ABO Vol 1 Chap 7


Chapter 7: Nineteen years ago in the top secret cell

Ling Yu shrunk into Rosen’s arms violently trembling, his warm breath spread on his neck like a powerful aphrodisiac.

I want to embrace him, occupy him, completely mark him, fully occupy his thoughts!

The natural strong possessiveness of an Alpha, plus ten years’ worth of a strong crush, when they finally had a chance to vent, the walls of reason came crashing down.

Rosen’s deep eyes suddenly filled with frantic flames.

He quickly tore of their clothes, sat down with his back to the wall and sat Ling Yu on his body. Rosen did not hesitate to cover his mouth with a kiss.


Ling Yu’s bloody bitten lips swelled slightly, the smell of the sweet blood made Rosen more excited.

Holding him, feeling his slightly trembling figure, his heart suddenly filled with an intense satisfaction. Rosen’s kiss became more feverish!

He kissed Ling Yu’s neck all the way down, inch by inch licking the drying bloodstains. Ling Yu’s blood seemed to have a kind of addictive taste, Rosen felt distressed just thinking about Ling Yu torturing and beating his own body.

Ling Yu trembled and gripped Rosen’s shoulder.

Having his body kissed frantically, his bloodstains being gently licked, this feeling was slightly disturbing-like his whole body was about to be consumed.

However, the psychological uneasiness and resistance, was soon replaced by instinctive physical desire.

Every inch of his skin had become sensitive, under Rosen’s intense licking and kissing, a strong pleasure had crawled along his nerves, like a current traveling all over his body. It entered his mind and quickly wiped out the last remnants of reason.


A broken moan escaped his lips.

He couldn’t believe such a dull and seduction sound could come out of his mouth!

Since the sudden failure of the inhibitor in Issyville galaxy, to the retreat to Cigar galaxy, Ling Yu had been forced to endure the on slot of estrus for too long. When Rosen appeared, Ling Yu’s psychological defenses finally collapsed, his body was purely driven by instinct!

The taste of his body, his heavy breathing, his crazy kisses….at that moment Ling Yu was like a man lost in a desert who finally found a clear oasis. He was eager to be kissed, be hugged, be occupied and fiercely forced into! He was eager to complete the perfect combination between Alphas and Omegas.

Ling Yu had long lost reason, eyes slightly red, his mouth loudly breathing. Sitting on Rosen’s body, he stretched out his arms and tightly clung to the man’s strong back….

Rosen suddenly stiffened – to finally get a welcoming response, he was about to lose his mind!

Ling Yu’s legs separated and wrapped around Rosen’s waist. Rosen did not hesitate to insert his fingers into that little hole- as if it was long awaiting the intrusion, his walls almost instantly wrapped around his fingers.

Because of the rise in temperature during estrus, the inside was warm enough to melt!

Rosen was afraid to injure him, so he patiently paid close attention to expansion, then he took out his fingers and quickly aimed his painfully aching member to the entrance and pushed in!


Ling Yu let out a short scream, a tempting, seductive sound. The result of extreme pain mixed with the most intense pleasure. His hands forcefully clenched on Rosen’s muscles, the strong pain brought back a trace of reason, but the more intense pleasure sucked him in.

“Ah … … Rosen … … ah … … ah … …”

The in-depth confrontation between body members gave Ling Yu the feeling of having his internal organs broken. His mouth issued constant moans, the strong pleasure made Ling Yu could not help but stretch out his neck, his mouth emitting big gasps for breath.

His neck was white and slender, in the warm yellow light it was almost beautiful enough to be a crime.

Rosen suddenly stretched his head towards Ling Yu’s neck, leaving a bunch of ambiguous red marks on it, leaving hot kisses on his collarbone then travelling up towards his neck.


A strange sense of uneasiness let the Ling Yu could not help but curl up his body, at this time, Rosen’s teeth suddenly bit into the soft skin on his neck!

The bitten neck let out a trace of sweet blood. Rosen increase the force of the bite, his teeth directly biting in the blood vessels, until the skin was marked with a deep scar that could not be erased.

–Alpha mark!

When an Alpha punctures the blood vessels of an Omega’s neck, combining their teeth, blood and body fluids- this was the ceremony for an Alpha to mark their Omega. Afterwards, the Omega’s body would be marked with the breath of the marker, so that other Alpha could tell that that was someone they could not get close too.

Rosen’s crazy eyes float a touch of satisfaction, his fiercely pumping waist still did not pause. He clung to to Ling Yu, constantly kissing Ling Yu’s bitten lips.

“… …” Ling Yu was speechless.

His body felt full, so it instinctively relaxed and clung to the man in front of him. Clamped onto Rosen’s waist, Ling Yu took the initiative to kiss him.

Such a move immediately got a warm and enthusiastic response from Rosen.

“Ah … ahn … well …”

The constant in and out pumping, the mixed rapid breathing- in the closed cell the sounds were continually echoing up……

After an unknown amount of time, in a round of impact, the hard object buried in his body suddenly rose. When Ling Yu became aware of what was happening, he immediately open his shocked eyes.

“… No … … Rosen … … not inside … …”

In a brief restoration of sanity, Ling Yu suddenly began to restlessly struggle, however, an Alpha knot hooks itself deep into the body, it was impossible to escape!

The knot stuck in his body suddenly twitched, hot liquid poured straight into the deepest parts of his body! There was a secret passage that seemed to completely open, the sudden pleasure caused his toes to curl up!

“Rosen!” Ling Yu flushed in anger, he did not like this kind of “caught fish” situation.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t move around too much… …” Rosen kissed his face over and over again, stretched out his hand and gently stroked the mark on his neck. While he comforted him, he twisted his tightly controlled waist, and continued the lasting period of ejaculation.

That’s … an Alpha’s knot…

Ling Yu closed his eyes, his eyelashes began to tremble fiercely.

An Alpha’s knot has a chance to rise during climax, when stuck in an Omega’s body, there will be a long period of continuous ejaculation, and hot sperm will fill the depths of the Omega’s body, increasing the chances of conception.

– That’s a full mark.

Biting the blood vessels in the neck was just a formal mark.

Ejaculating deep into the passage of their Omega’s body, that was the complete mark.

When an Omega was completely marked by his Alpha, they would develop a strong sense of dependence on their Alpha, and the Alpha will also have a strong desire to protect their Omega.

They would be bound together – they belonged to each other, loyal to each other until death!

During the long ejaculation, the body would be completely filled with semen, the abdomen would even slightly drum up. That kind of hot filled feeling caused Ling Yu’s body to continuously spasm.

Rosen clasped him tightly and kissed him over and over again. Eyelids, nose, lips, neck, collarbone … … light feather like kisses, like a declaration of possession, constantly printing on Ling Yu’s body.

Until the ejaculation was completely over, Rosen withdrew from Ling Yu’s body, a lot of liquid flowed out with his exit, slowly flowing out along his thigh, the whole cell was completely filled with this smell.

With the end of the Alpha’s ejaculation, the Omega’s first round of estrus finally comes to an end. Ling Yu gradually restored some of his the sanity, his eyes flashed a trace of imperceptible anger.

“Rosen, how did you come here? Didn’t I tell Knox to stop you?”

His voice was very calm, just as he had been on that day when he looked at him calmly and said “Hello, my name is Ling Yu. After today we’re roommates, I hope that we can get along well for the next three years.”

The ordinary Beta boy from a poor galaxy, with such a serious tone, caused Rosen to feel a little mirthful, he’d looked at him lightly and said: “Oh, hello, I’m Rosen.”

At the moment, that same man was wrapped in his arms, looking at himself, the after climax flush still lingering on his face, his mouth swollen from kisses, yet his pair of dark, bright eyes, were calm to the degree of unfeeling.

– This arrogant guy, after so many years, his temper has not change.

Rosen’s lips raised into a smile, his low voice had a deep indulgent taste: “Did you forget? I’m your boss, I can change your military orders at any time. This is your first estrus, it’s impossible for you to survive it by will alone ……”

Rosen paused, leaned over to Ling Yu’s ear, kissed his ear gently and whispered: “I will not let you hurt yourself.”

“… …” Ling Yu turned his head to ignore him.

This simple movement outlined his proud jaw line.

That defiant expression was more stimulating to Rosen, his heart rose a strong desire to possess. Rosen restrained his overwhelming impulse, whispered: “The first round of your estrus is over, but we still have three more days. We’ll discuss things later, the most important thing is your body … … we need to add more strength.”

Rosen opened a nutrient solution pack, drank it, then kissed Ling Yu- lifted his chin, pried open his teeth and fed the nutrient solution to him.

After feeding him, he also wrapped his tongue around Ling Yu’s soft tongue, gently sucking it.

“Ah … um…”

Rosen’s kiss was very gentle, the deep kiss lasted for a long time. When he was satisfied he backed out from Ling Yu’s mouth, whispered: “First take a break, you tortured yourself before, consuming too much energy. When you’ve recovered, we can continue.”


Aware of the strong reaction of his body, Ling Yu finally helplessly hugged the man in front of him, gently closed his eyes.


Rosen could never forget those three days.

In that closed prison room, he spent three sweet intense days with Ling Yu.

Ling Yu’s instinct was suppressed by the drugs for too long, when it suddenly broke out, the onset of estrus was particularly violent. Rosen did not know how many times held him, or the countless times he entered his body … … how many times. Ling Yu was in a trance clinging to Rosen’s shoulder, peaceful in his arms, his face affixed to his chest, directly falling asleep whenever he was tired.

– That gesture was the warmest part of Rosen’s memory for many years.

His favorite man was asleep in his arms, his slender and beautiful body full of traces of love.

In that absolutely closed cell, they hugged tightly and completed the complete mark between Alphas and Omegas. Their body, their souls, at that moment finally completely belonged to each other.

Rosen felt that it was the happiest moment of his life.

Three days later, Rosen took Ling Yu out from the secret cell.

Because he was completely marked, Ling Yu’s Omega smell was unable to affect the Alpha in his army. The Night Corps’ subordinates stood in place with complex looks, watching their most respected general who was unable to hold up his own body, and was held up by Admiral Rosen into the military hospital.

Ling Yu, because of long-term injection of inhibitors, developed a high fever. The high fever repeated for a whole week, Rosen was unable to stay by his side.

A month later, the military court ruled over the “military accident”.

An Omega injected themselves with inhibitors for years, not only did he mix into the San Romia Military Academy for three years, after graduation he achieved high ranks of success, and even had their own independent army.

In the battle in which the Night Corps attacked Nami star, the Omega’s illegally injected inhibitors actually failed and he suddenly entered estrus on the battlefield. This was simply a display of contempt and insult for the military’s rules!

Ling Yu’s various practices were contrary to countless imperial laws and regulations!

Military court decision –

Ling Yu was expelled from the military, the Night Corps were dissolved, and Ling Yu’s dedicated machine armor, Suzaku, was sealed!

Ling Yu was also sentenced to life imprisonment!

The result of this judgment was sealed by the military and became one of the highest guarded secrets of the military.

That year, many people involved in the trial could not forget- the young officer was escorted from the military court, his back thin, and his lips cold with a proud smile.

– Life imprisonment.

This was the result of his bloodshed for the army for so many years.

Just because he was an Omega.

Because he was an Omega, he had the ability to have high fertility, from when he was born he had to be registered to the so-called “Omega Conservation Association”. From small to large he had to be monitored by the government. Under direct house control, when he turned 18 years old he’d be given in marriage to an Alpha, then go home to a lifetime of birthing children for that person……

Because of the gender imbalance between the ABO, in order to facilitate the so-called excellent breeding, the population with the strongest fertility, the 5% population of Omega, became the government’s possession.

In this ridiculous world, Omega were deprived of even the most basic human rights…

Ling Yu sneered away from the military court, at the door of the courtroom he met Rosen’s deep eyes.

Rosen slightly opened his mouth and mouthed out: “It’ll be okay, I’ll save you.”

Ling Yu was escorted to the darkest underground prison of the empire.

However, he was only in prison for less than three days, then Rosen went directly to the prison to bring him out.

Because of new information brought by His Majesty, the military court suddenly declared a revision.

– Ling Yu was released from military prison, and put into house arrest in Rosen’s apartment. For life he could not leave half a step out of Rosen’s apartment!

Ling Yu was brought back to Rosen’s apartment filled with doubts, the correction was inexplicable, from life imprisonment in the military prison to life-long house arrest in Rosen’s apartment, in the end what was the difference?

After being routed to Rosen’s apartment, Ling Yu looked at the man and said quietly: “It’s just another place to be bound to Rosen, you did not have to go through the trouble. Please call his Majesty to change back the verdict.”

Rosen touched Ling Yu’s hair gently, whispered: “Ling Yu, you cannot stay in prison … … you are pregnant.”

Ling Yu eyes suddenly opened, shocked: “What did you say?!”

“Every prisoner has to be tested, and your serum test results proved that you are pregnant, so our majesty came forward to ask the military court to recall the verdict. The empire will not let a pregnant person go to prison.”

“… …” Ling Yu clenched his fist, face stiff.

Rosen stood in front of Ling Yu, gently held on to his shoulder, whispered: “It was changed to house arrest, but that was just to satisfy the old group of ancients. I will not trap you, wherever you want to go, I can take you there. ”

Ling Yu suddenly pushed Rosen away, looked up at him and said, “Rosen, you did this deliberately, right?”


“The last time in the cell, you deliberately marked me … was it because you already anticipated what would happen today?”

Rosen said calmly: “Yes.”

Ling Yu; “…”

Rosen quieted his voice: “Injecting inhibitors and entering into the military, you are the first Omega to do that, the military would’ve definitely made an example of you, and give you a harsh sentence! I did not want you to suffer all your life in a disgusting military prison, next to outlaws and lunatics! You’re an Omega trapped in a jail cell, what do you think will happen to you?”

Ling Yu; “…”

Rosen took a step forward but Ling Yu backed up a step in response.

The two stalemated for a moment, Ling Yu finally took a deep breath, then calmly looked at the man in front of him, “Anyway, that was your one-sided decision. This child is too sudden, I … …”

Rosen frowned at him, “Don’t think about it, stay by my side, and wait for our baby to be born.”

“… … and what about other children?” Ling Yu suddenly took a step forward, one hand gently rested on the man’s face, softly said, “Rosen I am an Omega, I can give birth, so I should obediently stay with you, give birth to your children, and follow you around all the time, like your damn slave … is that right?”

Ling Yu’s active approach, as well touching his face, caused Rosen’s breathing to slightly lag.

Before he had time to react, Rosen’s cheek suddenly felt a strange sense of paralysis, his vision blurred, his body suddenly lost all strength and fell straight down to the ground.

“… …” Rosen looked astonished at Ling Yu, “You actually dare … …”

“Dare to defy his own Alpha?” Ling Yu dropped the mini needle in his hands, smiled and said, “Rosen, you forgot, I was never afraid of you even in military school… … I respect you, only because your rank was higher than mines, you are my superiors, but since I have been expelled from the military, those rules no longer apply.”

Ling Yu took out the magnetic identity card from Rosen’s pocket, “I’m borrowing your black dragon, I won’t say goodbye, Rosen.”

Rosen was left lying on the floor, forced to watched the man turning away holding his dedicated identity card.

– He left without nostalgia, did not look back even once.

Ling Yu secretly drove Rosen’s armor Black Dragon and left the Cepheid galaxy, but while he was flying out of Cepheid galaxy he encountered a rare, once in two decades universe sandstorm.

The next day, Rosen’s wreck of machine armor was found in the interstellar ruins near Cepheid.

The black armor was shattered by the mighty universe sandstorm, a piece of broken wreckage floating in the universe, there were pieces of debris with traces of Ling Yu’s blood.


Looking out the window to the floating armor wreckage, the always calm and hard man finally collapsed.

He stood at the side of the window, his back strained, his nails clenched into the palm his hand. Tears dropped from his eyes, a silent suppressed cry, that caused all the subordinates to be shocked speechless.

“Ling Yu …”

“Did you know?”

“I love you……”

Rosen said it over and over again, but the man was never able to hear it.

It was the first time the Glory Legion’s subordinates that followed Rosen for so many years saw the General lose control.

They silently watched General Rosen’s back, no one dared to come forward to comfort, no one dared to speak.

Until a long time later, Rosen adjusted his mood, face once again expressionless: “Clean up this piece of armor wreckage, take it back to Ling Yu General’s monument.”

He left the side of the window, his face finally restored his usual calm look.

– His heart was calm.

That night, a tombstone for Ling Yu was secretly set up by Rosen in the back garden of his apartment.

The tombstone was engraved with a row of vigorous and powerful characters: Lacey Empire Night Army Chief, Ling Yu Major General.

Those were the words Rosen himself engraved.

Because Rosen knew that Ling Yu gave all his blood and youth to his regiment, his favorite identity was the Empire’s Night Corps General.

– Ling Yu, the military expelled you, they’ll no longer recognize your identity.

– But in my heart, you will always be my favorite General.


In the Glory Legion command cabin, two dignified looking adjutants were whispering.

“We’re approaching the headquarters. Marshal has been in the command cabin for so long, should we go in and see?”

“Do not disturb him. This piece of interstellar ruins was where General Ling Yu was buried. Marshal just met Vladimir, he’s certainly thinking of past things. Let him alone for a while Ok. ”

Rosen kept himself locked in the command cabin.

Through the porthole he saw the endless space, saw that familiar interstellar ruins, the universe sandstorms regularly left many warship wreckages there, large tracts of wreckage floated freely in the universe, like a horrible grave yard.

Rosen’s always calm face, finally emerge a trace of a twisted painful look.

Ling Yu

These years … I’ve missed you…

Wearing a black uniform, he was the Lacey Empire’s military headquarters highest commander, except for His Majesty, he was the most popular person- The Undefeated God of War.

However, this man has never laughed.

In the people’s impression, he always wore a calm expression, a pair of deep eyes like frozen winter ice.

At that moment, Rosen Bessemer, standing alone in the command cabin facing the vast universe, his tall and stiff back, seemed to be engraved in loneliness.



I now have sympathy for all the translators out there who have to write out smex scenes. Boy is it awkward. Plus I swear these chapters are getting longer.

I think Rosen has a blood fetish

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1 year ago

Rosen pull yourself together, i’m sure you’ll be reunited in some way cause no way is Ling Yu dead. Damn Lin Yuan’s parents are so tragic, both consumed by their pheromones and in Rosen’s case love too. The thing is most ABO verse estrus period is always going to feel like non con(both sides equally) no matter what so no point in complaining. Both dominated by pure instincts, i’ve read enough omegaverse to not be bothered by it now. But bravo for Ling Yu having a backbone!Salute! Rosen kinda deserved to get ditched tbh. So you need to work on your sincere confession the next time.

Princess Karen
Princess Karen
2 years ago

Why do I feel like Rosen and ling yu son is Lin yuan…….

2 years ago


Alphonsa Sunny
Alphonsa Sunny
3 years ago

I really hope that ling yuan’s parents meet and solve their misunderstandings and maybe fall in love

4 years ago

What if, Ling Yu is the father of Lin Yuan from the memories? *GASPSSSSS* (Just a theory)

4 years ago

Rosen should have told about his feelings to LY in that case, maybe they wouldn’t misunderstand each other. Although I think that LY doesnt really love R. So in this case, its one sided love. But LY should have talked about their problems instead of leaving.

4 years ago

Too bad for Rosen, but it’s his fault for not considering how Ling Yu felt. I hope they meet each other again, and with a happy ending now. Also, Lin Yuan! Be careful honey ?

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Guess who
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Whatever it is
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So saddddd

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Ahh… I don’t like Rosen. It makes him out to be sympathetic but in the end, he didn’t give a damn on how Ling Yu felt, only his own desire. If they somehow meet again, I hope Ling Yu gets it into Rosen’s head exactly what he did wrong.

5 years ago
Reply to  Shirani

He might not have gone about it the best way, but he definitely saved him. An Omega in a prison full of alphas and psychos? I’ve read that before, and I hated how it went. I get wanting autonomy and whatever, but when someone tries to save you from a worse fate and all you do is spit it back at them, I hate that. The Omega in the other story did that. He could have been pulled out from imprisonment in the beginning – something he deserved in the first place because he killed a lot of people including omegas for a stupid reason – but he stayed. So the got forced to mate a bastard alpha, got pregnant, got beat up, miscarried. And the guy that tried to help him? Who truly card for him, and was his real mate? He kept reaching out his hand to the Omega, and the bastard just played with his feelings. The guy was one of those stoic, smart types, and I felt sorrier for him than the omega going through all those difficulties. When they ended up together anyway, I hated that too. I didn’t see that relationship as healthy at all. I think these two actually had a chance, with just too much in the way. Whatever ling yu has been doing, I don’t hope for them to end up together, because I don’t see it ending up healthy either. They both did wrong and need to realize, as much as I feel for them, omegas in similar situationd make the dumbest decisions with no logic involved. I’ve only found like one of this kind of book where I fully sympathized with the omega, and they had was less restrictions, it was more like dealing with a sexist society, only… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Max

For me i hope they end up together but before that they both should talk each other. R should confess to LY that he loves him way back in hs he didn’t mark him just because of etruss he have a real feeling for him. For LY he should listen ang give a chance to R after all R is one of his closest friend. I dont see it unhealthy if they end up together coz they dont deliberately hurt each other is just the circumstances and lack of proper communication. Its not like the example you give which is so unhealthy well they really twisted relationship out there. ╮(′~‵〞)╭

4 years ago
Reply to  Max

No, Rosen didnt save him. He raped him, knowing the orders of no alpha included him. He impregnated him without consent. He didnt try to help him diring his trial, he used the sentence to have him under his control. I hate Rosen, he is no different from those chinese men who kidnap Myammar women to rape then and forceful impregnate them.

3 years ago
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Well everyone has their own opinions, personally i think that rosen loves ling yu very much but when that happened he just straight up impregnate him without giving any explanations which makes more misunderstanding.. honestly I hope they can talk and at least try to understand eachother through that

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No means no. Basic rule to live by. Just because someone ‘loves’ the other person, doesn’t mean they have the right to force their ‘love’ on that person. Ling Yu had made his rejection clear by ordering that no one come into the cell, and had said no again after Rosen violated and overruled his order. All of Ling Yu’s choices and decisions were taken away from him. That’s not love, it’s ownership. There’s nothing loving or romantic about enslaving someone against their wishes (Specified, since there are those who enter into a ‘slave’ contract with another person by their own free will and choice. I don’t have to understand it to respect it). Frankly, this ‘Empire’ seems pretty corrupt and disgusting from the top down… I have to wonder if the ‘Federation’ isn’t a better choice. It can’t be much of a WORSE choice.

6 years ago

I actually cried ;_; be strong, marshal. Ling yu leave you the product of your love and you’r gonna meet him soon.
Btw, thank you for all the translations! Hope you’ll always be healty to translate and spread the love for us, fellow readers. ?

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This is so good! You guys translate the good stuff! Thank you so much!!!

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I sincerely hope Ling Yu still alive and will reunite with Rosen again.. Poor Rosen 🙁
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Yeah and I hope there’s some other reason as to why Ling Yu left Rosen, I don’t think that Ling Yu hate him tho so there definitely should be other reason

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This chapter made my toes curl! ?
Thank you!

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Wait…. What??? I thought Long Yuan was Lin Yu’s son!! Its only been 3 years since he died and Ling Yuan is 18… Is it only me???

6 years ago
Reply to  Jiii

No, according to the title, this happened 19 years ago ^-^ which means that there really is a high probability of Lin Yuan being Ling Yu and Rosen’s child! (Squeels)

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Reply to  Jiii

It all happened 19 years ago (look at the title at top or go back to ch 6 about battle that happened 19 years ago). As for three years, it was when Ling Yu managed to hide his identity as an omega for 3 years.

6 years ago
Reply to  Jiii

He must have escaped the sandstorm. Or, very likely Lin Yu staged the whole wreckage.
Also, the Omega Inhibitor failure accident was 19 years ago. Lin Yu being sentenced with house arrest happened maybe a few weeks or months from that. If he actually died in the wreckage, that’ll be 19 years ago. Where do you get that ‘3 years since he died’?

Fallen Leaf
Fallen Leaf
6 years ago
Reply to  Keztrans

That’s kinda scary ?
100 years of imprisonment…..

And I’m pretty sure our MC is the General Yun’s son! xD
He had a past memories after all, haha

Thanks for the chapter!

Erika Tomikawa
Erika Tomikawa
6 years ago

Hello, thank you for your hard work. I didn’t wait and use MTL for this story I didn’t understand everything but it was so cute for all the pairs XD

6 years ago

muahah I loved the whole mmpreg aspect in BL (it all started with the manga Sex Pistols for me). Poor Rosen… if only he had just told Ling Yu how much he cares for him. I hope Ling Yu’s still alive hiding away somewhere. They need to reunite!