FOD Chapter 9.11


Chapter 9.11

Guo Zerui stood at the door of the greenhouse, watching the Earth Warriors clean up the fallen meteorites and putting them in large baskets, some people climbed up the steel frame to repair the smashed roof.

Once the meteorite contaminated the land, the toxic substances it contained would pollute a range of dozens of miles, the damage was very great and it wouldn’t fade for 60 or so years. Unless they got a land purifier, these greenhouses would never grow food again.

Guo Zerui still remembered how B Base relied on the two essential cleaning agents and the meteorite tempered glass to make money in the last life. The Warriors in the base almost never needed to worry about hunting zombies, those at the top of the food chain had high level nuclei distributed to them regularly. Most people didn’t even need to risk going out to collect materials, those necessary supplies were all hand delivered to them by other bases.

Force could only be used for self-protection, but intelligence was needed to promote social development. ‘Mental laborers govern, while manual laborers are governed’, Guo Zerui finally profoundly experienced the reasoning behind this saying.

He now wanted to kidnap all of B Base’s scientists. While thinking about how they could inquire about some news when they went to exchange for the purification agent, a teammate hurriedly ran over and said, “Gou Ge! Something horrible happened! Da Niu was admitted to the Institute, I heard that the researchers wanted him for an experiment. Go stop them before they dissect Da Niu!”

“What? Didn’t the doctor promise boss he would never do human experiments? If he’s not trustworthy, I’ll shut that lab down!” Guo Zerui clenched his teeth and sprinted toward the West building.

He ran through the guards and went straight to Dr. Bai’s laboratory. He saw a group of white coats holding notebooks and writing, and Da Niu was locked behind a transparent walled section and kneeling on the ground. His skin was terribly red, and his blood vessels bulged in green and blue colors, like worms crawling under his skin. He looked like he was being mutated.

“Bai Mo Han, what are you doing to Da Niu?!” Guo Zerui quickly threw out some vines, intending to tie up Dr. Bai and the other researchers, then break in to rescue his companion.

But unexpectedly, a thick steel plate appeared as if out of thin air, it not only blocked the net of vines, in the next second, it changed into a spiraling blade the cut the vines into pieces.

Zhao Ling Feng leaped out of the crowd and engaged Gou Zerui in combat. It was like scissors versus paper, although Guo Zerui had half a year of rebirth on Zhao Ling Feng, in the last life, Zhao Ling Feng was at a much higher level than Guo Zerui, and after a few months of practice, he’d regained his fighting instinct. Guo Zerui was tightly suppressed.

“Watch quietly, don’t cause trouble!” He pressed Guo Zerui up against the glass window to face the deformed man.

Guo Zerui took a closer look, the lumps were not his actual blood vessels, they were living creatures. Those living creatures seemed to be controlled by something and were scrambling to leave the body, finally, they found the throat’s passage and gushed out, dropping into a prepared pot.

Da Niu freed himself from all the pain and crawled away from the earthen pot.

In the pot, the capillary thin living creatures stretched out tentacles to explore, but found no way to escape, a Fire Warrior that was waiting in the corner cast out a fireball and burned them to ashes.

The researchers determined that there was no danger before they entered the room. They fed Da Niu a light blue medicine, then handed Da Niu and the Fire Warrior 5 level-3 nuclei each.

They immediately grinned, then noticed the deformed face pressed up against the window and recognized their vice-captain after a long look.

“Guo Ge, did you also come to volunteer for an experiment from the doctor? The doctor is so generous ah, he gave me treatment and crystal nucleus.” Da Niu patted his pants pocket and smiled, “Doctor, remember me next time you need help. With this medicine, when we camp in the wild in the future, we no longer have to worry about the bloodvine parasite. We can’t predict every danger when we go out for tasks, if the team doesn’t have a Plant Warrior, it’s game over!”

Zhou Yun Sheng recorded the test results in his book and warmly opened, “When there’s a job, we’ll call you. Don’t worry, I won’t treat your life as a joke.”

The two Warriors nodded and walked away, grinning. They also ignored their vice-captain’s imprisonment.

Zhao Ling Feng finally released Guo Zerui, he caught a glimpse of his embarrassed expression and snorted coldly.

Guo Zerui had realized the situation, Da Niu was not captured, he’d volunteered to be an experimental body for the doctor and was infected with the bloodvine.

He didn’t expect that the essential medicine to combat the bloodvines that all Warriors valued was actually invented by the doctor. He had eyes but could not see ah! B Base got a lot of income from selling that medicine.

There were also two other drugs on the market at that time, the yellow one could quickly restore spiritual power, the red one could quickly replenish abilities. Together with the expulsion medicine, they were known as the Three Great Divine Medicine, all the Warriors flocked to them.

To reborn and witness the birth of one of the Divine Medicine, Guo Zerui suddenly felt honored.

“Bloodvine are very dangerous, one infected person can cause an epidemic. We must not carelessly spread this plant.” Zhou Yun Sheng handed his notebook to an assistant and pushed up his glasses.

“N-No, doctor, that really was a misunderstanding!” Guo Zerui immediately remembered that he had infected the doctor with bloodvine. For that mistake, every time his boss pulled him into the training ground, he was ruthlessly beaten down until he vomited blood, then he was healed, and beaten until he vomited blood again, like an infinite loop, he was only released when the boss was satisfied. Death was almost more preferable.

“If you say so.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, his tone was still very dull, “No matter how heavy the misunderstanding, as long as you can let me carry out my research, I won’t mind. When my vaccine is developed, you can kill me if you wish.” He said as he walked into the pharmacy room.

Guo Zerui’s heart tightened. Listening to the doctor’s tone, he still had a deep misunderstanding of him and his boss, he even thought that they were just using him to develop the vaccine.

But it was reasonable, for anyone that was ruthlessly mutilated like that, it was impossible to not hold a grudge against the perpetrators. The doctor was willing to come with them to Shu Prefecture, even if he had to die? That kind of selfless spirit and courage to save all mankind was really difficult to not admire.

Guo Zerui felt increasingly ashamed, his cheeks reddened, then he turned purple after seeing the doctor’s test table.

“Doctor, what kind of drugs are these? Are they successful?” He pointed to the extremely familiar colored test tubes filled with a dark red and a light yellow medicine. Eventually, he leaned over them to sniff, and the Deja vu almost made him cry in excitement.

“This one supplements spiritual power, this one supplements abilities, they’re both in the experimental stage. Don’t touch. You have too much free time. Get out.” Zhou Yun Sheng slapped away the hand that was about to touch the test tube.

It really is the legendary Divine Medicine? The doctor is the inventor of the Divine Medicine? This is too much! We picked up a treasure! Guo Zerui wanted to jump for joy.

“Don’t touch anything, didn’t the doctor kick you out already?” Zhao Ling Feng wanted to kick the other man in the butt.

Guo Zerui kept grinning, not the slightest bit annoyed, he even wrapped around Zhao Ling Feng and pestered, “Why didn’t you tell me the doctor was the inventor of the Divine Medicine ah? Did you miss out on any other inventions?” If he’d known the doctor was so excellent, he would have waited upon him like he was an ancestor.

Zhao Ling Feng mystifyingly said, “I was afraid I would scare you to death if I told you. Not only did the doctor create the Divine Medicine, the catalyst to promote the rapid growth of crops, the treatment for drinking water and the black blood disease Dameike capsule were also invented by the doctor. Dr. Bai’s value goes far beyond your imagination.”

Even if the water was sprinkled with a cleaning agent, some people would still be infected with a disease more terrible than the plague. All the blood in the body turned black and gave off a sickening smell of decay. People who came into contact with the patient, even those with abilities, had a 20% chance to contract the disease.

When mankind was once again hovering on the edge of despair, the Dameike capsule came out, and its ultra-high efficacy shocked the world. Then the creation of the catalyst greatly shortened crops’ growth cycle, completely solving the starvation problem.

B Base hid the inventor of the drugs, but it turned out to be Dr. Bai. Before he’d even developed the vaccine, he had already saved countless lives.

Guo Zerui sincerely nodded, then he hammered his heart with a fist in fright. Fortunately, he didn’t succeed in killing the doctor, or he’d have become the scourge of mankind. Now, when his boss calls him to train every few days, he wouldn’t feel resentment for the beat down, he’ll accept it as well deserved!

While he was pondering, the doctor’s voice came from behind him, “Wait, don’t go, there’s one thing I almost forgot.”

“Doctor, if you have anything to ask of me, no matter what it is, I’ll fulfill it properly.” Guo Zerui did a U-turn, ran to the doctor’s side, and flattered him like a eunuch addressing the emperor.

“I have a few recipes here. Tell Lei Chuan to hastily recruit some chemical scientists, they’ll be in charge of developing them.” Zhou Yun Sheng led the man to the office and opened several computer files.

Guo Zerui leaned over the screen for a moment, and when he realized what the recipes were, his eyes almost popped out into orbit.

“Doctor, where did you get this information?” He asked, choked.

“I hacked into the B Base research lab and downloaded them.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s tone was flat.

“Doctor, you are too good! I’m going to tell boss and the chief.” Guo Zerui gave a thumbs up and ran off in a fluster, when he reached the door, he turned back, his face flushed, “Doctor, did I tell you that I love you more and more?”

Without waiting for the doctor to respond, he stepped forward two steps to grab the doctor’s face, then he printed a loud kiss on his forehead. Then he laughed and ran away, looking very goofy.

Zhou Yun Sheng frowned, and was preparing to wipe away the saliva, but Zhao Ling Feng was already holding a handkerchief and rubbing his forehead while secretly cursing.

Lei Chuan and Jiang Yuanshan were in the warehouse taking inventory. B Base wanted food, crystal nuclei, or weapons in exchange for the meteorite tempered glass and the two purifying agents, other materials would put you on the bottom of the waiting list.

However, those three things were the foothold of any base, who could casually give them out? The two sorted out a number of materials and turned to leave, their expressions very gloomy.

At this time, Guo Zerui ran in laughing, and shouted, “Don’t move, these materials are not allowed to move! Go to the Institute, quickly, the doctor needs you for something!”

When the doctor requested it, Lei Chuan and Jiang Yuanshan naturally wouldn’t delay, they immediately left, then ended up sitting stiffly in the chair, staring at the computer’s screen in a daze.

After a few minutes, Lei Chuan said in a low voice, “Doctor, this information is very precious, very precious, but we probably can’t let it out.” The doctor was assassinated just for wanting to share his own research, but he didn’t want the doctor to think that they were just as selfish as B Base.

Unexpectedly, the doctor immediately nodded in agreement, “I know, these were stolen from B Base. As stolen goods, of course, it needs to be hidden, or it will cause trouble.”

Lei Chuan sighed in relief, then he explained further, “Once we develop finished products and our base is strong, I’ll share the results with the other bases in the south and form a Southern Alliance. B Base is now trying to set up a national base alliance to monopolize all the resources. We have to get rid of their stranglehold, or the average person will not be able to live. We’re innocent men charged as criminals for treasuring a jade ring, before we have the strength to protect it, we have to hide our treasures, or we’ll face a disaster.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded in understanding, then he pointed to the screen and said, “Look, they’re ready to sell you these products, but the ones they use are completely different. They’ve added a certain metabolic agent that will cause the purification agent to fail within 5 months. In other words, you’ll need to exchange supplies every five months. While your own base doesn’t have enough food to eat, you’ll still have to feed them. This is tantamount to cornering the nation’s survivors and stripping off their flesh and drinking their blood, they’re no different from the zombies.”

Lei Chuan was enraged. In his last life, he’d witnessed countless bases being exploited by B Base and eventually destroyed. The doctor was right, those who only cared about their own interests, disregarding their compatriots’ life and death, were no different from zombies. In fact, they were more damnable than the zombies, because they were still human.

Jiang Yuanshan clenched his teeth and cursed those sons of bitches in B Base, but he finally rubbed his hands and laughed, “Doctor ah, you’re simply a god. Your research will be able to help us win the war after we’ve lost the battle. What’s the phrase again? Freaks save the world?”

“Geeks rule the world.” Zhou Yun Sheng’s lips slightly curved.

“Yes, yes, that’s the phrase! Doctor, you have no ambition, if you have ambition, then unify the world already!” Jiang Yuanshan touched his forehead and sighed. With such an omnipotent doctor, he doesn’t need to worry about Shu Prefecture Base’s future.

Lei Chuan moved his chair to the doctor’s side and whispered, “I didn’t know you steal things.” This broke his innate impression of the doctor.

“I passed by the greenhouse the other day and saw a lot of people sitting and crying because the mature rice they’d cultivated for months had all withered. No one can live without food, including you, Superman. I’ll gladly try any deed if it keeps everyone alive.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while tapping on the keyboard, downloading even the research of little value from B Base, then he added, “If I develop the anti-zombie virus vaccine one day, I hope you’ll immediately announce it to the world.”

Lei Chuan hugged him with a gentle smile. This was really the doctor of his memories, in order to ensure humanity’s survival, he didn’t care about the means he used, he was sometimes very cruel, sometimes very despicable, but his starting point was very noble, no one was qualified to accuse him.

Jiang Yuanshan was naturally aware of Lei Chuan’s feelings for the doctor by now, not wanting to be a third wheel, he found an excuse to leave. He passed by the greenhouses, walked in, then knelt on the ground, grabbing two fistfuls of dirt and laughing madly.

Several passers-by witnessed this and whispered, “What’s going on today? Did the two forget to take their medicine? Guo Ge was running around crazily, and now the chief is howling. Should someone send them to the infirmary?”

Back in the institute, Zhou Yun Sheng ignored Lei Chuan’s clinging, he download the information then went back into his laboratory to synthesize pharmaceuticals.

Lei Chuan looked at the doctor wearing a white coat, standing by the test table and concentrating on his operation. His back, his actions, his expression, everything was almost straight out of his memory, Lei Chuan’s eyes flushed, he even had an impulse to thank God. Thank him for giving them a chance to start again.

While pondering, the doctor’s beaker suddenly started billowing smoke, a pungent smell quickly spread in the air, then there was a loud bang, and the beaker exploded.

Fortunately, the doctor was wearing protective clothing and a mask, so there was no injuries, and Lei Chuan had a powerful body, a few pieces of broken glass and slightly toxic gas was nothing to him.

“Are you all right?” He pulled the doctor out of the laboratory and closed the glass door, waiting for the gas to completely lose volatility before calling in the cleaners.

“I’m fine.” Zhou Yun Sheng took off his protective suit, his expression frustrated. Although he had Bai Mo’s memories, he had no practical experience, so he blew up beakers often.

“Look at you, your face will stick that way. Experiment failure is inevitable, don’t be frustrated.” Lei Chuan rubbed the doctor’s subconsciously pursed lips. He’d found that the doctor had a lot of childish gestures, and when he was upset, he looked particularly cute.

He used to think that the doctor was reborn, but this dispelled his suspicions. The previous doctor should be very familiar with his own research, he shouldn’t be having such a difficult time. Therefore, he pretended to inadvertently talk about his blood’s characteristics, to guide the doctor to the right path.

The doctor was very smart, after getting the tips, he could deduce the formula a few days later, then he could enter it into the computer for calculation. So, in another two or three years, the anti-zombie virus vaccine will be available.

The doctor wouldn’t have to be dragged down with days and nights of high-intensity work, and the vaccine could be created faster than the previous one. Thinking of this, Lei Chuan couldn’t help but hold the thin doctor in his arms and advise, “The lab can’t be used right now, go rest.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was about to refuse, but the man lifted him up and walked swiftly to the bedroom. He rudely kicked open the door, then gently placed the doctor down, so he wouldn’t be bumped.

He locked the door and walked into the wash room, he poured a bucket of water into the bathtub, then heated it up to a moderate temperature with his palm.

“Come in and take a bath. Then go to bed. Your eyes are dark, I didn’t return to the base yesterday, so you didn’t sleep right?” Lei Chuan asked while helping the doctor undress. If no one was constantly monitoring him, the doctor would stay in the laboratory without eat or sleep. This selfless spirit pulled at his heartstrings, but it also made him feel helpless.

Zhou Yun Sheng was accustomed to being served, so he didn’t resist the pampering. After a few twists and turns, the man helped him into the hot water, rubbed him with a washrag until he was pink, then helped him into clean pajamas.

“You haven’t been eating well lately right? You look like you lost three or four pounds.” Lei Chuan frowned, he wanted to drill a hole into the doctor’s stomach and pour all the nutritious food he could find into it.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t speak, he slumped into his bed, face down, the continuous work for two days had made him exhausted.

Lei Chuan used the left over water to wash, then walked out in only a pair of sweat pants. His bronze skin, strong chest and compact abs were worth seeing. His extremely sexy V line was leading into the waistband of his camouflage pants, which wrapped his two long legs. His crotch volume was large and uplift, inviting people’s imaginations.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked away and angrily said, “You have a room, why do you always squeeze in with me?”

“I’m used to it.” Lei Chuan said while warping his arm around the doctor’s waist, intending to cuddle to sleep. In the last life, when the doctor slept, he would lie by his side, looking at him quietly, and sometimes he couldn’t restrain his desire to trace his facial features. That quiet and beautiful atmosphere always made him feel contented.

“But I’m not used to it. I’m sleeping next door.” Zhou Yun Sheng jumped out of bed to open the door.

“Come on.” Lei Chuan patted the space beside him and slowly opened, “You have to get used to it, or I’ll stop supplying you blood.”

Zhou Yun Sheng knocked his forehead against the door, then turned around well behaved and consciously opened the quilt, he rested his head on Lei Chuan’s out stretched arm.

Lei Chuan hugged the man into his chest and let out a satisfied sigh.

Probably because of his exhaustion, the doctor fell asleep in only half a minute, but his eyebrows we slightly scrunched up, he seemed to be having troubled dreams. In the last life, the first time Lei Chuan saw the doctor smile brightly was the day he developed the vaccine, he was so beautiful and pure, so that day became an unforgettable memory.

He’d hoped that he could see the doctor’s relaxed and happy look every day in the future, but he knew how much that wish would cost. Even today, he couldn’t tell whether he was struggling to save mankind or struggling to help the doctor fulfill his wish and see his smile again.

Even though the doctor was held tightly in his arms and he was feeling his body temperature, Lei Chuan still felt unsatisfied. He felt that his relationship with the doctor could go further, but he didn’t know what the next step was.

Family? No, it should be more important and closer than family.

For a long time, he fell into unprecedented confusion, he stared at the doctor’s sleeping face for a full two hours and only feel asleep when the doctor was showing signs of waking up.

B Base released the news of the meteorite tempered glass and cleaning agents, then sat back and waited for a large number of food, weapons, and crystal nuclei to be hand delivered to their doorstep. They not only formed a monopoly on resources, they even dragged in those paranoid to form alliances with them. The country was in the palm of their hands.

The northern bases had sent people to contact them, but the southern bases were quiet. They thought the travel was just too long, so they waited for some time, but four months later there was still no contact, so they started feeling anxious. They sent out a team to inquire some news.

The results surprised them, the south’s large and small bases had established a base alliance, and they’d dominated all the way to the south’s border. People from northern bases needed to go through a rigorous interrogation in order to enter.

The team was kept under constant surveillance and didn’t dare carelessly wander around. But they’d still brought back an explosive message, the southern bases had developed a purification agent and meteorite building materials a long time ago, even worse, their Warriors carried around three very magical drugs that prevented the breeding of parasites and parasitic plants, and could quickly restore spiritual power and ability. The drugs’ stability and combat effectiveness was frightening.

Also, their crops were growing very rapidly and could be harvested almost every two months. The north was still suffering from famine, but the south was already a bustling landscape.

If they hadn’t left family in B Base, some of the members of the team simply wouldn’t have come back.

Although B Base’s higher-ups tried to suppress the news, it still leaked out. The southern bases suddenly became a Garden of Eden, the Warriors with no family members to drag them down gradually started migrating to the south. The strong northern alliance also started to crack, and many bases distanced themselves from them, sending friendly inquires to the southern alliance’s core, Shu Prefecture Base.



Charged as criminals for treasuring a jade ring –懷璧其罪 – huái bì qí zuì – (fig.) A person’s talent will arouse the envy of others.

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