ABO Vol 1 Chap 6


Chapter 6: The Undefeated God of War

“… It’s Marshal Rosen!”

When Lin Yuan saw the warship come to rescue, he immediately excitedly jumped up from the bed, “Snow, fast look! It’s the Glory regiment! The Empire’s Glory Corps! Marshal Rosen has always been my most admired idol! He’s actually here! “

Seeing Lin Yuan’s excited, bright-eyed look, Snow couldn’t help but turn to look out the window, the black warship’s sparkling sun sign, it really is the unique symbol of the Empire’s Glory Corps.

Snow’s pale face slightly eased a bit, he gently unclasped his tightly held fists and whispered: “Sure enough, it’s him!”

The appearance of the Legion of Glory meant that the stalemate situation almost instantaneously changed!

Troops jumped out from the universe wormhole, as soon as they arrived they directly bombarded the three warships of the Wolf Army. Such a grand meeting ceremony, Vladimir couldn’t help but slightly narrow his eyes.

The Wolf Army’s communication device in the command cabin suddenly issued a mechanized tone: “General, the front has received a communication request from an unknown source, the password is RAWSON, with a request to connect to the conductor for a video call, do you agree?”

Vladimir’s lips slightly rose, “Agreed, turn it on.

– RAWSON, Rosen Bessemer, it really is that annoying guy!

The video call connected the command cabins of the two corps, simultaneously, the two corps appeared on each other’s holographic projection screen. They saw each other’s close to realistic and delicate faces.

Rosen’s appearance is undoubtedly handsome, unlike Vladimir who had soft facial lines, Rosen’s face was a clear angle, facial features as if carved be a knife, the righteousness of the military reflected vividly in his body’s posture!

A pure black dress uniform, a glittering gold Venus symbol on the shoulder, representing his noble identity in Lacey Empire’s military that no one can replace!

He still looked young, although he has been on the battlefield for many years, a calm expression like a frozen winter lake, a cold without temperature appearance, he was looking ahead, and giving off a feeling cold enough to freeze. Vladimir looked at the familiar face, couldn’t help but smile a bit, calmly said: “Oh…my dear Rosen, we met again … … although, the last person I wanted to see was you.”

Rosen faintly replied: “We’re in sync.”

The two men looked at each other for a moment, Rosen finally said: “Vladimir, please take your Wolf Army and immediately retreat, I don’t want a war with you here!”

Vladimir smiled and said: “But the Pearl is in my control, I can blow it to pieces any time I want?”

Rosen said coldly: “I can blow you to pieces anytime I want!”

Vladimir helplessly shrugged: “This really is a difficult situation for me.”

Rosen looked at him again, calmly said: “I have sent people to the Issyville cosmic wormhole exit on standby, your reinforcements simply cannot get here, you only have one choice- retreat!”

Vladimir was silenced, no wonder updates from the back-up force suddenly stooped, the reason was because Rosen sent troops to the wormhole exit, but … … that exit was a closely guarded secret, how did he know?

Their strengths are not that far from each other, if there’s a direct war that is, but to also make sure that the passenger spacecraft doesn’t escape…. Vladimir quickly calmed down, then he simply raised his hand toward his deputy commander and made a retreat gesture.

The Wolf Army received the retreat command, the scattered formation quickly assembled, then, with the fastest speed, gathered to the opposite direction for withdrawal, decisively leaving like a white whirlwind!

“Rosen, we haven’t seen each other for more than a decade, right?”

In the command cabin, Vladimir still looked leisurely toward Rosen, smiled and said, “That battle nineteen years ago was really unforgettable. That wise Ling Yu generals, it’s so difficult to imagine, was actually an Omega … …”

“As his old enemy, please leave a quick hello from me to his tombstone.”

Vladimir gave a gentleman’s bow to Rosen, smiled and cut off the call. The moment the call ended, Rosen’s previously calm face immediately distorted in pain.


Vladimir smiled happily.

Undefeated God.

Unfortunately, the so-called invincible God of War, since nineteen years ago, had a weakness.

A weak man is actually very pitiful, one day, his Achilles heel will be his death!

Vladimir looked at the direction of the Glory Corps, his smiling eyes suddenly flashed a trace of a cold, sharp light.


With the end of the call, from outside of the porthole, the entire Wolf Army could be seen disappearing into space, like being sucked into a huge whirlpool. It is clear that they had directly carried out a space jump, the retreat was decisively clean, leaving without a trace.

An adjutant suddenly whispered: “Marshal … … should we pursue?”


Rosen just waved, took a deep breath to stable his mood, and then whispered a command toward the communicator port: “Help me connect to the Pearl No. 731 spacecraft.”

“Marshal!” The shaped like a pale golden sun intelligent communication device began to quickly rotate, a moment later, a pleasant voice issued, “Report Marshal, communication connection was successful!”

– In the Pearl No. 731 spacecraft, in all the small cabins, public halls, and even in the bathrooms and the restaurants a handsome calm and silent face appeared on the video screens.

The man was calm and composed, as if he had no concerns on his chest, as if the whole universe was in his control!

The man’s eyes stared quietly into the screen, then he whispered: “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Rosen.”

“Marshal Rosen!”

“God! Marshal!”

“The Strandian bastards finally left!”

“Marshal Rosen, I knew we would be saved!”

The hour of waiting for a possible death sentence finally ended, as if they were students at a football game, the entire spacecraft erupted in crazy cheers, some relatives and friends even hugged each other and wept with joy!

Rosen’s expression was still calm, there was no trace of waves, he slightly nodded towards the Empire’s people and said: “Please rest assured. I will send the troops from the Glory Corps to escort you until you reach your destination. Today, Vladimir took advantage of a loophole and intercepted this interstellar passenger spacecraft. This happened because of a dereliction of the Imperial Army’s duties- I promise that this kind of thing will never happen again!”

The sound of the man’s low-pitched voice is clearly heard around the spacecraft, it was a resounding voice and every word was convincing.

The stone in the hearts of the passengers finally fell, their uneasiness finally dispersed, their faces even exposed relieved smiles- Marshal Rosen’s troops will escort us, there will be no more problems for sure!

Rosen paused, continued, “The spacecraft’s electromagnetic wave interference has been cleared and can now sail normally. I will return control to Captain Gill.”

Gill who was called by name clamored with excitement, he gave a standard salute to Rosen: “Yes! Marshal!”

The screens gently flickered, and the man’s image finally disappeared completely. The people on the spacecraft were still immersed in excitement from meeting Rosen Marshal!

Marshal Rosen looked really young.

What the passengers did not know was that the calm and composed nature of the man was born from years of countless battles, and for him, the past nineteen years felt like a lifetime.

Nineteen years…

Ling Yu

The thought of his name made his heart feel like it was forcefully grabbed and squeezed, the pain almost made his spasm!


Nineteen years ago, the outer rim of Issyville Galaxy.

A regiment of large command ships and hundreds of small warships were quietly approaching the direction of Issyville galaxy. The dark blue warships were printed with silver-white crescent shaped markings, which in the Lacey Empire was the symbol of the most powerful corps- the Night Corps.

In the command cabin, a handsome young officer was sitting stiffly in the command chair, his dark blue uniform, a symbol of the Night Corp’s, was torn apart by slender fingers, his undershirt was sweat soaked, exposing a white chest that was slightly red from growing lust.


In the depths of his heart, a beast driven by lust was clawing out of its cage, releasing waves of desire through every pore of his body. His skin was tight with anticipation of being touched, his body felt empty to the extreme, he wanted to be hugged, be occupied, be mercilessly entered into … … this crazy desire almost made him collapse!

Damn! Why does the inhibitor have to fail at this time?

Ling Yu forced himself to endure the trembling, he shoved his fist into his mouth in a vain attempt to block all sound from coming out.

“Generals reporting, this is the A31 reconnaissance ship, the Strandian federal enemy are 9.9 light years away from our army, the number of enemy troops is equal to three regiments! Please give us instructions!”

Ling Yu’s fingers stiffly open the dedicated command call channel, his voice slight trembling: “All the warship prepare….for retreat….within three minutes!”

After he issued the shaky instructions, the man’s body finally lost all ability to support itself and slipped onto the cold ground.

Forcefully biting his fist, his teeth cut into the flesh of his hands, the flowing blood and the sharp pain finally brought back a trace of reason. He took a deep breath, then opened the necklace worn around his neck, whispered: “Suzaku ……”

From the space hub, the intelligent armor Suzaku immediately scanned the physical condition of Ling Yu again, softly said: “Master, your body’s Omega pheromone has reached the peak, the inhibitor has failed, and you must now … …”

“… Don’t say it.” Ling Yu frowned, “Immediately change the sailing route, let the Night Corps go directly to the Issyville cosmic wormhole, and call in Adjutant Knox.”

Suzaku was silent for a moment, hung his head and said, “Yes, master.”

After a moment, a puzzled Adjutant Knox opened the cabin to see such a messy picture – The man was lying on the ground, the original neat and majestic uniforms was torn open, revealing a white chest. The man was fiercely biting his fist, his eyes were red, and his chest was moving up and down with heavy breaths.

Knox’s face suddenly stiffened.

The entire command capsule was filled with a rich, sweet, atmosphere that regularly drived people crazy. It was the atmosphere of an Omega – an Omega’s physiological unique flavor!

“General, you …”

“Knox, I don’t have time to explain to you …” Ling Yu interrupted his question, whispered, “Listen, we are likely to suffer an ambush from the federal enemy, you must immediately contact Admiral Rosen in headquarters, ask for support … I now give you command over the Night Corps. Lead our brothers towards escape, do not let me down.”

Ling Yu’s slightly trembling voice revealed a touch of attractive huskiness, but Knox is a Beta and cannot be affected by Omega pheromones, in an emergency he can keep his military trained reason.

When Knox heard Ling Yu’s commands, he immediately respectfully replied: “Yes! General!”

There were many Alpha gathering outside the command cabin after smelling an Omega’s unique pheromone. Knox quickly turned and locked the command cabin, then, with the fastest speed, he connected to the Empire’s online headquarters.

“… General, this is the vanguard of the Night Corps! Our army located outside the Issyville galaxy suffered an ambush from the Strandian enemy! We send an urgent request to headquarters for support!”

Rosen frowned: “Ling Yu?”

“…” Knox couldn’t react, he had no choice but to transfer the video communicator’s lens to the inside of the command cabin.

In a corner shrunk into a ball, Ling Yu’s constantly trembling figure was projected to Rosen on the holographic projection screen. The man’s lower lip was bitten by a row of bright teeth, the edge of his lips were soaked with clear blood, his white skin was infected with a layer of flush,  his black hair was soaked in sweat.

Rosen’s heartbeat stagnated!

… This is … … Omega … … estrus?

The man who was with him for years in San Romia Military Academy, who stayed in the same dormitory with him, his close friend, and the man he secretly had a crush on … … was actually……

That moment of shock almost made Rosen lose his mind!

Rosen forced himself to return his thoughts, immediately frowned and ordered: “Knox, listen! I will send the Glory Corps to intercept the Strandian enemy from the rear to give you more time! You must replace Ling Yu and command the entire vanguard, guide all warships into the cosmic wormhole immediately and land on the nearest planet in Cigar galaxy, Rennes!”

Knox respectfully gave a standard military salute: “Yes! General!”

“And,” Rosen looked deeply at the man curled up in the corner, trembling with the onset of estrus, calmly said, “Knock him out.”

“…” Knox froze in place.

Rosen snapped: “This a military order! Stun him!”

“Yes! General!”

Rosen still remembered when he led the Glory Corps to confront Vladimir, then quickly traveled to planet Rennes with three consecutive space jumps. The scene when he arrived at the military command headquarters of Rennes was unforgettable.

Because an Omega’s pheromone in estrus was too strong, Ling Yu was afraid his pheromone spreading throughout the command center would lead the Alpha to irrationality, so as soon as he woke up he’d ordered Knox to put himself into the interrogation cells for the military’s top- criminals!

This top-secret cell was almost completely sealed, only a small vent to provide oxygen was present, even if the smell of the pheromone was strong, it would never spread to the outside world.

In the dark closed cell, nothing could be seen, no sound could be heard, no smell could come in … …in the frightening silence, the passage of time could not be felt, the mental torture could made people easily collapse. Destroying a human’s psychological defense then interrogating them can achieve unexpected results!

– Ling Yu actually put himself into the military’s secret criminal interrogation cell?!

Rosen looked at the cell monitor.  The man had trapped himself into a corner, he apparently had reached the brink of collapse.

He was like a mad beast, forcefully tearing off his clothes, his dark blue uniform had been torn into rags-his shirt messily torn, his military issued trousers hanging off his body, his slender legs partly exposed. The half-naked man was using his fingers to crazily scratch himself, his once white skin was being stained with glaring blood!

“No, you cannot leave him alone!”

Rosen finally couldn’t take anymore, he started towards the cell.

Knox hastened to keep up with him, “General! General Ling Yu told me not to let any Alpha near him! He said he could hold on, I beg you to follow his wishes!”

Knox’s eyes were very firm, this was the last command before the General put himself into prison!

Unlike Knox, who was not influenced by pheromones, Rosen was a pureblooded Alpha. Once he went into the cell, he would definitely be affected by Ling Yu’s Omega essence! This is the nature between Alphas and Omegas, the powerful attraction is impossible to control!

The serious-faced Knox stubbornly stood in front of Rosen.

Rosen stopped, calmly looked at Knox, whispered: “If an Omega is allowed to face estrus alone, he will go crazy enough to hurt himself, estrus lasts a minimum of three days, do you think he can hold on for that long?”


“After three days, you will not see Ling Yu Generals, but a completely broken madman!”

Knox froze a moment, apprehensively said: “But, but the general told me to stop anyone from entering, including, including you … …”

“Major Knox, I am Ling Yu’s superior, I have the right to change his orders! Now, I order you to let me into the cell, I will take responsibility for all consequences,” snapped Rosen.

“… Yes, General!”

In the darkness of the military underground prison, the cell door was slowly opened.

Rosen walked into the cell and immediately closed the door behind him.

Ling Yu who was shrunk into the corner, smelled the strong scent of an Alpha, alertly erected his ears, tightly folded his fist and stiffly asked: “Who’s there?”

Rosen took a step forward, gently held onto Ling Yu’s bloody palm, whispered: “It’s me.

The lights hanging on the wall suddenly lit up, the warm yellow light illuminated the entire cell, and a handsome face gradually became clearer in the new light.

Ling Yu froze a moment, “… … Rosen?”

The strong atmosphere of an Alpha quickly surrounded him, the warm feeling made people feel like indulging. The smell of the man’s body caused Ling Yu to instinctively want to get closer……

Ling Yu’s body suddenly stiffed, he stretched out his hand to push Rosen away. However an Omega’s nature is to desire an Alpha, while the man was holding his wrist, Ling Yu almost instantly lost the ability to resist!

“… … Rosen … … you should not be here … …” Ling Yu’s trembling voice revealed a trace of deep uneasiness, “You, you should quickly leave … … do not, don’t care about me … …”

“How can I ignore you?” Rosen whispered, gently touching Ling Yu’s sweat soaked black hair, “Estrus is natural for an Omega, strongly resisting it will only drive you crazy. You won’t survive intact.”

Watching the violently trembling Ling Yu, smelling his strong Omega pheromone, the always strongly self-controlled Rosen could no longer control his physical and psychological desire for the man in front of him.

Rosen breathlessly unbuttoned his uniform, revealing a large slice of a honey-colored vigorous chest.

Ling Yu placed his hand on the man’s chest to push him away, but the touch of the other’s warm chest, and his body’s deep clamor for desire, made Ling Yu no longer have to heart to push him away, instead he slightly looked forward to his touch. The other’s close proximity caused a thrill to run down his spine, he moved his hand to tightly clutch at Rosen’s collar.

The two stalled for a moment, Rosen finally stretched out his powerful arms, gently picked up the shivering man, and said in a low calm voice, even showing a rare trace of gentleness –

“I’ll help you, Ling Yu.”

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3 years ago

I really hope Ling Yu is still alive somewhere, Poor Rosen!!!

3 years ago

Poor omegas ???
I hope li yuan does not get prisoned like that T . T

Fallen Leaf
Fallen Leaf
6 years ago

Is adjudant Knox Ling Yuan adopted father? As in.. His mother’s husband I mean.
Their family name is different though.

Thanks for the chapter!

Junki Yard
Junki Yard
4 years ago
Reply to  Fallen Leaf

Don’t you remember Dr. Fornt’s friend from military academy who is in charge of freshmen’s entrance tests?

6 years ago

Hmmm… so Ling Yu has got to be Lin Yuan’s mama and Rosen is his papa? I’d hate to see Ling Yu get locked up as an omega livestock. Hopefully he was able to get away to some remote place (the place in Ling Yuan’s dream)!

6 years ago
Reply to  Delimanjoo

Exactly my thoughts I had a feeling Ling Yu was his father (mother) and then when Rosen showed up! But also I’m thinking now that the beta Knox is Ms Lin’s husband who was in the military and died. As for Ling Yu I feel like it’s very possible he is no longer alive… I mean maybe he left Yuan so people didn’t find out he too was an omega but.. Anyways yeah that’s a horrible place I feel sorry for all those omegas they literally are given away to alphas and locked up to give birth to their many children x.x