FOD Chapter 9.4


Chapter 9.4

Zhou Yun Sheng was awakened by a burst of pain, as if something was drilling into his limbs, devouring his flesh and blood greedily. After experiencing so many dangers, it was an instinct to protect himself, he immediately pushed out his soul force and wrapped up his heart and other vital organs. The pain reduced a lot.

Here was not his Xinghai space, at the moment of death, a very powerful force had wrapped him up and pulled him into the twisting space and time turbulence. That force was very violent, but it didn’t hurt him, it even filled his traumatized soul with warmth.

This was a very empty and shabby room, without any decoration or furniture, only the sofa cushions he was lying on. The flood of memories rushed into his mind, so unbearable to the soul that Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t help but moan painfully.

He had returned to the identity of Bai Mo Han and once again returned to his world, but it was already after the protagonists had reborn. According to Bai Mo Han’s memory, his fate had not changed, the two protagonists had heard that an army was preparing to escort Dr. Bai to B Base and cleverly mixed in, becoming the army’s main force. They killed everyone who had betrayed Lei Chuan before, and was now in charge of Bai Mo’s protection.

Just yesterday, Guo Zerui killed the army leaders responsible for escorting Dr. Bai and could’ve taken Dr. Bai’s life, but because his hatred was too deep, he didn’t want to let Dr. Bai die a happy death, so he’d quietly sprinkled a few bloodvine seeds into Dr. Bai’s diet.

Bloodvine was a plant that was red as blood, the largest was a few millimeters in diameter, while the smallest was thinner than human capillaries. They hide in the soil, and after meeting passing animals or humans, they would quietly puncture their skin like a parasite, travel along the blood vessels and spread throughout the body. It lived daily by eating the flesh and blood of the host, until the host was sucked dry, then it would borrow into the soil to find the next host.

If the plant was cut, it would not die, but grow into two new plants. Its reproductive capability was very powerful, only fire could completely eliminate it. The infected man must find a Plant Warrior in the shortest possible time to remove it, otherwise he would die.

Of course, mankind could even effectively kill zombies, although this plant was terrible, it was not unstoppable. Medical scientists invented a medicine that could make your blood smell disgusting to the bloodvines, after taking the medicine, the bloodvines wouldn’t dare get close to your blood, even if it was already in you, it would follow the digestive track to get out.

The inventor of this medicine was none other than Bai Mo Han, but unfortunately, the timeline was in the past, this medicine was not yet available.

Zhou Yun Sheng repeatedly dug his mind to find memories of Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui, he finally determined that the two were really reborn, but they still hated Bai Mo. Unmistakably, whenever they looked at Bai Mo Han their eyes had obvious killing intent.

So that meant Lei Chuan really was brain dead, he didn’t know that Bai Mo Han had truly developed the anti-zombie virus vaccine, otherwise, after he took care of all his other enemies he would never treat Bai Mo Han like this.

Fucking pointless, all that effort was in vain! Zhou Yun Sheng fiercely frowned. Now, his task was the same as the last time, save the world, but the difficulty had directly rose to S level. First of all, he needed to remove the bloodvine in order to save his life, secondly, he had to somehow get a sample of Lei Chuan’s blood, thirdly, he had to escape from the murderous protagonists and their lackeys and flee to B Base, and finally, he had to repeat the process and develop the vaccine.

The last step was easy, but the first three steps were difficult.

He didn’t have plant abilities to control the bloodvine, and he couldn’t ask for help from the other people in the team because most of them were Guo Zerui and Lei Chuan’s men, all eager to kill him. For now, he could only hope his soul force could expel the bloodvine.

That meant that the little power he’d recovered in his soul would become riddled with holes, which meant his ability could never improve. Spirit strength determined the strength of your ability, and soul strength and spiritual strength were basically the same thing. When the soul was hit, even if you used your ability, it’ll be very unimpressive, and no matter how much crystal nuclei you absorbed, it’ll be like pushing a clay ox into the sea, useless.

As far as he knew, there was no treasure in this world that could directly repair the soul, so, he’ll be equivalent to an ordinary man, defenseless. How can an ordinary man escape from so many high level Warriors, while also successfully getting some of Lei Chuan’s blood?

Because Guo Zerui and Lei Chuan were reborn, they’d begun stockpiling food, weapons, and contacts, plus since they knew about the crystal nucleus in advance, they practiced in secret. Now, although it was just 6 months into the Apocalypse, they were already level-4 Warriors, opening a full 5 or 6 year gap between them and everybody else. Even the world’s elite couldn’t hurt a hair on Lei Chuan’s head.

It can be said that killing anyone they wanted was just a matter of lifting a finger.

After reincarnating so many times, this was the first time Zhou Yun Sheng felt so suppressed. But in any case, he had to find a way to complete the task, to get enough energy to repair his soul.

Thinking of this, he began to manipulate his soul force, spreading it all over his body, forcing out the bloodvine bit by bit. When the bit of power he’d gained was finally exhausted, the bloodvine had also entered his digestive track, so he protected his heart and other important organs in advance, otherwise, when he forced it out he wouldn’t live for long.

But the damage caused by its feeding was not small, he felt like he was crushed by a truck, a familiar fishy sweet taste overflowed from his most.

At this moment, the door was suddenly knocked opened, and a tall figure ran like the wind toward him, shouting excitedly, “Doctor, what’s wrong?!”

Bai Mo Han’s glasses had broken in the escape, fortunately at this time his vision was not yet half blind, when the other man’s distance was only one or two meters away from him Zhou Yun Sheng finally identified him, and his high alert mood relaxed for the moment.

He pushed away the tall man who wanted to hold him up and turned over on the ground to vomit. A constant flow of blood poured out onto the floor, forming a pool of blood. Many small wormlike, blood red things twisted around, reaching out tentacles to search for the nearby warm creatures.

“Stand away, this is bloodvine!” He coughed and pulled the man back quickly.

The man was surprised to hear the words, he immediately used his ability to form a metal partition, blocking the bloodvine’s spider web thin tentacles. This plant must not be cut, cutting would only breed more, only fire could stop their searching approach.

But there was only the two of them in the room, where could they get fire ability?

The man’s abilities had not yet reached the level to cover his body in metal, he could only make a layer of metal to wrap around his legs, then he picked up the doctor and ran outside.

This was a suite, three bedrooms and one living room, Bai Mo Han was arranged in the back bedroom, the rest of the rooms had Lei Chuan subordinates and the survivors they’d rescued on the road.

Guo Zerui and Lei Chuan had told their subordinates that Bai Mo Han was an evil scientist that uses humans for experiments, he was the Apocalypse’s harbinger, so no matter what they heard they couldn’t interfere with Bai Mo’s life and death. And the survivors were scared of zombies, unless they needed to, they absolutely wouldn’t run around openly.

So until the sound of the door being forced open sounded, no one came out to see the commotion.

The man ran to the gate while holding the doctor, who kept coughing up blood. He was also a soldier, and he was under B Base, but he hadn’t participated in the task of escorting Dr. Bai. Fortunately, when he was reborn he’d collected a lot of supplies outside, it was not far away from Dr. Bai’s location, so he wanted to immediately capture a military jeep and hurry over to it.

Here was a high-income district, security measures were already in place, so Lei Chuan had moved in and cleaned it up, specifically using it to accommodate survivors, in order to observe and recruit new subordinates. In this rebirth, they wanted to set up their own forces, and talent was indispensable.

The man had taken off his uniform for casual clothes, pretending to be an ordinary survivor, using a lot of effort to mix in.

When he’d heard that the B Base army had been inexpiably wiped out, and now Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui were leading special forces to escort Dr. Bai, plus Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui were level-4s who had long known the secret of crystal nucleus cultivation, his heart had immediately shook.

He was reborn, found that the circumstances were completely inconsistent with his memory and wanted to learn a little more. That night, he’d selected a room opposite Dr. Bai’s room in another house to live, and observed Dr. Bai with an infrared telescope. When he found him lying on the ground vomiting blood non-stop, the scene reminded him of the Dr. Bai in the past that was near death. At that time he could only helplessly watch him, so he immediately ran over to help him now.

Lei Chuan and his subordinates hated Dr. Bai’s cruelty, but the survivors knew that Dr. Bai was the top medical scientist in China, and that he was heading to B Base to research a zombie virus vaccine. They saw him as the country’s hope and naturally didn’t want to see him killed, so several other bases’ armies were lurking around, trying to take Dr. Bai away.

This was also another reason why Guo Zerui used the bloodvine to kill Dr. Bai.

As long as the man rescued Dr. Bai from the room, and Dr. Bai was no longer under Lei Chuan’s reach, he’d have time to plan how to escape with Dr. Bai.

The man thought through a lot, but it was only a few blinks of the eye. He ran out of the bloodvine room and was ready to accelerate but suddenly stopped, his eyes showing deep fear.

Lei Chuan was standing straight in his path, his eyes bloodshot, so his pupil reflected a red light, he looked like a dreadful, irrational beast. He stared at the man who kept coughing blood, and a few bulging veins emerged on his forehead, his jaw clenched. He looked as stiff as a sculpture and was visibly on the brink of violence.

He was filled with a menacing and fierce atmosphere, he slowly opened, “Give him to me!”

Zhou Yun Sheng forcibly climbed the other man’s neck, his dark eyes had no other emotion except for alertness. The assassination plan failed, so Lei Chuan wanted to do it himself?

Lei Chuan met his guarded look, and his gloominess deepened.

“Give him back to me!” He stepped forward to snatch him way, but found a dense layer of silk-like objects gushing out of the room and slowly climbing his feet.

He quickly searched his previous memories, and remembered that Guo Zerui had set bloodvine into Bai Mo’s body! His red eyes burst a fierce light, he burned the monsters into ashes, then he tightly closed the door and said heavily, “Put him down!”

The man was not Lei Chuan’s opponent, he was afraid of fighting and hurting Dr. Bai, so he had to compromise.

A soldier in a special combat suit heard the boss’ voice and quickly opened the door to view the situation. Lei Chuan took over his room and chased all the occupants out.

The bed and the sofas in Bai Mo Han’s room were misappropriated by these people, the soft bed with the snow-white mattress looked very comfortable. The man carefully laid Dr. Bai on the bed and wanted to take a towel from the bathroom to clean Dr. Bai, but Lei Chuan was blocking the doorway with a red eyed stare, so he immediately dispelled the idea.

He didn’t dare leave Dr. Bai. Obviously, he was not the only one reborn, Lei Chuan was also reborn, and perhaps even Guo Zerui, otherwise, they wouldn’t use such unfounded premise in this life to deliberately arrange for this murder. As for Dr. Bai, he certainly wasn’t reborn, otherwise he wouldn’t innocently follow Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui.

The man removed the pillow cases and gently wiped Bai Mo’s blood stained mouth and neck.

Zhou Yun Sheng had a severe headache, the bloodvine had penetrated his muscle tissue and sucked out a lot of blood. He had to continue to use his soul force to repair his body, but that also exacerbated his headache. This was simply a vicious circle, the weaker you are, the more you had to rely on your soul force to repair, the more soul force you use, the weaker you felt.

If things went on like this, he might not live for a few days.

At this thought, Zhou Yun Sheng coughed up a large amount of blood, the mouth and neck that the man had just wiped clean were dirty again.

The man’s eyes were crimson, his heart cramped, he called out Dr. Bai’s name, choked by his emotions. Why do good people never get good news? Billions of creatures owed him their lives, was this merit not enough to offset that little bit of killing sin? God can’t be so unfair!

Lei Chuan walked two steps and stretched out his hand to touch Dr. Bai, but the man seized his wrist, and growled between his clenched teeth, “Go away, don’t touch him! If you dare touch him, I don’t mind shouting out your plot. Although the B Base army has been killed by you, as far as I know, there are several other bases following you. They know Dr. Bai’s true value, they’ll never stand idly by!”

This threat was not enough to stop Lei Chuan, but he didn’t dare move again. He was extremely alarmed to find Bai Mo Han, while coughing up blood, was trying to curl up his body and hide behind the other man, and he looked at him with unfamiliar, cold, alert eyes.

“Don’t be afraid, I just want to help you heal. I have healing ability.” A power that had never been revealed to anyone, he simply and easily told Bai Mo, then he nervously waited for Bai Mo Han’s reaction, even his palms began to sweat. He thought he would reveal a look of interest, and then accept his nearness. He understood Bai Mo, in order to find a way to fight the zombie virus, he wouldn’t miss any chance, even if he’d have to live with the devil, he wouldn’t be timid.

But Lei Chuan had stayed too long in the laboratory, he’d forgotten the most critical point- healing abilities were rare, but not non-existent. Bai was only interested in him because his healing ability was the most special, he could even save those infected with the zombie virus.

He was vague, so Bai Mo had thought that he was only a regular healer, and wouldn’t risk his life to be near him. Moreover, now that Zhou Yun Sheng had replaced Bai Mo Han, he would be even more suspicious of traps.

“You want to kill me, why? I, Bai Mo Han, has always stayed in the lab or in the surgical unit year-round, I haven’t done anything wicked.” Zhou Yun Sheng weakly said between coughing up blood. He wouldn’t expose his own rebirth identity, it would only aggravate Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui’s hatred, but it was the truth, the current Bai Mo’s hands were very clean, he has never done experiments on anyone.

Lei Chuan was stunned, a deep feeling of powerlessness hit his heart. If he had been reborn earlier, he wouldn’t have let things get this far. By looking through his memory, he knew that Guo Zerui must also have been reborn, otherwise, he wouldn’t have told him to collect supplies, buy weapons, and reserve military power before the Apocalypse.

Guo Zerui had led him to intercept the army escorting Bai Mo Han, told him that Bai Mo was a pervert specialized in human experiments, and the zombie monsters were his experiment products. He said he was going to kill Dr. Bai to prevent him from creating more monsters.

His brother he’d known for eight or nine years versus a stranger, of course Lei Chuan would choose to believe his brother. He secretly killed the army sent to protect Bai Mo Han, and agreed to Guo Zerui planting the bloodvine into Bai Mo’s body.

When he’d opened his eyes and received all his memories of the past, he was terrified and trembling, the scene of Bai Mo Han clutching his chest and falling repeatedly played in his mind, over and over, giving him heart pain, bloodshot eyes, and high strung nerves.

However, all the previous anxiety and sadness could not compare to the pain from Bai Mo’s defensive eyes, at the moment, his sharply beating heart broke into pieces.

“I … …” His throat blocked, after a word he no longer made a sound.

“How do you know we want to kill you? Bloodvine are everywhere, maybe you were accidentally contaminated when we camped outside.” Guo Zerui appeared at the door, his tone was very impatient, he looked at the man caring for Bai Mo and asked, “Who are you? What’s your relationship with him? Why did you infiltrate our team?”

“This is not your base, all survivors have the right to stay.” The man avoided the questions, there were other bases’ armed forces nearby, he was certain that Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui wouldn’t make a big noise.

Guo Zerui sneered and no longer asked. He thought the man was a Plant Warrior that helped Bai Mo Han get rid of the bloodvine, and the boss heard the movement and came to the aftermath.

There were other survivors in this suite, fearing that his boss murdering them openly will make the other people feel unstable, Guo Zerui quietly pulled his sleeve.

Lei Chuan brushed him aside, squat down and said “I will not kill you, you don’t have to guard against me!” Seeing Bai Mo Han struggling to push his body into the corner to hide, a dark light slid across his crimson red eyes, he raised his hand and threw out a purple electricity ball, bringing down the man defending him, then he held his thin wrist in a firm grip and poured pure healing power into his body.

The body torn apart by the bloodvine was quickly restored, but the damage caused to the soul was unable to be compensated for by the ability. After Zhou Yun Sheng felt better he immediately threw off Lei Chuan’s hold, searched his pocket, pulled out a silver pistol and aimed at him.

“Thank you for the treatment, but please leave at once, or I’ll shoot.”

Lei Chuan raised his hands and slowly backed up, his face was expressionless, but his heart was writhing in turmoil. He had been guarding him day and night, had kept talking to him, letting go of all his hatred, and he’d even looked forward to waking up to be with him again.

However, everything in front of him was definitely not the scene in his imagination. The man shouldn’t be afraid of him, guard against him, and even hate him. He seemed to have reborn too late.

Lei Chuan was backing up too slowly, Zhou Yu sheng shook the gun again and threatened, “Please leave immediately!” Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui didn’t intend to openly attack him for now, so he still had the opportunity to escape, especially since God had not mistreated him too much and had given him a helper.

Guo Zerui sneered, pulled his boss out and slammed the door.

Zhou Yun Sheng immediately put away the pistol and dragged the paralyzed man lying on the floor onto the bed. They were exhausted, black and blue, and stayed silent for a long time.

Lei Chuan took Guo Zerui into his room and straightforwardly ordered, “From this point forward, you’re not allowed to move against Bai Mo Han! He’s not the inhuman scientist you say he is.”

“I’m not trying to defy you boss, but you don’t know … …” Guo Zerui wanted to explain, but he didn’t know how to describe such a bizarre thing like a rebirth, the boss would think he had a mental problem.

“I know, even clearer than you know, I was reborn just now.” Lei Chuan interrupted him.

Guo Zerui froze, stunned for a minute before hurriedly opening, “Boss, since you’re also reborn shouldn’t you want to personally kill Bai Mo Han? Why ban me from moving him? You got Stockholm syndrome?”

Lei Chuan didn’t speak for a long time. He really did get Stockholm syndrome, and his illness was not light. The painful memories of Bai Mo Han cutting into him with a scalpel all day and night, were replaced by the scene of the man looking at the sunset with silent tears. His eyes filled with hope and delight were more magnificent than the glowing, rosy clouds. At that moment, he wanted to wipe away his tears, pull him into his arms and kiss his emaciated cheek, to imagine a better and purer future with him.

At the moment of his death, he’d felt his whole world and thoughts collapse. He desperately wanted to destroy the empty world and make it all over again.

But when everything really turned back, he’d actually tried to kill the man himself.

“Six months after you died, Bai Mo Han developed a zombie virus vaccine.” In the end, he gave him a simply reason. But this reason was enough, no matter how many people were sacrificed, compared to the life and death of all mankind, it seemed so insignificant.

Guo Zerui was extremely shocked, he stared at his slightly trembling hands, speechless. These hands almost destroyed the hope of all mankind! Fortunately, the Plant Warrior arrived in time, really fortunate!

“Big Brother, I won’t touch him. But you’re not going to be a guinea pig again are you?” Guo Zerui suddenly found himself in a dilemma. He certainly wanted Bai Mo to develop a vaccine, but he didn’t want him to tie his big brother to a test table.

“No, actually, the vaccine only needs my blood to make. So regularly providing him my blood is enough. I have a sense of proportion, you don’t need to worry.” Lei Chuan waved his brother back and released his psychic force to explore Bai’s room.

Perhaps because of his rebirth, his mental strength was extremely strong, he was able to cover anything within a radius of 100 meters. He was used to staying by Bai Mo’s side all the time, just leaving him for a few minutes made him feel antsy and distraught.

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I don’t even remember how many times did i read this ????

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Just saying..this might be the 2nd favourite arc of mine..(⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ᴥ⁠ ͡⁠°⁠ ⁠ʋ⁠)

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This arc, as a rereader, reminds me how I love all the characters in it except for the psycho researcher in B-Base and the top brass. The OG MC in this arc is quite lovely, and so are the supporting characters.

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It’d seem that the man who saved ZYS is the guard captain? Such a shame we didn’t even get his name but that could only mean that he’s going to die soon. Honestly with each arc the characterization keeps getting lazier, it’s practically all about mc and ml now

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Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
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A Dumb Potato ?
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