FOD Chapter 9.9


Chapter 9.9

When he got up in the morning, his throat felt very dry, Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t help but cough. Guo Zerui, Zhao Ling Feng, and Lei Chuan who were sorting things out stopped to stare at him, revealing expressions like they just saw a terrifying enemy, frightened.

“Doctor, what’s wrong? Where are you uncomfortable? Whenever you feel uncomfortable, you must say it, don’t endure it!” Zhao Ling Feng immediately walked over to assist, chattering endlessly. This was a trauma he brought from the last life, he was afraid to hear the doctor cough.

Lei Chuan was also flustered, he quickly walked over and placed his palm on the doctor’s back, generously inputting his healing ability, but the doctor’s face was still very pale, without the slightest improvement.

The physical weakness caused by the soul’s damage couldn’t be changed by any external force. “Thank you, but don’t try to cure me. When I forced out the bloodvine, my spiritual power became irreversibly and incurably damaged.”

Lei Chuan’s body stiffened, he hadn’t expected that things were even more serious than he’d imagined. What does it mean to be incurable? That means that the doctor, like the previous life, had to drag his frail body to do experiments around the clock, using up his life force to save humanity.

Even if he was reborn, some things have not changed. Lei Chuan’s heart was pierced by a needle, by both endless remorse and fear. He couldn’t watch the doctor fade away in front of him again.

“Who says there’s no cure? When I rise to a higher level, I’ll be able to cure you.” He stroked the doctor’s chaotic hair, his expression firm.

Guo Zerui and the others had quietly left during the conversation. As the culprit of the doctor’s injury, he was afraid to casually stay in front of his boss. Now that he thought about it, from the day the boss reborn, he’d started sensing some hostility in his gaze, he’d thought he was overthinking it, but the explanation was right here.

So he could understand why he and Zhao Ling Feng treated the doctor like a three year-old child, it’s a habit from the last life, born out of fear.

Lei Chuan helped the doctor wipe his face with hot water, he also removed a pack of instant noodles to boil, then he sat in front of the doctor eating his own biscuits, staring blankly, unblinkingly observing the other man.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s hair stood on end under his staring, he didn’t understand what Lei Chuan had in mind for him. Even knowing that he could develop the vaccine, was it necessary to be so attentive? Does he intend to dedicatedly win him over, use him, help him develop the vaccine, then kill him in revenge?

Zhou Yun Sheng’s cluelessness was on par with Guo Zerui’s, but he didn’t feel afraid. As long as the research results fulfilled all of Bai Mo Han’s wishes, he could immediately exit the world, whether it was natural death or homicide, it didn’t matter. Anyway, the vaccine would’ve spread, the time until human salvation would advance by decades, fate will have completely deviated from its track, and he would get a delicious, full course energy dinner after the deviation.

There was nothing to lose.

While pondering, Zhou Yun Sheng finished his bowl of noodles, drank the hot soup, and contentedly patted his full stomach bulge

Lei Chuan saw him looking like a satisfied cat, and his gloomy mood was suddenly soothed a lot, he draped a thick coat over his shoulders, then habitually hooped his arm around his thin waist while walking out.

Because too many people fled in panic, the concentration of zombies on the high-ways was always more, the country’s major high-ways all had different degrees of damage or blockage. But contrary to expectations, the national road actually had the best traffic flow, only the not so fortunate survivors couldn’t escape. But their vehicles had heavy armor, a tool to open up the road.

There were armored vehicles in front of the convoy and a tank as a guard, it looked very breathtaking. The soldiers sat on the roof of the trucks, guns at the ready to get rid of zombies or mutant beasts, their expressions were very relaxed, some even cracked a few jokes.

However, the leisure didn’t last long, part of the bridge had collapsed, the road was cut in half. Before the Apocalypse, if a road was under construction you could just use GPS to find another road or ask directions, as long as there was no accident, you could always get home safely. After the Apocalypse, the amount of powerful forces that were annihilated after getting lost was countless, those with a little luck sometimes reached their destination, but they weren’t unscathed.
The more twisty and complicated the travel, the more unpredictable the danger, the current situation was bad news for everyone.

“Boss, what are we going to do?” Guo Zerui shook the torn map. They certainly had to change roads, but the question was which road. The car navigation system couldn’t be used, so they could only rely on a map. However, most maps found in the bookstores were long outdated, and many roads were not even shown at all.

Leaving the state highway and taking an unmarked road was equivalent to walking blind, they could only rely on a compass to identify their general direction, but any danger they could encounter was unknown.

There was another worry, with the benefit of rebirth, Guo Zerui knew that in another one or two days there would be a large-scale meteorite rain over China, some as small as eggs, some large enough to weigh hundreds of kilograms. If the convoy was still trapped on the national road, they would certainly be smashed to a pulp, not to mention, their trucks contained copious amounts of highly explosive weaponries.

So, it was imperative to quickly enter the city, and find a strong enough, large enough shelter for their team to take refuge.

Lei Chuan and Zhao Ling Feng also thought of the meteorite rain, their expressions turned worried. A small town or village would not provide enough shelter, they must find a large building in the city to park.

The three reborn people looked at each other, because they had tacit knowledge of the impending danger, they put aside the other people and went into a corner to discuss, but after half-a-day there was still no result.

Guo Zerui wanted the Metal and Earth Warriors to fix the bridge together, but it was only 6 months into the Apocalypse, most of the team’s ability was at most level-2, they had no force. This proposal was too optimistic.

Lei Chuan and Zhao Ling Feng decided to change roads, but one wanted to go left, the other wanted to go back a few kilometers to a fork in the road they passed, a short dispute started.

Guo Zerui checked the map over and over again, but found that they were just out of the map’s scope, where could they find a new map in the middle of nowhere?

“Ask the team if anyone’s from Shu Prefecture, maybe they’ll know where to go.” Lei Chuan made a suggestion.

Guo Zerui immediately left to ask.

As more and more accessible highway networks were built, this national road became a deserted road as early as 10 years ago, all the residents had also moved away, so everywhere was very desolate. The soldiers were questioned several times, they even found a few Shu Prefecture locals, but shockingly, no one knew where to go.

Those who were not sure didn’t dare to offer suggestions, afraid they’d meet danger on the road and bring harm to everyone and themselves.

Seeing the dejected soldiers, Guo Zerui started to cold sweat. The superiority he’d felt from getting a head start on everyone with his rebirth was finally destroyed by unpredictable fate. He should’ve realized sooner, even if you know the great events that will happen in the future, it doesn’t mean there will only be smooth sailing.

Danger can occur anytime, anywhere, maybe they would die earlier than in their previous life because they left B Base.

“Boss, pick a way and gamble. If we only find a small village or town, we can always have the Space Warriors store the weapons, we can’t give up. When the meteorites rain down, we humans can hide, but the trucks and weapons can’t hide, maybe they’ll explode.” Guo Zerui gritted his teeth, his expression looked unwilling.

The weapons were enough to supply a ten thousand man army, if they weren’t forced into a corner, who would be willing to give up such power.

Zhao Ling Feng touched the armored vehicle behind him, distressed, this was the first time he didn’t refute his words.

Lei Chuan considered for a moment, and was about to nod, but saw the doctor that was lying on the window to rest wake up, he rubbed his eyes and ignorantly asked, “Why aren’t we moving?”

“The bridge is broken, we can’t get to Y city tonight. We have to change roads but the map isn’t marked. We don’t know the roads, so we’re discussing our options.” Lei Chuan briefly explained and walked over to touch the doctor’s forehead to see if he had a fever.

Zhou Yun Sheng leaned back in the seat and calmly opened, “Oh, that’s it? If there’s no map, use GPS ah.”

“The network receiving stations were almost destroyed by the zombies, GPS can’t be used.” Guo Zerui felt a headache at the doctor’s lack of common sense. It seemed that the Apocalypse hasn’t affected the doctor’s good life, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so ignorant of the outside world.

As a top hacker, having no computers was equivalent to streaking, so Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t forget to make Zhao Ling Feng help him get some of the best performing laptops that were not damaged by zombies, and he’d made several small portable signal receivers.

He took out the computer from his backpack, connected it to the signal receiver, and quickly moved his fingers, his speed enough to cause a blur.

“Doctor, are you invading the defense satellite system?” The tech officer Xiao Li, nicknamed ‘180 IQ genius’, who was responsible for cracking the password before, now had bulging eyes as he asked a startling question.

The national defense satellites could directly control the launch stations of China’s major missile bases, only the military’s top commanders and national leaders had access to the system’s secret key. And in order to prevent hacks, the system’s security measures were protected by the country’s top information engineers, it was impregnable, unbreakable.

However, the defense satellite system that once made Xiao Li bow in worship was now like a layer of toilet paper, in less than a minute, the doctor stabbed through it.

“Where do you want to go?” He asked casually.

“You, you got in?” Guo Zerui wiped the sweat off his forehead. He caught a glimpse of Xiao Li’s expression filled with the desire to kneel and lick the doctor’s feet and knew that it was successful. How big is this man’s brain? Medicine, biology, mathematics, machinery, IT, electronics, there was no field he wasn’t proficient in. If he wanted to destroy the world, he only needed one computer to do it.

The national defense satellites were mainly used in the military field, so their performance was very powerful, they not only had detailed navigation information of each road in the country, they also had a monitoring system, complete CM resolution, which meant that even in a space of hundreds of thousands of meters, they could clearly distinguish a person’s appearance and monitor them.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and searched for the quickest route to Y City, he also scanned the satellite along to path to see info on zombie concentration.

Xiao Li had his head poked into the open window, staring wide eyed at Dr. Bai manipulating the national defense satellites like he was playing with his PSP, and his heart almost collapsed.

“Two kilometers back, there’s a turnoff, go straight, and we’ll be in Y City in four hours. There are several relatively prosperous towns along the road, so there are more zombies. The other road will take us out of Shu Prefecture towards Long Cheng County in T Province, where the amount of zombies is relatively smaller. Which road do you want to take?” He clicked on the screen and zoomed in on the monitor so everyone could visually see the real situation on both roads.

The soldiers hurriedly gathered together, some issued whistles of praise, like looking at a valuable treasure, they couldn’t help but exclaim in their hearts: Dr. Bai is simply an essential accessory to carry whenever you leave home ah, he can even hack into the defense satellites. With him, they can know the situation of every road in China, couldn’t they see the concentration of zombies in every city at a glance? Such a talent, his value is far beyond people with raw strength.

You really can win with just brains alone.

Lei Chuan took the pc and stared at it for a while, then he said, “We’ll make a U-turn, let’s go to Y City.” Afterwards, he couldn’t help rubbing the doctor’s messy hair.

The convoy turned around and continued on, along the way, they consulted the satellite to see the condition of the zombies by the road sides, so the soldiers had ample warning and readied their guns.

There was almost no waste of bullets, and there was not a minute delay, in four hours, they successfully arrived in Y City. The armored vehicles and tanks swept the road smooth.

“A group of meteorites are approaching the earth and will land in China in about 18 hours. We have to find a place to hide.” The original pc was placed on the dashboard by Lei Chuan, so everyone could see the incoming zombies on the monitor along the way. Zhou Yun Sheng had taken out another one from his backpack, and casually warned while fiddling with it.

Guo Zerui’s eye color slightly darkened, he asked, “How do you know?” Was the doctor also reborn? Yes, the three of them died at the same time, there was no reason for boss and Zhao Ling Feng to reborn, but the doctor was original.

Lei Chuan also vaguely glanced at the doctor. But he didn’t care if the doctor was reborn, as long as the doctor stayed at his side, it was enough.

Xiao Li, who was leaning forward to stare at the doctor’s fiddling, said “The doctor invaded the country’s astronomical satellite system and received a warning signal from the system. A small meteorite swarm is approaching.”

In fact, the doctor had invaded almost all the country’s satellites and had download a lot of classified documents that he’d never dared to dream about, but the doctor did all this as leisurely as strolling through a garden.

There was a 16-year-old boy who had broken into A Country’s military intelligence system, although he was eventually caught, that didn’t prevent Xiao Li and many techies from hailing him as the world’s top hacker.

However, compared to the doctor, he finally understood how trivial that achievement was, like a novice showing off to an expert, the difference between a brain and a super brain. Although that boy was smart, he was under the limits of human intelligence, the doctor was already in his own league. And in that league, he was the omnipotent king!

Guo Zerui leaned forward to look at the computer in the doctor’s hands, the screen was displaying the shining bright stars in outer space, and a group of meteorites were slowly approaching the atmosphere.

He dispelled his previous doubts, he had a new insight into the doctor’s talents and values. Even if this man wasn’t reborn, he was worth more than a dozen prophets. No wonder B Base went all out, saying that no matter how much it cost, they had to retrieve Dr. Bai.

The news that Dr. Bai is in our hands can’t be leaked out, otherwise, the other bases will certainly send spies to kidnap him. Thinking of this, he looked at his boss, the man’s face was gloomy, so he knew that he’d had the same thought.

Zhou Yun Sheng was still playing with the satellites, although a few would be smashed when the meteorites arrived, the rest were enough for him. Through these satellites, he could predict weather changes, predict tsunamis, predict the direction of the zombie tide, he could overlook the world and find a small path or a person. This omnipotent feeling in the virtual world gave him a little sense of security.

Looking at him switch from satellite to satellite, Xiao Li was in complete worship, he thrust out his neck and reverently asked, “Doctor, are you a hacker?”

“No.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head. He was now Bai Mo Han, Bai Mo Han was a scientist, not a hacker.

“Why don’t you be a hacker? You can become the uncrowned king if you want to.” Xiao Li was very open.

Zhou Yun Sheng remembered his reality and his gaze couldn’t help but dull. But he soon recovered and continued using the national defense satellites to find a solid looking building in Y City for asylum. If so many munitions were hit by meteorites, it would be enough to blow up Y City.
“The weapons have to be unloaded and transported to a warehouse that’s not in the meteorites’ path, and the trucks can be parked in an underground parking lot. Even if the parking lot is crushed by a meteorite, we can find other vehicles.” He leisurely proposed.

“The bank vault is the safest, we’re heading there.” Lei Chuan immediately made a decision.

Fortunately, the average zombie’s level was now very low, they were not difficult to deal with, the armored vehicles could casually roll over them and easily empty a large area. They soon found the largest bank in Y City and stared dumbly at the few meters thick steel door.

“This steel is HARDOX 600, the hardness value is 600 HBW. I’m afraid, even if we work at it for a few months, we won’t be able to open it.” The technician Xiao Wang observed the door for a while and sighed out this assessment.

“Let the Doctor decode it ah. He’ll just open the door.” Xiao Li had reached the level of blind worship.

“This isn’t a password lock, it’s iris recognition.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked up to take a look, but he wasn’t intimidated, he used a small screwdriver to remove the shell over the iris scanner and connected the sensor to his computer. He quickly typed a line of instructions, and when the system issued a certified drop request, he casually pointed to a soldier and said, “You, point your iris to the scanner.”

The soldier hesitated for a moment then stepped forward, he opened his eye widely at the scanner hole.

The next second, the thick steel door slowly opened, making the rest of the soldiers’ jaws drop. Their opinions of the doctor were mercilessly refreshed over and over again, they’d never met someone who could easily break through any obstacle before.

“See, I said the doctor must have a way in.” Xiao Li smiled and walked into the treasury, the room full of golden lights almost blinded him. In his entire lifetime, this was the first time he’d seem so much gold, if this wasn’t the Apocalypse, he would have gone mad with joy, but now, the gold was nothing but heavy waste.

“Throw out the gold. Space abilities, quickly go outside and ship in the arms.” Lei Chuan came forward and readily picked up a gold bar to examine.

“In fact, you should properly reserve some gold. When the Apocalypse passes and a new order is built up, gold will begin circulating again.” Zhou Yun Sheng kindly reminded.

“When the Apocalypse blows over…when’s that, hundreds of years from now? They are so many zombies, when will we ever finish killing them? Not to mention, new people become zombies every day. Even us Warriors are not immune to a higher level zombie’s virus. Where is mankind’s hope?” A soldier threw the gold out and shook his head with a wry smile.

Lei Chuan, Zhao Ling Feng, and Guo Zerui glanced at the doctor, they wanted to tell everyone ‘don’t lose faith, humanity’s salvation is by your side’. But they knew that even if they said it, no one would believe them, so they could only let time prove it.

With the Space Warriors on the job, the transporting job went by very quickly, after 10 minutes, the treasury had become an arsenal. It couldn’t fit in the rest of the weapons, so they found two more banks to secure them.

With Dr. Bai present, the bank treasury’s security door was simply useless, whether it was fingerprint identification or iris recognition, after connecting it to the doctor’s computer, they could easily get in.
All the arms were placed into vaults, so everyone was finally relieved. They found a tough looking building with a deep underground parking lot and stored the trucks. They cleared away the zombies and collected supplies, then they booked it to the vault to hide.

No place was safer than there.

Zhou Yun Sheng found that he had overestimated his physical condition, his body was good for nothing, extremely weak, after running just ten meters he stopped to pant, even his clothes were soaked with sweat. He was like a fish on land.

Without waiting for him to ask for help, Lei Chuan lifted him up over his shoulder and effortlessly ran to the bank where the arms were stored.

The heavy steel doors locked the zombies in pursuit out, their shrill howling was also blocked out. Everyone’s breathing was the only sound that echoed in the enclosed space.

“Doctor, are you all right?” Lei Chuan lifted the weak and pale man into his arms, groping his body from top to bottom. He saw that there was no injury and his anxious mood slowly calmed down.

Zhou Yun Sheng waved and erratically panted, “Treasury, there, no, ventilation system, you’d better, open the door a bit, or, we’ll, suffocate.”

Lei Chuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he grabbed the unselfconscious doctor into an embrace and naturally printed a kiss on his forehead, he wasn’t even aware of his inappropriate action.

Because Zhou Yun Sheng was too tired, his chest stinging in bursts of pain, he also didn’t notice.

Guo Zerui turned his back so he couldn’t see the two’s loving actions. He stood guard as the previous solider scanned his iris to open the door and quickly closed it, before it shut, he plugged a knife between the door. The army knife was made from the material WNM360, the hardness couldn’t be underestimated. It withstood the pressure of the door and successfully left a ventilation channel.

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Glow Von Glow
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Eh? … Did no one noticed the indication about a 16 year old who hacked the A City’s Military Defense? Somehow, it makes me wonder if this B Level world was the original world where the MC came from. If I remember correctly he was 16 when he was kidnapped by Lord God.

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Tianshi 天使
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Reply to  Haizea

Because of this it also made me think of it❤️ but the technology where MC came from was said too advance…

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Eh, I’d give him a pass there.
His soul is almost fatally damaged.
It’s a miracle that he can even function at all.

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8 days ago
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But in general, he’s become worse and worse at recognizing his beloved.

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ZYS, awesome as always!

LC, are you really kissing and groping the doctor in front of your men? Get a grip!

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ecle chan
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Esto demuestra, que a pesar de no poseer una capacidad física suprema o poderes absolutos, un buen cerebro que funcione con astucia, es tan valioso como el agua en medio del decierto.

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I’m very grateful for the sweet moments in the last few chapters. It’s nice to sqee after crying so much at the start of this arc.

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he casually pointed to a solider
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Their opinions of the doctor was mercilessly refreshed

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“However, the defense satellite system that once made Xiao Li bow in worship was now like a layer of toilet paper, in less than a minute, the doctor stabbed through it.”
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