FOD Chapter 9.2


Chapter 9.2

It’s been two months since Lei Chuan has been following Bai Mo Han around, his anxious rage to tear the other man apart had calmed down by now. He wanted to see if the great cause of saving all mankind from the Apocalypse could be successful. He firmly believed that Bai Mo was a psychopath, his so-called medical research was just to satisfy his own destructive fantasies.

It was because people like him existed that the Apocalypse happened. They were dirtier than the zombies, and should be completely obliterated. If he could return to his body and escape the Institute, he must let everyone here pay the price.

Because of hatred, he paid special attention to Bai Mo Han, every day with him he observed his every move. He found that his knowledge of society was non-existent, he couldn’t even make instant noodles. He only slept two or three hours a day, and in order to save time he was reluctant to even take off his clothes, if the experiment progressed a bit he would spend a few days and nights without sleep.

He was like Ironman, his work intensity was difficult for ordinary people to imagine.

Right now, he was observing a petri dish through a microscope, after a few minutes he placed the dish in the incubator and walked toward the bathroom. He closed the door of the compartment, opened the toilet lid, bent over, bowed his knees, and spit a large mouthful of blood, splashing in, the blood dying the toilet water red.

He scooped a bit of water from the bucket beside it, flushed the red liquid down the pipe, and wiped the scattered drops of blood with the rag on the water tank, then he went out to clean his hands as usual.

His expression was so indifferent, as if it was not blood he was gushing out, but saliva. Lei Chuan stood beside him, staring at his pale face with complex eyes.

Lei Chuan knew that in order to prevent his kamikaze, this person had paid an unimaginable price. His body was almost torn apart, and he himself certainly wasn’t any better, but a least he had healing ability. But Bai refused to even see a doctor, otherwise, he wouldn’t try so hard to cover it up.

He remembered what he had said – I will walk on the right path and pay any price for it.

Does this mean any price, including his life?

Thinking of this, Lei Chuan gave a mocking smile. He warned himself not to be confused by the devil, and don’t forget the pain of the man cutting him with a scalpel.

Zhou Yun Sheng felt the pain of the double trauma to his body and soul, he stepped back into the laboratory. He couldn’t let anyone discover Bai Mo’s real physical condition, he didn’t have the time to stay at the clinic. If he didn’t develop the vaccine as soon as possible, his remaining energy would not be enough to return him to the Xinghai space.

If the serious hit to his soul made him unable to return to the Xinghai space, the consequences would be very serious, he was likely to be thrown into time and space by the world’s consciousness. Then he wouldn’t have to be obliterated by the Lord God, because he would be turned into a violent string of data.

So this task was only allowed to succeed.

Just as he walked to the laboratory door, a female researcher shouted in panic, “Dr. Bai, experimental body No. 1’s sleep drug effect should’ve worn out already, but he has not woken up. Is there something wrong with him?”

Because of Lei Chuan’s strength, in order to ensure that he stayed on the test table, Bai Mo Han would regularly inject him with a dormant agent, each injection let him sleep for at least a month and a half. It’s been two months since the last injection, but he hasn’t opened his eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart slightly stopped, he briskly walked to Lei Chuan’s side to observe his pupil, no response, but his heartbeat and breathing was normal, was he brain dead? Or was he in a coma? What’s the use of creating the vaccine now? Lei Chuan will never know it was successful! Now he couldn’t afford to leave, because after Lei Chuan’s rebirth, if he doesn’t know the vaccine is real, he would still brutally kill the original, and his fate wouldn’t change.

Zhou Yun Sheng covered his face, feeling sympathetic tears for himself.

No, Lei Chuan’s healing was so powerful that he was impossible to kill, he just didn’t want to wake up. A strong person like him, even if he was sleeping, he would have a trace of outside perception, this vigilance was rooted in his bones, and wouldn’t easily disappear. He’d bet on this one, his gambling has always had good results!

He calmed down by reassuring himself.

Lei Chuan looked at his flushed eyes watching himself with a hint of sadness, his throat quivering, so slight he didn’t even notice.


Experimental body No. 1 failed to wake up, but as long as he was alive, his blood will remain fresh, so the researchers weren’t too concerned about it. Zhou Yun Sheng carefully wiped the body every day, hoping to create some slight goodwill. This could be considered an investment for the future. He had a hunch, when Lei Chuan was reborn, he would be rejected by the world’s consciousness and the real Bai Mo Han would come back.

At this moment, he was using a white towel to wipe Lei Chuan’s arm, pious and dedicated like he was treating a priceless treasure. Lei Chuan stood opposite him, his eyes more and more complex.

This person’s physical condition worsened day by day, and today when he vomited blood, Lei Chuan even found solid meat in the bright red blood, it seemed that he was coughing out his internal organs. His body has been fully exhausted, it must feel like the kind of horrible pain ordinary people couldn’t bear, but his calm expression did not change, even his brow didn’t wrinkle, but when he walked out of the bathroom he fell to the ground.

As he braced himself and struggled to get up, Lei Chuan subconsciously stretched out an arm to help him and was shocked by his actions.

He was irritable, angry, in emotional ups and downs, he sat in the corner to meditate for a long time before returning to Bai’s side.

He watched him clean up his body, watched him carefully observe the dishes, watched him discuss the experiment with the researchers, and watched him sleep in his clothes on the cold floor.

So, after many days, Lei Chuan calmed down more and more.

The three computers in the lab were calculating day and night, and the progress bar had reached 80% from the original 50%. Every researcher who passed the computer couldn’t help but stop and stare at the progress bar with hopeful eyes, as if when it reached 100%, a magic spell would be cast and the hellish world be restored to its original beauty.

Lei Chuan also formed such a habit. At this time, he was standing in front of the computer, unblinkingly staring at the moving data. Hearing Dr. Bai’s footsteps, he immediately moved to the side, for fear of blocking his line of sight, afterwards he smiled at his ridiculous reaction.

Zhou Yun Sheng leaned over to see which step the computer calculation was on. Just yesterday, 007 stopped running because of energy exhaustion, to restart, he needed to push soul force into it. But the world’s consciousness’ rejection was more and more intense, he could barely keep up this body, there was no extra energy to add to 007.

So to calculate the correct results, he could only rely on these three computers.

Fortunately, 007’s high-speed operation had already helped a lot, in another two months he would be able to get the results.

Zhou Yun Sheng straightened up and let out a breath. At this point, the lights above his head suddenly flashed twice and then were completely extinguished. The three computers issued a buzzing sound, then the screens went from blue to black.

“A blackout?! Why is there a power outage? Didn’t we say the laboratory must not have power outages? Are the people above eating shit?” A researcher shouted angrily.
Although these computers were the most advanced computers that could be found in the last days, many of the features were problematic because of their long service life, and one of the biggest problems was that they couldn’t save data after power failure. Bai Mo Han had repeatedly asked the base to ensure that the laboratory had constant power supply, they’d promised, but they obviously hadn’t take this to heart.

After the power was restored, the calculations would reset, which meant that years of calculations had disappeared into the air, and they had to start again.

And this world was already devastated, on the brink of death, no one could say if it would wait for a few more years.

A concentration of sorrow spread throughout the institute, a female researcher sobbed, followed by another person who couldn’t help crying, soon, the desperate cries sounded everywhere. They’d worked hard for more than a thousand days and nights, they’d sacrificed so many compatriots, only to find darkness before them.

At this moment, Lei Chuan forget his hatred, because his despair and sadness overwhelmed him. He was no longer an experimental body lying on a table, but a spectator floating in the air, so he seemed to be more sensitive to everything around him.

The Guard Captain raced over and explained, “A level-11 suddenly broke into the base and destroyed the electrical room. After killing the zombie, the technicians will start repair, so we don’t know when the power will come back.”

The highest level was 12, afterward was King level, Saint level and then God level, the three legendary realms. A level-11 and level-12 zombie could be considered among the world’s top enemies, killing one costs unpredictable lives and resources.

The waiting time seemed distant, so the researchers’ cries grew more desperate.

Zhou Yun Sheng was the only person who kept his calm, he quickly opened, “Are there any lightning powers in the base? Can we get one or two of them?”

The Guard Captain shook his head with a wry smile, “There are lightning powers, but our base only had Lei Chuan, and he is currently lying on the test table.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was silent, even the dark couldn’t hide his pale face. Lei Chuan thought he should gloat, but when his eyes touched the thin as a paper man, he felt his chest tighten inexplicably. He turned away, unwilling to see his sad expression again.

“Find me a pen, paper and candles. I’ll count it.” Zhou Yun Sheng groped around for a chair.

Who do you think you are? A serum protein molecule can be computed in a few minutes with a computer but a human brain would take a few days and nights to estimate it. The three computers were calculating tens of millions of molecular formulas, the human brain simply can’t have such a powerful computing power.

Everyone thought Dr. Bai had gone crazy. A female researcher forgot her crying and discouraged, “Doctor, do you know which step the computer was on before the power was cut? If you don’t know, how can you count it? Your complexion is getting worse, take advantage of this time to rest, okay?”

“I know it, I was just looking at the computer before the blackout. You go back and rest, I have to calculate. Rest assured, I know my own body.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved and took the candle, pen and paper the captain handed over.

The dim candle light illuminated his resolute expression, they couldn’t do anything to persuade him and had to leave.

Lei Chuan stood upright, staring at the man’s dark head and sneering, “You know your own body? What nonsense!”

“Dr. Bai, you haven’t slept for two days, you should go back and lie down. You can arrange for a wakeup call and wait for the power to come back.” The Guard Captain had already left, thought, then turned back to whisper this comfort.

“This world can’t afford to wait, the surviving humans can’t afford to wait.” Zhou Yun Sheng wrote a series of formulas on the paper and replied without lifting his head.

The Guard Captain was helpless, he could only stand aside and stare at him, after three hours, he staggered away.

Lei Chuan folded his arms and looked at the man writing and drawing on the paper. He was a ghost, he didn’t need to sleep, the man seemed to not need sleep either, and this counting lasted three days and three nights. When the lights turned on, he looked up, stretched for a few minutes, and then slowly stood up to turn on the computer. He was lifeless like a robot.

The researchers heard the news and came in, holding their breath and looking at the screens gradually rebooting.

Zhou Yun Sheng opened the calculation program and found that the progress bar was really at zero. That blank bar was so disheartening that everyone’s eyes reddened, some started wailing like wounded beasts.

Zhou Yun Sheng did not even frown, he entered his own calculations into the program. The computer immediately operated on the entered formula. After verifying the correctness, the calculations continued.

Everyone was surprised to see the blank progress bar visibly filling up. Then minutes later, it finally stayed on 83%, then the three computers began to calculate at a normal speed, the screen constantly flashing all kinds of molecular formulas.

They clearly remembered that before the power outage, the progress bar was at 80%. In other words, Dr. Bai used his brain alone to calculate 3% of the molecular formula, and it was completely correct. How can a person have such terrifying computing power? Is he still a human?

Everyone suddenly remembered, Dr. Bai was a King level Psychic, his computing power being comparable to a computer wasn’t so difficult to accept.

The researchers looked at Dr. Bai Mo with fanatical admiration, their feelings of depression and desperation faded away. Their leader was so strong, he will certainly make his future vision into reality, they just had to closely follow his footsteps.

The Guard Captain recovered from his astonishment and softly said, “Dr. Bai, you’ve worked hard, leave here to them, you need to quickly go back and rest.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and walked towards his lounge, looking the same as usual. He locked the door, took off his white coat and glasses, then leaned over the sink, panting and coughing up blood. The sink and the mirror was dyed red.

Standing beside him, Lei Chuan was shocked, he couldn’t help but roar, “What’s wrong with you? Do you have brain damage? You need to go to the fucking infirmary! You’re going to die!”

This person was so cruel, cruel to others, and more cruel to himself. Did his ‘price to pay’ include his own life?

Lei Chuan tried to hold him, to drag him, to pull his collar, but he only touched a mass of air. In the end, he could only pull at his own hair as he helplessly watched the man clean up the scattered blood with a normal expression, then he fainted.

“Come, somebody, Bai Mo Han fainted!” He rushed to the outside corridor and shouted, but no one heard him, they just worked and stepped quietly, afraid of disturbing Dr. Bai’s rest.

“Your boss is going to die, go and save him! Do you hear that? He’s going to die!” He traveled to every corner of the institute, shouting until he was hoarse, hoping that someone might see or hear him.

He was obviously a ghost, he couldn’t feel tired or hungry, but when he unsuccessfully returned to Dr. Bai’s side and saw the man still on the floor, unable to tell if he was even alive, he suddenly felt extremely exhausted.

He stretched out his hand to feel the man’s breath, but he had not sense of touch. He stared at the man’s chest unblinkingly with bloodshot eyes, hoping to see ups and downs.

But the man was too weak, it was hard to tell if he was breathing, so Lei Chuan felt his heart squeeze painfully. He felt his strength fading, he backed up to the wall and sat on the ground, burying his head between his knees.

One man and one soul remained in their positions quietly until dawn.

Zhou Yun Sheng coughed twice and woke up with a severe headache, he’d overused his brain. If he was in his peak form, the formula could’ve been calculated in just one day.

Fucking B-class world! He cursed the world and the world’s consciousness for rejecting him in his heart, then he staggered up and used the remaining water inside the bucket to clean up.

He found that his clothes was also stained with blood, he rolled it into a ball and stuffed it under the bed, then changed into a set of clean clothes. He looked in the mirror to make sure he didn’t look too ill, then headed toward the laboratory.

“Was there anything unusual while I was away?” He asked the researcher who sat in front of the computer.

The researcher immediately got up and bowed respectfully, then he said in an admiring tone, “There is nothing wrong with the report doctor, the current progress bar has risen to 83.5%.”

“Okay, continue to observe.” Zhou Yun Sheng patted his shoulder, then walked to the incubator to check the status of experimental body No. 1. He drew 10 milliliters of blood from his carotid artery, then mixed it with the zombie virus and placed it under the microscope.

He immersed himself in his work and forgot everything around him.

Lei Chuan shouted into his ear, “You’re a damn man, not God, you need to eat and sleep! You haven’t eaten or slept in three days and three nights, remember? You think the floor is a good place to rest? Sooner or later, you’re going to get yourself killed!”

But the man couldn’t hear anything, he motionlessly sat and stared into the microscope, his back slightly bent, his vertebrae clearly outlined through his clothes. He was so thin a stiff wind could snap him in half.

Lei Chuan would bet that if he took off the man’s clothes, his body would have less meat than a zombie. He remembered Bai’s last bath a month ago- long gaps between baths was common in the Apocalypse as water was scarce- when he’d removed his clothes Lei Chuan was shocked by his sharp ribs. Now, one month later, he still wasted his life without restraint, so those ribs were probably more frightening.

Lei Chuan hovered around the man like a stalking beast, from time to time he aimed a punch to the back of the man’s head, but his punches held no resentment, only helplessness and worry.

After being together for so long, he’d gradually understood why the man was willing to pay his life for a good future. There was a photo in his drawer, in a lavender flower field in full bloom, a little girl in a lavender princess dress was smiling a sunshine smile, with blue skies above her head and lush forests behind her.

He would take out the photo every day and look at it with an unprecedentedly bright smile. In those quiet and gentle moments, Lei Chuan also couldn’t help but smile with him.

Lei Chuan was tired of pacing, he slowly walked to the man’s side, staring at his dark head in a daze.

At this time, a researcher came in to remind Dr. Bai to attend the seminar.

Zhou Yun Sheng exposed an impatient expression, but he still led the Guard Captain toward the conference room. Every month, the higher ups would hold a seminar, they’d either check the progress of the work, or increase or decrease the project budget, if not, maybe another project team wanted to shove them aside. And Zhou Yun Sheng increasingly felt that the higher-ups seemed to have doubts in his research.

Sure enough, this month’s budget was reduced by 20 percent from last month, since the experiment was at the critical stage, this was a fatal blow to Zhou Yun Sheng.

“My research is the most important project, you can’t cut my spending. In two months, I’ll be able to develop a vaccine, this is the most critical moment. You can’t drag my hind legs.” He closed the budget book and coldly said.

“In another two months, then another two months, Dr. Bai, you say that every time we meet, where are the results?” Another medical scientist with a similar status to Bai Mo Han, Wu Han Yuan, questioned.

He threw a stack of data in front of Zhou Yun Sheng, and proudly smiled, “Dr. Bai take a look at this, this is mankind’s real savior, a zombie devourer.”

Wu Han Yuan was the true anti-humanity scientist, before the Apocalypse, he secretly carried out human hybrid experiments and created a lot of monsters, and to his delight, after the Apocalypse he was in a heaven filled with all the test subjects he could want, so he acted more unscrupulously.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly read the information, then his eyes coated in a thick layer of frost.

“The Earth is in a desperate situation because of these raging zombies, but you don’t want to destroy the zombies to save the survivors, you want to create more terrible monsters than the zombies. Your behavior is tantamount to using poison to quench thirst, sooner or later you’ll kill us all!” He said solemnly.

“Dr. Bai, you’re blinded by useless worry. The chips I developed were implanted into the zombie’s brain, they will completely obey my command. When I say east they go east, when I say west they go west, they’ll never endanger humanity. I’ve done several successful experiments under the higher-ups’ supervision, Dr. Bai is welcome to come and see if he has any concerns.”

Zhou Yun Sheng barely pressed down his anger and nodded. Saying anything now would land on deaf ears, the only solution was to let these idiots learn a painful lesson. They would understand how our own sins are always the hardest to bear.

In order to fulfill Bai Mo Han’s wish and get this world’s energy to repair his soul, he must make the experiment fail.

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rotten latte
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Once they meet for the definitive time, you know, with the ML having his memories of the previous worlds and knowing about the MC’s world hopping, just… I’m wondering how the ML’s actual personality will be like.

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25th Bamm
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