FOD Chap 2.9


Chapter 2.9

The coffee cup brushed past the department head’s face and smashed into the office’s door. It made a loud crack, and shattered porcelain pieces left a mark on the expensive furniture. The department head was dumbstruck, after a few seconds, he slowly raised his hand to his forehead to wipe his cold sweat, trembling as he asked, “B-Boss, was there a problem with the prospectus?” Even if there was a problem, it shouldn’t cause such immense rage ah. It was as if someone killed his whole family.

Ning Si Nian was staring at the computer screen, his face ashen, his chest undulating, he was clearly raging violently inside.

He coldly glanced at the department head and waved his hand. The department head hurried out of the office as if he’d received amnesty.

On the computer screen, the boy was brushing his teeth, this was already the fifth time. The foam he spit out had visible blood. Ning Si Nian’s tongue also tasted a trace of blood, he was itching to devour Zhao Xin Fang.

But now wasn’t the time, he had just thrown out bait for Qian Yu, the other man was now on his way to the Ning residence. He picked up the phone to call Zhao Jun to make him stop the boy before he brushed his gums rotten, when he saw his sleepy-eyed son, wearing a pair of large slippers, stomp-stomp-stomp his way to the boy’s side.

“Xiao Shu, we can go paint, right?” He tugged the youth’s trouser leg.

Even if he felt extremely uncomfortable, the youth still quickly fixed his mood, spit out the rest of the foam and dried his mouth. Pretending as if nothing had happened, he led his son to the studio. He was clearly absent-minded, when standing in front of the artboard, his brush didn’t move for a long time.

Ning Si Nian stared at him until his eyes dried out and turned red, only then did he fiercely shut his eyes. A few sinister words were squeezed out between clenched teeth – Zhao. Xin. Fang, how dare you!


Due to his employer’s urging, Qian Yu desperately wanted to get his hands on the bidding document. Just as he stepped into the Ning residence, he was resolutely pushed into the study. The door was slammed shut and a warm body covered him.

Qian Yu simply stared blankly for a moment before he turned from passive recipient, to active giver, wantonly rubbing and groping the other party. After an enthusiastic battle session on the sofa, Zhao Xin Fang still wanted to pull Qian Yu for another round on the desk, but was rejected.

“Why are you so hungry? Ning Si Nian doesn’t let you eat your fill? I can’t do it again, if the time drags on any longer, I fear we’ll be discovered.”

“He hasn’t touched me in months. Does he have someone outside? Who is it?”

“I haven’t heard anything. Maybe your charm has faded.”

“Let it fade, anyway, he only married me to help raise his kid. Why the hell didn’t he just marry a nanny?”

“What nanny could be prettier than you? Could have a better figure than you? Could be wilder than you?”

They talked and kissed for a while, then finally separated with great difficulty. Qian Yu arranged his clothes as he skillfully turned on the computer and entered the password, transferring out a copy of a confidential file.

“After I’m done with this sale, I’ll immediately go abroad to lie low. Help me monitor Ning Si Nian, call me if there’s any movement. When I get settled later, you’ll ultimately benefit.” After he collected the USB drive, Qian Yu fondled Zhao Xin Fang’s full chest before rushing out.

Ning Si Nian stared at the messy study, suddenly feeling his stomach somersault.

Qian Yu’s file copy had a significant error in the data, if he sold it to other companies, they would face billions in losses. Ning Si Nian just had to wait to hit them while they were down and carve up the goods. He forced himself to continue handling business, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t sit still, transferring to the surveillance monitor every few minutes to look at the boy’s state.

Finally, at half past five, he immediately tidied up his documents and went home.

Qin Li had brought Ning Wang Shu to the lakeside to feed the ducks, the youth wasn’t in sight. Ning Si Nian called out a greeting then hurriedly entered the house to find him.

“What are you doing?” His voice was very stern, but if you listened carefully, you could sense a slight trembling.

Zhou Yun Sheng paused slightly, then he continued packing. In accordance with Wei Xi Yan’s character, after such a thing happened, he certainly wouldn’t dare tell Ning Si Nian, and he even more wouldn’t dare stay in the Ning residence. Although Zhou Yun Sheng was merely putting on an act. He needed to give Ning Si Nian some pressure, to force him to deal with that woman as soon as possible.

Having said that, Ning Si Nian was really too easy to use. Zhou Yun Sheng just had to blink a few times and pout, and he would help him settle everything.

“Please stop and listen to me!” Ning Si Nian restlessly slapped the clothes out of the youth’s hands. Seeing him widen his eyes, apparently frightened, he quickly hugged him and apologized, “Xi Yan, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I just didn’t want you to leave. What happened today, talk to me.”

Zhou Yun Sheng just slightly shook his head without a word.

Ning Si Nian didn’t dare force him. His heart felt extremely uncomfortable, like it was immersed in a deep fryer. He recalled Zhao Xin Fang’s forced kiss, and his eyes gradually reddened in wrath.

Why? Why could he only hide in a dark corner quietly watching the boy, while others could approach him unscrupulously, even forcing a kiss on him? Why?

The repressed anger in his heart burned out his reason, he pinched the boy’s jaw and desperately, repeatedly wiped his thin lips with his fingers.

Zhou Yun Sheng frowned in pain, just as he wanted to lean away, the other man bent over, suddenly kissing him, leaving no room for words. His tongue pushed past his teeth and explored deep into his throat, with fierce strength, like he wanted to swallow him whole.

Saliva leaked out from between their joined lips, forming a silver thread.

After a very long time, just when Zhou Yun Sheng was almost unable to breathe, Ning Si Nian reluctantly ended the kiss, but he didn’t pull back. Their lips were still touching, his fingers locking Zhou Yun Sheng’s jaw in place, his eyes gazing into his. He asked in a husky voice, “Tell me, what do you feel right now?”

I want to fuck you! Zhou Yun Sheng’s eyes flashed, but he remained silent.

“Tell me, hurry.” Ning Si Nian’s fingers slowly tightened up, leaving a few purple marks on the youth’s fair jaw.

Zhou Yun Sheng endured the pain, slowly saying in a timid voice, “I’m afraid.” Afraid you won’t do it ah, damned pervert.

The man was extremely close, his burning hot breath radiated a strong taste of male hormones, almost making Zhou Yun Sheng’s mind swoon. He liked strong men like Ning Si Nian, the other side’s intense possessiveness and wild actions made him excited. And that kiss was excellent, completely washing away the nauseating feeling Zhao Xin Fang left behind. He almost wanted to hug Ning Si Nian and say thank you.

Ning Si Nian was panting roughly, his voice increasingly hoarse, “Besides fear, what else are you feeling?”

Zhou Yun Sheng dropped his eyes, his cheeks slowly flushing, his dark eyes soaked in light tears. He looked radiant and moving.

Seeing this, Ning Si Nian forgot how to breathe, his mind repeatedly echoing a thought – He’s embarrassed, he didn’t find it disgusting, he also has feelings for me.

After becoming aware of this, he was like a backpacker clinging to the edge of a cliff after an accident, finally being rescued. The ecstasy and excitement scoured his heart over and over again. His taut nerves finally relaxed, his stern eyes melted, filling up with deep and heavy love.

“Xi Yan, Xi Yan, Xi Yan ……” He repeatedly called the boy’s name, sealing his already swollen lips with kisses. He murmured, “Xi Yan, baby, I love you. I love you so much. Can you understand? Can you sense it?”

Zhou Yun Sheng was lying on his violently undulating chest, he nodded almost imperceptibly.

The room was filled with a romantic sucking sound … …


Since his relationship with Ning Si Nian came to pass, regardless of what happened after the female lead appeared, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care. He only lived in the moment, only cherished the moment.

One month later, the capital’s Academy of Fine Arts received news that one of the five works sent in to this session of the competition made it into the finals, and would be eligible to compete for the highest award. In this kind of grand art event, every speck of interest felt like being plated in gold, not to mention having your work evaluated by art masters from around the world. This was simply an incredible honor.

The notification letter not only had the full name of the person of honor printed on it, a photo of the work was also attached. The oil painting department’s students were scrambling to take a look.

“This is my work, why is it signed by senior brother?” Zhou Yun Sheng paled.

Everyone was silent. Professor Tang Wei Ming, the two’s co-academic advisor gave him a harsh look, “This was obviously personally painted by Fu Xuan, I watched him complete it, stroke by stroke. Why do you say it’s yours? What evidence do you have?”

Tang Wei Ming naturally knew who really painted this painting, but he’d received benefits from Fu Xuan, so he could only feel sorry for Wei Xi Yan. The art world wasn’t as pure and unpretentious as outsiders imagined. This was something Wei Xi Yan needed to learn sooner or later.

“Yes ah, we share a studio with Fu Xuan senior, we personally watched him paint it.” A few students echoed in agreement. Apparently, Fu Xuan had prepared well in advance.

Fu Xuan took back the notification letter and patted Zhou Yun Sheng’s shoulder, laughing, “Junior brother, you must speak with evidence, or I can sue you for slander.”

Zhou Yun Sheng seemed to be intimidated by his threat, his face paling to transparency. He stared at Tang Wei Ming until the other man looked away in embarrassment, then he looked at the students who gave false testimony before slowly walking away.

Fu Xuan sighed in relief, knowing that he was an orphan who couldn’t make any waves. He invited the other students out to eat, and everyone cheered excitedly, noisily walking over to the school gate.

Zhou Yun Sheng went to a secluded corner, rubbed his eyes, cleared his throat, and made a phone call.

The thick, nasally voice on the phone almost made Ning Si Nian jump in fright. He asked anxiously, “What’s wrong baby? Did something happen? Don’t be afraid, I’m here. Tell me where you are, I’ll come right away.”

Zhou Yun Sheng hoarsely said, “I’m in school, I’m very upset right now.”

Ning Si Nian pacified him while heading down to the car, by the time he hung up, he was already on the road.

Zhou Yun Sheng was not incapable of handling Fu Xuan, but he was now Wei Xi Yan. Wei Xi Yan’s world only had painting, none of these dirty things. So, from the beginning, he’d planned to have Ning Si Nian solve all his problems for him. This was also Ning Si Nian’s debt to Wei Xi Yan, he needed to pay it back sooner or later. As for Ning Si Nian’s emotional changes, that was purely accidental.

Poor Fu Xuan had no idea he’d provoked such a formidable character.



Fuck – not my exaggeration.

won’t do it- 不行, buxing, won’t do / be out of the question / be no good / not work / not be capable. The gist is, ZYS’ thirsty

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6 days ago

Oh, hahaha looking like a little piglet but wanting to eat the tiger….

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
10 days ago

That went fast hshs

1 month ago

+1. Calling baby sounds weird in English😂 but it’s really sweet in the Chinese haha.

2 months ago

Will there be no NSFW in this arc?

3 months ago

I am slightly uncomfortable with this baby word😶😶

Xian Yi Xi
Xian Yi Xi
4 months ago

So…….. is Ning Si Nian, Du Xu Lang next life or not? I need to know. Feeling complicated

4 months ago
Reply to  Xian Yi Xi

The author seems to be implying it.

4 months ago
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Seems like every characters who get close to him is du xu lang, or something like his soul

1 month ago
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There is only one ML. They’re same