ABO Vol 1 Chap 8


Chapter 8: Military Academy on Broken Army star

The Pearl No. 731 has a total of 20 large cabins, each cabin can accommodate nearly a thousand people. Lin Yuan was located in cabin B, the lively noise in the hall made him curiously come out from his cabin.

Marshal Rosen’s short video call turned the atmosphere of the entire spacecraft into excitement. Even if the news was old by now, the people in the hall were still talking about him, their faces full of excitement.

“Marshal Rosen is more handsome than the photos! I didn’t expect him to be so young!”

“Yes, but Marshal Rosen seems to still be a bachelor?”

“Did the Omega Association not pick the right Omega for him?”

“Shouldn’t he pick his own?”

“I heard that he’s always on the front lines, rarely returns home and the whole day he’s busy cleaning up the federation groups. He probably has no time so he just ignores it!”

“Yes, if it were not for him, the people of the Empire would not have had this rare peacefulness for the past 18 years!”

Lin Yuan listened to the crowd talking about his idol and suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.

– Marshal is not married yet?

How is that possible? He’s the grand Marshal of the Empire, his power and prestige in the Empire did not lose to His Majesty. The Omega Association should have sent a lot of pure and good-looking Omega for his casual selection. Does he have such picky tastes that he can’t pick one?

Lin Yuan scratched his head with some confusion.

Probably because the exam required him to review the Empire’s modern military history, looking at the legendary god-like man’s deep eyes, listening to his low-pitched voice- although his eyes were cold and his face had no expression, Lin Yuan felt that he should be a very gentle person.

He loves the people of the empire. When the pearl was kidnapped he was the first to rush to the scene and forced Vladimir to flee. He also personally connected to the crowd with a video call, and sent troops to escort the frightened people … … obviously such a gentle person, why does everyone think he is very proud and cold?

The airship successfully entered into the cosmic waterway under the escort of the Glory Legion and the excited masses finally gradually dispersed, Lin Yuan also turned back into his cabin.

Snow was drinking, and when he saw Lin Yuan coming in, he easily handed him a bottle of water.

Lin said with a smile: “Thank you.”

Maybe because in that moment of life and death they chatted to relax their nerves, the cold teenager’s attitude significantly improved a lot, his guarded eyes had become softer, and occasionally he exposed a faint smile.

– Snow actually has a very nice smile!

If he didn’t have a similar beta smell, Lin Yuan might’ve mistook him for Omega!

Lin Yuan took the water from Snow and sat down on his bed.

There were some black warships outside the porthole, the vanguard of the Glory Legion, which was sent by the marshal to escort Pearl No. 731. The golden sun symbols on the warships seemed particularly cordial, the feeling of being escorted by the troops made Lin Yuan feel at ease.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help saying: “By the way, Marshal Rosen seems to have graduated from the San Romia 573th military command division?”

Snow looked up at him, faintly said: “Ah”

Lin Yuan excitedly said: “And His Majesty Strand, General Bayh, General Udir, General Warrick, also all graduated from San Romia!”

As a freshman at San Romia Military Academy, Lin Yuan suddenly had a feeling of pride.

Hobby seemed to feel the excitement of his master, his pair of black eyes shining, so he scratched his palm with a hairy paw. Lin Yuan held on to its claws, while the other hand touch its ears, smiled and said: “I had to deceive my mother to take the exam, but it was the correct choice.”

Hobby immediately nodded to agree.

Snow: “…”

They say to find out the personality of owner just look at their pet. The boy with the pair of black and bright eyes, and the small hairy beast with black eyes were really starting to look more and more alike.

Snow could not help but cough, lowered his head, and continued to watch the movie from where he left off.

Lin looked around in the cabin, bored. He saw a row of bedside buttons, the different colored buttons had simple words of the universal language. He thought of when the ship captain said, “If you need help please don’t be polite”. Lin Yuan, out of curiosity, pressed the “food” button.

Soon, a more than half a head taller than him silver-white robot appeared in the doorway, its gentle voice said: “Hello, No. 7158 in your service, what do you need?”

Lin Yuan smiled and said: “What’s delicious?”

7158 gently said: “Please look at the food list on my chest, select the items you want, pay with a crystal card, then remove the food. Thank you.”

With that said, he opened his chest with outstretched arms. The blue screen on his chest listed a lot of pictures and pricing of food, as well as a detailed classification and introduction. The food included a lot of things that he has never eaten, and there seemed to be specialties of other galaxies.

Lin Yuan curiously gave a closer look, and chose a cheap and delicious looking spicy cookies. He gently pressed the picture, and sure enough, the screen icon become a “selected” red. He selected 2 of them, took out the platinum crystal card, brushed it and entered the password.

A beep sound was heard- the card was approved- and 7158 immediately opened its belly. Two beautifully packaged boxes rolled out of its stomach. Lin Yuan took out the food, smiled and said: “Um, thank you.”

7158 said: “Thank you, goodbye. I wish you a pleasant journey!


Looking at 7158 turning to leave, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but think: What an advanced robot!

Rennes planet was relatively backward, his home robot was the cheapest version, it could only sweep and clean plates, its voice capabilities were basic. 7158 spoke fluently and walked quickly, plus his body was filled with all kinds of food! It’s simply a mobile snack house!

Hehe, if only I could sneak him away…

Lin Yuan took the biscuits, smiled and handed snow a box, “Snow, here for you.”

“I’m not hungry” Snow said.

“… … Oh.” Lin Yuan bowed his head to eat.

Seeing Lin Yuan beam, as if eating something delicacies, Hobby couldn’t help but drool. He energetically rubbed his master’s arm, his black eyes looked helpless.

Lin Yu laughed and handed him a box. Hobby immediately tore open the box and curiously pulled a piece into his mouth. It was delicious! He happily rubbed Lin Yuan’s arm, Lin Yuan responded by touching its ears.

So, Lin Yuan and Hobby were buried together eating snacks. They ate with relish and look pleased.

Snow: “…”

The big and the small, the owner and the pet. This eating biscuits together scene is simply too funny to look at directly……


The sailing lasted a full 13 days. In the four-man cabin, there were a beta-male couple who stayed for four days after getting on in Milky Way. The Betas looked very loving, but Lin Yuan felt that a beta-male couple was a bit odd!

In this low reproduction time, isn’t it a bit strange for beta men and beta men to get together?

Although the imperial law allows this marriage, Lin Yuan felt that Beta male and Beta women were more fitting. It felt weird for two big gentlemen to hold hands!

However, for the rest of the travels Snow was his only roommate.

After being together for 13 days they became more familiar with each other.

Snow said he was an only child, and his parents worked in a private hospital on planet Oman. He was also interested in medicine since he was young.

Of course, the cheerful Lin Yuan also shared all his family background with Snow.

Lin Yuan’s family was not very fortunate, his mother is ill, and his sister basically took care of the family although she was only 20. She opened a cake shop in Rennes Planet, the cake shop was relatively popular locally. Every month the subsidy from the government for his father’s sacrifice in battle helped maintain the daily expenses.

The reason Lin Yuan chose to apply for San Romia military academy, in addition to it being his dream academy from childhood, there was another reason. San Romia Military Academy had free tuition, free meals and accommodation. His family is poor, they couldn’t afford to pay high tuition fees.

Snow listened to Lin Yuan as he talked about his family situation, tone very calm. Snow’s expression was still cold, but he was obviously warming up to Lin Yuan. This guy was very cheerful, and also had a good heart, having him as a friend might be pretty good…

And as for Lin Yuan, he’d already decide that Snow was his good friend!


On the afternoon of January 18th, Pearl 731 spacecraft finally reached the terminal in Bear galaxy.

The Broken planet was chosen by mankind to become the military base of the Lacey Empire.

There are large deserts, plains and rivers staggered in Broken Army star. The vast expanse of land was very suitable for large warships and space armor training. The empire’s military exercises were also often carried out there.

The planet has lots of military academies, military research institutes and mech research centers. Such an important planet, the defense levels where naturally several degrees higher than in Cigar galaxy. Three light years away there was a laser Interception network, if a foreign spacecraft wanted to enter they had to go through layer after layer of verification and inspection.

Because it was a military base there were not many residents. When the pearl arrived, out of the nearly 20,000 passengers less than 1000 people got off, and most of these people were strong imperial soldiers.

Lin Yuan and Snow came out of the space station, this is the first time the two have traveled to Broken planet. Unlike the cold Cigar galaxy this climate was hot. The two from the cold climates found it hard to adapt.

After they passed the security check, the two took a suspension car together to San Romia Military Academy.

Along the way, Lin Yuan excitedly looked out at the scenery.

The time was evening, in the endless vast desert the wind was blowing dust into sky. A star similar to the Milky Way’s sun shone, sprinkling a golden glow on the surface. Flying in the air under the dust and the sunlight, with the wind constantly shaking the sparse trees, the whole world seemed to sparkle. In the nearly million kilometers enormous desert, people couldn’t help but feel like a hero in a western movie.

The speed of the air suspension was very fast, they fast forwarded through the desert, reached a wide river, and flew alongside it for half an hour. They finally reached a large expanse of green.

The endless vast plains was divided into many areas, some had tall buildings and endless streets…… Obviously, here was a military base, and San Romia Military Academy was located here.

At the base, the speed of the suspension car slowed down significantly.

A suspended vehicle will not cause traffic jams, the reason why they slowed down was because all vehicles entering the base must undergo a security check, so the wait took some time. After waiting for about three minutes, they passed the check and the driver of the suspension car drove directly along the air way to the entrance of San Romia Military Academy.

At the gate of the school there was a silver statue of an eagle, which was the symbol of the Lacey Empire. Behind the statue the school gate read “San Romia Military Academy” in a row of gold writing. From the school gate you could see dozens of buildings standing in the campus, as orderly as a military parade.

Every building, every scene, even every little detail showed that it was the number one military academy in the Empire!

Lin Yuan excitedly came down from the suspension car and dragged Snow to the entrance. Just as they were going to register, they suddenly heard a burst of noisiness behind then.

Lin Yuan looked back and saw that not far in the air more than 100 silver-white suspension cars were neatly arranged in two rows, escorting a super large-scale suspension car to the San Romia Military Academy! All of the uniform suspension cars were engraved with the dazzling platinum gold Pentagon Immortal Throne Galaxy Flag!

The convoy did not stay at the school gate for inspection, but passed through the air defense network and directly entered the school!

The spectacular fleet soon flew overhead and disappeared out of sight!

“… …” The new students were stunned by the scene.

After a long silence, finally someone curiously asked: “What kind of person was that? His showiness is too big! ”

“Which planet are you from? You don’t know? That was the Imperial Royal Guard, the Golden Galaxy Flag is the Imperial Royal Guard symbol! ”

“The royal escort?” The freshman was visibly shocked. “Isn’t the Imperial Palace in Cepheus? How can the Royal Guard be here?”

“His Majesty is an alumni, all the generals and royal descendants must go to San Romia Military Academy to study. The Royal Guard will naturally escort the princes to school.”

“Oh, is that so.” The curious classmate paused then asked, “Is there a prince in freshman year?”

“……how could I know?”

Listening to the voices not far away, Lin Yuan’s heart could not help but ask: Was that the Royal Guard?


He only read some of the records on the royal escorts on the Internet. They were said to be an elite team composed entirely of Alpha, responsible for the protection of royal family members. They were not subject to military control, only listened to His Majesty and the prince, and in special circumstances their command was even above the military.

San Romia Military Academy was really a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Maybe while walking in campus he could casually meet a general’s son or a royal descendant. If the pure bloodline Alpha are all this super it really is better to stay away from them.

But……Is there really a prince in this year’s freshman class? This novel chance made Lin Yuan feel very curious!



Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – a place or situation full of people with special hidden talents

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Vera of Zevadar
Vera of Zevadar
1 year ago

The seme is a prince??

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I cant but be worried(╥╯﹏╰╥)ง
What will happen to lin yuan if the school discovered that he is an omega???!!!!!!!

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Heheh i’m late on the ABO hype train and is now just catching up~ I like the flow of the story so far and the author is good at describing the scene ?

Voravalan Ponthanya
Voravalan Ponthanya
6 years ago

There’s two things I’m thinking about Lin Yuan origin right now. First is that Lin Yuan is reincarnated Ling Yu. And the second is that he’s Ling Yu and Rosen (is it right?) SON!! I really want the second haha. I wanna see how Rosen react when he knows. Thanks for the chapter, translater.

6 years ago

Random theory! Thought I should share this theory since it got me way too excited! What if instead of the mc being an only child, his father (mother lol) he had twins?! and that twin is snow?! I thought that when I heard the line that went something like “If he didn’t have a similar beta smell he would have mistook him for an omega” then I thought about how snow has platinum blonde hair like Rosen and mc has hair like his dad! Anybody think it’s possible?

6 years ago
Reply to  Keztrans

Ah seriously? Must have mixed up the hair color with vlad?

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“…composed entirely of Alphas..”
While reading through the story I’m thinkin’ “How is it that no one has created a synthetic Omega pheromone-releasing bomb to completely destroy the military? Alphas would be useless – Betas would be the only ones who can help. But an Alpha-only guard system… how silly.

Heheh, I’m hoping someone thinks of this in the novel and implements it. It’d be interesting to see the end results.

Thanks for the chapters.

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