FOD Chapter 10.14


Chapter 10.14

No one knew, at the bottom of the Dark Abyss, there was a majestic palace. Its shape was the same as the Temple of God, but the color was mainly gray-black, and from far away, it was hard to distinguish it from the darkness.

The Dark God carefully carried an unconscious teenager through the temple door and bowed down to the man on the throne.

The man was shaking a glass of wine, his casual glance touched the wound on the boy’s shoulder and turned sharp. He crushed the glass in his hand, strode over and took the boy into his arms, asking, “Did you hurt him?” The killing intent in his tone was terrifying.

The Dark God immediately knelt down and explained, “No, your lowly servant didn’t hurt Priest Joshua, it was a prince of the beastmen.”

The man was the omniscient Monarch, it was not easy to deceive him. He untied his front robe and wrapped the boy in the large gown, then waved, “Leave and start the real dark war. There’s nothing on the continent that I care about now.”

“I’m in your command.” The Dark God quietly retreated, then looked back to find the cruel Monarch was bowing his head to kiss the boy’s pale lips, his pious expression as if he was the believer, and the boy was the god.

He mourned for the Beast Prince for a few seconds, then disappeared through the temple doorway.

When Zhou Yun Sheng woke up, he found himself lying on a magnificent four-post bed, surrounded by pure black gauze. The wound on his shoulder had been healed, his priest robe had been replaced by a translucent nightgown, and both of his hands were tied to a bed-column.

He immediately used his magic to try and break free, but it was in vain. The chain that locked him, although it was very thin, it was made from the hardest mithril and was engraved with an imprisonment spell. Judging from the strong coercion the spell was giving out, it could even easily trap a god.

Who would spend so much effort to catch me? What are they trying to accomplish?

Zhou Yun Sheng gave up his struggling and thought about the problem, but then he realized how careless he was being, because there was a second person in the room that he hadn’t noticed. If the other party hadn’t suddenly walked out from the shadows, he would’ve been defenseless to an attack.

The man walked to the bedside’s couch and sat down, holding a glass filled with a blood-red liquid and gently shaking it. The man was gorgeous, his facial features identical to the God of Light, except his hair was pure black, and his pupil color was somehow even blacker, so the usual compassionate temperament associated with the face became sinister and gloomy.
He was the embodiment of darkness, so no one could notice him hidden in the shadows.

He slowly opened his lips and asked, “Would you like a drink?”

The hoarse, sexy voice made Zhou Yun Sheng blank out for a moment.

“Adounis?” He asked tentatively.

The man smiled and shook his head, then he stood up from the couch and laid down next to the boy. His slender fingers lifted a lock of the boy’s long hair, winding it around his finger, then he used the hair’s end to tease the boy’s two red points. His wantonly evil atmosphere was very different from the God of Light’s gentleness and elegance.

“Dark God?” Zhou Yun Sheng tested again.

The man chuckled, he seemed dismissive of the two words ‘Dark God’.

“Who on earth are you?” Zhou Yun Sheng calmly asked. He sensed that the man had no malicious intent, but he certainly had another motive.

“I’m Adrianne, the God of Destruction.” The man let go of the wisp of hair and used his fingers to directly fiddle with the boy’s translucent gown, wandering down his flat abdomen, slowly sliding down…

Zhou Yun Sheng clamped his legs and frankly asked, “What’s your relationship with Adounis?” The two men looked exactly alike, both even liked to sexually harass on the first meeting, the different names didn’t matter. The Light God was right, where there’s light, there’s darkness, the two were forever inseparable. One in charge of light and life, the other in charge of darkness and destruction, if they were twins, it wouldn’t be surprising.

But this world only had the God of Light and the Dark God, where did this God of Destruction jump out from?

Adrianne was currently holding onto one of the boy’s jade white feet, observing it appreciatingly, he smiled lightly, “Maybe I’ll tell you my relationship with him someday.”

“What do you want to do with me?” This was the problem Zhou Yun Sheng was most concerned about. He was chained up and wearing transparent lingerie, like a damsel in distress. He hadn’t forgotten that most of the world’s powerful men seemed to be animals that only thought with their lower half, otherwise, the pure Elf King that usually rejected mortal desires wouldn’t have waged war over his lust for Boel.

“What do you say I want do?” Adrianne kissed the soft arch of the boy’s foot, saw the boy curl up his pink toes from the sensation, and couldn’t help but laugh cheerfully. Then he leaned over the boy, his arms propped by his cheeks, and lowered his head to kiss his slightly pale and dry lips.
Zhou Yun Sheng moved his head to dodge the kiss, channeling power into the chain to try and destroy it. At this time, Brainless Sheng forcefully pushed himself to the forefront and made a solemn vow in tears, “No matter how you torture me, persecute me, I will never be contaminated by darkness. My heart will always belong to the Father, it’ll always belong to the light.”

Adrianne seemed irritated by this, he sneered, “Is your Light God so good? But you know, that’s not his true self, it’s just a false mask.”

“You speak nonsense! I won’t let you slander the Father!” Brainless Sheng glared at the man, eyes filled with sharp fires of hatred

Adrianne had never been glared at with such cold eyes, he almost lost control of his destructive divine power. He stared at the boy for a long while, then suddenly half sat up, grabbing the wine placed on the bedside table and draining it, then he dropped his mouth to the boy’s lips.

The moment before their lips touched, Brainless Sheng retreated back into the subconscious like a scared turtle, pushing Rational Sheng back in front. Rational Sheng cursed him in his heart while trying to dodge the kiss, but the man grabbed his jaw and pried open his teeth, pouring the liquid into his mouth.

The wine was very spicy, it left a sweet and faintly bitter taste in his throat, it smelled a bit like leather and oak intertwined, and the taste was peerless. But what made Zhou Yun Sheng fascinated was not the rich taste of the wine, but the way his soul shook at the man’s kiss. The feeling of his soul trembling as their tongues intertwined, like fireworks exploding, the dizziness and intense pleasure.

This was his lover, he could never mistake him!

His surprise lasted only a few seconds before he gave up resistance, wrapping his tongue around the other man’s tongue, sucking down all the wine in his mouth, eager to take in even his bodily fluids.

The man was stunned, then he quickly tore open his nightgown and covered his body.

“No! You can’t betray the Father!” Brainless Sheng shouted in the subconscious as he tried to snatch control of the body, afraid to bear the man’s passion. His style of bedding was completely different from the God of Light’s. Although the Light God was occasionally wild, most of the time, he was very gentle and restrained, and he was very thoughtful of the boy’s feelings.

But this man was very vigorous and fierce, violently slamming, never waiting for the boy’s body to recover from the momentum before moving forward again, his black eyes stirring with madness. But Rational Zhou Yun Sheng loved this rhythm. He clung to the man’s neck, his legs firmly wrapped around his lean waist, groaning and urging ‘a little faster’, then ‘faster’ again.

They were like two beasts in heat.

“That’s your Father, not mine. This is my true love. Now can you understand how I feel?” Rational Sheng laughed mockingly in his heart, then quickly fell into the whirlpool of passion.

A few hours later, the room was a mess, the bedding and pillows were kicked under the bed by the two men, and the once spotlessly white sheets were stained with bright red wine and sporadic off-white spots, the rich smell of the aftertaste of passion floated in the air.

The man’s essence was still on the boy’s back, one hand was holding the boy’s waist, the other hand was pulling his jaw over to continue kissing his already swollen lips.

“Why did you capture me? Do you love me?” When the kiss ended, Zhou Yun Sheng asked with certainty. This was his lover, his dedicated lover that could always find him regardless of which universe he traveled to. Of course he loved him, maybe the man was always watching him in the dark, guarding him. His assumption might be a little narcissistic, but his lover really was capable of those sorts of things.

The man’s dark eyes flashed, then he said “I remember you’re Adounis’ lover. I thought you would resist or even seek death, but you willingly gave in. Do you love Adounis? Or are you just using him? Look, you easily fell into my bed.” He finished speaking, and a gloomy atmosphere seemed to envelop the room.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s brain throbbed in pain, he cursed Brainless Sheng in his heart hundreds of times. He pushed the man away, picked up the quilt and wrapped it around his lower body, then slowly opened, “I love the God of Light, but I love you too.”

His mouth slightly twitched as he felt that there seemed to be no difference between himself and Boel, then he continued, “Let me explain. My body has two souls living in it. One of them yearns for the light and is madly in love with the Light God, the other one has a black heart and couldn’t care less about the light. That soul is me, the one talking to you. Maybe you feel that my love for you is inexplicable, but please believe me, everything I’m telling you is from the heart. You can treat it like I fell for you at first sight, but in fact, I’ve loved you for a long time. For hundreds of years. Can you understand?”

The man looked at him and didn’t speak, he seemed to be still digesting his words.

Zhou Yun Sheng wiped his face and sighed, “I don’t want to be between you and the Light God. I’m just happy that you found me, and Joshua’s fate has completely changed, so I can leave the world with peace of mind. If you really hate that I have a relationship with the God of Light, and don’t want to continue following me in my reincarnations, then I can only let you live by your own will.”

He was always prepared for the people he loved to eventually leave him.

The man thought he was talking about committing suicide, so he immediately pulled him into an embrace, his emotionless eyes finally showing his uneasiness.

“Where do you want to go if it’s not by my side? I forgot to tell you, you’re now a god, and gods can never die.” The man lifted the boy’s wrist and suddenly bit into it, golden blood started dripping onto the white sheets, a sharp contrast.

Zhou Yun Sheng was not happy, his mind repeatedly echoed a sentence –What the fuck! What the fuck! If I can’t die then how can I leave this world? When the fuck did I become a god? Why didn’t I know?

The man saw the boy’s round eyes, like a cat about to be dropped into a deep fryer, and suddenly broke into delighted laughter, which continued to grow louder and happier. The boy’s explanation might sound like lunatic ravings to others, but no one understood more than Adrianne what it meant to have a split soul.

One day, he awoke up from his slumber and suddenly had both the God of Destruction and the God of Light’s godhead in his body. The dark one grew more and more powerful, until it became the dominant party and the light one became a mask.

He was worried that the boy would be really disappointed with his true self, but suddenly reality gave him a big surprise.

He pulled the boy onto his lap and kissed his bright red lips, his black hair and pupils slowly turned into a pale gold color.

“Baby, you know, you’re a lover tailor-made for me. I love you so much, I double love you.” His gentle and pampering tone was clearly Adounis’ usual way of speaking.

What the fuck?!

Brainless Sheng and Rational Sheng exclaimed simultaneously in the subconscious.

The man healed the wound on the boy’s wrist with light power and said, “The God of Destruction is my first godhead, the God of Light is my second godhead, so the two gods you fell in love with are all me. I can’t believe there’s such a coincidence in the world. No wonder you were always so hot and cold to Adounis. No wonder you always had a resisting and struggling expression. Only half of you was in love with me.”

Adounis lowered his eyes as he recalled his memories for a moment with a bright smile. This was the happiest he’d felt in all of his existence. He caressed the boy like a unique treasure. In fact, he really was a unique treasure, he also had two souls, one light, one dark.

He was born for me, Adounis was convinced.

Zhou Yun Sheng had not yet recovered from his shock before he was once again overwhelmed by his lover in bed…


At the same time, the beastman responsible for guarding Boel Britte was called away by the Beast Prince for a little while, when he came back, there was only a torn bundle of rope in the tree house.

“Wake up, the prince fled with Boel!” He shouted in panic as he ran.

The Beast King was furious, he immediately ordered a search, but only found evidence that made them despair. Before escaping, the prince joined the Dark God and successfully assassinated Priest Joshua.

Traces of a struggle were scattered around the temple, the prince’s warrior spirit and demon fog could be sensed in the atmosphere, and a conspicuous broken arrow was inserted in a pillar, engraved with the prince’s true name.

Golden blood that undoubtedly belonged to Priest Joshua was spilled everywhere. Although he’d achieved the body and spirit of a god, he was fighting the powerful Dark God, he had no chance of winning, not to mention the prince’s sneak attack.

Where is he? Was he captured by the Dark God or is he dead?

The Elf King and Beast King were pale from all the speculations. It didn’t matter if Priest Joshua was dead or alive, the beastmen and the elves would not escape punishment from the Father. Why did the prince do such a thing? Does he want the elves and beastmen to go extinct?

The guards from Sagya Kingdom immediately left the village to search for Priest Joshua and vowed to fulfill their hatred with the blood of the Beast Prince and Boel.

Soon after they left, the temple collapsed without warning, the dust raising into the sky. This was exactly what happened when the other gods left the continent.

Bowen realized what was happening, but he refused to admit it, he immediately ordered everyone to rebuild the temple. The commanding elemental mages and powerful warriors rebuilt the temple in only a few days, but when the last pillar was erected, the temple collapsed into rubble again.

Obviously, because his beloved person was betrayed and injured, the Light God rejected the continent like the other gods. From now on, the elves and beastmen could no longer receive his blessings.

“I’m guilty! Father, do you hear me? I’m willing to use my life in atonement! Please don’t abandon my people!” The Beast King shouted at the heavens, and all the elves and beastmen knelt and wept before the broken temple. The atmosphere of despair shrouded the land for a long time.

The devastating demon fog engulfed the Elf Forrest at a rapid pace. In the village, the elf springs became a muddy dark brown, and the Mother Tree withered at a visible rate. One of the immature fairy fruit fell from a tree branch and turned into black water that was absorbed by the soil.

The catastrophe of unparalleled proportions finally arrived.

The elves and beastmen had to give up their land and move to the human populated cities. They wanted to stay with their Mother Tree until death, but found that any elf that guarded the Mother Tree would be infected by demon fog and become evil dark elves. The elves were a pure and kind race, they would rather die than become dark elves, so they chose to leave.

They passed through many towns and witnessed demons wantonly murdering in the open. After the collapse of their temple, the other temples in the continent began collapsing one by one. When they finally arrived at the mainland’s most powerful country, the Balkan Kingdom, they witnessed the collapse of the majestic temples of the Central Church.

The rumble of the falling temples was loud like thunder, it seemed to be pounding in everyone’s eardrums. They looked up at the dusty sky, revealing dazed and hopeless expressions.

“Drive away these elves and beastmen! It’s because the beastman prince killed Priest Joshua that the Father was angered and abandoned us! They are sinners, drive them away!” Someone screamed this with extreme hatred.

The elves and beastmen were ashamed. Human mages and warriors launched attacks on them, ordinary people waved sticks at them, but they didn’t dare resist. They dodged and escaped the town, and hid their true faces as they wandered around the mainland.

Because of the loss of the Light God’s sanctuary, the rate of the spread of demon fog accelerated, and hordes of demons gathered to attack kingdoms, turning the continent into a purgatory.

An incomparably arduous, hundred year war officially began.

Land suitable for the survival of the three races became scarcer, but one country became a paradise that everyone longed for, the Sagya Kingdom. When all the temples were collapsing, only the temple in Gagor was preserved intact, because it was the place where Priest Joshua had lived.

The holy pool he was baptized in regularly produced golden holy water all year round, and it was distributed to the people to make them able to resist the demon fog’s corruption. It also killed the parasitic demons living in the body, allowing the person to return to normal.

The demons seemed to recognize that the last trace of coercion from the God of Light in the continent was in the capital, so they didn’t dare step into Gagor. This allowed the Sagya Kingdom to stand tall during the countless dark wars, and it eventually replaced the Balkan Kingdom as the most powerful country.

The people of the Sagya Kingdom had an extreme hatred for the elves and beastmen and would hunt down every one they saw. It wasn’t until the old King died, and Anthony’s reign began, did their situation improve. Priest Joshua had personally blessed him, so his words carried great prestige in the continent.

He called on everyone to unite against the foreign enemies and to welcome the elves and beastmen into their cities. This decree saved the endangered elves and beastmen. They were very grateful to King Anthony, and their figures could always be seen on the battlefield bravely rushing to the forefront.


The Beast Prince took Boel and successfully escaped the Elf Forest, then they wandered in anonymity around the mainland. He thought it was not a big deal to kill Joshua. The Light God collected a lot of beautiful teenagers, he took care of them when he liked them, threw them away when he grew bored, anyone could see how coldhearted he was.

How can a god have true love for a mortal? After Joshua died, there would be many more Joshuas to fill the void, the Father wouldn’t care.

He’d heard the rumors about the Father’s love for Joshua, but he’d treated them as exaggerated lies. So he’d killed him on an impulse and never regretted it as he fled.

He and Boel hid in the forests for a few months, then went to a city to buy some supplies, expecting the issue to be old news. But before the two even reached the gates, they saw huge portraits of their faces on the outer walls. The gatekeepers were two light priests, no camouflage could hold under light power.

He took Boel from his clan, they should be the ones chasing him, how was this a human matter? The Beast Prince suppressed his panic and asked a passers-by for information.

The man was an ordinary human, he was astonished at his ignorance and replied, “You don’t know such a big thing? Look at the wall, that’s the Beast Prince that killed Priest Joshua, making the God of Light reject the continent. Now demon fog is spreading everywhere and all the temples are collapsing. If this goes on, there’s no way we can survive.”

“The temples are collapsing?” The Beast Prince’s heart was trembling.

Boel saw the man giving them a suspicious look and hastened to explain, “We’ve been wandering in the forests for a few months without coming out. We haven’t heard what’s going on outside.”

Their clothes were tattered and they looked emaciated, like adventurers who were wandering in the forests. The man no longer doubted them and continued, “Yes ah, the first one to collapse was the temple in the elves and beastmen’s territory. After the temple was destroyed, the Elf Forrest was quickly swallowed up by the demon fog. Now the two races are looking everywhere for towns to take them in. Bah, they’re the ones who pushed everyone into such dire straits, it’s better if they all die off!” The man spoke so harshly that spit flew out.

The Beast Prince wasn’t in the mood to care about his vicious words. He was too busy processing the news about his clan’s destruction. He thought taking Boel away was no big deal, but he ended up pushing the two clans to extinction?
He had now become synonymous with sin and disgrace, he would be hunted down and burned if he was ever discovered! And the people who hated him the most weren’t the humans, but his own people. He’d brought disaster upon them.

The smiling faces of his people flashed before his eyes and he almost wept on the spot. He immediately took Boel away into the dark forest, then changed into his animal form and roared into the sky.

He regretted it, regretted until he wished to kill himself, but what would that achieve? He caused a tragedy that could never be reversed.

Boel was very afraid, he wrapped his arms around him to softly comfort, and kept asking him if he would leave him. The Beast Prince shook his head, but since then, he never talked to Boel again.

They wandered the forests, living like savages, expecting to one day be corroded by demon fog and lose their senses.

But one day, they came across a demon, and the other party laughed upon seeing them and said, “Don’t you know? You guys have been rejected by the gods, and I’m not just talking about the light camp, not even the dark camp wants you in their midst. No demon wants to be tainted by your bodies either.”

Even the demons despise me? The Beast Prince suffered a heavy mental blow, he left Boel that night and disappeared. Boel had no one to protect him, so he spent all day hiding in the cave, not daring to move. A few days later, he starved to death.



Adrianne –亞德裡恩- yadelien, name means ‘the dark one’, clever.

Essence- 精- jing – essence/vitality/semen/sperm lol

The ‘What the fucks!’ were written in English in the original.

Satisfying end if I do say so myself. Brainless Sheng was a marvel. And ZYS gets so mad this chapter it’s hilarious. That’s why it’s my favorite chapter 😀

Next Chapter: Zhou Yun Sheng needs glasses.

I’ll be focusing on ABO so I can release a bulk update, so don’t expect FOD for 2-3 weeks. See you next time!

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