, “Since you refuse to speak, I’ll search your soul.” His voice didn’t fade before he attacked with a ray of black light.

“No! I beg the Grand Elder to be lenient!” Chi Xiao Zhenren promptly sent out his Yuanshen to block the attack, then immediately vomited an alarming amount of blood.

It was only a thread of spiritual force, but it was actually able to easily inflict serious damage on a Dujie Qi master. There was too much a gap between his and Grand Elder’s strength, far beyond his expectations. He feared that even a 9th Tribulation Loose Immortal would also face this outcome!

If this spiritual power had confined and searched his daughter’s soul, his daughter’s cultivation base would be crippled for her lifetime. Chi Xiao Zhenren felt endless lingering fear, he had no choice but to push his daughter to the forefront to speak the truth.

Mo Yu was frightened, her voice trembling, “Please don’t search my soul, junior will say it all. Fang Wen Guang died a long time ago, but he wasn’t killed by my hands, he was the victim of a few devil path disciples’ scheming. I avenged him, but I also secretly took away his Butian Herb. I was afraid Fang Xinghai would chase and demand it from me, so I got the idea to kill him.”

“I’m an Outer Sect Disciple, why did you kill me personally? You could just secretly frame someone else and still succeed.” Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, he didn’t believe a word she said.

“My temper exploded, you pestered me all day long, asking about your brother’s whereabouts, I was very annoyed. Then I thought of simply killing you myself, to bring back the peace as quickly as possible.”

From these words, it wasn’t difficult to hear Mo Yu’s contempt for human life. To her, killing Fang Xinghai was like trampling an ant, no big deal.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s core was surging with monstrous hatred, but he didn’t even have the strength to make a fist.

Zong Yi gently stroked his frowning eyebrows and indifferently opened, “Give me your memory, you can leave after signing this life and death contract.”

Mo Yu apparently hadn’t expected to leave intact, she was overjoyed, she immediately took out a spirit stone from her heaven and earth pouch and pressed it between her eyebrows, inputting her memory of seeing Fang Wen Guang’s murder at the Secret Border.

She didn’t kill Fang Wen Guang, on the contrary, she avenged him, but her killing of Fang Xinghai wasn’t for the reason she said, it was on behalf of someone else. But she wouldn’t implicate that person, that person now had shallow foundation, they absolutely couldn’t withstand Grand Elder’s interrogation, unlike herself, who had her father to protect her.

If it wasn’t a real memory, the spirit stone’s image would be very blurry, Zong Yi examined it, then accepted it when he saw that the image was very clear. Finally, he tossed over a silk paper.

Mo Yu took it and read it, her heart tense. Grand Elder had no intention of settling things for Fang Xinghai today. He set up a ten year appointment, at the sect’s decennial tournament, Fang Xinghai would participate and defeat her, and the pain she’d inflicted on Fang Xinghai would be returned to her ten thousand-fold.

Mo Yu almost couldn’t help laughing. Everyone in the sect knew about Fang Xinghai. His character was despicable, he had poor qualifications, and now that his root bone had been destroyed by the Bone Eating Nails, it was absolutely impossible for him to surpass her in ten years. If she could, she really wanted to kill him in the decennial tournament, to make that person happy, but looking at the Grand Elder’s face when dealing with him, she felt that she’ll need to spare his life.

Mo Yu signed the life and death contract without further ado and respectfully handed it back to the Grand Elder, she didn’t pay attention to her father’s cold gaze constantly directed at her.

Zong Yi put the silk paper into his small disciple’s arms, then denounced, “The disciples that went to the Secret Border with you will face criminal punishment, you alone will reflect on your actions in Dark Peak. The whole matter of your coldblooded destruction of a sect member will be reported to the entire sect, so all the other disciples learn of it.”

“In the decennial tournament, don’t look at things as my small disciple being cruel, rather, it’s the punishment you deserve for your evil deeds. Well, go on, from now on you’re strictly prohibited from setting foot in Silent Fire Peak.” He lightly flicked his sleeve, forcefully tossing the father and daughter pair out of Silent Fire Peak.

“Tch, this ‘cruel’ punishment at the decennial tournament is not yet known. Anyway, the life and death contract has already been signed, let’s wait and see!” Mo Yu murmured with a gloomy expression.

Chi Xiao Zhenren took her back to the Chi Xiao Palace, then gave her a backhanded slap and snapped, “You dare provoke Grand Elder’s small disciple, what great nerve. You’re only looking at Fang Xinghai’s current poor qualifications. Know that Grand Elder can freely move about the Three Thousand Large Worlds, who knows what rare treasures he’s collected. It’s a trivial matter to wash Fang Xinghai’s marrow and change his fate. With the Grand Elder’s personal guidance, Fang Xinghai has a fixed future. Who wins and who loses at the decennial tournament is not so predictable. You’re going to practice non-stop, starting now!”

Mo Yu clutched her cheek, her haughty look slowly replaced by panic. She bowed her head in compliance and walked toward the side chamber, but was called back by Chi Xiao Zhenren.

“What about that Butian Herb?”

The Butian Herb could wash the spiritual roots, change four spiritual roots to three spiritual roots, three spiritual roots to two spiritual roots, two spiritual roots to heavenly spiritual roots, it was the primary ingredient for the earthly grade medicinal pill, Butian pill, very rare. Even for Chi Xiao Zhenren, he couldn’t help but pay attention to it.

“I-I gave it to someone else.” Mo Yu stammered.

“Who did you give it to?” Chi Xiao Zhenren cross examined.

“I gave it to First Thunder Peak master’s new disciple, Song Yufei.” Mo Yu dared not conceal it, in any case, her father would look into this matter sooner or later, so it was better to tell the truth.

Chi Xiao Zhenren’s mind flashed, already feeling doubtful of Song Yufei. He remembered that at this year’s sect entry test, this Song Yufei had lightning and fire two spiritual roots. When it was called out, the First Thunder Peak’s master had let out a sigh of regret, saying that it would’ve been better if he just had lightning spiritual roots, even if he wasn’t yet at Zhuji Qi, he was sure to earn his seat later. Lightning and fire two spiritual roots was also considered first-class qualifications, but it was the difference between heaven and earth when compared to lightning single spiritual roots.

Lightning spiritual roots cultivators were not afraid of lightning tribulations, and they had formidable magic power, their hope of advancing was higher than ordinary cultivators by several times. That Song Yufei had unnecessary fire spiritual roots, his heart must certainly be resentful, but it wasn’t so easy to wash it away. He was a mere Outer Sect Disciple, what could he do with the Butian Herb? Without an extraordinarily powerful alchemist to refine the Butian pill, holding on to it was in vain.

Thinking of this, Chi Xiao Zhenren dismissed his daughter and sent a disciple to inquire about Song Yufei’s situation. The disciple soon came back to report, Song Yufei still had lightning and fire two spiritual roots, but he had reached Zhuji at 19 years old, anyone could see how extraordinary his qualifications were, so this made First Thunder Peak’s master take him as a disciple.

Still lightning and fire two spiritual roots? Chi Xiao Zhenren pondered for a moment, more and more suspicious of Song Yufei. What use was the Butian Herb to an Outer Sect Disciple who wasn’t studying the alchemy path? How could he not be aware of the dangers of holding on to treasures he could not protect?  After rejecting his daughter he could still get a favor from her, did he have something better than the Butian Herb?

But as it happens, he received it, then was later effortlessly accepted into First Thunder Peak, why did this matter feel unusual.

Chi Xiao Zhenren summoned back the disciple, ordering them to secretly monitor Song Yufei.


After the father and daughter left, Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t wait to ask Zong Yi for the spirit stone.

Zong Yi entered a thread of spiritual power and transferred out the memory. In a dense forest, a few devil path disciples surrounded a handsome young man, about to kill him. He seemed to have been plotted against, his footsteps somewhat unsteady, his white robe already blood soaked. He fought with all his might for more than half an hour, but finally collapse, unable to keep going. Afterwards, the scene suddenly shifted, two young people also wearing the same white robe appeared in the forest. They began discussing amongst themselves, “Devil path followers dare murder our Promise Immortal Sect disciples, we cannot let them keep their lives!”

The scene zoomed in, the two used a magic treasure to kill the devil path disciples one by one, then the scene shifted to an overhead view of Fang Wen Guang’s corpse. His eyes looked to the sky, filled with reluctance and reminisce, even at death’s door, the only person he thought of was his only brother. The picture zoomed in, a white jade-like hand ripped off the heaven and earth pouch on his waist, a melodious female voice giggled and said, “He actually found a Butian Herb, how lucky!”

The two white robed men looked over, one had an ice-cold temperament, he dully opened, “People with good luck aren’t murdered.”

The man who looked like he had a warm and sunny temperament just silently looked down at Fang Wen Guang’s dead body. His long hair obstructed the view of his profile, they couldn’t see his expression.

The group took the devil path disciples’ heaven and earth pouches and emptied them out, then they departed. The man with the warm temperament was looking back at Fang Wen Guang’s body once more, apparently he had some hesitation on whether or not to take back his corpse, when he heard the melodious female voice say, “Yufei, don’t look back. He humiliated you, yet you still feel pity for him. You got the Butian Herb you wanted, his death wasn’t in vain.”

The man let out a sound of agreement then continued walking forward, the scene gradually blurred, and finally disappeared.

This was Mo Yu’s memory, meaning, the spirit stone’s scenes were recorded from her perspective. There were three of them, hiding in the shadows and watching the whole process of Fang Wen Guang murder, then they jumped out to steal from the thieves. This was the so-called revenge for his brother? They dare spout nonsense while inverting right and wrong and black and white!

Zhou Yun Sheng sneered, made Zong Yi re-play the memory again, then froze the screen when the two white robed men appeared.

He’d already recognized the cold temperament man, he was Chi Xiao Zhenren’s second disciple, Zou Yiming. This person was also a single spiritual roots genius, but he wasn’t in the limelight like Fang Wen Guang was. He had a cold and stiff temperament, and detached eyes, usually, aside from cultivating, he had no other hobbies. It wasn’t surprising that he had sat on the sidelines as an uninterested bystander.

The man with the warm temperament was someone Fang Xinghai was very familiar with, he was the top outstanding disciple in the Outer Sect, Song Yufei. One was the Outer Sect promising rookie, the other was the Outer Sect tyrant, the two had a long standing hatred. Fang Xinghai was jealous of Song Yufei’s outstanding talent, so he repeatedly provoked him and had him beaten half to death, then he called over Fang Wen Guang to ruthlessly humiliate Song Yufei, letting him understand the principle of ‘mountains beyond mountains’.

Song Yufei seemed to suffer a great stimulation, he became very reserved, usually locking himself away in his room to cultivate, very unwilling to come out.

Zhou Yun Sheng guessed from the memory that the three people’s objective in the One Hundred Herb Secret Border was also the Butian Herb. They probably followed behind Fang Wen Guang to wait for an opportunity to seize his spiritual treasures, but they didn’t expect a group of devil path disciples to appear and save them a lot of trouble.

Mo Yu and Zou Yiming were both single spiritual roots, who that Butian Herb was for was self-evident. Obviously, Song Yufei was the ring-leader.

Well, well, well, I will certainly remember these three people. Zhou Yun Sheng’s menacing gaze lingered on Song Yufei and the other people’s faces, vowing to make them pay a painful price.



Small disciple- Zong Yi calls him Tu-er, 徒兒, Disciple(child) with the suffix –er(child) to denote familiarity with a young person. I didn’t want to leave it as plain old disciple, so I added everybody’s favorite endearment xiao (small/little/young). He referred to him as dizi- 弟子- disciple in chap 1, so that’s why it doesn’t have it.

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