FOD Chapter 8.25


Chapter 8.25

Gustav’s appearance pleasantly surprised Emily, she stood up while fixing her hair and reached out to shake his hand, looking very flustered. Of course, she was exaggerating most of this panic. There was no star in the world that didn’t like seeing others fall over themselves to worship them. Compared to her, Zhou Yun Sheng’s response was very dull, he and Bonnie stayed in their chairs and smiled politely.

“Hello.” Gustav quickly shook Emily’s hands, his attitude was very polite, but he looked unusually cold. He was pretending to be calm more than Emily was pretending to be flustered. This was the first time he’ll have dinner with his sweetheart, and also sit so close. His heart was almost jumping out of his chest, his palms had a layer of cold sweat, and his tie was squeezing his Adam’s apple, even swallowing was difficult.

He tilted his head down, confirmed that his clothing was still very elegant and graceful, and that his panic sweat was covered by his fresh cologne, then sat next to the boy and gave him a warm embrace.

“Romeo, how have you been lately?” His dry, hoarse voice startled Bonnie. The others didn’t notice, but she knew the normal Gustav was definitely not like this. Since he walked through the door, his whole body had been very stiff, and he waked as gracefully as a huge crab.

He was the world’s most expensive male supermodel, seeing him behave like this was shameful. Bonnie covered her forehead and rolled her eyes.

“I’m fine Mr. Acheson, you know that, we saw each other the day before yesterday, remember?” Zhou Yun Sheng quipped. He didn’t expect such a tall and strong man to be so cute. But, no matter how cute he was, he couldn’t accept him unless he was that man.

He couldn’t figure out what was going on, why couldn’t he feel his love’s proximity and had to rely on speculation or intimate contact? He didn’t want to become a kissing maniac and indecently assault every handsome man he saw.

“Of course, but I’m concerned about you every day.” Gustav immediately nodded, “Even one day without seeing you feels like a year. I saw Old Duke’s (the guest photographer) pictures of you. They’re very good, but not the best. If it was me that was shooting, it would’ve turned out much better. My lens love you the most!” And so do I!

Because there were two extras at the table, he reluctantly concealed his affectionate confession.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew that this was the way of the West, they always openly admired the people they liked. He covered the goose bumps on the back of his hand and smiled an ignorant and shy smile.

Bonnie was enjoying herself, eating a delicious dinner while admiring her old friend’s gallant act. Emily felt neglected. She had always known that Gustav treated Romeo differently, but the difference had never been so blatant. As long as Romeo was present, Gustav’s eyes could only see him, everyone else was just dispensable furnishings.

Is this really just an artist’s obsession with his muse? It was too intense, his eyes were two flames, almost charring Romeo.

She was unwilling to give up, she wanted to make the man pay attention her, so she pushed over the unfolded napkin and smiled, “Mr. Acheson, I’ve always wanted your signature, but I had no chance to ask, can you give me one today?”

She finally got the man’s attention, but the passion in his eyes quickly extinguish, replaced by cold alienation. This was the true nature of Gustav Acheson, he was seemingly gentle and humble, but he always maintained a certain distance with everyone, he never allowed them to get closer by even half a step.

Gustav’s feelings for Emily could only be described as ‘disgusted’, he smiled and waved, “Sorry, I didn’t bring a pen today.”

“I can borrow one from the waiter.” Emily responded positively.

Just then, the waitress walked up and put a mug of warm milk down on the napkin, she stooped to say “It’s hot, drink slowly.” Gustav picked up the cup and put it in front of Kitten, then he naturally scrunched up the napkin and threw it into a trash can.

Emily paled, then she hurriedly put up a glass of red wine to cover her face, she didn’t mention the signature again. She was secretly reflecting on what she had done to offend the man and make him so disgusted with her. Yes, it was disgust. He looked at her as if he was looking at an annoying fly, this gave her self-esteem a devastating blow.

Gustav didn’t have the mind to take care of others, he stared at Kitten as he stuck out his tongue to lick the hot milk little by little. His smile widened at the sight and his eyes softened.

Zhou Yun Sheng loved wine, but he loved milk more. He held the warm almond milk and sipped slowly, his stomach warmed up and he narrowed his eyes in sleepiness.

Gustav’s heart melted into a pool of water. He gave Bonnie a look and hinted, “Did you enjoy your dinner?” Eat quickly and drag that other extra away.

“It was okay. But I want to order some creamy vanilla baked escargot.” Bonnie needed some incentives.

“If you like, I can have my chef cook it for you later. You’re a model, you shouldn’t eat too much high-calorie things at once.”

“Okay, you have to remember.” Bonnie shrugged, pulled the napkin out from around her neck and said, ” Emily, my dear, we’re leaving.”

“Now? I wanted another glass of red wine.” Emily was reluctant to leave.

“There’s red wine in the villa’s fridge, you can go back and drink.” Bonnie grabbed her arm, her attitude firm. She saw many women like Emily, in order to gain power, they could climb any ladder, but Gustav obviously didn’t want to be her step.

“Mr. Acheson and Romeo …”

“They’ve got something to talk about.” Bonnie pulled Emily to the door and whispered in her ear. “A wise girl knows what should and shouldn’t be done. You don’t want to provoke Mr. Acheson, his power is not limited to the fashion industry.”

Emily finally looked back at the two people getting closer to each other and felt resentment, but she had to accept the threat. One day, one day, these people will crawl at her feet!

“Romeo, I’m sorry about the things before. I didn’t mean to cause you any trouble, I just couldn’t restrain my heart.” As soon as the miscellaneous people left, Gustav immediately moved closer to Kitten, placed an arm on the sofa behind him and tried to grasp his hand.

“I accept your apology, it’s late … …” Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t want to face this man, he could hear the man’s heart beating crazily and heard him breathing more heavily, the man’s feelings for him were deeper than he’d imagined.

“No, please don’t go, please stay and listen to me seriously. If I don’t tell you, I think I’ll go crazy.” Gustav grabbed his wrist, his eyes glowing.

“I can only think about you to sleep every night, even if we just met an hour ago. I knew I was gay when I was a kid, and I was only interested in men with beautiful eyes. But before I met you, I just appreciated them, never loved them. Now I know, all this time, I was waiting for you. I’m going crazy with love for you, please give me a chance?” With just those few words he had a parched throat and a heart on the brink of exhaustion, he stared at the boy’s expression, afraid of the rejection he could get.


Zhou Yun Sheng had just spit out the word when the man unexpectedly leaned forward to give him a warm kiss. He was about to push him away and refuse, but he was surprised, his clenched jaw slightly loosened and he met the man’s powerful tongue. They kissed for a few minutes before separating, and Zhou Yun Sheng spit out a sigh of relief. He wanted to speak, but the man hastily blocked his mouth again.

That word ‘no’ had made Gustav feel terrified, he didn’t want to hear it again.

They kissed seven or eight times, then Zhou Yun Sheng finally found it unbearable and pushed him away, “Enough, my tongue is going numb!”

Gustav begged, “Baby, don’t turn me down so quickly, please consider it carefully for a while then give me a reply. Please? I promise you, I’ll be the best lover in the world.”

Zhou Yun Sheng looked into the man’s eyes and nodded. Of course he knew he was the best lover in the world, even if they were light-years apart, the man would always intuitively find him.

Gustav felt weak, he was almost scared to death.

The two people sat silently for a while, then Zhou Yun Sheng picked up his coat and said, “Send me back.” He really wanted to get together, but he was worried he would get himself into trouble by getting carried away, so everything had to wait until after the game was over.

Gustav immediately stood up and pulled his chair for him, very attentive.

The car ride was quiet, and the car firmly stopped at the villa. Zhou Yun Sheng got off, and after two steps he turned around and said, “I think I’ve considered it clearly… …”

What can be considered in such a short time? Gustav was very uneasy, he waved his hand again and again, “No, no, please consider carefully, at least until the end of the game.”

“No, I’ll date you, because your kiss made me fascinated.” The real deal of being smitten. Zhou Yun Sheng winked and strode back to the villa.

“What? Baby? Can you say that again?” Gustav immediately jumped out of the car to chase him, but he saw the other players sticking their heads out of the villa and had to stop. His expression was fierce, ecstatic and disbelieving.

God, tell me it’s not my imagination! He really agreed!

“Baby, you promised right? Did you really say yes? Anyway, I’ll promise myself to you!” He shouted many times, then pumped his fist into the air.
He fluttered home and posted a message on his social media account – A new day, a day worth remembering, the happiest and most pleasant day! Thank God and thank my beloved! He ended the post with infatuated cartoon gifs.

chinesefontdesign.com_2017-03-28_09-04-49-2.gif9e4f346d04e6d216f1acc2ea09c87011.gif 0191.gif


After a day off, the game started again, there were still five players left. Bonnie took them to the studio and warned, “This is the semi-final round, and we’ll knock out a player today, but it’s possible to knock out two players, it all depends on your performance. The knockout decision is not in the hands of the audience, nor in the hands of the judges today, but in our client’s hands. As a model, your most important job is to take pictures for the customer’s satisfaction.”

She introduced the customer to everyone, a tall, bearded and strong looking man. His eyes were pre-occupied with staring at a female contestant’s plump chest, when he noticed that the camera was aiming at him, he gave an awkward cough, then introduced the product.

He was MOT’s sales director, this time, they were promoting the company’s latest research and development product, the Skywalker Tablet PC. The Skywalker was a very powerful computer, it came with many of the most advanced software, especially its file and image processing functions- it could be called the world’s vanguard in the IT industry. The name ‘Skywalker’ was enough to show their confidence in their product.

After a brief introduction, Mr. Director added, “So, your task today is to make a poster for my computer. I’ll give you thirty minutes each, and in those thirty minutes, you can take an unlimited number of pictures. Then you can pick out the best for me to review.”

Unlimited photos, they were no longer limited to thirty shots. This was definitely good news! As the contestants cheered, Mr. Director immediately poured cold water on them, “But, the costumes, styles, photography, lighting, and image touch-up is all on yourself. No one else will be responsible for your results.”

He picked up a stylish Tablet PC, showed it to the audience, then continued, “If you’re not satisfied with the photo, you can use our product for post-production. Its powerful image processing capabilities will certainly give you an eye-opener.”

“But what if I’m a computer idiot? I don’t even know how to use Word.” Ivana said frankly.

“Don’t worry, I’ll send each of you a technician at the end of your shooting. They will be responsible for teaching you how to use it.” When the contestants were touching up their photos, the exchanges between them and the technicians could once again serve to promote the powerful functions of their product, the publicity would be very good.

The contestants nodded, then they saw that John was closing-up on his idol, who was staring at the tablet with hot lava eyes.

“I like electronics, especially PCs.” Zhou Yun Sheng turned red and smiled at the camera.

Emily, who stood beside him, suddenly raised her hand and said, “Isn’t the program group imposing sanctions on Romeo? So his time should be halved.”

The fans in front of the TV blew up, poking at the TV screen with nasty insults, everything from brat to cheap-looking hooker, some wanted to drag Emily out and beat her up.

Bonnie was about to speak when Mr. Director opened, “The program group is the program group, the sponsor is the sponsor. I don’t care if you think it’s fair, I just know that my product has to have the best poster, so everyone has to have equal resources. If you want to suppress an opponent, do it on someone else’s time, please don’t take my product as a joke. I came here for serious work, not to give you a tool to fool around with!”

He was so blunt that Emily reddened in shame. The rest of the players covered their mouths and grinned, and Zhou Yun Sheng glanced at her as if she were just a clown.

Bonnie didn’t come out to mediate, she waited for everyone to have a laugh before bringing them to the shooting venue.

“Is this the background? A piece of white cloth?” Ivana couldn’t believe it, the studio had five large and spaced-out white cloths. Such a monotonous background, how could they play?

“You’ll find a way to figure it out later. As long as there’s a powerful computer involved, even if you want to shoot in out of space, it’s not impossible.” Bonnie winked mysteriously.

“This is to let us use the image processing software to add in the background. Don’t worry, the software will certainly have a background effect that satisfies you.” Zhou Yun Sheng whispered in Ivana’s ear. Mr. Director apparently heard the remark and nodded to him with a smile.

Bonnie snapped he fingers, and the countdown began, the contestants shrieked and rushed into the clothing room. Zhou Yun Sheng picked out a casual gray V-neck sweater, white casual pants and a pair of black and white shoes. He slightly fiddled with his hair to make it seem fluffy and bouncy, then he walked to the white wall and talked with the lighting division. They said the players were in charge of lighting, but in fact, they just wanted them to tell the staff what effects they wanted.

The computer came in five colors – black, white, blue, yellow, orange. Zhou Yun Sheng made the lighting division cast a blue halation on the white cloth, then a yellow halation, orange halation, white halation, light gray halation, and he only pressed the shutter between color changes.

“What is he doing? There must be modeling and products in the photo, he should know that right?” Mr. Director was very worried. He owed a great deal to Gustav, so he didn’t mind taking good care of his baby, but his baby was shooting bland halation effect photos, he didn’t know how to help.

“Don’t worry, he won’t mess it up.” Bonnie nonchalantly waved, she was squinting at the young man’s exposed white, round shoulder. His sweater was too loose, any little movement would reveal a very sexy collarbone and a small slice of shoulder, if Gustav was in the studio, he would be the embodiment of a wolf.

Mr. Director shrugged his shoulders and stopped talking.

Zhou Yun Sheng finished the light color curtain, fixed the camera on the tri-pod, then began filming himself. He was not posing, just standing upright, stretching his arm out, holding a white Tablet PC in the palm of his hand. He exerted some effort with his wrist and twisted it flexibly, making it look like he was holding a basketball, rotating it. The camera was set to shoot every second, the dense lights flashed, then he changed to a black tablet and repeated the previous shooting process.

The staff stood by and watched him shoot five groups of such photos, dumbfounded.

Mr. Director swirled his finger by his temple, apparently doubting whether Romeo’s brain had a problem. Everyone could see that these pictures were plain, even his fairy-like beauty couldn’t save them.

The audience in front of the TV had to cover their faces, moaning, “Romeo, wake up soon, your shoot is useless! Use your previous momentum to kill them, or you’ll be eliminated here!”

The rest of the contestants didn’t have time to watch Romeo, but they could deduce by the staff’s chatter that he had apparently gone crazy, and the tension in their hearts suddenly reduced by half. Of course, this didn’t include Ivana, she jumped and waved at Romeo, hoping he would quickly fix himself, but he only gave her a light glance.

Emily had insight into Mr. Acheson’s feelings for Romeo, she felt that if she didn’t fight dirty, the title would fall into Romeo’s hands, so she walked out wearing only a large bathrobe.

When she began her shooting, the scene suddenly got noisy, causing Bonnie and Mr. Director to quickly look over.

“My God!” Bonnie had to marvel at Emily’s boldness. She’d made the stylist blow out her hair very curly and loose, just enough to cover the two points on her chest, and she wore nothing else. So, she sat cross-legged in front of the wall, stark-naked, both hands clamped an orange tablet, using it to block her most intimate part.

Her whole body was coated with a layer of bronze powder, the lighting bringing out the feeling of an ancient Greek sculpture.

“She has a lot of fun ideas.” Mr. Director thumbed up.

Emily heard this comment during a shooting gap and gave a triumphant smile. The audience in front of the TV were focused on her sexy body, temporarily pushing their resentment from before into the back of their minds.

At the end of the 30-minute shooting time, Mr. Director gave them 15 minutes to revise their photo. They could select their most satisfying photo and modify it, for example, adding a few fantasy effects to the scenery. MOT technicians walked up to help them.

“This software is very powerful, I’m going to teach you… …” The technician assigned to Zhou Yun Sheng was silenced, he stared at the boy’s slender fingers flying over the keyboard, all the photos were blended together to create a dazzling effect. His professional skills was not inferior to MOT’s top designers.

His intention to teach him was simply superfluous. After the picture was processed, the technician stared at it blankly for a long time then squeezed out a sentence, “Romeo… you win.”

Emily slightly darkened the background of her picture, making her skin look more textured, and rejected all the technician’s proposed amendments. She felt that she was perfect enough, adding anything was superfluous.

The technician shrugged and stopped talking.

After 15 minutes, the contestants came forward to submit their work. In due course, Mr. Director gave the most pertinent evaluation, and when it was Emily’s turn, he stared at the picture for a long time, his fingers stroking his jaw, his expression very subtle. The viewers in front of the television thought that he must have been fascinated by Emily, because they felt the same.

Emily is hot enough to cause nosebleeds!

Zhou Yun Sheng was the last one, he handed over his Tablet PC. Mr. Director stared at the young man on the screen who held a computer single-handedly, unsure what to say. This photo could be ranked first….if you count backwards! He felt sorry for his old friend, his baby didn’t seem as excellent as he’d described.

“Boss, you should click Play. This is a dynamic picture.” The technician assigned to the boy couldn’t help but remind.

Mr. Director was surprised, then he pressed play and the basic photo suddenly moved in a synthetic dynamic map, regardless of the results, the technological skill was enough to crush all opponents.

Bonnie hit the play button step by step. The boy was still, a refreshing moonlight smile on his face while the computer in his palm was spinning, the shell constantly changing to gorgeous colors. Behind the boy were countless spots, it was clearly only five colors, but together, they created a world of color, like a blowout of colorful ribbons, brilliant fireworks, the explosion of the Galaxy. The boy was the extremely quiet compliment to the stylish computers and the dazzling backgrounds.

Stylish, dynamic, refreshing.

Mr. Director couldn’t help but utter ‘Wow’ as his eyes bulged out, he asked, “Did you do this for him?”

“No, no, he did it himself, and his computer skills are better than mine.”

John immediately sent the captured video to the director, the director switched to the scene for the viewers to see straightaway. They saw the boy sitting cross-legged on the ground, editing and communicating with the technician, “This software is fantastic. The exclusive ‘Perfect Image’ digital image processing engine has superior quality processing and restore ability. The processing speed is faster than a step. I love this effect, it will help me realize my imagination, wonderful!”

As he explained, he slowly turned the monotonous picture into a gorgeous piece. John also gave the technician a close-up, his stunned expression was interesting.

The audience in front of the TV was completely beaten, they wanted to kneel before Romeo, the technology emperor. Someone evaluated, “Romeo used his tech skills to shoot a blockbuster fantasy photo, he’s completely overqualified! How many talents has Romeo shown? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me he was Superman!”

Mr. Director looked at the video while grinning, without a doubt, this was his ideal ad, he could simply broadcast the picture as an ad without editing.

“It’s so wonderful! Bravo!” He stared at the picture and praised.

“So, you can announce the champion?” Bonnie smiled and asked.

“Of course.” Once again, Mr. Director criticized everyone’s photos, pointing out where he was unsatisfied, when it came to Emily, his tone was a bit odd, “Emily’s photo was so beautiful that I couldn’t take my eyes off it after seeing it.”

The camera aimed at Emily, and she smiled with pride.

“But,” Mr. Director’s voice suddenly turned, “I can’t wait to take the Tablet PC out of her hands and throw it away. I wish I had X-ray vision, so I can fully appreciate her beautiful body. What’s that computer she’s holding? It’s covering such a wonderful scenery, how annoying.”

Bonnie bowed her head and smiled, she understood where the director’s thoughts were heading.

Most of the male audience in front of the television felt a deep resonance with him, they also thought that the computer was a hindrance.

“So, I want to eliminate Emily.” Mr. Director made this concluding remark after his warm praise.

The contestants were stunned. Emily was shocked speechless for half a minute before she angrily interrogated, “Why? Since my picture is so good, why should I be eliminated?”

Bonnie clapped her hands to draw attention, she enunciated, “Did you really forget what I taught you before? As a model, you’re just the accessory, not the protagonist. You want to promote the product or clothing, not yourself. Emily, do you honestly think you deserve to win the title, if you make the product you’re supposed to promote into unwanted trash? The poster was to sell MOT Skywalkers, not your body!”

Mr. Director added, ‘Yes, if we were shooting a cover for playboy, I would give you the title.”

The rest of the contestants laughed, and the viewers in front of the TV had an epiphany, then nodded in agreement. Some audience members immediately sent messages to the program group, saying that Emily would be the best playboy cover girl, her body is too sexy, being a model is simply a waste.

These remarks destroyed an chance of Emily embarking on a high-end fashion brand runway in her lifetime, she had been branded with the vulgar mark of pornography.

Emily couldn’t even think of a decent rebuttal, she had indeed tried to use her body to win. If she’d remembered what Bonnie had taught her earlier, she would have never taken such a risky road.

She felt ashamed, she slowly squat down to hold her head and cry, but the players didn’t want to comfort her, so they directly disregarded her.

In the end, only Emily was eliminated that episode, and the audience strongly suggested that she sign up for playboy, certain that the issues would sell out. While they were pushing Emily into the dirt, Romeo’s style was being push higher and higher, technology emperor, literature and art hipster, sketch master, The Artist, he was crowned with one title after another.

His talent was remarkable.

Of course, Acheson’s neurotic messages also caused a small disturbance. They were starting to speculate whether Romeo was his lover, or secret fiancé, or illegitimate child, in short, all kinds of dramatic conclusions.

The semi-final episode was the highlights of the players’ life, while the episode was airing, they were being trained for the final.

Since it was a supermodel contest, it was natural for the runway to decide the winner. The program group invited one of the world’s most famous fashion designers, Wilson, and used his upcoming autumn and winter series to display on the runway. This series of clothing were inspired by military uniforms, the lining was very stiff and the colors were cold, the remaining two female and two male players needed to show their toughest masculine side, and walk valiantly on the runway.

This was Wilson’s basic request for them.

The live broadcast began, and Bonnie came to Wilson and asked him which player he was most excited about.

“I’m most optimistic about Ivana. She’s a very rare masculine female model, the best match for the interpretation of this series. On the contrary, I’m most worried about the audience’s favorite, Romeo. He’s underage, and looks both male and female, his figure is also on the dainty side. I’m worried he might give my men’s wear a feminine effect.”

Bonnie nodded in understanding.

In order to get the best effect, the cameraman immediately focused at the background to capture Romeo’s figure, then he issued a small gasp.

The always gentle as the moonlight teenager, at the moment, had all his hair meticulously combed back, revealing his extremely handsome features. His blue eyes were slightly narrowed, his lips naturally upturned, his expression didn’t contain a trace of warmth, giving off a cold and distant feeling. He wore a dark brown uniform coat, a belted waist, showing his perfect inverted triangular stature and slender and straight legs, which were stuffed into a pair of military boots. He was dressed sharp enough to cut.

He stepped forward, the sharp coolness was like a knife piercing the eye, it was impossible to dodge. He could be evil, could be soft and could be hard, he could easily control any style of clothing.

Wilson gasped in surprised. The audience in front of the TV were already drunk, holding their red faces and squealing.

The music sounded, and Miss. Jeffery made the contestants line up and go out in turn. The young man’s every step was firm and calm, like a mobile combat knife, with a sharp and unparalleled momentum.

The seated audience completely forgot to respond, they only dropped their jaws and looked up at him. He turned at the head of the stage, and when he disappeared into the dark backstage they actually felt a sense of loss. The clothes he was wearing was extremely handsome, even the girls wanted to buy some pieces for themselves, hoping it could give them the outline of a slender waist and upturned buttocks.

Every time the boy changed his clothes and appeared on the runway, the audience’s applause was always extremely enthusiastic, like waves crashing against the shore, but it never shook his resolute expression.

The show’s temperature was near boiling, and Wilson didn’t hesitate to take Romeo’s arm and lead him out for the closing thank you.

Back in the quiet studio, the four contestants’ faces were red, like they were drunk. They were too overwhelmed by the feeling of being in the limelight.

Bonnie let them tell each other the most likely candidate to win, they thought about it, then had to say Romeo. He won eight best photos, a brilliant record, and no one could compete with him, even walking on the stage, he was the most dazzling presence.

“Romeo, who do you think will win?” Bonnie deliberately made things difficult.

“No matter who wins, I’ll be happy for them.” Zhou Yun Sheng dodged the question and hugged Ivana tightly.

Bonnie nodded and let the audience vote, first, the two lowest scoring players were eliminated, and when it was only Ivana and Romeo, they announced that it was advertisement time.

“Can I hit you guys?” Ivana inquired in earnest.

Jeffrey and Eureka laughed, and Zhou Yun Sheng rubbed her meticulously combed red hair.

Bonnie made a fearful expression, then chuckled and said, “All right, it was just a joke, our Next Supermodel is—Romeo! Congratulations!” Countless ribbons rained down in the studio. Ivana didn’t feel disappointed, she ran to the startled teenager, who was in tears, and lifted him up, the other two players walked over and joined in the hug.

This was a life-changing experience, they’d made a lifelong memory, so they felt very satisfied.

That night, “The Next Supermodel” ratings broke ABC’s history. Everyone felt that Romeo was eligible to get the title, his excellence was evident, no doubt, he would be the most shining star in the fashion circle.

The ABC leaders held a celebratory party for the program group and invited all the contestants who had participated. When Zhou Yun Sheng saw Hayden purposefully striding towards him, he thought he was going to start a fight, but unexpectedly, Hayden pulled him into a strong hug, blushed and said thank you.

This little brat’s back and forth is really unbearable. Zhou Yun Sheng exclaimed, then gave a gentle and open-minded smile in response, but Gustav hurriedly pulled him into the lounge, cold faced.

“Baby, have you forgotten how much he hurt you?”

“I forgot it.” Before the man could panic, Zhou Yun Sheng slowly pulled out his tie and continued, “He didn’t say anything bad to me, I don’t need to remember his good and bad, it’s in the past. Now, Gustav Acheson, why don’t we do something more fun, hmm? Do you think I’m frivolous? After all, we’ve been dating for less than half a month.”

Gustav rubbed his palms on his clothes and stammered, “No, no, I mean, of course we can do something fun, and no, I don’t think you’re frivolous. In fact, I wanted to ask half a month ago. Do you know? When I first saw you, I immediately started imagining how you would taste …”

He seemed to feel that he was exposing too much of his shameful side, so he immediately shut up and  ruthlessly pushed the boy up against the wall and kissed him. Zhou Yun Sheng eagerly wrapped his long legs around his waist … …

The next day, the two were invited to participate in ABC’s hottest interview show. The boy looked very tired, but the taller man looked very vigorous, when the host asked the man how he saw Romeo, he said smugly, “Romeo is a model with the most potential I’ve ever seen. He can easily control any style, even the most bizarre fashion. I think he’ll go farther than me.” As soon as the words fell, he gave the boy a gentle smile.

The young man squinted and smiled.

After the show was broadcasted, everyone knew that Gustav was very appreciative of the boy, and he never hesitated to praise him on any occasion. Whenever a reporter asked him about his own affairs, he wouldn’t hesitate to brush them off, but when they asked questions about Romeo, he would immediately stop to seriously converse. At the end of the game, he praised all the positive remarks about Romeo and pursued him crazily.

This state lasted for one year, two years, three years … … ten years later, the two men were holding hands to participate in the talk show again, the host asked about Romeo, and he immediately reacted in high spirits, chattering, taking out all kinds of private photos to show off.

Over time, the numb fans gave him a nickname – Husband Frenzy.

Gustav was simply investing his life in Romeo, and Romeo also selflessly gave him his life in return, the two were a model for the perfect loving relationship.

As for Emily, the one who should’ve been standing at the top of the fashion circle, ten years later, she was a cover girl for a variety of adult magazines, her name and ‘porn’ was inseparably linked, she had no way to wash her reputation white.



Why don’t we do something more fun- ZYS bluntly requested to have ‘sexual intercourse’ here in the original. This was the best I could come up with. Feel free to suggest something more creative.

Let’s be happy guys! This is halfway through the novel!! And to celebrate, I’ll be taking a short break lol. Don’t expect another FOD until a month from now, the end of September.

That was 120 pages of my hard work, how long did it take to read? This was ZYS’s last holiday world, so expect some challenges when we get back. But not too challenging, he’s still ZYS after all 😀

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I could see why Emily was chosen to be an adult story heroine. She’s strong willed and wouldn’t hesitate to use everything at her disposal– even if it was her own body. I feel a bit for her but at the same time I can’t imagine another ending for this arc.

5 months ago

This part has NFSW, which is quite audacious with the use of butter and cream as a lube.

17 days ago
Reply to  Yuen

what NSFW?? i didn’t see any thing

6 months ago

I hated this arc so much. The way that the FL was demonized. Like for what? for being hot, arrogant, and conniving? Are these not the same traits the MC has? Or was it the big boobs? Christ. Flop arc

The only redeemer was Ivana and the cat lol

Satan Barbie
Satan Barbie
4 months ago
Reply to  Mav

I appreciate conniving characters because they’re clever. In this arc, the MC leveraged his acting skills to manipulate the audience by portraying himself as weak and shy. And throughout the entire show, he never let his mask slip.
The FL started the arc by seducing a man to win herself points, and every time she had to show off her skills… The only thing she showed off were her boobs. We know she has the capacity to be clever, because she very nearly succeeded with the necklace incident. The reason we look down on her is because, when she was competing, when it really counted, she abandoned her wits for her tits.

3 months ago
Reply to  Mav

I didn’t love that either. Especially the slut shaming about her being only good for porn. The friendship with Ivana was def the saving grace. This arc was also one of the ones that was particularly cringy. But this novel is so much fun I just grit my teeth when I come across cringe & weird tropes.

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6 months ago

Not sure if another reader caught this, but translator-sama, when Bonnie said something like “out of space” I think that you meant to type “outer space” because this statement would be strange if you kept the former.

This arc was definitely one of my faves!

1 year ago

I have a love-hate relationship with the next arc, as an nth time rereader.

1 year ago

So far 3 world’s have made me uncomfortable
-when the ml paid an underage mc for sex
-when the ml “raped” his adoptive dad (mc)
-& here. I know the og fl was conniving. But she had an equally sad past. Why is that her privileged bf who made host quit could have a happy ending but she couldn’t? It was more plausible for the bf to report his parents to the granddad and all 3 getting disowned. And I would have been so happy for fl to merely be humbled but still flourish

Vanilla Sunshine
Vanilla Sunshine
1 year ago
Reply to  Victoria

She did that to herself the way she acted lead her to this

She had some opportunities to redeem herself but still acted all bad

Unlike Hayden who stopped and reflected- didn’t even bother to get some revenge after he was eliminated

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1 year ago

I swear that’s getting slower and slower to recognize his gong

1 year ago

It was pretty good except for that bit I skipped on Gustav out of the comments’ warnings because I was scared I was gonna hate ML from thereonout and drop this novel (IMVHTP)

1 year ago

Never thought I’d be so invested in a fashion model reality TV contest setting! That’s a testament to the skills of the author and the translator!

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1 year ago

This is definitely my favourite arc, yet!! It’s just so fun seeing how the ml fawns over ZYS. Its so adorable!! Definitely a chill one.

1 year ago

2 days. I read it within 2 days because I simply couldn’t stop. Even at work I had to sneak and take breaks to read. I loved this arc haha. Thank you for this!

1 year ago
Reply to  Keyhus


1 year ago
Reply to  Keyhus

Me too!

1 year ago

I never thought id seriously forego eating just to finish this arc. If im trying to lose weight, all i needed to do is read this novel in its entirety and i will be breezing though my intermittent fasting lol… author and translator, this reader is full of gratitude.

1 year ago

I… iwas expecting nsfw ToT buuuuut this is arc so good i love how zys face slap them lol

1 year ago
Reply to  Shio

Ikr? So far we only got two nsfw part…i was really hoping with fingers crossed that there’ll be nsfw, since the previous ones were also in a modern world. (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)

1 year ago

This is my favorite arch so far!

1 year ago

unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to Ivana. I hope someone similar appears soon ?

2 years ago

That was 120 pages of my hard work, how long did it take to read? This was ZYS’s last holiday world, so expect some challenges when we get back. But not too challenging, he’s still ZYS after all

Next Chapter: World War Z

HHAHAHAH NOOO… I don’t know why but after you said expect some challenges and the ‘next chapter World War Z’ right after made me wheeze (sorry i have broken humor)

2 years ago

oh my, is this the last time we’re seeing the best girl ivana??? it’s a pity we don’t get to see her as well in every world ?? and i’m also sad that the nsfw in this chapter was not included, so i decided to look for the raw then mtl it (just to read the nsfw part lol) since this novel I think is still on the process of re-translating, maybe the nsfw would be included.

but that note telling about the next arcs are going to be more challenging, I’m extremely excited yet anxious!!!

2 years ago

Ahh such a fun arc and so much cringe yet funny when it comes to ML’s inner monologue ??

2 years ago

Como que desafíos?! Se supone que leo esto para relajarme y sentir satisfacción. (  ̄Д ̄) Por cierto, gran traducción ?

Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
2 years ago

Soooo very satisfied, it feels longer than the previous arc and yes i will miss a lot of characters from this arc such as ivana, john, bonnie, jeffrey, eureka, they’re special ?❤

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2 years ago

X2 Jeffrey ?

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