FOD Chap 2.10


Chapter 2.10

Seeing the secretly red eyed teenager hiding in the corner, Ning Si Nian was homicidally angry. He reluctantly pressed down his anxiousness, and coaxingly persuaded him to tell the truth, then, he immediately took him to the dean’s office to complain.

The dean didn’t dare neglect, quickly calling in Fu Xuan, Tang Wei Ming and the others.

Seeing the crowd walking in in a line, with a very arrogant atmosphere, Zhou Yun Sheng pretended to be scared, shrinking into Ning Si Nian’s arms, secretly grabbing his clothes. This movement provoked Ning Si Nian’s anger to come out even more, but he embraced him deeply, very gently, and patted his back, softly reassuring him to not be afraid.

Tang Wei Ming and the others naturally knew Ning Si Nian, whose handsome face occupied the front page of financial magazines all year round. After seeing the two’s intimate action, a bad premonition suddenly rose in their hearts.

Ning Si Nian also didn’t say any superfluous words, he took out his cell phone and said, “This painting called “Bright” is something I personally watched Xi Yan complete, but for some reason, this Fu Xuan name is signed on it. I came here today to ask for clarification on this matter. To avoid unnecessary misunderstandings in the future, may I record this conversation?”

Not agreeing right away was equivalent to admitting to harboring ulterior motives. Fu Xuan believed that they all had good covers, so record or no record, it was no big deal, so he nodded in agreement.

Tang Wei Ming asked, trembling in fear, “Excuse me, may I ask Mr. Ning, what is your relationship with Wei Xi Yan?”

“How is my and Xi Yan’s relationship any of your business?” Ning Si Nian sneered, then turned to Fu Xuan and asked, “When and where did you finish this painting? Who is the child in the picture?”

“I started painting from the beginning of September, and finished at the end of October. I painted it entirely in the school studio, the junior brothers who share the studio can testify. The person in the painting doesn’t exist in reality. I painted him while thinking about my possible future child, what sort of appearance would they have, would they inherit my painting talent? Using the longing and love in my heart, I rendered this child’s face on a canvas, brush stroke by brush stroke ……”

As a result of his guilty conscience, Fu Xuan endlessly babbled about his feelings during the creation process. The junior brothers receiving benefits from him frequently nodded and echoed along, even Tang Wei Ming also corroborated with a few words.

Zhou Yun Sheng started painting this painting late-July, and completed it at the end of September. The whole painting process was faithfully recorded on Ning Si Nian’s monitoring tools. Moreover, he’d painted Ning Wang Shu, just this infringement of portrait rights was enough to sue Fu Xuan to bankruptcy.

Now, because of his guilty conscience, the more Fu Xuan said, the more inconsistences came out, and it was all recorded by Ning Si Nian. If he later tried to retract his testimony, it would be impossible, he’d really dug his own grave.

Ning Si Nian didn’t interrupt him. When the other man finished rambling, he asked Tang Wei Ming several questions. After fully collecting the incriminating evidence, he held the youth’s hand and nodded towards the dean, “President Li, I’m leaving first. This matter will be sent to my lawyer to deal with. I hope a similar situation will not appear in your school in the future.”

“Of course, of course, Mr. Ning please watch your step.” The dean respectfully guided the two people to the door, then turned back and stared at Fu Xuan for a while. In the end, he shook his head and said, “Hurry back home and have your parents help you find the best lawyer. If you’re lucky, you can still fight to settle out of court.”

“Dean, why should I fight for an out-of-court settlement? That painting was personally drawn by me, so many people can testify!” Fu Xuan refused to relent.

“Drawn by you personally? You can draw Mr. Ning’s son who is several hundred miles away? What imagined future child…. when I say these words, I can’t help but feel embarrassed for you.”

As the dean’s voice faded, Tang Wei Ming, who’d always felt an ominous premonition, saw darkness before his eyes. Those students who’d committed perjury started madly cold sweating.

Fu Xuan cried out in fear, “How is that possible? Wei Xi Yan obviously told me that the child was imaginary!”

The dean confirmed that everything was true, so he unceremoniously threw everyone out of his office. After today, all the people present would probably be destroyed, it may be said that they had no futures.

After Fu Xuan went home, he told this matter to his parents, but his parents were completely incapable of fighting with Ning Group. Although the trial wasn’t public, in order to protect Ning Wang Shu from the media’s wanton reporting, the Fu family’s reputation in the calligraphy and painting industry was ruined. After paying a huge amount of compensation, they went abroad to keep a distance, henceforth disappearing into obscurity.

Tang Wei Ming and the several students who’d perjured themselves for the Fu family also successively quit the oil painting circle, dejected throughout their lifetimes.


On the way home, Zhou Yun Sheng timidly spoke, “He has so many witnesses, but we only the baby, will we lose the lawsuit?”

“How is that possible? Our evidence is very full.” Ning Si Nian caressed the teenager’s soft hair.

“What evidence?” Zhou Yun Sheng blinked a pair of big, innocent eyes.

Ning Si Nian broke into cold sweat, laughing, “Don’t worry, I said there’s evidence so there’s evidence. Please don’t worry about the trial, I’ll take care of it. Do you have any other paintings? Give me one, I’ll fix your entry in the contest.”

Zhou Yun Sheng finally nodded after fully enjoying his nervous look, “I have a painting that’s about the same level as “Bright “, help me send it in. Oh right, can the trial not be public? I’m afraid the baby’s life will be affected.”

The media would certainly dig into the story behind the painting, Ning Wang Shu would inevitably enter the public’s eye. He was so small, receiving so much attention really wasn’t a good thing. Although Zhou Yun Sheng had the absolute strength to completely protect him, he still felt guilty about using his portrait.

Ning Si Nian didn’t know the inside story, seeing him regarding his son as his own child, loving him dearly, his heart softened incomparably, and he pulled him into a gentle kiss.

They looked at each other and smiled, full of tenderness.

At home, Zhou Yun Sheng took Ning Wang Shu to the lake to sketch. Ning Si Nian left to call the Ning Group’s lawyer. This kind of civil case was simply a piece of cake to the country’s top law firm, the other side repeatedly guaranteed that the defendant would pay the most painful price.

When he hung up, Ning Si Nian lit a cigar and stood by the window, gazing at the big one and small one painting side by side. Just then, a travel-worn Zhao Xin Fang pushed open the door and entered, pinching a credit card, “Si Nian, why are my credit cards all frozen?”

Ning Si Nian turned around and said in a very gentle tone, “Xin Fang, come see this.”

Zhao Xin Fang walked over and bent down to look at the computer screen. Ning Si Nian clicked the play button, uh huh ah ah moaning sounds instantly filled the room. Two white bodies were joining together in a variety of difficult positions, the scene was extremely obscene.

Zhao Xin Fang’s face instantly paled, she staggered two steps, speaking incoherently, “Si Nian…. It wasn’t intentional….no no I was forced, Si Nian, please don’t… …”

Ning Si Nian ignored her and picked up the phone.

About ten minutes later, several policemen stepped in and arrested Zhao Xin Fang for fraud, theft, and infringement of commercial secrets. Because the amount involved was too large, Zhao Xin Fang would be convicted with the highest sentencing, and would have to pay an astronomical compensation to Ning Group. At the same time, the judge lifted the marriage between the two.

As for Qian Yu, as early as a month ago, he’d committed suicide to escape punishment.


Three years later, Dr. Qin Li retired, and Ning Si Nian decided to find another nanny to take care of his child and his lover. There was nothing he could do, both of them were painting otakus. Once they entered the studio, everything was forgotten, if no one was nearby to supervise, they would probably starve themselves to death.

This was also the reason Ning Si Nian gave for why he was reluctant to dismantle the home surveillance.

This day, a beautiful girl rang the Ning residence’s door bell. She’d come to apply for the position.

“Ah, y-you’re Wei Xi Yan? “Homeward Journey”, that Wei Xi Yan?” The girl pointed to the young man’s handsome face and called out.

“Homeward Journey” was the art piece Zhou Yun Sheng sent in to the oil painting awards ceremony three years ago. It was dedicated to Wei Xi Yan. The teenager laid on the woman’s lap in a state of extreme exhaustion, and the woman gently rubbed his hair with one hand and covered his cheek with the other. They were surrounded by blossoming China roses, lingering on the breeze, the scene was warm and bright, but behind the youth was an endless road of thorny undergrowth.

The youth’s legs were curled up, the soles of his feet were blood stained. It wasn’t difficult to imagine how difficult a trek he experienced before he came to the woman’s side. This was a surrealist painting, but it carried unaltered classicism. With a warm hue, it told a sad tale. The youth was lying there quietly, so serene and beautiful that all passers-by were deeply attracted by him, wanting to explore his breath, to see if he was still alive.

He was so young and tender; he should not have to bear everything alone. Everyone wanted to be the hands that embraced him.

When the painting was exhibited, due to the many people who’d really reached out to test his breathing, in order to prevent damage to the painting, the organizers had no choice but to put a sign up on the wall, it read – He is still alive!

The artist’s superb skill and sincere emotions gave the painting a life and a soul. The painting also won the highest prize of that year’s oil painting awards ceremony.

Wei Xi Yan became famous in one go, but Ning Si Nian suffered nightmares for several months. Although the organizers said ‘he is still alive’, only Ning Si Nian knew, the woman embracing the youth was actually his mother. Longing to throw himself into his mother’s arms was tantamount to longing to throw himself into Death’s embrace. This painting hid a resolve to die.

Ning Si Nian was frightened, since then, he increased his control over the boy even more. If he disappeared from his field of vision for more than three minutes, he would be restless, his forehead soaked in cold sweat.

As a result, Zhao Jun, who was often called to go find him, always silently cursed his boss’ serious illness.

At this moment, Ning Si Nian was staring at the screen, ashen faced, watching the man and woman get along harmoniously. The cell phone by his ear creaked from his tight grip.

“Can you bake cookies? My nephew loves them.” Zhou Yun Sheng asked, looking at the female lead. Yes, this person was the belated female lead.

“I can, shall I bake a few for you and the child to try?” The girl’s cheeks were slightly flushed, her eyes shining. Because of “Homeward Journey”, she became enchanted by Wei Xi Yan three years ago, she never expected he would actually be her future employer.

“Okay, the kitchen has everything, just take anything you need.” Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to the cupboards.

The girl hurriedly nodded, and was about to put on an apron, when Zhao Jun speedily entered the room. He said in a low voice, “Mr. Wei, the boss just called, he said that he has already found a good nanny, so you don’t need to worry about this matter. Continue your painting, I’ll send the young lady out.” Saying this, he pulled the girl out of the Ning residence, allowing no room for rebuttal.

Not long after, the Ning residence really got a new nanny. Sixty-five years old, a face like a dried tangerine peel.

Zhou Yun Sheng looked her up and down, inwardly cursing the damned pervert, but the corners of his mouth curved up.

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It’s like… we just went from seeing ML go from one end of the spectrum (complete abandonment) to the other (wild possessiveness) lol.

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rotten latte
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