FOD Chapter 10.13


Chapter 10.13

Although the temple the elves and beastmen clans had built was not as beautiful and colorful as the human temples, it was more solemn. The place where the statue of the Father was originally erected was replaced by a large chaise lounge, and the God of Light was currently sitting on it, his arms stretched out to hug the boy walking slowly towards him.

He missed him so much, so much that he wanted to attach himself to him, so he could feel everything he felt.

“Baby, what’s wrong? You don’t recognize me?” Seeing the boy standing in place for so long, his heart became restless.

Brainless Sheng finally won the struggle. He used countless chains to confine Rational Sheng in the subconscious, then rushed forward like a bird returning to its nest, flapping into the Father’s embrace. He bumped against him and looked up into his face.
The Light God’s restless mood instantly dissipated, he hugged him tightly, letting out a pleasant and satisfied sigh.

“Father, why are you here? I missed you so much, my heart was dying from missing you!” Zhou Yun Sheng wrapped his arms around the Father’s waist, letting out his grievance in drops of tears. He really hadn’t wanted to go out and travel, he just wanted to live quietly in the temple and stay by the Father’s side.

The Light God was both happy and distressed, happy that the boy always gave him his unreserved love, distressed that he was always so quick to tears. He kissed his tears clean, then lifted his jaw, eager to kiss his pink and sweet lips.

The many days of unfulfilled desire swallowed the two people. They were entangled on the wide chaise, groaning and moaning. The boy was turned upside down on the armrest, his back arched, his buttocks lifted, his cheeks glowing red and his eyes tearing up as he begged “Father move slower, I can’t take it anymore. Father, I want to look at your face.”

He tried to turn his head, but the man’s palm held his jaw fixed, and he panted an order, “Close your eyes baby, I’ll tell you when to look.” He pumped fiercely, his expression mixed with pleasure and anxiousness. If the boy looked back, he would find that the man’s golden hair had turned pure black, and his eyes were filled with endless darkness. His compassionate temperament had been replaced by violence and cruelty.

The passion was wild, and the combination of spirit and flesh left the two in a daze for a long time.

The man’s hair and pupil color gradually returned to normal, he wrapped the limp boy with his holy robe and hugged him in his arms, close to his heart. He sometimes lifted a lock of platinum hair to kiss, and sometimes kissed the boy’s wet eyes, his expression was extremely gentle.

Zhou Yun Sheng buried his face in his chest and muffled out, “Father, do you know that even the elf clan, the ones with the purest souls, have demons among them.”

“Any kind of race can be corrupted by the demon fog, no one’s mind is absolutely clean.” The Light God whispered as he pecked the boy’s swollen lips.

“As long as the heart is toward the light, it will be able to withstand the darkness.” Brainless Sheng inherited the original Joshua’s longing and devotion to the light. He could say without a guilty conscience that his mind and heart was absolutely clean. Of course, that’s only if he was separated from Rational Sheng.

“Joshua, you need to know, wherever there’s light, there’s a natural darkness where the light doesn’t shine. Light and darkness seem like two extremes, but in fact, they are indivisible. You can’t pursue absolute light, because that’s something that doesn’t exist. Even if it’s you and me, we can be corrupted by darkness anytime.”

“That’s impossible!” Brainless Sheng shouted a retort, “You are the God of Light, you will never be corrupted by darkness. And if it’s me, I’d rather die.”

The Light God stiffened for a moment before asking, “Would you rather die than be contaminated by darkness? But Joshua my love, what if you’ve been stuck in the darkness for so long, you can’t remove yourself?”

“But I’m now in the embrace of the God of Light, right? Father, don’t say more, I don’t like this topic.” Brainless Sheng was unable to accept any imperfections, his thoughts were always innocent.

The Light God covered his eyes with his palm and kissed his forehead, his pupils radiating a cold black light. His baby was so disgusted by darkness, he really didn’t know what to do.


At the same time, the elves and the beastmen were trembling from the heavy pressure in the air. Even the beastmen, who had no magic properties, and the elf warriors found it difficult to breathe, and the higher the level of the warrior, the more profound the feeling. Their hands and feet were weak, their hearts were racing, and they knelt in the direction of the temple in worship.

The Elf King and Beast King fell to the ground, thick cold sweat emerging from their foreheads. For the first time, they felt the power of the Father, who, by momentum alone, was able to shake the whole continent, it seemed that he could destroy it with only his fingertip.

“Is it Father? Is it?”

“Such power, it must be.”

“Father is in the temple, great lord, he came to our land.”

“But Boel Britte and that devil are here!”

“Please forgive us Father, please don’t reject the elves and beastmen!”

The two kings felt very ill when they heard the cries of their people. They were the ones who brought calamity on their people, but the merciful Father could give them a chance to mend things.

The pressure lasted for only a quarter of an hour, but the light circle around the temple didn’t open. The kneeling elves and beastmen stood up, hugging each other to find comfort.

Seeing Bowen walk over with a staff, the Elf King whispered, “Is the Father in our temple?”

“Yes.” Bowen thought for a moment, then said, “Joshua seems to be in a relationship with the Father, they seem to be lovers.” If it was the past, he would never imagine that the High Father would love a mortal like that. But now, after hearing their dialogue, he could only come to this seemingly absurd conclusion.

The Father’s gentle tone contained such strong love, even a bystander like himself could clearly feel it. Someone who the Father fell in love with, how could they be a despicable villain? There was no doubt that Boel Britte was telling them lies, even his origin, he was starting to think, might not be as noble as he’d told them.

The Elf King and Beast King’s expressions turned ugly.

They were silent for a moment, then the Elf King took off his crown and slowly opened, “In order to turn away a disaster on our people, I’ll explain to the Father. I want him to only punish me, not my family.”

The Beast King whispered, “I’m with you.”

They walked toward the temple, but suddenly, there was a flash of golden light above them, and a figure tumbled out of the golden light and fell heavily to the ground. It groaned twice, then slowly climbed up and looked around.

It was a tall, delicate faced boy. He had white hair and blue eyes, his slender body wrapped in white robes. At first glance, he looked very similar to Priest Joshua, but he didn’t have the holy and peaceful temperament of Priest Joshua.

He looked at the face of the Elf King and Beast King, blinked and asked, “Excuse me, where’s this?”

“Who are you? Why are you trespassing on my land?” The Elf King pointed his scepter at him, on his guard.

“Are you elves?” He saw the Elf King and Bowen’s pointed ears and revealed an expression of surprise. But after all, he’d lived on the continent before, he remembered how xenophobic the elves were so he quickly explained, “Please don’t hurt me, I come from the spirit world.”

“You are an oracle?” Bowen immediately stepped forward, looking intently at him. Although the boy was very beautiful, his dress was very simple, and he also didn’t emit a light presence. He was a defenseless, ordinary man.

“What? No, I’m not an oracle!” The boy remembered the reason for his exile, then explained with trepidation, “I was originally a mortal from the continent, I was brought to the Father’s house hundreds of years ago. But there was a defector in the Temple of God, he stole one of the glorious Father’s light stone rings and came to the mainland, claiming to come in the name of the Father.”

“Because his behavior seriously angered the Father, the Father rejected all of us and stripped the light from our bodies, banishing us to the mainland. I’m just an ordinary person now. I want to return to my former home in the Moro Kingdom, please elders, can you help me.”
The boy noticed that the Elf King was holding a crown in one hand and guessed that he had an extraordinary identity. He knelt down and reached out a hand, letting them see his weak physique. He had no magic or vindictiveness, even the elves and beastmen wouldn’t hurt a helpless cub.

The Elf King, Beast King, and Bowen stood in place like three statues. They remembered what Boel had said when he first came to their lands: “I’m the messenger the Father sent to the mortal world to travel his beloved continent and spread the light.”

“The Father was very fond of me. He often summoned me to sing for him. He often praised my singing voice, saying I sounded more beautiful than the elves. But after hearing your song today, I know that the Father was just comforting me, I’m not matchless like you …”

“Oh, I really want to stay with you forever, but the Father will come pick me up one day. I can’t imagine how bittersweet my heart will feel on that day … …”


The once extremely sweet words, in retrospect, only brought nausea. The Elf King and Beast King looked at each other and saw the same sadness in their eyes. They’d felt jealousy over Boel, had passionate nights with him, but now, everything felt like a nightmare.

Only Bowen was calm, he held the boy’s hand and entered some light power to check, confirmed he was harmless, then pulled him up, asking, “That defector you was talking about, is he named Boel Britte?”

“Yes, that’s him! You guys know each other?” The boy’s eyes widened, he carefully looked at the two king’s faces, then covered his mouth and exclaimed, “You’re Boel’s two lovers.” Before leaving the spirit world, the Father had showed Boel’s experience to everyone, although many people were too ashamed to look at the wreckage on the screen, the boy was obviously not one of them.

He not only looked, he was very fascinated, of course he could identify two of Boel’s many lovers.

The veins on the Beast King’s face fiercely jumped as he asked, “You know us? Didn’t you come from the spirit world?”

The boy looked back at him with sympathetic eyes and tactfully reminded, “You know that the Father is omniscient and omnipotent, no man’s actions can escape his eyes.” So your fornication is well known in the spirit world.

The Elf King and Beast King understood his meaning. Before, they could summon up the courage to go to the Father to pray for forgiveness, but now, they wanted to find a hole to bury themselves. The Elf King remembered that one time, Boel had accidentally eaten a fruit with a very strong aphrodisiac effect, and in order to save him, he and the Beast King had worked together….the three of them…

They could no longer think about it, blood rushed up their throats, and the two kings silently swallowed the sweet liquid and turned away, their footsteps unsteady and heavy.

Bowen closed his eyes and sighed for a moment before reaching out, “Please come with me, I’ll have you safely escorted back to your hometown.”

“Oh, thank you.” The boy quickly bowed, then said in understanding, “I’ll never tell these things to others.” At least the two kings could save face.

“No, please preach it. It’s better that all my people know that they have been deceived.” Bowen said sincerely.

“All right, if that’s your wish, I’ll do my best. Speaking of which, you almost became one of Boel’s lovers.” The boy eventually recognized Bowen’s gentle face. His memory was superior, he remembered how the man almost had sex with Boel, but they were interrupted by a sudden visit from the Pope.

“That detail doesn’t need to be known by everyone.” Bowen opened in extreme shame, anxious to cast a few purification spells on himself.

The boy soon joined the escort of the Sagya Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Dorados. When he’d heard that they were escorting Priest Joshua around the mainland, his face reddened in excitement and he’d insisted that he travel with them. He was very clever, when the Father showed Boel’s experience to everyone, he’d noticed that when Boel had first stepped into the Light Temple of Sagya Kingdom, the roses in front of Priest Joshua had all bloomed, and they’d turned from pure white to fiery red.

Boel had thought it was a gift from the Father to him, but please don’t be ridiculous, the Father didn’t even know who he was, how could he send him a gift? That gift must’ve been for Priest Joshua. His figure had stood in front of the flowers for just a moment, but his more dazzling than the sun appearance had stuck in his mind.

He finally knew why the Father had loved his hair and eye color, but saw him as nothing, it was because they were all defective when compared to Priest Joshua.

It was safest to stay by Priest Joshua’s side, because the Father always looked after him.

Thinking of this, the boy tried hard to develop a close friendship with the Sagya guards. During that period, elves or beastmen would walk up to ask him about Boel’s origin and he would tell them without reservation, then he felt more sympathy for them after seeing their pale complexions.

Boel’s status in the Temple of God was very low, so he didn’t expect that when he escaped to the mainland, he would push two races to such a precarious state.


Boel was hunting with a few elves and beastmen in the forest, he stood under the tress to catch the wild fruit the elves picked. Hubert had left a quarter of an hour ago, and when he came back his expression was very cheerful, as if something interesting had happened.

He was a wind and fire double attribute mage, and his level had already reached the beginning of saint, so he was capable of flying. He flew to the highest branch and picked the sweetest wild fruit for Boel. After seeing Boel’s carefree smile, the depths of his eyes filled with a touch of ridicule.

Suddenly, an extremely powerful coercion spread in the air, Hubert and the elves were whipped to the ground and struggled to climb up.

Surely, the Monarch must be in the same place as Joshua. Hubert laid in an ungraceful pose flat on the ground, letting his imagination run wild while waiting for the pressure to disperse. Boel was now an ordinary human, so he only felt that the air was a little thinner, unwary.

He ran over to help Hubert, worried about how strange everyone was acting.

“I’m all right dear. I think I need to leave, so you’ll have to go back with them. When the storm subsides, I’ll come pick you up.” He patted Boel’s cheek, struggled to get up, and disappeared into the forest.

Boel anxiously returned to the village, and his expression froze when he saw a white haired, blue eyed teenager surrounded by a group of people.

He was trying to figure out how to convince the boy to not reveal his true identity when the teenager noticed him and ran toward him angrily, kicking and punching him crazily.

“Damn you Boel Britte, you’ve killed us! You liar, despicable villain! You stole the Father’s ring and not only fled to the mainland, you even swaggered around using the Father’s name. You destroyed the order of the temple and tarnished the Father’s honor. You angered the Father and he took his anger out on us, kicking all of us out of the spirit world. You revolting creature!”

The anger the boy had accumulated in Temple of God was not light, he knew that if he met Boel on the mainland, he would have to give him a good beating. Now that he got his wish, he certainly wouldn’t hold back, so his punches were very heavy.

Boel was now an ordinary human, he didn’t have the strength to fight back. His body was in pain, but his inner panic and fear was more painful. His line of sight fell on the elves and beastmen, and he found that all who had been kind and loving to him before were now staring at him with disgusted eyes, as if he was the world’s most dirty creature.

He didn’t dare look up again, and covered his head with his arms as he groaned.

The Beast Prince endured, but he finally walked over and pulled the white haired boy away, pulling Boel into his arms.

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t let anyone hurt you. Even if you’re not God’s messenger, I still love you.” He whispered in his ear, his crimson eyes radiating hatred. If it wasn’t for Joshua, Boel would’ve never fallen to this point.

Bowen walked over and ordered men to pry the Beast Prince away, so Boel could be held in solitary confinement in a tree house. The elves, of course, didn’t have anything as evil as a dungeon, they didn’t use torture as punishment. They would confine Boel and ask him about Hubert’s true identity and his purpose for coming to their land.

If he answered clearly, they wouldn’t kill him, they would only exile him to the dark forest. But for an ordinary person, walking into there was a dead end.

At the same time, many countries on the continent discovered teenagers appearing out of thin air. Their arrival was very similar to Boel’s, but no one dared claim to be God’s messenger, they clearly told the story of their origins and reasons for expulsion. The news quickly spread throughout the continent, resulting in another wave of scandal.

The kings who had once hosted grand ceremonies to welcome Boel were disgraced, they now hated him to the bone. If Boel ever appeared in their territory again, he would be arrested and burned to death. The most embarrassed was the Sagya Kingdom’s ruler, who had almost made Boel their Bishop, and he’d even offended the true Darling of God, Joshua.

He was simultaneously the luckiest King on the continent and the most unfortunate.

Zhou Yun Sheng stayed in the temple for three days and three nights. He and the God of Light never moved from the chaise, and their bodies were almost always connected together, if he dared to recall some scenes, even he himself would feel embarrassed. This prolonged love session ended when he finally couldn’t bear it anymore and he begged the Father for mercy.

The Light God placed him on top of the chair’s armrest, blindfolded his eyes and kissed him for more than ten minutes, then turned into puffs of light and faded away.

He sensed the external light circle completely disappear, and Brainless Sheng retreated into the subconscious to rest, giving Rational Sheng control of the body. He put on his pure white priestly robe and walked out of the temple with a gloomy face.

It was late at night, and because the light circle had surrounded the temple, the elves and beastmen didn’t dare get too close, so the surrounding area was very quiet. A few fireflies flew in the treetops, and small insects called out from the grass.

Zhou Yun Sheng slowed down his pace, walking leisurely. He was very puzzled. Joshua was supposed to be a mortal, but after enduring three days and three nights of the Light God’s love, he wasn’t physically tired, although his spirit was tired. No matter how he looked at it, it was very strange.

He twisted his brow in thought, then suddenly froze.

“Who’s there?” He felt he was being encircled by a strong barrier, but this barrier was filled with demon fog to suppress his strength. He didn’t pause to think, he summoned his scepter and attacked, using his huge light power to break the not yet fully formed barrier, then he jumped away from the position he was standing in and ran.

He looked back for a moment and found that the ground he’d stood on now had a huge pit created from demon fog corrosion.

He relied on his intuition to escape the invisible creature’s attacks, put away his scepter, and condensed his power of light into two sharp rapiers, launching a melee attack on the invisible enemy.

The man seemed to be very surprised, and he clicked his tongue from time to time. He knew that Joshua’s magic was very powerful and was planning to knock him out and capture him, but he didn’t expect Joshua’s fighting skills to be so strong, his sharp moves were flawless.

Because he didn’t dare hurt him, the man was in a difficult situation, his constant hissing showed that he was being covered in wounds, and golden blood was dripping on the ground, exposing his whereabouts.

Golden blood? Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes widened in surprise. According to legend, only gods had golden blood, so the person attacking him was not a demon, but a god? Which god? For what purpose?

Because of his doubts, his movements slowed down for a moment, then he heard a thud and whistling sound from behind him.

The man shouted at him to watch out, but it was too late, an arrow enchanted with demon fog penetrated his shoulder with a mighty force and pinned him to the pillar in front of the temple.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked towards the direction of the arrow’s source and saw the malicious expression of the beastman prince.

He quickly broke the arrow’s tail, pushed off and hopped down from the pillar. He was about to kill the beastman prince when he suddenly felt a painful blow to the back of his neck and fainted.

A sea of dark fog filled the front of the temple, blocking the Beast Prince’s eyesight, and when the dark fog completely faded, the front of the temple was empty. The Beast Prince didn’t forget to turn a few laps around the temple to make sure that Joshua was really gone before heading to the tree house Boel was confined in.

He’ll take Boel away, even if they had to break away from the clan, the world was so big, there would always be some place for them to shelter.

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devil's advocate
devil's advocate
8 months ago

So they were out pray and they inside having sexy time

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1 year ago

I feel bad for the beast Prince, boel that slut doesn’t deserve such love! ಠ⁠﹏⁠ಠ

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2 years ago

My god, how can someone like boel who has a slutty loose ass be worthy of anyones love

1 year ago
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Probably got drugged or something

Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
2 years ago

Poor prince to have fallen for a loose ass like Boel

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I love this comment ?

9 months ago

Do u’all read w ur feet? Why do u pity the beast prince? He’s literally doing all this willingly? He’s as bad as boel dafuq