FOD Chap 1.11


Chapter 1.11

Du Xu Lang was only one when his mother threw him at the door of an orphanage. At that time, he was still small, so his memory was limited, he didn’t even remember the woman’s appearance. He didn’t know who his father was, the only things the woman left him was a name and a black raven tattoo on his left shoulder.

Later he found out that this raven was the symbol for J Country’s largest underworld organization, Du Conglomerate.

The orphanage wasn’t a good place. There wasn’t enough food, but there was a constant increase in abandoned children crying piteously for food. Usually, in order to compete for a cold steamed bun, they could break each other’s bones. From age one to age five, his body was always scarred, his stomach was always rumbling, and his heart was always hazy.

But in that amoral place, there was on ray of sunshine illuminating him, allowing him to grit his teeth and support each day. That person was named Fang Nian You, she was ten years older than him, and always meticulously cared for him. Even though she was also starving, she would leave him her last bit of food. Du Xu Lang didn’t know how warm a mother’s love felt, but with Fang Nian You there, he felt like he’d already experienced it.

In his last year at the orphanage, a woman named Lady Yang donated a lot of money, and sent new clothes and toys to all the orphans on New Year’s Eve. Fang Nian You got a pink jacket, she wore it in front of him and spun around, saying how grateful she was to Lady Yang.

He got a Transformers, something he’d always wanted. He’d even thought to steal money from the dean’s office to buy it. Now that someone had sent it to him, he was naturally very happy, almost every night, he slept with it in his arms.

Not long after, Du family sent someone to find him. Du Xu Lang happily followed them to J Country. He’d thought that this was the beginning of his happy life, but he’d unknowingly stepped into hell. Du family children with no ability had only one way out, death. His brothers tore into each other like mad dogs, like insect larvae fighting for the sole opportunity to live.

On those countless, ice-cold, reeking of blood nights, Fang Nian You’s smile grew more and more vibrant, and his only toy had long been forgotten in the corner.

When he finally secured the position of Du family’s head, he at last had a chance to breathe. So, he decided to put down all official business and travel to C Country to find his loved ones.

What he found was Fang Nian You’s son, Zhou Wenjing, in a small messy clinic. He was beaten up, his nose was broken, and his pair of dark eyes were cloudy, not a trace of sunshine.

Fang Nian You was the kind woman who laughed even when facing adversity, why did her son become like this? Du Xu Lang was angry, and with Zhou Wenjing’s recount, his anger turned into overwhelming hostility.

He didn’t expect that Fang Nian You hadn’t committed suicide because she was suffering from depression, in fact, she was harassed to death, dying in that harasser’s bathtub. He didn’t have to personally witness it, he could imagine that red and tragic scene.

The Zhou family was truly wicked!

He didn’t try to persuade his nephew to leave with him. Since Zhou family treated his nephew so cruelly, he’d decided to help his nephew take over all of Zhou family. With a malicious, but also mocking mind, he concealed his identity and accepted a job at Zhou Clan, and soon won Zhou Hao’s trust.

As a personal assistant, he had the qualifications to enter and leave the Zhou family house. He began to secretly observe the other two Zhou family sons. Zhou Yun Sheng was the eldest son, his character appeared very calm, and his studies was always ranked among the best. Zhou Wenang was two months younger than Wenjing, the youngest, had a lively and cheerful personality, was the most liked by Zhou Hao.

Wenjing and Zhou Wenang had an okay relationship, but with Zhou Yun Sheng, it was like fire and water. But in Du Xu Lang’s view, Zhou family’s two children were not worthy, one’s methods were clumsy, and the other was honey mouthed but black hearted, they both had some smarts, but no wisdom. On the contrary, Wenjing had a strong, forbearing character, and a clever and sober mind, a foundation for something great.

Du Xu Lang decided to take this lump of unpolished jade and sculpt it into a dazzling work of art. In the process of teaching, Zhou Yun Sheng’s frequently bulling made him very angry, making him want to teach the child a little lesson.

But conversely, that child resolutely gave him a wake-up slap. If he hadn’t harshly criticized him, if he hadn’t shown his deep-seated hatred, maybe he would’ve never thought that Fang Nian You’s suicide wasn’t a retaliation, but an atonement. His impression of Fang Nian You’s every moment was with a gentle smile, she was virtuous and beautiful. How could she be a bloodied, malicious spirit filled with bottomless hatred?

He seemed to be wrong about the cause and effect, and also gravely mistaken. Until that moment, he’d never linked the Lady Yang who gave him a New Year’s gift to Zhou Yun Sheng’s mother. He’d investigated Zhou family, he should’ve realized, but it was as if a layer of fog was blinding his eyes, causing him to not see anything besides hate.

But as Zhou Yun Sheng said, did he and Wenjing have the qualifications to hate? The one who should hate was him all along.

Perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of compensation, from that moment, he started wholeheartedly taking care of Zhou Yun Sheng, and secretly followed all his actions. Slowly, he learned that Zhou Yun Sheng hated eating carrots, and when bored, he’d caress his wrist. He was very proficient with a computer, and every day before going to bed, he’d drink a glass of milk……

He knew every little detail and small habit about his life, but he ignored the consequences such excessive concern could bring.

In the end, Zhou Wenang acted against Wenjing, but Wenjing poured his hatred and rage on Yun Sheng’s head instead. Because of this, Du Xu Lang was very displeased. The more he paid attention to Yun Sheng, the more he understood the forbearance and strength hidden under his impulsive character. Compared to him, Wenjing seemed pretty mediocre. He couldn’t even find his real enemy; in the future, how could he move forward alone?

Du Xu Lang didn’t alert him, only people who have stumbled could learn to step over obstacles. He left Wenjing’s room, and inexplicably arrived at Yun Sheng’s room door. They were separating soon; he unexpectedly felt some reluctance to part.

Whenever Du Xu Lang thought he understood enough about the boy, he’d always bring him a greater surprise. He’d found out his strong cover up, and discovered the relationship between Wenjing’s mother and himself. He also indirectly showed him his outstanding means, and impartial attitude.

Compared to Wenjing who was still waiting to be sculpted, he was a ray of light already ready to blossom. Du Xu Lang was brimming with expectations for his future, and it was more intense than his expectations for the fully cultivated Wenjing.

He sent several bodyguards to secretly protect him, making them send back his movements and photos every other week. His concern for him gradually formed into a type of habit. On his birthday, he came back to his empty, quiet room, reeking of cologne and booze, and accidentally opened an e-mail with a photo of Yun Sheng.

The boy was holding a chocolate ice-cream cone, he’d stretched the tip of his tongue out to lick up a bead of sweetness. He seemed to have sensed that someone was secretly taking a photo of him, his long and narrow, peach blossom eyes casting a sidelong glance, his lazy gaze containing hidden vigilance. That charming look, hooking heart and soul, passed through the computer screen to pierce Du Xu Lang’s heart, his breath quickening.

He foolishly stared at the screen for a long time, then he finally called the boy.

“Are you free? Can we video chat?” He requested, eager to see his face.

The youth agreed.

Hearing that today was his birthday, the youth thought about it, then opened up the music box on his desk. Using many rivets and screws, he assembled it into a Transformers, only taking about half an hour.

His expression was focused, his flexible fingers seemed as if they were creating another wonderful, brilliant world. Du Xu Lang unknowingly gawked too long, so the screen went into sleep mode, and only then did he snap out of the intense throbbing.

The youth was very attentive, apparently noticing how much Du Xu Lang liked this gift. The next day, he sent an express package to the company. After opening the package, Du Xu Lang couldn’t help but laugh, he played with it for a long time before carefully placing it on his desk. Then before leaving work, he carefully packed it into his briefcase to bring it back home. He first put it on a bookshelf, but felt that he couldn’t see it at a glance, so he put it on his desk again. Then before going to bed, he thought about it again, and finally placed it on his bedside table.

That was the second toy he’d received in his life, and it was his first birthday gift. He loved it.

His contact with the juvenile gradually increased, as long as he was free, he would video call him, anxiously waiting for the youth’s handsome face to appear at the other end. The boy was very busy, even when on the phone, he was still writing programs. If Du Xu Lang didn’t speak, he would be immersed in his own world, forgetting everything around him.

In order to watch him longer, Du Xu Lang frequently, deliberately remained silent, then fascinatedly stared at the boy’s earnest profile. He could watch him for hours without getting bored. His gazing was occasionally interrupted by an assistant or a secretary, but when he came back after dealing with work, he’d find the boy still quietly sitting in the same position, his flexible fingers tapping the keyboard.

It seemed like he would always be there, waiting for him to return. Du Xu Lang’s heart jumped at that sudden idea.

But gradually, things went beyond his control. After inadvertently getting a glimpse of a flexible waist, slender, straight legs, and a vague outline of a back, he would unexpectedly toss and turn in his sleep. After falling asleep with great difficulty, he’d wake up to the thrill of bone eroding ecstasy. The throbbing in his body and heart couldn’t fool anyone.

After looking through the photos he’d collected over the years, he started the chase with almost no hesitation. Initially with a ‘give it a try’ attitude, soon with cautiousness and earnestness, then, only he could take care of him. He’d sunk into a quagmire of love, and he couldn’t escape, but he was suffering gladly.


C Country Federal Prison

Zhou Wenjing was sitting in front of the visiting window, anxiously smoking, when a patrolling prison guard came over and snapped at him to snuff it out. He thought of Zhou Yun Sheng, who was always fond of ordering his uncle to put out his cigarettes. Uncle would always compromise, with a slightly helpless and joyful expression.

He obviously enjoyed being ordered around by Zhou Yun Sheng.

Zhou Wenjing pinched off his cigarette with a sneer.

At this time, a skinny, bleak faced man was escorted by prison guards to the seated, if it wasn’t for his tag reading ‘Zhou Wenang’, Zhou Wenjing would’ve almost not recognized that this person was the once high-spirited Zhou family third son.

“How are you doing?” Zhou Wenjing dully asked, but the other side didn’t answer. He continued speaking, “Today, Zhou Yun Sheng and Du Xu Lang are getting married. In a few days, you should be able to see the news reports on the television.”

This finally got a reaction, weeping bitter tears, he yelled, “Wenjing, please speak to big brother for me, let him get me out! I know I was wrong, as long as he’s willing to get me out, even if he wants me to be his slave, I’d do it! Wenjing, please help me, I can’t stand it anymore, these people are simply not human, they’ve exhausted every means to torture me … …”

Zhou Wenjing didn’t have the patience to listen any longer, he growled in dissatisfaction, “You want to compromise like this? You want to give up like this? Zhou Wenang, you’re really fucking useless!”

Throwing away the handset, Zhou Wenjing strode out of the prison, his stuffy chest not only didn’t ease up, it actually became heavier. Over the years, his sailing hasn’t been very smooth, without Du Xu Lang’s protection, he no longer felt omnipotent in the business world. Instead, because of his hostility with Zhou Yun Sheng, he was ridiculed by everyone, and often crowded out and suppressed.

He’d thought about fighting back, but clashing with Noah Group, that colossus, was tantamount to striking a stone with an egg, not to mention that the other side had Du Conglomerate’s backing. A few days ago, he’d tried to bid for a project with a Noah subsidiary company, but before the bidding opened, his secretary sold it at base price to a company that was hostile to him. Before the war started, he had already suffered a crushing defeat.

He never felt so small, so helpless. Those words he’d said wasn’t scolding Zhou Wenang, he was scolding himself. In this life, he would never be able to catch up to Zhou Yun Sheng.

Deep inside, he had a feeling – he wasn’t supposed to be so useless. Zhou Yun Sheng’s current position should’ve been his. He wondered what made the world get so defective.



And so ends the first world. 14 more to go…..

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Rereading for the 100th time lol. But seriously this was the first ever bl novel I’ve read and no novel after this still can’t top this. I really adored the dxl’s pov and still melting even after reading it so many times.

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I forgot. HuaLian can top this. In fact they are both no. 1 in my heart. I’m sorry for forgetting you HuaLian

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Just asking (I try to find other novel/wenovel to read after this one) what is the novel with this HuaLian? :3 ty kindly in advance

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I’m rereading this again. I didn’t realised that I’m so glad the story doesn’t end here! Thank you author ❤️