ABO Vol 1 Chap 3


Chapter 3: Two Conditions

When he woke up the next day, there was a delicious breakfast on the table. Lin Yuan washed up and joined his family in the kitchen. He saw his mother’s pale face, walked to her side and gently hugged her shoulder, smiled and said, “Mom, are you still mad about me not telling you?”

Mrs. Lin looked at the young man’s bright smile and her heart couldn’t help but feel a little bitter. How can I tell him? You’re not a Beta, you’re an Omega, your dad is also an Omega, I’m just your foster mother, and we don’t have any blood relation? You received a so-called “gender transformation test” at birth, and was forced to be injected with an Omega pheromone inhibitor. You must eat Dr. Fornt’s new inhibitor pills every day for two years until you thoroughly become a Beta? If you do not take this medicine, you’ll likely entire into estrus, and an Omega’s estrus causes loss of reason, only left with instinct, longing to be embraced, possessed, and give birth?

Mrs. Lin’s fingertips trembled slightly, to face the young man with clear black eyes and an innocent smile and say such a cruel truth…She really couldn’t say a word! Oh, my God! This boy has always thought he was an ordinary Beta, in his mind, he’s going to marry a Beta girl in the future and have children! Instead he could be forcibly taken by a strange Alpha, forced to have a child! This subversion of his whole world would simply make Lin Yuan crash! In the end it was better to continue to deceive him, as long as he turns 20 and becomes a Beta everything will be okay….

“Mom, don’t get angry. Sis packed my luggage for me yesterday, school is opening soon I have to report to it as soon as possible.” The young man who knows nothing walked behind his mother’s back and laughed, giving his mom a shoulder massage,” Three years will pass quickly and when I graduate, I can become a soldier. Each soldier of the Empire can be assigned to a House of their own in the primary planet constellation Cepheus. Then I can take Sis and you to live there…… ”

The young man’s wishes caused the beautiful lady’s nose to sour. Three years … I wish you could spend those three years in peace.

Mrs. Lin took a deep breath, looked back at Lin Yuan and said: “Well, I have no objection to you studying in military school, but you have to promise me two conditions.” Seeing his mom finally relent, Lin Yuan immediately returned his hand, turned and sat in front of his mom and seriously asked “What conditions?”

Mrs. Lin said in a low voice: “After you enter the military Academy …… Stay as far away from those Alpha as possible.” Lin Yuan was surprised for a moment, he thought his mother’s condition would be to earnestly, carefully study, don’t get distracted by Beta girls or something, he didn’t think it would be such an inexplicable condition.

–Stay away from Alpha?

Lin Yuan scratched his head quizzically, “Why?”

Mrs. Lin was silent for a moment, then she said,” San Romia Military Academy, do you know how it is? ”

Lin Yuan looked at her in bewilderment: “I know it’s the best military academy in our Empire.” Mrs. Lin’s expression became more serious:” Not only that, Xiao Yuan…… Alpha are the best species of human, San Romia Military Academy is the best military academy of the empire, especially if you apply for the military section…… Many of our marshals and military commanders, even our current Majesty are San Romia Military Academy graduates, you know that?” Lin Yuan nodded.

Mrs. Lin said: “The people who are in the military command section, even the Beta are all powerful, not to mention the pureblooded Alpha. Many of them are the sons of Generals, descendants of the Royal family may even become your classmates. These types of people, you can’t offend them….Do you know what I mean? ”

His mother rarely talked so seriously, so Lin Yuan listened carefully and quickly understood her concerns. Yes, he was just an ordinary child of a single parent family in a remote, barren planet. Being admitted to the military department of San Romia Military Academy was a great honor, so in school he must be low-key, so he can’t offend anybody and cause trouble for himself!

Low-key life, understated work! Right! Lin Yuan smiled and earnestly said: “Mom, you can rest assured, I won’t provoke them.” Seeing her son make a firm commitment slightly relieved Mrs. Lin. She hesitated, took out a bottle and handed it to him. She whispered, “There’s this too, this is medicine Dr. Fornt made for you, take one every day. This is the second condition.” Lin Yuan took the bottle and looked at it curiously, “What is it?”

Mrs. Lin cautiously said, “This medicine can help improve your physique, it’s good for you. This bottle has a total of 365 pills, eat one every day, when you come back for the holidays I want to check. ”

-They’re good? Improve my physique? Are they vitamins? Lin Yuan was puzzled, but still smiled, put away the bottle and said, “Ok, I know.”

Mrs. Lin said gravely: “Xiao Yuan, I’m not joking with you! Dr. Fornt has taken care of you since you were young, he knows your body. Do you remember when you was eight years old and almost died? Your body is special, maybe a similar situation will happen again, this drug is good for you, you have to eat it every day, promise me again, don’t forget!”

Seeing his mom be so careful and thoughtful of the things that happened when he was eight, Lin Yuan put away his smile and nodded seriously,” Yes, I know, mom you can rest assured that I’ll take it every day, it’ll be just as important as lessons before bed. ”

Mrs. Lin’s heart felt more relieved. Lin Yuan has always been an obedient boy, even from an early age. Since he made such a promise, of course he’ll keep it. But still……her heart had a hint of unease.

Mrs. Lin took a deep breath, removed the confusion from her mind, and handed a platinum crystal card to Lin Yuan, “Take this card, the password is your birthday. This is a sum of money your father left behind, when you need money in school just brush this card. ”

Lin Yuan quickly shook his head:” No, give it to sis instead. San Romia has free tuition, room and board, and each month they give out living allowances…. ”

Mrs. Lin frowned and interrupted him: “Take it, this is something your dad left for you, you’re away from home, you need money. I have a card for your sister, don’t worry.” When faced with his mother’s resolute attitude Lin Yuan had to accept it.

But he doesn’t know, the father he had in mind, and the father Mrs. Lin talked about were not the same person.


As the first day of military school drew closer, Lin Yuan booked a spaceship ticket on the interstellar network. The large interstellar passenger ship Pearl No. 731, will be in Cigar galaxy’s planet Oman on January 5th for an hour, the distance from Cigar galaxy’s planet Rennes to planet Oman is 100 light-years. He needs to take a small spacecraft to planet Oman, a 10 hour trip.

Lin Yuan booked ticket was for January 4th, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon for a one way trip to Planet Oman. Mrs. Lin and Lin Yao personally dropped him off at Rennes’ space station. Farewell atmospheres have always made people sad. Seeing his mom’s red eyes, Lin Yuan also could not bear to leave her, he tightly hugged her and pretended to smile care freely.

“Mom, I will be back on the first holiday at the end of the school year! Also, I’ll video call you often. I promise I won’t forget you! Trust me, please! ”

Mrs. Lin was assured a bit. She gently held her son and sobbed:” Please take care of yourself. ”

Lin Yuan smiled and nodded “I will!”

He went to his sister’s side,” Sis, please remember to feed Hobby on time! ”

Lin Yao forthrightly waved: “Don’t worry, I won’t starve it!”

“Then I leaving, goodbye guys!”

Looking at the time, Lin Yuan waved the two people goodbye and entered the security checkpoint. Interstellar voyages have very strict security, even within the same galaxy, all passengers and carry-on luggage must be carried along on an electronic conveyor belt, and scanned by a 360-degree omi-directional laser sweep. Each passenger and their pets must also undergo serological tests before boarding, so they don’t spread infectious viruses. Lin Yuan’s luggage is very simple, only a few clothes, so he quickly passed the first hurdle. When the belt turned on to the second monitoring station, a serious, middle-aged man pricked Lin Yuan’s finger with a needle. When he finished taking a blood sample, he gave Lin Yuan a cold look and said: “Take your pet out.”

“Ha?” Lin Yuan stumbled, scratched his head,” Uncle…. Are you joking around? What pet? ”

The middle-aged man was expressionless, and presented a life like computer scan diagram of the inside of his luggage box for Lin Yuan to see—He saw several simple clothes and a snow-white small dog shrunk into the corner. The puppy was asleep and seemed to be having a sweet dream, his long fur was also twisted into a braid.

Lin Yuan: “……”

The middle-aged men urged: “Please take your pet out for the blood examinations, also, pets should not be placed inside of luggage, before boarding there needs to be a unified registration, go to the front to check the registration procedures.”

“…… Oh. “Lin Yuan quickly opened his luggage and pulled the sleeping Hobby out. Hobby woke up in a daze, and cried out at the sudden prick of a needle, watched his master in tears. Lin Yuan felt helpless, he doesn’t know how this little guy got into his box. He clearly remembers locking his luggage the day he packed it! Does he have to take the puppy to school now?

Lin Yuan immediately felt an approaching headache. There’s no way the school allowed students to keep pets! However, his mother and sister had already left, the spacecraft was about to take off, and Lin Yuan couldn’t leave small Hobby in the space station……

There was no other alternative. If the school didn’t allow pets, he’d have to find someone to adopt it.


At 3 o’clock in the morning, the spacecraft arrived on planet Oman. Unlike the snow covered, barren, desolate planet Rennes, as the main star of Cigar Galaxy, Oman’s environment was clearly much better, and the population was larger by several times, but it was still cold. The entire Cigar Galaxy is currently the coldest galaxy in the universe. It’s not very suitable for human inhabitation, but because the galaxy had vast energy reserves that needed to be mined, it was gradually being populated.

This is Lin Yuan’s first time on Oman planet, although he was curious, the Pearl interstellar spacecraft will arrive at 7 o’clock and it was 3 o’clock. It was not a good idea to roam around in a strange planet, so Lin Yuan just found a quiet corner to sit down, held Hobby in his arms and closed his eyes. Drowsiness hit, he had just fallen asleep when suddenly he heard a loud piercing scream, a terrible sound, like someone being choked. It immediately made people’s heart feel a chill.

Lin Yuan was startled awake, he saw a group of guards quickly rush into a corner. Moments later, the guards walked back, they seemed to be carrying a person. Lin Yuan looked at them curiously, unexpectedly, in a gap between the security guards, he met a man’s eyes.

–It was a very good-looking man. The man was blond, skin white and his mouth was bitten and bloody. His body was quavering, he did not seem to have the strength to stand, and was half-dragged, half walking with the guards. His beautiful eyes were slightly red, filled with panic and helplessness. Faced with those eyes obviously seeking help, Lin Yuan’s heart felt tight, like it was being squeezed.

“……” Lin Yuan wanted to stand up, only to see the group of guards marching the man aboard a station vehicle.

“That Omega was crazy! Instead of staying at home, he had the gall to sneak out then entered estrus in the middle of this space station! Shit! I was almost affected! ”

“Yes, it’s good that the guards found him in a timely manner, or he’d be miserable! Whose family does that insensitive Omega belong to?”

Some adults were talking with evident mocking tones. Lin Yuan looked at the direction where the guards disappeared, gently shook his fingers with uneasiness.

Omega……Is that an Omega?

Lin Yuan only learned about Omega from the network, but he’s never seen an Omega. Because all Omega are sent to a specially created Omega school at age 13, forced into marriage at 18, after marriage they almost never leave the house, only responsible for childbirth, so most people are rarely able to see Omega.

That Omega was really good-looking. Lin Yuan was a little confused, the smell of an Omega in estrus was very strange, it made him feel uneasy, there seemed to be something secretly budding in his heart. His body even had a subtle rising impulse.

When he became aware of his body’s response, Lin Yuan’s ears redden little, and he tried to find a bathroom to wash his face with some cold water. But when he stood up, he found something even more shocking-Hobby? Oh, my God! Where did Hobby go?!

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4 months ago

I have a feeling the omega soldier that disappeared was he his real dad

3 years ago

Why would this lady not say anything??? he needs to know this!!!

6 years ago

I totally share the opinion that she should have just told him… like, wtf I forgot to take my vitamins all the time.. but if it’s something keeping me from either turning into a birth machine or getting gangraped to dead I would never forget to take it xD like for real, he’s old enough to leave home or getting married, he deserves to fuckin’ know who he is ಠ_ಠ

6 years ago

It would have been better if they told him that truth. Honestly, awareness of his situation will are him more careful about his body. It might make him paranoid, though. But if he was told he could be a beta after 20 years old he can persevere util then.

6 years ago

..sigh.. Even though she’s convinced herself she’s hiding it for him the truth is she’s being selfish and simply doesn’t want him to think of her any different which I get but let’s face it if he had known the truth he wouldn’t have taken the test, if she had told him now then atleast he would know the true significance of the pills I feel like the explanation that they are vitamins that help him grow stronger could really backfire as in he could share it with a friend who is weak and run out or because he doesn’t know the true importance he might miss place them… X.x basically if he knew he’d be able to prevent things better and atleast try to protect himself if a heat came on… >.> you can already see how not telling him is gonna come back to bite her besides that shouldn’t he have a say in wether he wants a sex change?? Even though I doubt anyone in this world actually wants to be an omega since they are treated as commodities and prisoners…

Anyway thanks for the translation}~~

6 years ago
Reply to  BLMonster

But if this step mom was smart and told him the truth about everything, he’d be very careful and then the story would not proceed in the direction that us fujoshis would like it to ? Unwary omega, unwary big and sexy alpha, good times hurhurhur!