FOD Chapter 9.3


Chapter 9.3

After the meeting, the white coat wearing scientists left. Zhou Yun Sheng had walked to the corner of the stairs when a hand reached out to stop him.

“Dr. Bai, everyone’s job is to save mankind, but your research has not been fruitful for years, while my research is close to success. Why don’t you close your project and help me? My project team still lacks a deputy team leader.”

Bai Mo Han was the Institute’s director, Wu Han Yuan’s offer was a deliberate provocation, and it also exposed his intention to squeeze him and climb to the top. His research project was highly favored by the higher-ups, and he had received a lot of attention, his budget and resources were growing each seminar. In contrast, Bai Mo Han’s group was receiving less and less resources, they were even a low priority for power supply.

Zhou Yun Sheng hid his anger and smiled, he slowly said, “I’m committed to eliminating the zombies, and you’re committed to making scarier monsters. Are you really sure you’re saving humankind, not destroying it? Wu Han Yuan, the wages of sin is death, you will face retribution sooner or later.”

Wu Han Yuan shouted at his hastily leaving figure, “If I’ll be punished, then what about you? Your hands are just as blood stained as mine!”

Zhou Yun Sheng footsteps slightly paused, then he continued walking. He saw the Guard Captain glancing at him from time to time and bluntly said, “Don’t worry, I will have my retribution, but everything I bear is worth it, sooner or later, one day, you’ll know.”

The Guard Captain was silent.

Lei Chuan followed by his side, frowning tightly. He knew what his so-called retribution was, his body was already an arrow at the end of its flight.

A few days later, Wu Han Yuan conducted a large experiment, in order to show off, he specifically invited the base front-runners and several other research groups.

A huge meteorite tempered glass surrounded a room with a dozen zombies, their levels were 7 or more. There was even a level-10 water zombie, which was constantly using water arrows to attack the glass surface, trying to escape.

Fortunately, these glass were very strong, even if it were two level-level-10 zombies it could hold for several hours without fragmentation.

“Is your mutant zombie ready?” The base leader looked at Wu Han Yuan, his eyes revealed an ambitious light. If he could set up a zombie corps, the earth would be under his control.

“It’s ready, I’ll let it out immediately. This is my trump card, the level is unknown, but its fighting force is comparable to level-11.” Wu Han Yuan clicked on a blue button on the console, a side door slowly raised in the glass room and a scaled, muscular zombie with a long lizard tail shot out like an arrow, jumped on a zombie and started devouring it.

Everyone felt a cold lump in their throats at its appearance. This zombie had completely lost its human features, it was covered with scales, its skin was bright green, like mold, and its huge mouth occupied one-third of its face, its sharp teeth were spread to its ear.

It bit the zombie’s head, devoured it up to its neck, then ferociously attacked several other zombies.

Suddenly, the laboratory was covered in flesh and blood, and tragic howling sounded again and again.

This was simply a one-sided massacre, if they formed a corps full of such zombies, the base would be invincible and rule the world. The leaders looked at each other and nodded with satisfaction.

Wu Han Yuan pushed up his glasses frame, smug.

Lei Chuan expressionlessly stared at it all, his heart that was calm for so long once again filled with monstrous anger. The zombies were gradually pressing the surviving humans into smaller and smaller living spaces, while these people developed a more terrible monster. Have they not thought about what the consequences will be when these monsters go out of control?

What a bunch of ambitious idiots!

Zhou Yun Sheng was also criticizing the base leaders’ foolishness at that moment. They wanted to use a chip to control such a monster, who gave them such confidence? Even as a top hacker, he couldn’t guarantee that he could develop a 100% controllable chip.

His fingertips accumulated a trace of soul force to input into 007. After it started up, he immediately released an invasion to tamper with the chip’s processes. Then he gathered power from Bai’s nucleus, and used the remaining trace of Psychic energy to form an invisible sharp spike. Then he punctured the meteorite glass continuously, until a small, almost invisible hole appeared.

As a ghost, Lei Chuan could see the things that were normally invisible. He found a bright white energy shooting from Bai Mo Han’s body to stab at the meteorite glass. What is he going to do?

As soon as a speculation emerged, the mutant zombie in the laboratory suddenly went mad. It quickly killed the last level-10 zombie, then pounded the meteorite glass, watching the humans with red eyes and roaring angrily.

The higher-ups couldn’t help but step back with a look of horror on their faces.

“Don’t worry, it can’t come out. It just ate a lot of zombies, so it’s in a state of excitement. When it has finished digestion, it will quiet down.” Wu Han Yuan hurriedly explained.

But unfortunately, this zombie simply couldn’t quiet down, in its violent attack, a few spider web thin cracks unexpectedly appeared in the meteorite tempered glass.

“Bad, the glass is broken, everybody quickly escape!”

This reminder was too late, the glass broke before everyone could react, and the mutant zombie bounce out. It opened its foul mouth and chomped on Wu Han Yuan’s throat, warm blood spattering everywhere. The unprecedented taste of sweet fresh human flesh excited the mutant zombie even more.

It shook off Wu Han Yuan’s body and lounged toward the higher-ups, the accompanying high level Warriors quickly formed a wall block.

Zhou Yun Sheng had quietly retreated to the back after piercing the glass wall. He had no intention of making the situation so large that it would spread to his own research, he ordered 007 and detonated the zombie’s brain chip.

A muffled thud sounded, and the ferocious abnormal mutant zombie suddenly fell. The back of its head had a big hole, and a faintly visible powdered blue nucleus slowly flowed out with the black and red blood.

This is so-called savior of humanity? If such an army was set up, it might be the human beings who are hunted down! The higher-ups clenched their teeth in lingering fear.

Zhou Yun Sheng led his research team away before the chaos ended, while walking, the nucleus in his brain finally broke into powder and was quietly absorbed into his body. From now on, he really was a defenseless ordinary man.

Lei Chuan had listened to the researchers’ private talk, they’d said Dr. Bai had turned from a King level person into an ordinary person after using up his nucleus to prevent experimental body No. 1’s self-destruct. They often sighed because of this, but Lei Chuan knew that Bai’s crystal nucleus was not really broken, he could always see his body overflowing with white light, the characteristics of a Psychic Warrior.

But now, he saw the white light fade away like the stars before dawn, disappearing without a trace one by one, when the doctor arrived at the laboratory, his body’s light was completely dark, he’d turned completely into an ordinary person. But his expression was indifferent as always, as if nothing had happened.

Lei Chuan heard someone sigh in relief, saying that fortunately, the experiment failed, otherwise the human race would have a new natural enemy, their futures would’ve been even bleaker.

In order to prevent the experiment, he sacrificed his own King level nucleus, was it necessary? Is it worth it? He simply couldn’t understand Dr. Bai Han’s thought process.

As a result of forcibly launching 007, Zhou Yun Sheng’s soul was dealt inevitable damage. He forced down the overwhelming pain and rushed toward the lounge, he was preparing to close the door when a big hand held the door frame.

“Doctor, I’ve got two backup generators for you, we no longer have to be afraid of a power failure.” The Guard Captain said happily.

“That’s great, thank you.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s tone was very natural, but his hands were clenched into hidden fists, his veins bulging. He couldn’t suppress it.

The Guard Captain waved shyly, he turned around and walked two or three steps, seemed to remember something and ran back and quickly held the door, “Doctor, I also helped you get a number of new beakers and petri dishes … …”

Before he could finish, a thick spray of blood splashed onto his face, then a pale hand grabbed his collar and pulled him into the room, locking the door.

Luckily, no one was in the hall! Zhou Yun Sheng was secretly glad, he covered his mouth while non-stop blood flowed out. This body was going to die, he had a premonition, two months, at least till January, then he’ll have to leave.

“D-doctor, what’s wrong you?” The Guard Captain wiped his face and found that it was not simple blood, it was also mixed with meaty viscera, his fright made him incoherent.

Zhou Yun Sheng took off his coat, rolled it into a ball and spit out all the blood on it. After several minutes the blood started to lessen, then he slowly walked to his bed and sat down, he waved, “I’m fine.”

“You call this okay? You’re going to die!” Lei Chuan shouted into his ears. The man raised a trembling hand to cover his mouth, blood leaked through his palm and he wiped it on his dyed dark red coat, the picture was very appalling. Although he was clearly a ghost with no senses, Lei Chuan felt like the blood was magma, bringing him an unbearable burning sensation.

His eyes turn crimson, bloodshot, he wanted to squeeze the man’s slim neck and shake his head to make him sober up. He stretched out a hand but was afraid of breaking him, so he only slumped beside him and sighed helplessly.

The Guard Captain couldn’t believe it, he shook his head. “How can you be fine this way? Doctor, I’ll take you to the infirmary at once.”

“Yes, hurry and take him!” Lei Chuan stood up and urged, but no one could hear him.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled wryly and waved, “I’d rather die in the lab than die on a hospital bed. The experiment is about to succeed, except for me, no one has the ability to combine the genetic chain. I’ll last until then, really. Don’t tell anyone about this, I don’t want to cause unnecessary panic.”

The Guard Captain shook his head repeatedly, feeling very choked. The doctor who was so invincible in everyone’s eyes was already so weak? It was difficult for him to accept his death, unknowingly, his previous dislike had been completely replaced by reverence.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked at him sharply and said, “Do you remember what I said? I will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal, including all the ordinary people and Warriors who were sacrificed for the experiment, and including myself. My life, our lives are nothing compared to the billions of lives on earth. Don’t be sad, everyone has to die sometime.”

The Guard Captain shook his head, his eyes red, a few drops of tears fell onto the white floor tile, issuing a faint sound. After a long time, he gritted his teeth and muffled out, “Doctor, you’re a good man. Although many people died by your hands, you’re still a good person. This is not what you deserve!”

Zhou Yun Sheng waved away his concerns with a wry smile, the desire to vomit popped up again and he frowned, unable to speak.

The Guard Captain silently helped him clean up the room, he pulled out five or six blood stained clothes from under the bed and his fingers started trembling. He packed the clothes into his luggage bag, and quickly took it away while the hallway was empty.

Zhou Yun Sheng locked the door, rinsed his mouth, then directly went to sleep.

Lei Chuan’s dark eyes stared at his pale face, he wanted to cover him up with the quilt, but he was powerless. He quietly sat beside him thinking of lots of things, yet nothing at all.


As a result of the experiment’s failure, the base leaders banned Wu Han Yuan’s research group and the other groups carved up his resources. Zhou Yun Sheng’s laboratory received a number of advanced equipment and several business-refined researchers, this more or less advanced the experiment’s work schedule.

Two months later, a female researcher pushed the freezer into the laboratory, her voice trembling, “Doctor, the vaccine is mature, do you want to test the effect now?”

The busy researchers froze like statues, staring at the silver-gray box with hopeful and anxious eyes. They eagerly wanted to know the effect of this vaccine, but was afraid to know.

Zhou Yun Sheng slowly took off his rubber gloves and walked toward the safety laboratory next door. They followed closely behind.

A comatose human being was held in the glass room. He had been infected with the zombie virus for 6 hours, his teeth and nails had varying degrees of change-over, in an hour or two, he would completely lose his mind and become a downright monster.

“Give him an injection.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved, and immediately an Ice Warrior directly removed the vaccine from the freezer and went in to inject the person.

They held their breath and waited for 10 minutes, but the subject had no response. Did the experiment fail? The researchers couldn’t stop being anxious. Dr. Bai was the highest skilled scientist in China’s biotechnology field, if even his research failed, who could find the right formula? Was there any hope for mankind?

The world had billions of zombies, and every day more survivors became zombies, when will the killing end? They seemed to see a dark future ahead.

“The effect is not instantaneous, wait.” Zhou Yun Sheng was calm as always. In these 6 months, he rapidly absorbed Bai Mo’s knowledge every day, by now his biotechnology skills had already surpassed him. He knew that Bai’s formula was correct, so he also knew that his own formula had absolutely no problem.

Everyone’s panicked mood immediately settled down.

Lei Chuan stood upright by the doctor, sometimes looking at the infected in the laboratory, and sometimes looking at the man’s pale face, his mood seemed to be fluctuating.

After waiting another half an hour, a researcher exclaimed, “His complexion seems to be lighter. Before it was green gray, now it’s a waxy yellow.”

“Yes, there’s blood flowing through his face. I’ll take a look.” The Guard Captain was a Metal Warrior, he covered his body with a layer of steel and went in.

He held the infected person’s hand and found that the black sharp nails had returned to a normal color and shape, their dilated pupils had returned to normal, their teeth were no longer lengthy, and their mouth was no longer secreting the thick yellow, putrid saliva. The infection was obviously improving, although the person was still in a coma, their breathing and heartrate were steadier.

As he searched, everyone noticed these changes and their faces were ecstatic.

Zhou Yun Sheng lightly opened, “’Transfer him to the general ward, and take care to fasten his restraints to avoid a bad situation.”

His calm and self-assured attitude had a strong appeal, everyone quickly put away their joy and ecstasy, placed the infected on the mobile bed and pushed him away in a well-trained manner.

After 72 consecutive hours of observation, the infected person finally recovered from the zombie virus’ control. When he woke up, he thought he was dreaming, and asked several times whether or not he was in heaven.

The researchers had no time to pay attention to him, everyone hugged each other, laughing ecstatically and shedding tears of joy. Because of their success, the whole world would change!

Zhou Yun Sheng leaned against the door frame, his expression calm as always. He didn’t join everyone’s carnival, he just chose to leave silently. He climbed up the stairs, sat down for a rest, then continued up.

Lei Chuan followed him and said, “Where are you headed? If I had a body, I could carry you up on my back. Since the experiment is successful, you should go see a doctor, not go for a run.”

He was used to talking one-sidedly with the man.

Zhou Yun Sheng finally climbed to the top floor, pushed opened the old iron door and went out, then he looked around the balcony for a clean space to sit down.

It was evening, the bright red sun had half sunk behind the high-rise buildings, the sky was covered with red clouds, layer after layer, endless, as if it extended to the end of the world.

The news that the vaccine had been successfully developed had been broadcasted, astonished cheers could be heard everywhere in the base, some people burst into tears because of the extreme joy.

Lei Chuan walked to the balcony railing, looking down at the groups of twos and threes embracing and celebrating in the streets and said, “You don’t want to come see it? The base hasn’t been so lively for a long time, it’s like the New Year. I say that, but I don’t even remember what a New Year celebration looks like.”

He smiled and looked back, then was shocked.

The man had taken off his thick glasses and was gazing at the horizon sunset with a calm look, two lines of crystal clear tears ran down his pale cheeks, drop of tears were hanging on his sharp jaw.

Lei Chuan had never seen the man expose anything but a tranquil expression, even if he was vomiting a mouthful of blood, his eyes were always light. His spirit was more unwavering than anyone’s, Lei Chuan thought he would never be moved by anything, until now, he found that even this man had times of emotional fragility.

The tear filled eyes were more magnificent than the rosy clouds burning in the sky.

Lei Chuan froze, then he unconsciously walked over and spread out his palm to catch the tears.

With a flop, the teardrops fell through his palm and dropped to the ground, and were soon evaporated by the heat. Lei Chuan repeatedly clenched his fists, until he felt a faint pain.

Zhou Yun Sheng wiped away his tears, put on his glasses, stood up and walked toward the iron door. He’d stayed in the laboratory for half a year with hardly any natural light, his eyes couldn’t stand the light, tingling, plus the air in the Apocalypse had a distinct stink, it was not advisable to be out in the open air for too long.

Just as he walked into the lab, a researcher ran over and said, “Doctor, the leader told us to come to a meeting, everyone is here, we were waiting for you.”

Zhou Yun Sheng naturally knew what the base’s higher-ups would say, his eyes showed the hint of a sneer.

The research team all arrived, and the higher-ups expressed warm praise at everyone’s achievements and awarded generous prizes. After some miscellaneous talk, they finally warned everyone to absolutely not leak out the relevant information. They intended to rely on the vaccine to control China’s other large and small bases, to achieve their ultimate pursuit of power.

Everyone was silent, not daring to reveal their real thoughts. Standing upright behind Zhou Yun Sheng, Lei Chuan coldly laughed out loud. He had already seen through their ambitions.

“I object. My vaccine is not a tool for your domination. I ask you to share the vaccine data to all the survivors in the world. If we live according to your selfishness, when will mankind be saved? You’re violating my original intentions for developing the vaccine, I’m firmly against this!” Zhou Yun Sheng was outraged, he didn’t wait for the leaders to give out any high-sounding excuses and directly left.

Everyone admired him for his integrity and selflessness, but few dared to openly leave with him.

The Guard Captain hesitated for a moment, gave the leaders a salute, then steadfastly followed the doctor.

Back at the laboratory, the Guard Captain opened worriedly, “Doctor, you were too impulsive just now. To prevent confidential information leakage, the higher-ups will never let you go. You have to quickly leave with me, with your talent, the other bases will improve.”

“No, I don’t have time.” Zhou Yun Sheng opened the computer and compressed and transmitted the data to all the bases connected to B Base.

The transmission progress bar slowly rose, Lei Chuan could almost imagine how much ecstasy the bases who received this information would be in. This was Bai Mo Han’s task, important and selfless, except for admiration, he couldn’t find any other words to explain his mood at the moment.

Lei Chuan sat down beside him, his hand hanging in mid-air, after a long time, he finally tentatively touched his pale cheeks, aquiline nose, cold spectacle frames, thin lips. His movements were soothing and gentle, as if he were afraid of breaking him.

The progress bar finally reached 100% and Zhou Yun Sheng let out a long breath. He opened the incubator and pulled out the sleeping experimental body No. 1. He had to admit that as the protagonist, the other man had a handsome appearance and an incomparably strong physique, even after sleeping for half a year, his appearance was still intact.

His slid his fingertips along the man’s forehead to the bridge of his nose, lips, Adam’s apple, chest, and finally stopped at his lower abdomen.

“What are you doing?” Lei Chuan soundlessly asked. Although he was a ghost, he seemed to feel the man’s cold fingertips sliding over him, the feeling itchy and unbearable. He was irritable and confused, so he ignored the throbbing that was hidden deep in his heart.

Zhou Yun Sheng watched him for a long time, then finally kissed experimental body No. 1’s lips. Before leaving, he wanted to confirm whether he was his lover. He’d always given him a very special feeling.

The familiar thrill didn’t pass through his soul, but he didn’t know that he was only kissing an empty shell.

Zhou Yun Sheng straightened up and sighed, he didn’t turn around to face the Guard Captain, “After I die, you have to ship him out. At the top of the freezer is a light blue tube, my psychic energy condensed into a drug, it may be able to wake him up. He’s stayed here long enough, it’s time for him to leave.”

The Guard Captain was still stunned from the previous scene, he didn’t answer for half a day.

Lei Chuan recovered from his surprise and shameful blush and shouted angrily, “You’re not dead, don’t say such nonsense! You have to walk with me, who knows if your medicine will work, do you want to shirk responsibility? Bai Mo Han, don’t forget that you did everything to get me in here in the first place, you bastard!”

He was like a trapped beast, circling around the man, but suddenly a frostbolt shot past, phasing through his body and mercilessly striking into the other man’s heart.

The Guard Captain looked back and revealed a horrified expression. The attacker was a level-11 Ice Warrior, he was ordered to come and harvest Bai Mo Han’s head. There was complete data, experienced researchers, and sophisticated instruments, Bai Mo Han no longer had value. Since he refused to listen, it was better to get rid of him.

Zhou Yun Sheng clutched his chest and fell to the ground, coughing up blood, then a more powerful force pulled his soul out from his body. He knew it was time to leave.

“No! Bai Mo Han you can’t die! I want you to come with us! Don’t you hear me?” Seeing the man gradually closing his eyes, a huge panic and despair filled Lei Chuan’s heart, he was furious, and his soul began to glow with a harsh purple light.

Boom! A loud explosion, B Base’s laboratory for storing valuable information instantly turned into ashes. The higher-ups’ hopeful attempt to use the vaccine to control the whole country and even the world had become a big joke.

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