ABO Vol 1 Chap 4


Chapter 4: The journey of the jumping chicken dog

Lin Yuan remembered holding Hobby to take a nap. He fell asleep for no longer than a minute then Hobby was gone, that little guy, where has he run off to?
Lin Yuan hurriedly looked around. Oman planet, after all, is the main star of Cigar galaxy, the space station is almost five times larger than his home planet Rennes’ small space station. Just the passenger rest area alone is divided into eight regions, and each region is divided into smaller sections. There’s a large constant flow of people in the space station, finding a lost puppy is easier said than done!
Lin Yuan walked from A District to H District, hoping to see a shadow of the missing Hobby in the vast sea of ​​people. All he found were domesticated pets at least four or five times larger than Hobby, not only large canine animals, there were wolves, tigers and even a big bear, the owner of which had a specific control rope held tightly in his hand.
While human evolution was progressing towards the separation of physiological sex into ABO, many animals were also producing variation, some ancient earth era mammals gradually became more docile, and were able to become friends and pets for humanity. Of course, some of the alien mammals in the outer galaxies became more ferocious and cruel after evolution, some even treat humans as food.
Hobby was only a small foolish dog running around in the space station, if he encountered his natural enemies, wouldn’t he get really hurt?
Lin Yuan anxiously spun round and round. In desperation, he went to the space station help center to register Hobby’s appearance and characteristics in detail, and left its photos and his contact information. He could only hope that some good person could pick it up and send it there.
After registering the information, he returned to the C District, but what he found made him not know whether to laugh or cry- Little Hobby was sitting in the position where Lin Yuan previously sat, a pair of hairy claws clutching tightly to the handle of the trunk, very neatly helping to guard his owner’s luggage. Its pair of bright eyes were watery like it was about to cry, as if his owner had abandoned him.
Lin Yuan: “… …”
When Lin Yuan approached the seat, the dog looked at him a moment, then immediately started wagging his tail, rushed over and bit Lin Yuan’s trousers, whining and crying.
Lin Yuan really wanted to give it a smack!
But one look at its grieving expression made him lose the heart to beat it.
He called the help center to cancel the search for the missing pet, turned back to his seat, picked up Hobby and gently touched it.
The little guy had just walked a little away, but he was too nervous and actually searched the entire rest area.
A passing little girl seemed to like the look of Hobby, couldn’t help but approach and touch his head, curiously said: “Brother, is this your pet? What its name?
Lin Yuan said with a smile: “This is Hobby.”
The girl’s mother came over and whispered: “Sorry, my daughter is not very sensible. Honey, Gera hate it when people touch their heads. I hope you do not mind.” She said, then touched Hobby’s ear, who was happy to rub her hand.

The woman smiled slightly and turned away with her daughter.
The little girl asked curiously: “Mom that was a Gera? How cute, I want one too!”
The woman said, “Well, Gera are a very expensive pet, just wanting one doesn’t necessarily mean you can get one. Plus, their IQ can be compared to human beings, they can understand a lot of languages. I’ll take you to the animal protection base to see one if you like. In the future when you see someone else’s pet don’t touch it without permission okay?”
The girl was somewhat at a lost: “Oh, okay …..”
Lin Yuan was listening to their talk as it gradually faded away, finally he gave Hobby a complex look.
Hobby raised his chin and looked at Lin Yuan as if to say …
Stupid master, do you finally realize that I’m not a puppy?
Lin Yuan carefully looked at Hobby- two pure white paws, a pair of wide, long ears, it really looks like a lovely puppy. Lin Yuan starred at it, after a long while he asked: “Are you really some legendary species that can understand many biological languages …. a Gera?”
Hobby silently turned his head, it seemed to be ignoring him.
“Little guy, can you understand me?” Lin Yuan excitedly twisted Hobby’s head back, touched its ears, looked into its eyes and said, “If you can understand nod your head or else I’ll drop you.”
Hobby immediately nodded obediently.
“Do you hate it when people touch your head?” Lin Yuan asked curiosity, deliberately touching its soft head.
Hobby barked tearfully.
Lin Yuan laughed: “No wonder! My sister rubbed your head all day long, also twisted your hair into braids, it must’ve been very painful so you hid in my suitcase so you could go to school with me, right?”
Hobby immediately nodded its head, then rubbed up against Lin Yuan’s palm.
Lin Yuan held it, suddenly feeling in a happy mood.
This high IQ pet is pretty good, while I was anxious to find it, it cleverly stayed in place to guard my luggage.
Two years ago, Lin Yuan picked up the little guy in front of the space station, it was shrunk into the snow, almost blending in. Lin Yuan who was passing by in the snow found it, afraid it would die of frostbite he took it home with him. He thought it was just an ordinary puppy, he did not expect it actually was a Gera: a highly evolved species from the Ophiuchus galaxy.
This creature was discovered five hundred years ago.
At that time the human species was only under the Lacey Empire, the humans traveled to Barnard planet in the Ophiuchus galaxy, there they accidentally discovered this small, cute looking species. It was shocking that this creature was able to understand the language of a large number of cosmic creatures – and that they were very friendly toward mankind.
Humans officially named this creature Gera, brought it back and studied it carefully. The first successfully developed batch of intelligent armor had partly taken inspiration from the advanced biological brain structure of the Gera.
However, since the establishment of the Strandian Federation regime, and the Federation and Lacey Empire officially entered into war, because the Ophiuchus galaxies were occupied by the Strandian Federation, the Ophiuchus galaxy’s highly intelligent Gera became less and less common in the Lacey Empire.
His Majesty, the Emperor of the Empire had really liked this clever pet. On one of the administrative stars of the Empire, located in the Cepheid galaxy, there is a scientific research institution dedicated to cultivating Gera. This rare pet was not often seen by regular civilians, so Lin Yuan had thought it was just an ordinary dog.
I don’t know how awesome the past owner had to be to actually lose such a valuable pet in a space station…..
The thought of this made Lin Yuan worry, looking back at Hobby he asked: “Hobby, your previous master? Who was it? Do you want me to put your information in the Empire’s Pet Networking center to find them?”
Hobby immediately shrunk his body in fear, desperately shook his head, his pair of long ears shaking enough to almost fall off.
Lin Yuan could not help laughing, touched its ear and said: “Well, Okay! I won’t help you find your owner, it seems that they weren’t so good to you, so you can follow me!”
Hobby happily rubbed itself against his palm.
Lin Yuan heart softened, couldn’t help but pick up Hobby, and intimately touched his forehead to its face.
He suddenly felt that it wouldn’t be so bad to have the smart guy around. In case the military school does not allow students to bring pets, Hobby was not an ordinary dog, maybe he could find a way to muddle through?
– Then if that fails…
They could only reluctantly part, hoping to find a good person to temporarily foster it.
At seven o’clock in the morning, the Pearl No. 731 interstellar passenger starship arrived at the Oman planet space station. Lin Yuan passed through the inspection, boarded a small airship to transport to the Pearl’s boarding passengers compartment.
The size of the interstellar spacecraft is quite large, with a total of 20 passenger compartments, each compartment can accommodate nearly a thousand people, and the total carrying capacity was more than twenty thousand. The route was from the Cigar galaxy to the Milky Way Galaxy, then to the Big Bear Galaxy, stopping temporarily at ten different human inhabited stars.
Because it has to cross three large galaxies, there will be many space jumps and cosmic wormhole shuttles along the way, a full 13* days’ worth of travel.
Lin Yuan found their cabin by following the writing on the magnetic boarding pass.
The small cabin in the spacecraft generally seats four, with four comfortable beds and four corresponding safety chairs. Usually people can lie in bed and rest, but during the space jumps, wormhole shuttles, takeoff and landing, you must sit in the safety chair as a security measure.
Lin Yuan walked into the cabin and saw a juvenile storing his luggage.
The juvenile was around his age, with naturally curly supple platinum blond hair, white skin, ruddy red lips, long and thick eyelashes which cast a faint shadow on his cheeks. Such facial features made him look particularly handsome and gentle, but his face had a very indifferent expression.
The other two beds were empty, since Oman planet was the starting point, obviously the two other seats had not been booked yet and could pick up passengers in other galaxies.

After tidying up his luggage, the cabin was quiet for a while, till Lin Yuan took the initiative to greet each other: “Hello, I’m Lin Yuan.
The teenager looked back at him, faintly replied: “Snow.”
Lin Yuan silently looked at him, quizzically asked: “Snow as in…Snow?
Snow nodded his head.
“Cool, that’s a nice name!” It was an appropriate match for his cold and cheerless appearance.
Lin Yuan turned and sat down on the bed, graciously smiled at him and said: “I’m going to Bear Galaxy’s Broken Military star to study, you?
Snow: “Me too.”
Lin Yuan was instantly happier: “You’re also going to study there? I’m going to San Romia Military Academy, you?
Snow replied: “I am also.”
Lin Yuan was very excited, “What a coincidences ah! I didn’t expect to meet an alumni! I’m a freshman, I’m starting this year!
Snow: “I am also.”
Lin Yuan: “… …”
Ok, I don’t have to ask, you’re also an ordinary Beta and live in Cigar galaxy.
– How odd, such a good-looking guy but he had obvious resistance to strangers.
Lin Yuan felt that his attitude was friendly enough, but this guy always looked stiff, as if he was not a Beta human, but a beast that could attack at any second.
You’re not an Omega, I’m not an Alpha … … do you need to be so afraid of me?
Lin Yuan scratched his head and felt very confused.
Since Snow took out a small light computer and started watching a movie, Lin Yuan had to stop bothering him, instead, he teased little Hobby who was burrowed in his bosom.
Hobby who was probably sleepy, lying in Lin Yuan arms, let out a quiet yawn.
After an indeterminable amount of time, the cabin’s photoelectric screen suddenly lit up. On it was a man who looked mild-tempered, he touched his long beard, smiled and said: “Dear travelers, I am Gill, captain of the Pearl No. 731 interstellar passenger spacecraft, the time is cosmic calendar year 799, January 5th, 11 am. Our spacecraft will soon take off, please sit down in the safety chair as soon as possible, passengers please also take care of your pets!”
Lin Yu quickly sat down in the safety chair, little Hobby tightly held in his arms. Soon, after the captain’s head on the screen disappeared, he felt a violent shock- apparently the Pearl spacecraft was taking off.
The shaking lasted for more than 10 minutes before the spacecraft finally stabilized.
The cabin’s portholes tentatively opened fully, through the portholes the outside universe landscape could be seen.
Oman Planet – the planet that looked like a pure white snowball, was gradually turning into a small spot, slowly disappearing. The entire Cigar galaxy is like a white nebula cotton thread, rapidly retreating. The vast universe of twinkling stars, some distant unknown constellation was experiencing a meteor shower, becoming a piece of a silver thread, dotted with a brilliant cosmic canopy.
Lin Yuan could not help but exclaim: “So beautiful!”
Lin Yuan, who has never been out of his galaxy, accepts everything with curiosity. The young boy called Snow sitting opposite Lin Yuan, his face still very cold, slightly frowned when he heard him speak.
A moment later, the captain’s face appeared again on the screen. “Passengers, I’m glad to tell you that our spacecraft has left the Cigar galaxy and has successfully entered the cosmic waterway,” said Captain Gill, smiling, “We will arrive at Milky Way galaxy’s Pluto at 8 pm tomorrow.”
“In the course of this voyage through the universe, wherever you need help, please do not hesitate to press the corresponding button by your bedside. Our intelligent robots will be responsible for your service! I hope you have a pleasant journey!”
The captain’s voice faded, then a messy gray ripple suddenly emerged on the photoelectric screen.
After a while, the screen’s signal finally stabilized but there was a strange man’s face on the screen.
The man had long platinum blond hair, a very handsome neutral appearance, and a pure white uniform that set off his tall and slender stature. He bowed to the passengers politely, smiled and said: “Dear people of the Lacey Empire, I am very pleased to meet you … oh, of course, you should not be glad to see me.”
The man paused, the curvature of his lips rose gently, then he said with regret: “Because I am Admiral Vladimir of the Strandian Federation. Seeing me at this moment, means that you have been hijacked.”
Lin Yuan: “………………”
Author’s Note: Extraterrestrial Creature [Gera]:

From Ophiuchus galaxy’s planet Barnard, body length 15-20in**, black-furred gold-eyed (female) and white-furred black-eyed (male). Two variants, with furry claws and wide, long, big ears. Defensive state is curled up into a spherical fur ball. A Gera’s IQ is very high, they can understand the language of various cosmic creatures. They like their ears being touched, but hate to be touched on the head. It’s said that when they are happy, they will use their cheek to rub against a human’s palm.
The small white Hobby is actually male! We should just forfeit!
Ps: Snow has appeared! Look forward to Lin Yuan’s seme and Snow’s seme to make an appearance!



Translator’s note:

*- The author has 13 days here, but later on it takes 4 days to travel back. Idk

** – The author has 1520cm, but that makes no sense so I assume it’s 15 to 20cm, but that seems too small for a dog, so I assumed it’s 15-20in. If you find a 15-20cm dog, show me!

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Ponkka chan
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I think the author does mean a 1,520 cm Gera. Just convert it to cm… I got 127 inches with a decimal of .6 repeating. O.O Wait so it would be about a 10 foot dog?! No way!!!!
Wait I jusy re-did it now it’s 598.42519685 inches not sure if it continues. I apologise if this seems extragrated. But I seriously think the author meant cm but it could just be comverted to inches.

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Fallen Leaf
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