FOD Chapter 9.1 : Copying an Apocalypse


Chapter 9.1 Copying an Apocalypse

Zhou Yun Sheng had not yet opened his eyes when he heard someone shouting in his ear: “Doctor what’s wrong? Are you okay? Somebody help ah, the doctor is injured!” The person shouted then ran out.

He made sure that no one around, then slowly sat up and looked at the surrounding environment. This was obviously a laboratory, the wall had three huge storage racks, each shelf had glassware, which were used to soak human organs and bizarre plants or animals.

In the air, a mixture of disinfectant, chemicals, and human decay mingled, sickening. There was a blast of explosions in the distance, it seemed that a battle was happening.

Obviously, this was not a peaceful environment, so he should understand the situation of the original body as soon as possible in order to deal with it. Zhou Yun Sheng immediately opened 007 to read the data, then laughed.

Great, this was the Apocalypse, and the original was a young medical doctor, named Bai Mo Han, who was located in China’s largest B Base to support the study of an antidote for the zombie virus. He didn’t hesitate to use human bodies to experiment, every day, countless ordinary people and Warriors died by his hands. Everyone in the laboratory was afraid of him, and some also hated him.

His behavior seemed insane and anti-humanity, but ironically, no one knew the real thoughts in his head. He only wanted to develop a vaccine as soon as possible to save the world.

He was a man who looked evil, but actually had a pure mind. He only knew how to do medical research, he didn’t have the slightest bit of worldly wisdom, so he inadvertently offended a lot of people.

He was destined to die, and die twice.

This was a BL world, the protagonist gong was named Lei Chuan, before the Apocalypse he was a Special Forces soldier, after the Apocalypse he developed lightning abilities, fire abilities and healing abilities, he was an instant top level. He was honest, rigorous, selfless, and led his gang of brothers to seek refuge in China’s largest B City base, saving a lot of people along the way.

He didn’t hide his abilities, he thought this could bring them more security, but he didn’t expect someone would feel extreme jealousy. In order to obtain B Base’s permanent resident qualifications, they sold the news of his healing ability and how he was not afraid of infection from the zombie virus to Bai Mo Han’s Institute.

Bai Mo Han was ecstatic, he immediately informed the higher-ups, asking them to catch Lei Chuan for him to use in experiments. The B Base higher-ups were fearful of Lei Chuan’s growing followers, so when they heard this matter, they sent Lei Chuan on a difficult task and bribed one of his soldier buddies to betray him during the task.

Lei Chuan was seriously injured, and before he could do self-healing, the traitor injected him with a strong poison made by Bai Mo Han, causing him to fall into a coma. So, when he woke up, he had already become a test subject, and suffered inhumane torture daily.

In this way, after 5 long years of despair, a subordinate that was secretly in love with him, Guo Zerui, single-handedly broke into the institute to save him.

The Institute had powerful guards, it was impossible for Guo Zerui to succeed. He was surrounded by a dozen ability users and slaughtered in front of Lei Chuan’s face. This strongly stimulated Lei Chuan’s nerves and he made the final decision to detonate the nucleus in his brain, killing everyone present.

Then he was reborn, Guo Zerui was also reborn, the two met God and killed God, met Buddha and killed Buddha, in the face of adversity, they accumulated a deep friendship. A few years later, Guo Zerui’s perseverance finally succeeded in getting Lei Chuan to think of him as a potential lover and the two established a force greater than B Base, they escaped from the hellish Apocalypse and brought new hope.

After their rebirth, of course, they wouldn’t let go of their enemy, so Bai Mo Han again became cannon fodder. He died without resentment, he only felt regret that his vaccine was only a sub-formula away from success, if they had given him a little more time, he could’ve made this world turn back to normal. The flowers would’ve turned back to being tender and beautiful, the sky would’ve turned blue again, the rivers would’ve turned clear and pure, humans would’ve returned to being healthy and rational … …

So, my task is to save the world?

Thinking of this, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately jumped out of his bed and ran toward the next laboratory. The timing of his waking was very unfortunate, today was the day Guo Zerui had single-handedly infiltrated the lab. He’d disguised as an experimenter, but was spotted by Dr. Bai who had a photographic memory, and was surrounded by guards.

During the commotion, Dr. Bai was hit on the forehead and fainted. Originally, he should’ve been blown up in the protagonist’s explosion after this faint, but Zhou Yun Sheng’s soul force was very strong, his appearance made Dr. Bai wake up early.

Come on, hurry up, it’s almost too late, the protagonist gong will self-destruct. Dr. Bai’s antidote was only a small formula change from success, Zhou Yun Sheng wouldn’t let his efforts explode in vain.

Just as he arrived at the laboratory door, he saw a figure surrounded by a group of Fire, Ice, Plant, Earth and other Warriors. They finally slaughtered the man. Inside a solid transparent chamber, Lei Chuan was restrained on a test table, watching this scene. His eyes began to swell and his muscles began to expand, apparently on the verge of self-destruct.

Zhou Yun Sheng ran in while adjusting his body’s data to the limit. Bai Mo had psychic abilities, but he was usually too busy with research, he had no time to practice, plus there were many high level Warriors in the institute for protection, so his strength was mediocre. But after 007’s adjustment, his strength skyrocketed, he immediately broke through the highest level and reached the King level.

A non-King psychic person couldn’t suppress Lei Chuan’s nucleus burst.

Lei Chuan’s whole body was surrounded by purple lightning, like a small dragon wrapping around him. The test table was destroyed, and he was suspended in the air, his whole body releasing more and more violent energy. All the high level Warriors were pressured to the ground, the more abundant ordinary technicians in the research institute where already on the floor, profusely bleeding.

The glass, which was refined from meteorites, began to crack, in a few seconds, crack after crack formed a spider web, then it finally crashed out in fragments. The Warriors wanted to hide but there was nowhere to hide, they wanted to run but there was nowhere to run, they could only lie on the ground in despair and await death.

When they saw Dr. Bai enveloping himself in a white halo-like psychic force and slowly closing in on Lei Chuan, the horror they felt was difficult to describe. This was a legendary King level ability, if you reached that extent, you could form your own magnetic field, in this magnetic field, you were invincible.

No man had cultivated to this extent yet, they knew about it because the base had been encircled by a King level zombie once. They’d exhausted 5 ammunition munitions and twenty-eight level-10 Warriors and still couldn’t seriously hurt it, eventually it smoothly escaped to unknown whereabouts.

A King level Warrior was equal to millions of legions. They were saved!

All eyes radiated hope, and the reality didn’t disappoint them. The white light field wrapped the purple light, the violent energy was pushed back into Lei Chuan, the energy flow snapped against each other for dozens of minutes.

The glare of light fields finally receded, and Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly coughed up blood. He’d absorbed several worlds, the energy he’d collected was huge, but in order to reverse Lei Chuan’s rebirth fate, he paid an unimaginable price. Forget about the energy he’d accumulated from the past few worlds, even his soul had suffered a blow back.

There was a large gap between this world and the previous worlds. His past worlds were very peaceful, there were no abilities, zombies, Doomsday, etc. beyond a conventional world. So, in the ranking of the Lord God’s worlds they could only be considered F-class. But now, this new world was extremely dangerous, strong enough to destroy all the energy he’d accumulated from the previous worlds. So, the ranking of this world was at least a B.

Even the energy of a dozen F-class worlds put together was not comparable to a B-class world. So, Zhou Yun Sheng could still do a bit of self-protection, but it was impossible to control the world’s direction. In order to curb the protagonist’s explosion, he’d spent all the power he’d gathered, but the world’s consciousness had still tried to lead the protagonist into rebirth. To resist this consciousness, he’d had to extract power directly from his soul to balance the odds and calm the twists of time and space.

If he hadn’t done that, his soul would’ve likely been distorted by the chaos of time and space and thrown elsewhere, suffering unpredictable damage. Even worse, the flashy attack would’ve alerted the Lord God to his presence and he would’ve been obliterated. So, he was now riding on a tiger, if he gave up the task, then except for a damaged soul, he’ll gain nothing from this reincarnation.

I have to stick to it, at least until the day the vaccine is successful developed!

As for the search for his love, he had something in mind.

The world’s consciousness was consuming his soul every second, his time in this world was not long. Lei Chuan was an upright military man, although he was dyed black after being reborn, he was still committed to saving mankind. Once he saw the successful development of the vaccine, he wouldn’t kill him after his rebirth, but let him continue to study.

The original Bai Mo didn’t have enough time to develop the anti-zombie virus vaccine before the protagonist’s death. That indirectly changed his fate, but it also gave Zhou Yun Sheng the chance to access the world’s energy. So, after completing this task the vast energy would not only be enough to repair his soul, it’ll also raise his strength into a new level. So, this task must be done at all costs.

Thinking of this, he sprayed out another mouthful of blood and slowly fell.

The group of Warriors were slowly recovering their power, and one crawled to his side to see his situation.

“Don’t hurt my experiment’s body, the hope of developing a vaccine rests on him, you hear me?” He clasped the Guard Captain’s hand and carefully accounted, blood gushing out of his mouth, as if in the next moment he would bleed to death.

“I heard you Dr. Bai, we will not touch him. I’ll take you to the infirmary, stop talking!” The Guard Captain carefully picked him up then ran out of the lab.

The rest of the people squatted on the ground for more than 10 minutes before struggling up to clean up the mess. They didn’t vent their anger on Lei Chuan, just carefully put him into the incubator. Dr. Bai was a King level, who would dare go against him?

Lei Chuan stood next to the incubator, staring at his body, stunned. A Warrior walked past the incubator and passed through him. He tried to clench his fist, the feeling very real, but when he tried to touch things it was like touching a mass of air. He wanted to walk out the door, but suddenly an invisible energy barrier bounced him back.

He was sure that he had become a ghost, and one trapped in the laboratory. But his body was still alive, the heart monitor and ventilator showed that everything was normal.

Like the zombies, the human brain had a nucleus, it could provide the energy required for cultivation, but for some reason, the energy of a human nuclei was not as pure as a zombie’s, absorbing one could detonate the body. So, unless it’s necessary, no one will snatch the nucleus of another human.

But a King level nucleus was different, even if the energy was impure, there was enough energy in there to support a whole legion of Warriors, and perhaps it’s also possible to create another King.

The top brass of B-Base received the news and stirred in a greedy commotion.

But how could Zhou Yun Sheng not consider this? He’d already used 007 to hack into the medical equipment and tamper with his brain’s CT scan results. When the top brass hurried in, they saw the sighing medical staff.

“Chief, Dr. Bai’s crystal nucleus has been shattered, look.” The doctor pointed to a mist of shadows within the skull and said.

“Shattered?” The top brass were disappointed.

After the crystal nucleus shatters it will naturally be absorbed by the human body, rendering the Warrior an ordinary person without the slightest ability. Even if they dug Dr. Bai’s brain now, they’ll only get a pile of waste, the huge amount of energy from before had been scattered into the air.

“You must try your best to cure Dr. Bai, he is our base and even mankind’s hope.” They said some high-sounding words then turned to leave. Pretending to be unconscious, Zhou Yun Sheng leisurely woke up after they left.

His eyesight blurred, like he was looking through a layer of mist, there was a feeling of distortion. Zhou Yun Sheng waved his palm in front of his face to determine when 007 would heal his myopia. Abilities could improve the constitution, but to achieve a degree of rebirth, they needed to be level 6 or more. Dr. Bai was level 5, so his myopia couldn’t be improved, he usually wore a pair of thick glasses.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s vision returned to normal after a while. Although his nucleus hadn’t shattered, there was a lot of cracks, repairing it will take a lot of time and energy. But the world’s consciousness was confronting him every second, he didn’t even have the ability to protect himself, where would he find such leisure time to repair it?

So the vaccine must be developed as soon as possible, otherwise, his soul power would run dry. Thinking of this, he hurried back to the institute in spite of the doctor’s discouragement.

The damage caused by the energy collision had been repaired by some Warriors, and the new technician was cleaning Lei Chuan’s body. Because of his almost self-destruct, his body was almost broken, even if the Healing Warriors repaired him constantly, he still had a lot of internal bleeding.

“Doctor, why are you here? Is your body okay?” The Guard Captain was staring at Lei Chuan when he heard footsteps and looked back, he revealed a surprised expression.

“There’s nothing wrong with my body.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while putting on his glasses and white coat. He went to Lei Chuan’s side and drew a few milliliters of blood from his carotid artery. In Bai Mo Han’s memory, Lei Chuan’s blood was the key to conquering the zombie virus, his white blood cells had a very strong phagocytosis, it could even swallow the zombie virus whole.

If he could break the molecular formula of his cells’ mutation, humanity could be saved.

Zhou Yun Sheng did not have much time, he was carrying the fate of the whole world on his shoulder, even if he’d never conducted medical research before he had to bite the bullet. Fortunately, he had all of Dr. Bai’s memories, and he also had his own high IQ and 007 as assistance, he just needed to spend a little time to organize himself then he could continue his research.

He put the blood into the cell segregation instrument and sat down. He opened Dr. Bai’s computer and quickly browsed his research data. The situation wasn’t as bad as he’d imagined, Dr. Bai had already come up with the correct combination of formula, and now the only thing left to do was wait for the computer to calculate the results.

There were countless combinations of serum protein molecules, finding out the correct combination was no different than searching for a needle in a haystack. Even if Dr. Bai developed the formula, the computer would take several years or even decades to produce the correct result. Fortunately, Zhou Yun Sheng was a hacker, his brain’s computing power was as good as this era’s most advanced computer, and with 007’s help, six months should suffice.

After reading all the data, he relaxed a little.

He didn’t know that in a fourth dimension, Lei Chuan was punching at his face. His masculine and handsome face was completely distorted by resentment, he didn’t look human, but like a crazy beast. From the moment he saw Dr. Bai’s arrival, he’d reflexively raised his hand to rain lightning on him, but found that his ghost form had no power, so he could only use this way to vent.

“You animal!” He spat on Dr. Bai’s face, his bloodshot eyes filled with enough hatred to destroy the world. If there was an afterlife, he would definitely let all the Institute people go to hell.

Zhou Yun Sheng suddenly felt a cold breeze on his face, he couldn’t help but touch it.

At that moment, a female researcher pushed a freezer in and asked, “Doctor, the vaccine has been cultivated, do you want to try it?”

This vaccine was developed by Bai Mo Han according to his own calculations, it might be successful, but it might fail. Before it’s cultivated, Lei Chuan had self-destructed and blown away the Institute, so he didn’t know if it worked. If it’s effective, Zhou Yun Sheng could immediately exit this dead world.

“Go to the safety lab.” He locked the computer and hurried out the door.

Lei Chuan tried to follow them and was surprised to find that the energy barrier that had prevented him from leaving was gone. As long as he stayed within a 10 meter range of Bai he could move freely. Bai Mo Han seemed to have chained him to himself, this thought caused his hatred to grow deeper. He was at the mercy of this man when he was flesh and blood, and now even his soul was trapped. God, why do you have to torture good men? Why not just let them die peacefully?

If this was his return for selflessly helping people, then he would rather become a cold-blooded, ruthless man.

They arrived at the safety lab. A meteorite refined tempered glass isolated 10 square meters of space, the space detained a human being facing mutation from the zombie virus infection. His eyelids were green, his complexion was pale and he drooled thick yellow saliva. If you ignored the trace clarity emitting from his pupils, he looked exactly like a zombie.

“How long has it been from infection?” Zhou Yun Sheng pushed the glasses frame up the bridge of his nose.

“He’s been infected for four hours, it’s estimated that he can hold on for two more hours.” A technician looked down at the record.

“Give him an injection.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved. Immediately an Ice Warrior removed the vaccine from the freezer, wrapped his body in a thick layer of ice and entered to give the man the injection, then he immediately exited.

The man constantly kept swallowing, as if he was hungry, after a few minutes his skin began to crack, black and red blood gushed out, sprinkling onto the floor. He wailed, screamed, and kept tearing at himself. After a few minutes, his screams finally stopped, only leaving behind a puddle of black-red rotting flesh.

The tragic death made everyone shudder. Some people even wondered: Is this really an anti-zombie virus vaccine? Something that’s more frightening than the zombie virus? What is Dr. Bai researching?

They glanced at Dr. Bai’s face with suspicious eyes.

Lei Chuan aimed at the man’s face and fiercely punched and cursed, “You animal, you will face retribution!”

The former Bai Mo Han didn’t care what other people thought of him, but Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t ignore it. His power was being used to fight the world’s consciousness, he had no power to spare for self-protection. If the people around him doubted, more people like Guo Zerui who wanted to kill him for justice would attack, then his task would come to naught and his soul force would’ve been wasted in vain.

He had to make sure that the people around him were faithful to him, so some brainwashing was necessary.

He looked into the Guard Captain’s eyes and asked “Do you think I’m cruel?”

The Guard Captain was silent. He had never felt that Dr. Bai was a good man, and if the Chief hadn’t assigned him here, he absolutely wouldn’t want to stay at his side. He even regretted today’s assassination failure.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t need his answer, he pushed up his glasses and continued, “Do you remember how the earth was like before? Remember the aroma of fresh food? Remember the clear waters and blue sky? Remember the carefree smiles of children? Everything I’ve done is to get back all the good things we’ve lost. This life before you, and the hundreds of millions of living beings still on earth, which is more important?”

The Guard Captain opened his mouth but didn’t speak in the end. But everyone knew his answer.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned around to leave and slowly said, “In exchange for a few lives, hundreds of millions will live, in my opinion, it’s worth it. I believe I’m walking on the right path, and I’ll bear whatever price it costs. Many years later, when the flowers become fragrant, the sky becomes blue, the rivers become clear, and mankind becomes healthy….my exploits will be remembered by the future generations.”

His footsteps were very regular, he stepped calmly on the smooth floor, issuing a distinct thumping sound. The sound was so steady, so assured, as if he really were walking on the path of truth and hope. At that moment, his thin back unexpectedly appeared tall and strong.

The Guard Captain was stunned for a long time before he asked, “Doctor, you really can develop a vaccine?”

Zhou Yun Sheng waved, his tone still had its usual insipidness, “You should choose to believe me, because I firmly believe in myself.”

If someone didn’t have a lot of perseverance, they simply couldn’t practice enough to become a King level. Dr. Bai was really strong, both physically and mentally. If he said he could do it, then it must be true.

The Guard Captain let out a puff of air, and watched the retreating back with a relaxed smile. The technicians’ eyes burned in flames of struggle, they wanted to believe.

Lei Chuan no longer hit the man’s head, he just silently followed him. After a few minutes, his handsome face again distorted in resentment, he sneered, “You almost had me fooled you animal. Don’t cover your perverted desires with such a great excuse! Your research will only kill off the human race faster, you’re an outright anti-humanity madman! ”



Warriors –異能 – yìnéng, different function. It means a human with special abilities beyond the realm of scientific explanation. So your telepaths, your X-Men etc. Google likes to translate it as protoss, which was how I originally left it, but I finally got around to reading Back to the Apocalypse and thought their use of Warrior was better.

Met God and killed God, met Buddha and killed Buddha – for the purpose of keeping this footnote simple, think of it as them having very strong perseverance. They never settled when they thought they reached the top, they always pushed themselves to go further.

Don’t be confused, it’s both an antidote and a vaccine.

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Catherine Briar
Catherine Briar
2 months ago

The eternal lover in this world is kind of an idiot. In fact, after the apocalypse, the previous moral logic will naturally fail to bring people any sort of benefit. Dr. Bai’s research is the only thing that can bring that back.

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