FOD Chapter 9.10


Chapter 9.10

Lei Chuan gently patted the doctor’s back and inputted some healing ability to cure his asthma, then he began to strip the doctor’s clothes.
Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed his shirt and stared wide eyed as he asked, “What are you doing?”

A knife suddenly appeared in Zhao Ling Feng’s hand as he quickly ran to the doctor’s side and made a guarding posture.

“Your clothes are all wet, you should quickly get rid of them and change into a dry set, or you’ll get sick. Your body is now very weak, so we must be very conscious of small details.” Lei Chuan said while taking out a set of clean clothes from his backpack, he dragged the doctor into his arms to take off his wet clothes. His actions were not like a commando, but rather like a nanny.

Unless necessary, Zhou Yun Sheng wouldn’t treat his own body like a joke, so he immediately stopped struggling and obediently let Lei Chuan undress him. The soldiers had been through several days of edification, they had long grown accustomed to their boss’s mothering, but one or two still felt pity for Guo Zerui.

You’ve been through life and death situations with boss, how did you lose to an outsider he’s barely known for a few days?

Where is he an outsider? He is Lei Chuan’s life, and also the hope of all mankind. Guo Zerui gave a wry smile and avoided his brothers’ sympathetic looks, he removed some instant noodles from the backpacks and distributed them.

The water abilities poured water into the bucket, and the fire ability who was responsible for boiling the water went to town, in no time, the aroma of food filled the entire treasury.

Everyone devoured dinner, wrapped themselves up in military coats, and peacefully settled down to sleep. No zombie could break through such a thick steel door so there was no need to arrange night watch.

Sleeping in the treasury did not feel the same as sleeping outside, it was especially warm, especially peaceful, and the nose was full of the scent of gold. The soldiers slept until noon the next day, then gradually woke up to check the door. The zombies that had followed then yesterday should still be outside, after smelling such rich and fresh meat, how could they be willing to leave?

Hearing a screeching sound, the soldiers instantly surrounded the door, a black fingernail comparable to a steel knife picked at the door seam, then it suddenly stopped, it seemed to be listening to something, then it shuffled away.

The soldiers also heard a banging from outside, as if there was a pileup by the roadside, or as if a building was being demolished, it lasted for more than 10 minutes.

After waiting for 10 more minutes to make sure there was no movement outside, Lei Chuan stood up and said, “Let’s go out and see.”

Several soldiers followed him out, a few minutes later they ran back in and opened in lingering fear, “Holy shit, there really was a meteorite rain ah. The streets are littered with meteor rock pits, like eggs, but a few are big like 7 or 8 meters. A lot of the buildings have collapsed. Luckily, the doctor invaded the astronomical satellite and detected them early, or we would’ve been flattened on the road!” When the words finished, the solider revered the doctor like a Buddha.

Zhou Yun Sheng moved away to avoid, his expression still dull. Even if he didn’t say it, as reborn people, Lei Chuan and the other two would’ve found a way to warn everyone.

Lei Chuan walked over, wrapped him in a coat and casually slung him over his shoulder as he said “The zombies were smashed by the meteorites and those not hit are in hiding, we’ll take advantage of this to leave.”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s stomach was resting on the man’s hard shoulders, the position was very uncomfortable. But there was no other way, right now, he couldn’t run two steps without panting, if he didn’t want to drag everyone down, he’d have to sacrifice some dignity.

He endured and endured, but couldn’t hold back, he started pounding on Lei Chuan’s back with a fist.

Lei Chuan suddenly chuckled, and smiled all throughout the run, some of his companions glanced at him with strange eyes. Since meeting the doctor, the boss’s brain seemed to have been infected by Zhao Ling Feng’s madness, he was behaving more and more abnormal.

They ran to the underground parking lot where the trucks were stored, and sure enough, the entrance had collapsed, huge slabs blocked the road in and out. Fortunately, there were a few Strength Warriors on the team, they rolled up their sleeves and cleaned up the cement while everyone else was responsible for clearing out the nearby zombies.

Waiting for them to clean up, profusely sweating, Zhou Yun Sheng dully opened, “Don’t you have any Earth Warriors in your team? Just put your hands up and turn the stones into sand with your ability, it should only take a few seconds.”

Holy fuck, that’s possible? Everyone’s rapid pace suddenly staggered a bit, especially the Earth Warriors, who felt enlightened. Before, they could only think of earth spikes, earth shields, using dust to blind, raining stone pellets and other lethal or practical tricks, but they didn’t expect their ability could be used to change.

“At a higher level, you can turn a whole piece of land into quicksand and bury zombies. This should be effective in dealing with the zombie tide.” Zhou Yun Sheng dully narrated, he didn’t know that because of his words, some Earth Warriors will become legendary berserk butchers in the future.

They will band together to bury more than 100,000 zombies in a pit, clean and neat kills. Of course, that’s a story for another day.

No one said it, everyone went back to work, but the doctor’s words were certainly intentional. As it turns out, the doctor was not just a bookworm, he was very mischievous. Lei Chuan smiled and patted the doctor’s elastic butt.

Zhou Yun Sheng grinded his teeth.

The team successfully retrieved the trucks and drove to the bank’s entrance to load the weapons. Looking at the fallen meteorites scattered everywhere, Guo Zerui unconsciously frowned. These meteorites contained trace amounts of radioactive material, although it was only 6 months into the Apocalypse, under the zombie virus’ torment humanity had grown a stronger resistance to radiation, these substances wouldn’t affect them, but the land and water was inevitably contaminated.

Those two things were fundamental for mankind’s survival, a disaster was imminent.

Guo Zerui bent over to pick up an egg sized meteorite and held it under the doctor’s nose, he tentatively said, “Doctor, look, this zombie’s nucleus was smashed by this meteorite. Unless there’s a power collision between nuclei or self-detonation, a nucleus cannot shatter so easily. You know, the hardness of this crystal is higher than diamonds. If these meteorites are even harder than that, aren’t they worth studying? Also, they likely contain radioactive substances that will pollute the land and water. With no water, how can we survive? With no land, how can we eat? Doctor, why don’t you analyze this stone, see if you can create something to combat the water and land evolution.”

He hinted at three things that will play a key role in human survival in the future, one was meteorite glass and building materials containing meteorite composition, which made fortunate bases nearly impregnable and aided in resisting the waves of zombie tides. Second was the water purification agent. Third was the land purification agent.

Although there were Water, Earth, and Plant Warriors, their strength was not enough to sustain all of mankind.

The amount of water the Water Warriors could produce was limited, and Earth Warriors were under the same limit. Plant Warriors could quickly grow plants, but the crops their grew either had weird tastes or textures, or were extremely bitter and difficult to eat, or hard to cook, some would even secrete toxins, they were not reliable.

So in order to eat, they could only rely on down to earth farming.

More meteorites will rain down in the future, as well as other natural disasters, humans will face one problem after another. They could no longer drink water or else they would be infected with a disease similar to the plague, even the Warriors were vulnerable. The land could no longer grow crops, and sown seeds wouldn’t germinate.

There was no food and drink, and zombies were right outside the door, the alive today and dead tomorrow living environment drove people crazy. When the bad news became too common, many people chose suicide.

However, before things got too hopeless, B Base brought out good news, giving all the survivors in the country the courage to live again. The B Base scientists had found a way to extract some elements that had never been found on earth from the meteorites, then mixed them with glass, steel, cement and other things and used it to build houses.

These houses were so very strong that even an 11 or 12 level zombie couldn’t dent them. From then on, the survivors in the base could sleep with a sense of security as long as they locked their windows and doors. They no longer had to fear zombies breaking down their doors in the middle of the night.

Then B Base synthesized a land purifying agent and a water purifying agent, so humans could safely eat through the catastrophe.

But if you wanted these three things, you had to exchange a lot of food and crystal nucleus, and before long, B Base had become the largest base in China.

They hid the scientists who had invented these three things so deeply that even Guo Zerui failed to find out the others’ true identity before his death.

In this life, after witnessing the doctor’s brilliance, he couldn’t help but think: Was Dr. Bai the inventor? If so, they really picked up a big treasure!

Unfortunately, those three things were not Bai Mo Han’s research, he specializes in biomedical science, chemical and physics research were not his expertise. Zhou Yun Sheng understood Guo Zerui’s hint, he searched Bai Mo Han’s memories and found that the chemical genius was now in B Base, and they welcomed the falling meteorites like welcoming a treasure, very enthusiastically.

He took the meteorite and observed it, then he shook his head. “You make a lot of sense, but I have no research in this area. You can find a few chemical experts and tell them those ideas.”

Guo Zerui deflated like a popped balloon at this remark, he glanced at Zhao Ling Feng, his eyes doubtful.

Zhao Ling Feng waved, indicating that the doctor really hadn’t invented those three artifacts.

The man had followed Dr. Bai for 5 or 6 years, he naturally knew the most about the doctor’s life. Guo Zerui had to give up hope, he kicked the meteorite away and climbed into the truck.

Lei Chuan covered the Space Warriors while they loaded up the arms, he hugged the doctor into the copilot seat, then looked back to make sure everyone was in the truck.  He found that Guo Zerui’s expression was gloomy like he was at a funeral and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Boss, the meteor rain has come down, the water and land… …” He didn’t dare finish the rest of the sentence, afraid of panicking everyone.

“All right, I’ll find a way to solve it.” Lei Chuan waved. Perhaps they should sneak into B Base to kidnap a few doctors. Isn’t there a suitable person for the job right here? He squinted at Zhao Ling Feng in the backseat, anxious to kick the man back to B Base.

Zhao Ling Feng couldn’t help but fold his arms, suddenly chilled.

No matter what these people were scheming, Zhou Yun Sheng just wanted to quickly complete his task, so while playing with his computer he said, “Where are you headed? I’ll say this bluntly, no matter which base you settle, you must give me the best laboratory, and also help me recruit experienced researchers.”

The last point was the most important, no matter what era, talent was fundamental for social development. It’s true that he could re-create the vaccine with his own power, but who would resume the study after his death? To successfully combine the complex protein molecules required extremely superb technology and a rich knowledge of biology.

In order to prevent his death from setting humanity back, he needed to hand train a group of excellent biologists, who could plant the seeds of hope for the future generations. So he needed to stay in the world for at least four or five years.

Since he was replacing Bai Mo Han, whatever Bai Mo could do, he would help him do, whatever Bai Mo couldn’t do, he would still help him accomplish it. He would give his beloved world an even better future.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned off his computer, looked at the distant sunset and let out a long sigh.

Lei Chuan rubbed his messy hair and smiled, “Don’t worry, we’ll help you get whatever you want. Don’t sigh, sighing makes you grow old faster.”

Zhou Yun Sheng patted his hand away and slightly frowned.

Guo Zerui also recovered from his frustration, he replied, “We’re heading to the Shu Prefecture Base. The person in charge is called Jiang Yuanshan, he’s our boss’ old friend, he’s good people.”

But in the Apocalypse, good people often didn’t have good outcomes. In the last life, Jiang Yuanshan raised a supercilious ingrate, that ingrate used his influence to gather most of the Warriors and materials from Shu Prefecture and left to seek refuge with B Base, leaving behind all the old and infirm. Before long, Shu Prefecture Base was destroyed in a zombie tide.

When Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui received the news and rushed over, the Shu Prefecture Base had become ruins.

Based on what time period it was, that ingrate should now be on his way to B Base and Jiang Yuanshan should now have a troublesome headache. Their arrival was tantamount to timely relief.

Bai Mo Han had already arrived at B Base by the first meteorite rain, and he’d holed up in laboratory, he knew nothing about the outside world. Zhou Yun Sheng rummaged for half a day in his memories and didn’t find anything about Shu Prefecture Base, but he didn’t ask more questions.

There were three reborn people in the car, they naturally knew what they were doing.


With the defense satellite navigation and the heavy armored trucks, the team arrived at Shu Prefecture Base in a quick and uneventful manner.

At this time period, the Shu Prefecture Base could be regarded as one of the most well-equipped bases in China, but there was a fatal flaw- it was located at the junction of three large cities with populations in the millions, so every two weeks or so, they suffered from a zombie tide. But the base was converted barracks with very advanced and firm fortifications, so they persisted through each impact.

Jiang Yuanshan was an old commander that was stationed there for decades, he was reluctant to move bases. The ingrate knew that, so as the zombies kept evolving and it got harder to hold down the base, he convinced a group of Warriors to leave with him.

The protagonist was reborn, which meant that while the others were formatted, the protagonist kept his data file, once he started practicing again, his strength shot up like a rocket. It’s only been a month or two from his rebirth, but Lei Chuan was now a peak level-7 Warrior, killing zombies was as easy as chopping vegetables for him.

Everyone was afraid of the zombie tide, but for him, it was a gateway to resources. As long as he rained down lightning, he could harvest tens of thousands of crystal nucleus for his team to enhance their strength, why wouldn’t he welcome zombie tides?

So for him, there was no better place than Shu Prefecture Base. Even when the zombies eventually leveled up, he had the confidence that he would acquire meteorite glass and other building materials and completely modify the base by then.

The gatekeeping soldiers asked for their origins before welcoming them in. The Old Chief had lost a lot of his hair because of the stress these past few days, so when he saw Lei Chuan and Guo Zerui, it was like seeing his own sons, he embraced the two while in tears.

“You’re arrival is too timely! I was readying to protect the base.” The Old Chief patted the pistol on his waist, if he couldn’t keep the base, he’d decided to leave the last bullet for himself, he was absolutely unwilling to become a zombie monster.

Over the past few days, he’d dismissed all the survivors who were healthy and mobile, leaving behind most of the old, ill, women and children, and his loyal subordinates.

“We heard that you were here, so we came directly to you. When the zombie tide hits, we have plenty brothers and weapons to take it out.” Guo Zerui patted his chest in pride, causing the Old Chief to laugh, he glanced at Zhou Yun Sheng, who was obviously not a solider, and asked curiously, “This is?”

Lei Chuan’s huge spiritual force had already covered the entire base, he knew that no one was eavesdropping on the room, he wrapped the man in his arms and smiled, “This is Dr. Bai Mo Han. Chief, you have to give the doctor a lab.”

Jiang Yuanshan clutched his chest, his heart was about to spasm. In the past, he had no idea who Bai Mo Han was, but at the very beginning of the Apocalypse, before the television networks were completely destroyed, some scientists had predicted in an interview that in all of China’s medical scientists, only Dr. Bai Mo Han was capable of developing an Anti-zombie virus vaccine, because he was the leader in the biomedical field, and with his talent, he could rank in the world’s top three biomedical scientists. The medical scientists comparable to him were already well advanced in years, they simply couldn’t survive the Apocalypse’s destruction.

In other words, Bai Mo Han was probably now the only hope of mankind.

And that hope was now sitting in his simple, 15-square-metre small room, the room was even littered with a few pairs of stinky socks. Jiang Yuanshan really didn’t know what expression to make. He took a few deep breaths, then vigorously shook Dr. Bai’s hand in tears, saying ‘welcome savior’ non-stop.

Lei Chuan’s expression turned livid, he pulled the Old Chief’s hand away and observed the doctor’s red hands, he was immediately distressed.

“Chief, the doctor has a frail body, don’t touch him so roughly.”

“Ah, sorry, I won’t do that again.” Jiang Yuanshan immediately accepted the fact that the doctor was frail. Those engaged in scientific research were generally feeble like chickens, he could understand.

Zhou Yun Sheng waved his concerns away and asked, “Do you have a lab in your base?”

“Yes there is, I’ll take you there.” The Old Chief quickly stood up.

The group walked to the West turret and looked around at the shabby, containing only a few beakers and a few lamps, ‘laboratory’, they were silent.

They were disgraced. They didn’t expect that after so many years, the Old Chief was still so unreliable. Lei Chuan silently face palmed.

Guo Zerui looked up at heaven.

Old head also realized the awkwardness, he rubbed his palms, embarrassed.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t mind, he waved, “This doesn’t matter, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Instruments can be collected, talent can be recruited. Everything will turn out all right.”

The Old Chief didn’t think that Dr. Bai’s temper would be so mild, his approval of him broke through the horizon, he immediately promised, “Doctor, tell me what kind of instruments you need. I’ll send the boys out to collect the goods.”

“Okay, I’ll give you some drawings later, you can collect them according to the drawings. Even damaged instruments don’t matter, I can always repair them.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked out of the laboratory and calmly opened, “You should have computers right? I’ll set up a control room, it should improve the base’s safety.”

The original monitoring room was located outside the barracks and had long been destroyed, the Old Chief didn’t understand how Dr. Bai could set up a monitoring room, but he still took him to the computer room.

Zhou Yun Sheng placed several satellite signal receivers outside the computer room and began to the invade satellite systems. If it was peacetime, he absolutely wouldn’t be so blatant, but now the country’s infrastructure had been destroyed and mankind had spontaneously condensed into small, scattered bases. The satellites in space had become unowned objects, those with the ability were free to use them.

Half an hour later, Jiang Yuanshan clutched his heart and gasped, almost collapsing on the spot.

Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to the row of computers, “This image is the astronomical satellite, there are a few small meteorite groups approaching the Earth, when the meteorites are about to rain, the screen will flash red, so you should have people constantly monitoring it. That way, we’ll have ample time to find shelter.”

“This is a surveillance image of the nearby area, it detects if a zombie tide is forming and issues an alarm.”

“This is a picture of the meteorological satellite, when there are extreme weather formations like heavy rain, drought, hail and so on, there will be a corresponding sign in the lower left corner. This monitoring room is very important, it needs to be staffed 24/7.”

Jiang Yuanshan repeatedly nodded, his expression excited. No wonder others say scientists were necessary for armies, before, he’d scoffed at this statement, but now he really believe it. Dr. Bai’s arrangement was equivalent to having clairvoyance, they could predict most of the disasters and prepare in advance. This advantage alone was enough to make the base survive.

Amazing! He leaned over and stared at the row of computers that kept changing images, his eyes moist.

With this monitoring room, the base’s safety factor suddenly increased countless times. When the meteorites rained, everyone hid underground, they was never any casualties. When a zombie tide was forming, the Warriors trapped the road and effortlessly nipped the danger in the bud. Shu Prefecture Base moved from a precarious state into vigorous development, and this only took two months.

In those two months, Lei Chuan did his best to find equipment for the doctor, and waited for the base to grow and their prosperity to spread enough to attract talent.

But with good news, there was naturally bad news. The occasional meteorite rain gradually brought harm to the environment. Many bases’ cultivation areas became useless, yet ferocious mutant plants were flourishing.

The water resources had also become polluted, forcing the Water Warriors to work day and night to fill the water towers.

At the same time, B Base released the news that they had the ability to purify the water and land resources with a drug, if the other bases needed it, they could send materials in exchange.

No base was able to survive without land and water, Lei Chuan’s face was incomparably gloomy, but he intended to accept B Base’s blackmail.

But not long after, Zhou Yun Sheng cracked into B Base’s laboratory defense system and leisurely sneaked out the meteorite tempered glass and the cleaning agents’ formula.

He’d never forgotten B Base’s assassination, his hatred was not small, so he planned to steal any research results B Base came up with. This time, he’ll make sure they never have any advantages to suppress other’s growth and development.



That’s a story for another day –後話 – hòuhuà – something to be taken up later in speech or writing

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The sun is there
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ZLF before went out to get resources for dr.: Doctor, how many laptop do you want?

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Kawaii Panda
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Aw man, this arc is really amazing ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ I hope it last long TT

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Blue Wine
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