ABO Vol 1 Chap 5


Chapter 5: Hijacked Spacecraft

Following the end of the man’s sentence, the entire spacecraft suddenly plunged into a riot! Many small cabin doors flung open, as people panicked out of their cabins, and packed into the spacecraft’s public hall, nervously looking around and whispering. Lin Yuan’s face also changed, he immediately held on to the fearfully shaking Hobby and went out into the main hall.

The spacecraft’s hall was a mess and the passengers’ faces were filled with unrest.

The public hall had a large projection screen, the handsome looking young officer’s smiling face was enlarged, at the moment to the eyes of everyone, he looked like the most terrible demon from the depths of hell!

Watching the man’s gentle smile, Lin Yuan’s heart could not help fill with cold aversion.

– Vladimir!

– This pervert!

In order to apply for San Romia military academy, Lin Yuan could recite the entire empire’s modern history from the heart.

In the hundreds of years of history of war between the Empire and Federation, there have been many well-known generals, Vladimir is the number one most hated enemy of the imperial armies!

As the youngest military strategist of the Strandian Federation, the one who the President of the Federation calls “My Devil General”, he is the best at these kinds of surprise attacks. His Legion of Wolves attack ability and perverted guerrilla warfare have caused heavy blows to the Imperial Corps again and again!

In history, he has only miscalculated once.

That was nineteen years ago, the great battle in which the general Ling Yu led the Imperial Night Corps to attack Nami star.

That year, following news from a mysterious source, Vladimir advanced with a full three legions of forces to the Issyville galaxy in order to surround and ambush the Night Corps, to annihilate them in one fell swoop… Fortunately, the ever cautious General Ling Yu arranged a stealth reconnaissance ship 10 light years outside of the star’s domain, discovered his intention in time, and lead the Night Corps out of harm’s way in a successful evacuation!

Vladimir, with a full three legions of troops stayed for a whole day, not to mention the annihilation of the Night Corps, not a hair of theirs was touched! Instead, Imperial reinforcements arrived to give them a surprise and disgraced them!

Lin Yuan watched the arrogant man smile through the big screen- he really wanted to drill into the screen and give him a punch!

This bastard! He actually took advantage of the defense loopholes near Cigar galaxy and hijacked the Empire’s interstellar passenger spacecraft … … This despicable action is something only he can do!

Vladimir shrugged his shoulders, smiled and said, “You do not have to panic. I just want to talk to your Emperor about a few small conditions. I hope that His Majesty will see eye to eye or else I cannot guarantee your safety. ”

A white gloved hand gently waved, the entire spacecraft suddenly fell into darkness, under a strong electromagnetic interference, the spacecraft’s communications and power had been completely cut off!

Through the front porthole of the Pearl spacecraft, several clearly visible thin silver warships remained peacefully floating, all printed with clear wolf totems- A sign of the Wolf Legion. As long as Vladimir commands it, those warships would quickly breach the military defense network and reduce the vulnerable passenger spacecraft to debris!

The hall plunged into a brief silence, and then a variety of messy noises sounded.

There were curses at Vladimir, there were cries out of fear, there were some loved ones whispering trembling sounds of comfort.

Lin Yuan, face ugly, turned back into the cabin.

Standing by the side of the window to the outside stars, Snow’s face had become very pale, the gentle looking boy was tightly frowning, his cold face almost covered by a layer of ice!

…They’ve actually become hostages!

An entire passenger spacecraft, filled with thousands of Lacey Empire’s innocent people, actually became the Federation General Vladimir’s hostages!

Lin Yuan’s heart could not help but fill with a strong anger!

The man who was hated by thousands of people in the Empire, was in a place where his eyes could see, arrogantly prancing around in a sliver-white wolf command ship!

And he was powerless, only able to anxiously wait, like a lamb waiting for the imperial army to rescue him. He is only a not capable of resistance military school student, in this case he can only do nothing!

Lin Yuan tightly clenched his fist, his heart suddenly began to beat violently as he looked at the smiling man on the screen. His mind rose an inexplicably strong desire to defeat him! To kill him!

If at the moment he was the general of his own army, he’d use any means to kill the bastard!

Some kind of extreme hatred that seems to be inherited from blood, caused Lin Yuan to suddenly lose control for a moment.

Snow looked surprised at Lin Yuan, the sunny bright smiling juvenile, at the moment, was like erected barbs, claws out like a small tiger, eyes wide open staring at the front of the screen, as if he was ready to rush in and attack.

… This guy is a bit too excited.

This screen was just a realistic projection, wanting to kill the man in the screen was simply impossible.

The spacecraft’s communication line had obviously been forcibly interfered with, they simply cannot send any help signals to the empire. Vladimir may be currently negotiating with His Majesty, the outcome of the negotiations related to the survival of the tens of thousands of people on the spacecraft.

They waited for a long time, losing track of time to the point where time seemed to become static, every second had become increasingly long.

For many people on the spacecraft, this is their first time so close to the face of death, the initial loud curses and cries of fear, as time went on, gradually subsided down.

Lin Yuan finally restored his reason, frustrated, he sat back on the bed, stroking the trembling Hobby over and over again.

After a moment of quiet, Lin Yuan suddenly looked to Snow, smiled and said: “Cough, Snow, we should chat about something. In case the Pearl becomes cannon fodder, and we die, it seems a bit self-fulling to be as quiet as the dead.”

…… Yes, so silently waiting, maybe the general’s threat really will come true and they’ll die here. If that’s the case, before dying it’s better to make a friend, wouldn’t that make being buried in the universe slightly better?

But … there are so many things waiting for him to do…

Snow tightly clenched his fist, took a deep breath to adjust his mood, and looked at the pair of big black eyes belonging to the juvenile, softly said: “What do you want to talk about?

Lin Yuan scratched his head and said, “Which section did you apply for in San Romia?”

“The Medical section.”

“Oh, you have a gentle look to you… it’s suitable for being a doctor.”

“My father is a doctor,” Snow said.

Lin Yuan was silent for a second, somewhat lost in his mind: “My father …… I don’t know who he is, I’ve never seen him. My mother said that when I was born he died on the battlefield. There are no photos at home, I don’t even know what he looked like.”

Snow looked at the lost look on the face of the lively young boy, his heart softened, he could not help but softly comfort him, “Don’t be sad.”

Lin Yuan scratched his head, at a loss for words.


For him, it was a very unfamiliar word. Since he could remember, his family only had a mother and a sister, those two people. Although his mother always told him that his dad died in a battle, Lin Yuan constantly felt it wasn’t quite right. In his dream at the blue sea planet, that man always gently touched his head and called him son, the sound of his voice was very gentle.

“Son, you will be a normal, happy, Beta … …”

– Was it just a dream? Or real memories from his youth?

– Who was that man? What does being a Beta mean? Wasn’t dad a Beta?

Lin Yuan felt a little cranky, he still couldn’t understand.

Snow suddenly said: “It’s been an hour.”

Lin Yuan recovered, looked at the time: “Ah, I don’t know what that pervert is talking to His Majesty about for so long…”

Regardless of the content of the negotiations, this provocative hostage situation will cause His Majesty to not directly agree so easily. From Lin Yuan’s perspective, His Majesty would think of ways to hold Vladimir, and then send a nearby Imperial Army for emergency rescue.

However, the Cigar galaxy is the most desolate galaxy, only the legions responsible for overseeing the mining of minerals are close enough, and those corps’ combat capabilities are not on the level of Vladimir’s Wolf Legion, a rescue mission would be equal to a suicide mission.

Vladimir would not have the patience to wait while other large forces arrive, if he gets impatient, directly destroying the Pearl was very likely….. Seeing the time drag on longer and longer, with no movement from the Empire, Lin Yuan cannot help but become anxious: What’s going on in the Empire? Is it alright to sit so still?

– Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed in the window!

The Wolf Legion’s left rear position unexpectedly showed some signs of space tearing!

With a wave of powerful fluctuations, enough force to shake the entire universe, three pure black micro-warships suddenly appeared at the rear of the Wolf Legion, unhesitatingly directly opened fire!

Boom boom!!

Three light bombs shot out at the same time, a dazzling tail of photoelasticity exceeding the speed of light, shot across the dark sky, and directly destroyed the Wolf army’s left wing warships!


A barrage of explosions, three small warships of the Wolf Legion exploded, large tracts of fireballs soaring up into the sky, in the silence of the universe, bursts of lights like bright and dazzling fireworks suddenly appeared!

With the explosion as a welcoming gift, thousands of pure black warships neatly arrived from the torn universe wormhole, surrounding the Wolf Legion in the fastest speed.

Pure black warships suspended in the universe, almost blending in to the vast universe, only the red lights dotting the warships can be seen, like predators staring at prey in the darkness!

A black warship, like a cool hunter, slowly approaches the Wolf Legion!


In the center of numerous red lights, a huge pure black galactic army warship calmly steadied in place. The appearance of the mother ship in the distribution of dark red lights, in that moment, almost overshadowed all the starlight in the universe!

– The Glory Corps!

– The Empire’s Glory Legion!

– The undefeated Rosen Marshal’s personal Glory Corps!

The spacecraft almost simultaneously erupted into cheers!

“Oh my God, it’s Marshal Rosen!”

“Marshal Rosen! He came to the rescue! We have hope … no, we’re definitely saved!”

“Marshal Rosen … it’s really him! He really came …”

Some passenger excitedly cried out, clutching the cross on his neck, and whispered Rosen’s name over and over again.

Rosen Bessemer.

The youngest army commander in the history of the empire.

A 573th San Romia Military Academy, Military Command Department graduate with excellent grades in all courses. He rose to Colonel in three years, within six years became supreme General, then fifteen years later, he took over as Marshal from the hands of the former. The most powerful commander in the entire armed forces!

As long as he was here, he would never give up an inch of the empire’s territory, or any of the empire’s people!

If it’s said that General Vladimir is the military genius of the Strandian federation, then Marshal Rosen is the proud Lacey Empire’s undefeated God of War!

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1 year ago


Definitely Lin Yuan’s alpha father, it was already heavily implied that Ling Yu is his omega dad. So excited

5 years ago

Imma make a guess:
– legendary omega General is his dad “mother”.
– Vlad is his dad

Mostly cause they said that LOG went into his first heat on the battle field. Maybe he got claimed by Vlad here.

6 years ago

What are they odds that that great omega general that disappeared is his dad..?

6 years ago
Reply to  Holly

or “mom” i guess since he’s an omega

Fallen Leaf
Fallen Leaf
6 years ago

I’m guessing his father is his ‘mother’ and his ‘father’ is an enemy or influential person.. .
Liking this so far,

Thanks for the chapter!

6 years ago

Every time a new character is introduced, I’m like who you? Seme or uke? Are you THE seme? …although the MC could have more if he wants lol
thx for the chapter!

6 years ago

Story seems really interesting so far! Thanks for translating. Looking forward to more chapters!