FOD Chap 11.1: Copying an ABO


Chapter 11.1 Copying an ABO

Zhou Yun Sheng spent a long time in the last world trying to find a way to leave.

By unintentionally gaining a god’s body, his soul was trapped in Joshua’s body and couldn’t be pulled away. It was like a person stuck in a jar, holding a stone in his hand, trying to get out of the jar by directly hitting it with a stone. But if suddenly one day, this jar turned into a mithril metal jar, then what you needed was not a stone, but a more powerful tool.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t belong to that world, so his power couldn’t be increased, but he also couldn’t break his godhead’s shackles. Adounis tried to transfer the godhead back into his own body, but it ended in failure, he was ruled out by the laws of the world.

This made Zhou Yun Sheng realize that Adounis was different from himself. He couldn’t be a foreign soul, he had to be an advanced body of data that was similar to the Lord God. So he could easily integrate into his worlds every time, and get the world’s vital energy and even more energy.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt a little uneasy at this, and he looked for ways to leave even more actively. Much later, when the dark war intensified, Anthony built a temple for him, and he absorbed the power of faith to get out of his predicament.

By giving blessings to the creatures on the continent and helping them win the dark war, he finally gained enough faith to break the shackles of the godhead after a thousand years.

Before leaving he went to Adounis, who didn’t seem surprised. He held his hand and smiled, promising that he would find him again.

The uneasiness in his heart comforted, Zhou Yun Sheng returned to the Xinghai space, and discovered that he had not only gained the majority of the world’s power, even the power of faith was also absorbed. His soul was transformed from bright white to complete gold, it looked so pure and powerful.

If his soul was tempered to this extent while he was still under the Lord God’s control, he would’ve now been swallowed up.

The decision to leave was indeed correct. He scoured his subconscious and found that Brainless Sheng had also disappeared, this was completely reassuring. Absorbing all the energy, he once again jumped into the next world.


Before he opened his eyes, he heard an anxious cry in his ear, “Cecil, are you okay? Don’t scare mom like that Cecil!”

A mocking voice opened close by, “It’s good he fainted, it’s better than standing to face such shame in there. A pure blooded Omega losing to a common Beta, tut.”

“You, keep quiet, don’t distract the doctor!” A harsh voice snapped.

Shortly after, Zhou Yun Sheng felt his skin being affixed with a lot of sensors, he seemed to be undergoing some sort of treatment. He determined that he was under no imminent danger, then simply fell into a short hibernation and used his spiritual power to establish a connection with 007 to view the background of the world, and the original owner’s life.

This was quite a strange world, the human sex was roughly divided into three kinds: Omega, Beta, Alpha, and with men and women versions of the three, it was technically six kinds. Alphas were the masters of the world, both their physical and spiritual power was overwhelming, so they were mainly responsible for leadership and military work. Betas’ physical strength was second best and their IQ was average to above average, they could basically bear any work and had a good enough fertility rate, the backbone of society.

As for Omegas, this group was very rare, their character was delicate and timid, and their spiritual strength was generally low, so they couldn’t bear any social work. But they had one of the greatest advantages, their fertility. They could get pregnant after almost every union, and the child’s greatest genetic inheritance came from the father’s side.

This saved the Omegas, who should’ve been relegated to the bottom of society, by making them particularly valuable. If a family line wanted to continue, they certainly needed to make their best offspring combine with an Omega, in order to carry on having consistent outstanding descendants.

An Omega was a birthing machine, but they were the most precious birthing machine, they were sought after by all the big and influential aristocratic families.

Zhou Yun Sheng possessed the body of a pure blooded Omega boy from the increasingly declining in influence Bernard family, named Cecil Bernard. His father had set an arranged marriage for him with the grandson of one of the five Grand Marshals of the Empire, Osborne.

Osborne Matthew was a very powerful Alpha, he was only 30 years old and had already become a General of the Lennon Empire, but recently, along with receiving top achievements, he was seriously injured in the battle against the Zerg and had to return home to recuperate. He was a workaholic, could not stay idle for a quarter of an hour, so while his wound was healing he got out of his sick bed and immediately accepted an invitation from the Chelman Military Academy to be an instructor.

Old Mathew was deeply aware of how dangerous a soldier’s career was, his no good grandson might encounter a bad situation and never come back, so he was very keen on looking for a granddaughter. The Bernard family was nearly fallen, they had no connections to any of the major forces, the ideal marriage object. He picked Cecil, the most handsome and pure lineage Omega.

This was undoubtedly great news for the Bernard family and Cecil. They happily anticipated the day of the engagement. When the engagement day finally arrived, Cecil’s tragic life began.

During his temp instructor post, Osborne fell into crazy obsessive love with a Beta, at the banquet he bluntly announced that he wouldn’t marry Cecil, saying that he didn’t like delicate and needy Omega, and that he would rather marry a Beta than marry an Omega, then he walked away.

Cecil couldn’t handle the stimulation and fainted on the spot, then he woke up as Zhou Yun Sheng.

Zhou Yun Sheng frowned and continued reading the information. Coincidentally, the Beta Osborne was infatuated with was the fate of the world’s son, and he would become the Empire and even the entire universe’s most outstanding Omega Marshal. Yes, you heard that right, he was actually an Omega who had infiltrated a group of Alpha and Beta, an “A block of tofu could crush them to death” delicate Omega.

He created a miracle and climbed to the pinnacle of power despite his Omega identity. He was the pride of all Omegas, and every Alpha’s dream lover.

Zhou Yun Sheng selected the ‘child of fate’ option and took a closer look at this legendary Omega’s life. He was also called Joshua, with white hair and clear blue eyes, eerily similar to Zhou Yun Sheng’s last reincarnation. There was no doubt that he was beautiful, if not for him hiding his identity, many Alpha would become his crazy suitors.

He’d hated his fate of becoming a birthing machine and tried to make his own career. Fate bestowed a strong S-level spirit and A-level physique upon him, allowing him to compete fairly with the group of Alpha.

He looked like a Beta on the surface, so his exceptional performance caught Osborne’s attention. Osborne took care of him in life and in school. The two men gradually entered an ambiguous relationship and planned to be together, which was why Osborne ruthlessly rejected Cecil. He wanted to use a tough attitude to show his sincere affection to his lover.

Joshua was so moved that he finally accepted his pursuit. But unfortunately, Osborne was just a passionate man from the world, he couldn’t be with the protagonist. The protagonist’s true lover was the imperial prince Kyle Kleist. Kyle had hidden his identity and entered Chelman Military Academy, and was coincidentally assigned to a dormitory with Joshua.

He was the first to discover Joshua’s Omega identity and tried to help him hide it. But Joshua’s estrus arrived one day, Osborne wasn’t by his side because of a task, so Prince Kyle, who was secretly in love with Joshua, gained a cheap advantage. After a lot of entanglements and twists, the two finally formed a happy combination.

When Osborne returned home and learned of his lover’s bitter experience, he not only didn’t blame him, he loved him even more. Joshua was patient, strong, and indomitable, his ideal lover, although he couldn’t have him, he could protect him. So he quietly stood behind Joshua, sheltering him from wind and rain, finally, he sacrificed himself in a grand war to provide cover for Joshua and Kyle’s safe escape.

Even when he was dying, he felt very happy and satisfied.

Seeing this, Zhou Yun Sheng sneered. Osborne was indeed really happy, he did everything he desired to do, but he killed Cecil. Cecil, under Old Matthew’s encouragement, drank drugs that made his estrus come early in their house, causing Osborne to mark him in uncontrollable lust. Although the two eventually failed to complete the combination, under moral pressure, Osborne had to marry Cecil.

At that time, Joshua had already become a Prince Consort, so Osborne was in the midst of despair and chose to abandon himself. The day after the wedding ceremony, he went off to the Tricus galaxy to exterminate the Zerg and never came back.

Although Cecil had an arrogant personality, very vain, his love for Osborne could not be doubted. He’d learned that he had S-level spiritual strength when he was younger, so he’d thought he could follow Osborne to the army and become his assistant. He watched a lot of combat videos and was very frightened by scenes of rending flesh and blood, and suffered from nightmares for a long time. After struggling for a few months, he eventually gave up the idea.

When Osborne’s death was announced, he was very saddened, and a few years later when Joshua’s Omega identity was exposed, he finally understood that even Omega could live a wonderful life. He’d missed the most precious years of his life and died in deep regret.

His love for Osborne faded away after endless waiting and he gained a new understanding of his life. If he could do it over again, his deepest desire was to live proudly like Joshua, without having to pin his hopes on anyone. He didn’t want to become a tool of marriage or a birthing machine, he wanted to become a good soldier. And he didn’t want to get involved with Osborne again.

He wanted Osborne to wholeheartedly pursue his own happiness, he would quietly bless him.

Seeing this, Zhou Yun Sheng could only let out a sigh for the original. This deeply-in-love man joining with another deeply-in-love man only brought a lifetime of tragedy. Since Cecil didn’t want a tragic life, he would make him live better than everyone else.

He disconnected from 007 and fell asleep, and woke up the next day to find a circle of people around his bed, including Cecil’s father, mother and two half-brothers.

The reason why the Bernard family was falling was because of Cecil’s father, Johnny Bernard’s, poor fertility. He’d marked three Omega but failed to give birth to an Alpha offspring, leaving him with two destined-to-be-married-off Omega and a mediocre Beta, all male.

Fortunately, Cecil and his other Omega son, Jasper, were very beautiful, excellent marriage tools, so their two mothers were not rejected. The mother of the Beta brother had long been evicted from the main house and placed outside.

Johnny Bernard saw his son wake up and reluctantly suppressed an impatient look, “Cecil dear, Marshal Matthew said don’t feel broken hearted, he will confront General Osborne. There’s still hope for this marriage.”

“What hope? Didn’t you notice how Osborne didn’t even look at him? I say let it be, select someone else for the marriage.” Jasper deliberately reasoned. His appearance was very outstanding, but he was like a weed compared to the gorgeous Cecil. Cecil was the image of the vast majority of Alpha’s dream lover brought to life, otherwise, Old Matthew wouldn’t pick him out of so many candidates.

He was very jealous of his older brother, but after yesterday’s spectacle, he only felt glee and disdain. Would it matter if he grew more beautiful, and his fertility value increased? Wouldn’t Osborne still despise him?

If it was me, I would be able to firmly grasp Osborne’s heart! Thinking of this, he pulled at his mother’s sleeve.

Bernard’s other wife, Cornell, quickly echoed, “Yes ah, perhaps General Osborne doesn’t like Cecil’s type. How about letting Jasper get along with him? Jasper doesn’t look as delicate as Cecil.”

Johnny Bernard was almost persuaded. While he was showing a look of hesitation, Cecil’s mother, Odell, suddenly anxious, was about to speak up when her son said, “If you want to change the marriage candidate, I have no opinion. Anyway, all the people of Empire Star know that my marriage with General Osborne has been canceled. I heard that General Osborne is a very stubborn man, even Marshal Matthew is unable to boss him around. You’d better not do any dirty tricks and make us a laughing stalk. Whatever, I’m tired, you all get out, let me rest in peace.”

These were Cecil’s family, although they were not very close to him, they were not cruel to him, so he could give them a little warning hint.

Johnny Bernard didn’t bother to listen to it, he said a few reassuring words to his son and left with everyone. Zhou Yun Sheng immediately ripped off the sensors on his body and clicked on 007 to begin debugging his body.

There were no gods in this world, but the level of science and technological development was very high, so the level was A-Class. Zhou Yun Sheng used the vast majority of his energy and all the power of faith to adjust his physical data to the optimal state.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s soul power was already very strong, so the moment he arrived, this body’s spiritual power had leapt to 3S level. But Cecil’s physique was F-level, everyone knew that an F-level body could drop dead from an Alpha’s casual poke, nicknamed the loser among losers body.

Therefore, Zhou Yun Sheng used all his energy to transform his physique, and used the power of faith to clean out the impurities in his meridians over and over again. His bones needed to be broken and combined back together, and the pain of being broken was not something the average person could bear.

But Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t even wrinkle his brow, he even smiled and waved at the nurses wandering outside in the corridor. After two hours, 007 issued a beep for the completion of the task and gave out the new body’s value.

Spiritual force 3S, physical A (potential 3S), comprehensive quality 4S. In other words, after a period of hard training, this body’s physique would sooner or later reach 3S level, and that was a difficult to reach height among the vast majority of Alpha.

Zhou Yun Sheng was very surprised, he’d thought that even getting a physical adjustment to B + would already be a very good result.

007 felt its master’s doubts and projected a layout of his personal attributes, signaling out the word ‘Godhead’ in bright red. This was a permanent reward the master obtained in the last world, in the future, no matter who he became, he could get the healthiest body and top level potential.

So that’s what happened. Zhou Yun Sheng immediately realized and became even more doubtful of his lover’s origin. A divine body was something his lover had given him after repeated scouring in divine power, but it became a permanent property after leaving the world, that was something only the Lord God should have the authority to do. That meant that his lover had the same level of absolute presence in the dimension as the Lord God. But who was he exactly?

He couldn’t figure it out and gave up pondering.

The world’s technology was very advanced, everyone was equipped with a personal terminal, either hanging around their neck, or worn on their wrist. Zhou Yun Sheng unloaded Cecil’s personal terminal, copying the data inside to 007, then stopped using his soul to conceal 007’s existence.

He dialed his grandfather, Old Bernard’s, personal terminal and quietly waited for a reply.

Old Bernard was once one of the Empire’s Five Grand Marshals, but he later had to retire after being seriously injured, and the status of the Bernard family was replaced by another family. Of course, if Johnny Bernard had lived up to his expectations, the Bernard family wouldn’t have been reduced to the embarrassing situation where they had immediate need to rely on marriage in order to stay on Empire Star.

Old Bernard was so dissatisfied with his son that he felt annoyed just seeing him, so he’d long ago left Empire Star to a remote small planet in seclusion.

“Cecil, what’s wrong? If you want to ask me to persuade Osborne Matthew, then I can only tell you not to waste your efforts. Reluctantly bonding with a man who doesn’t love you will only make you unhappy, but maybe I can hire someone to beat him up.” The personal terminal connected, and Old Bernard’s cold voice drifted over.

Although he was isolated, he was still very concerned about family matters, so he’d gotten the news that Cecil was publicly refused marriage early in the morning.

“No grandfather, I contacted you to ask you to sign my operation order.” Zhou Yun Sheng revealed a genuine smile. In Cecil’s perception, only his grandfather was genuinely concerned about him, his father and mother just thought of him as a tool for benefits.

“What kind of surgery order? Are you sick?” Old Bernard’s serious face showed a tense look.

“Surgery to cut out my gland.” Zhou Yun Sheng casually said.

Old Bernard was stupefied, after a few minutes he hesitantly opened, “What gland?” It absolutely couldn’t be the gland he was thinking about right? What was the difference between that and castration? Was the shock of rejection so deep for his grandson that he no longer wanted to be a complete person?

“You know, this gland.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled and pointed to his neck.

Old Bernard’s expression was like he was eating feces. He shifted in his seat then opened with difficultly, “Boy, why did you come up with this idea? If an Omega, who has no ability, also lost their greatest advantage, how can they survive in society? Osborne is blind, there will always be someone else who appreciates you in the future, you don’t have to be so desperate.”

“Grandfather, come back to the capital. My spiritual strength is 3S level, my physique is A-level, but a potential 3S level, and my overall quality is 4S level. I’m strong enough to be neck and neck with the most powerful Alpha, or even better. I don’t need to rely on others anymore. Grandfather, do you want Johnny to marry off the Bernard family’s last hope?”

“These glands can cause me to go into heat and be suppressed by an Alpha’s body, I’m not weaker than any of them, why should I surrender to them? Only the lowest of the animals cannot control their lust, I’m a man, not an animal, my lust can only be controlled by myself! As for descendants, you can let Johnny mark a few more Omega, I’m not a child bearing machine, he is. His ability is only that much.”

Old Bernard was frightened by his grandson’s aggressiveness, he came back to reality after a few minutes and asked, “Are you all right?”

Occasionally there would be an Omega with a particularly high spiritual presence, but because their physical strength was too weak, their strong spiritual power was a burden on their bodies, causing them to fall sick often or grow weak and die. If their family was powerful, they could buy expensive psychotropic drugs to lighten the burden, but those with poor family backgrounds could only accept the short-lived outcome.

Old Bernard had long known of his grandson’s very high spiritual strength, but he didn’t understand how his F-level constitution became A-level overnight, and with unlimited room for promotion. The string of data he reported would make even Osborne, known as Empire Star’s Hope, have difficulties matching him.

“I don’t know how it happened, I fainted at the engagement feast and woke up to sudden bursts of pain throughout my body, it felt like all my bones were being broken. When the pain passed, I used my personal terminal to test it. If everything is not part of a delusion, I want to drop out from Sinderson College of Art and enroll in Chelman Military Academy. I want to join the army.” Zhou Yun Sheng said in a level tone.

On the other end of the line, Old Bernard’s heart was in his stomach. The physical pain was due to the spiritual power washing the meridians. When spiritual strength was practiced to the extreme, it would produce a subconscious, full body transformation. In the history of the Lennon Empire, five hundred years ago, the strongest person in the galaxy at that time, O’Sullivan, accomplished this. He’d stood at the top of the world as an Omega, he was the idol of all Omega, a legendary figure.

After him, many Omega wanted to cultivate their spiritual power to become strong like him, resulting in premature death from the unbearable pain. His grandson had never deliberately exercised his spiritual power, how did he succeed? Was it from too much stimulation?

He really wanted to thank Old Matthew’s boy!

Old Bernard left a ‘wait for me to come back’ and hung up the terminal, taking the fastest ship to Empire Star.

Zhou Yun Sheng was rest assured, he washed an apple and slowly ate while standing by the window. Removal of the gland was equivalent to self-castration, it’s not that this operation was impossible, it’s just that no one does it. If Cecil asked for it himself, the hospital would be too afraid to take responsibility and reject him, and Johnny and Odell, who were trying to use Cecil as a marriage bargaining chip, would resolutely oppose, so he could only ask Old Bernard to come back and preside over the procedure.

For the future of the Bernard family, he would never let such a good grandson marry into another family. In fact, the problem of estrus could be resolved through inhibitors, but they were very troublesome and had no insurance in an emergency situation. Joshua was in the middle of field training when his inhibitor had broken in a fight, forcing him to combine with Kyle in a secluded cave.

If you couldn’t control your own desires, you were a beast, not even human. Zhou Yun Sheng was used to being in control of everything, the emergence of Brainless Sheng brought him frustration for a very long time, so this time he decided to completely eradicate all hidden dangers. As for offspring, he was an outsider who was not allowed to leave future generations, because the world’s consciousness would not allow it.


Author’s note:

I originally went outside to write, but it dragged and dragged into the night and I still felt no inspiration. I was afraid that forcing myself to write would produce a mediocre story, so I could only temporarily shelve it. Later on I found some inspiration and wrote it down. ABO was my first story.


Zerg – 蟲族- Chong- lower form of animal life, including insects, insect larvae, worms and similar creatures, Zu- race. Insect race, but I left it as Zerg cause that’s what google wanted to call it. Zerg are an enemy from StarCraft.

Loser – 廢柴 – feichai- good-for-nothing / loser.

I guess the author is saying that ABO was the first world she wrote for FOD.


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8 months ago

thank the danmei gods that this is split into “worlds” so i can skip this dumbfuck ABO section

3 months ago
Reply to  adolphus

It honestly it’s one of the better abo sections by far from most things I’ve read! The setting is fun and the whole abo thing isn’t played heavily. As you can see he’s already removing any chance if being controlled by his biology so the story is actually pretty great 🙂

8 months ago

[As for offspring, he was an outsider who was not allowed to leave future generations, because the world’s consciousness would not allow it.]

So…this was the reason why there was no baby even though he was a Ger. Got it. *Cries in silence*

The sun is there
The sun is there
1 year ago

[which was why Osborne ruthlessly rejected Cecil. He wanted to use a tough attitude to show his sincere affection to his lover.]

Ummm excuse you, but wtf man??

First of all, Cecil didn’t wrong you. As an omega, he has the least say in marriage matter. If you upset about this marriage, man up and go throw a fist at your elder who was THE ONE arranging it. Not poundly bullying someone who had weaker backing than you.

Second of all, which virus your brain circuit got infected that make you think destroying someone’s reputation publicly is the good declaration of love?? Dude bro, WHY??

1 year ago

Zhou Yun Sheng is so smart yet he never realized the his lover might just be the Lord God, maker of all of this?! Come ooon ?? I mean, I dunno either but maybe he could just suspect?!

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Reply to  Debussy

the lord god is his enemy of he would subconciously avoid thinking abt the possibilty of him and his lover being the same person

1 year ago

I absolutely love the reaction this guy had to becoming an omega. I’ve always had a bone to pick with ABO because of the dumbfuck ‘the only way for this person to be happy is to be fucked’ reasoning. It’s ok for plain old smut I guess, but in a proper story it just becomes deeply problematic and hindering for any characters and I always expect people to rebel against the system or smth but it never happens. Anyway yasss get that gland out yayyyyy. Gosh I hope they don’t change the plan next chapter. I’d probably recede into a shell of myself then.

1 year ago
Reply to  Foulfowl

The entire fabric of ABO is fucked up, so I can’t ever expect a morally reprehensible story from it, so I’m just going to put my issues aside and see what the hype is about this chapter.

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Reply to  Foulfowl

Try reading ‘Accidental Mark’. An ABSOLUTE gem in the ABO genre. The gong is the greenest flag there is. The healthiest relationship ever in a fictional work in my personal opinion.

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Finally ABO world! And leaving the old slow and painful world.

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rereading this arc again because i missed them and i like how the ml chase after mc

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ahhhhhh this is my favorite arc!! Sometimes I reread just for this arc lolol this is probably my 7th time rereading ˘⸝⸝> ̫ <⸝⸝˘ I usually hate abo but this is one of the only exceptions ~(˘▾˘~)

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I love ABO but the thing is when it’s danmei ABO it’s automatically set in interstellar? I don’t like mecha?

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Definatelynah Abot
Definatelynah Abot
1 year ago

Ah, it’s this arc. I like it fine, but it makes sense that it was the author’s first. The morals are a bit… Messy.
Omegas have the capacity to be as good as alphas/betas! But those who want to be accepted as such must change to not be omegas!
People who fuck seven days in a row are no better than animals! Smh, why is my boyfriend so vigorous, ah. Can’t help but love him~
Omegas more than just birthing machines! But all of the omegas were entirely content with being just that before the MC came along!
Seriously, this reminds me of those ppl who think transitioning enforces gender roles.

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It’s not the author, it’s just how it is usually in interstellar abo story, I’ve read a few like this too?

2 years ago

That meant that his lover had the same level of absolute presence in the dimension as the Lord God. But who was he exactly?

Please tell me that Lord God is not your Beloved

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I’ve been thinking that for many chapters. I’m convinced Lord God is his lover

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