OGU: Chapter 42


Chapter 42

  The two embraced for a while. The house temperature was higher than outside, and Tong Yan hadn’t gotten a chance to take off his coat. In addition to Zhuo Xiang Ming pressing him down, and the pheromone interference, it became way too hot to stand after a while. Feeling his face cooking, he begged Zhuo Xiang Ming for mercy, pushing him away: “Let’s go up, ok.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming grabbed Tong Yan’s hand, interlocking their fingers, making a sound that seemed to be both agreeing and disagreeing. Listening to it, it somehow sounded coquettish, but he was lying on Tong Yan’s body, refusing to move.

  A typical pin hold, still thinking that he was acting cute.

  Tong Yan was helpless, having no choice but to go along with him, he couldn’t even move his hands. He tried his best to stretch his face out to rub against him, feeling a bit of coldness on the tip of Zhuo Xiang Ming’s nose. He spoke in a friendly and quiet voice, “Brother, let’s go up, okay? Don’t stay here, you’re not wearing much clothes, you’ll feel cold soon.”

  ”Don’t you think I’m pretending to be drunk?”

  Tong Yan quickly said: “No way, you’re really drunk.”

  ”Hmm.” Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed him again, hugging Tong Yan tightly.

  The two had quite different statures. At this moment, Tong Yan allowed him to knead and flatten him like dough, Zhuo Xiang Ming caging him in his embrace like a house pet. Zhuo Xiang Ming closed his eyes, sniffing at Tong Yan’s neck, like he couldn’t stop.

  ”Don’t do this …” Tong Yan didn’t know what to do. He no longer pushed at Zhuo Xiang Ming, it was useless anyway, and laid limply, immediately wishing he could just drop dead. He scolded, “If you want to crush me to death, then don’t get up. You won’t be happy until you crush me, right?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming suddenly let go, but before Tong Yan could let out a sigh of relief, he was hugged again and lifted up.

  Tong Yan knew that Zhuo Xiang Ming was really truly drunk. Before, he estimated that he could still prop him up, but now, the tipsiness had set in. But despite this, Tong Yan believed that Zhuo Xiang Ming would never drop him, so he didn’t struggle, hugging Zhuo Xiang Ming’s shoulders, letting him carry him.

  Sure enough, Zhuo Xiang Ming walked steadily, smoothly arriving at the bedroom.

  ”I’m going to take a bath.” After putting Tong Yan down, Zhuo Xiang Ming announced this, like it was major news, speaking very solemnly. Then he turned and went into the bathroom.

  The bath was quite peaceful. Tong Yan waited all along for him to be called in, even unhealthily imagining some bathroom play. The result was nothing. When Zhuo Xiang Ming opened the door and stepped out, his pajamas were tidy, and his hair was neatly blow dried.

  He went to the bed and sat down, very silent, a few strands of hair falling onto his forehead. Tong Yan inexplicably thought that he was very well-behaved, although he had just been tormented by him.

  ”Uncomfortable?” Tong Yan passed him some freshly mixed honey water, “Drink this and go to sleep.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming drank half the cup, that was apparently enough, because he asked Tong Yan: “Do I have to finish it?”

  Tong Yan nodded: “Yes.” So he continued drinking, emptying the cup.

  Tong Yan took the cup away and quickly urged him: “Go to sleep.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming laid down on the pillow. Tong Yan covered him with the quilt, and turned down the light, saying as if coaxing a child: “Close your eyes.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked at him, his face practically expressionless. Tong Yan could still smell a little alcohol, so he stroked Zhuo Xiang Ming’s face: “I’m going to take a bath, you sleep first.”

  ”Okay.” Zhuo Xiang Ming nodded into his palm. Tong Yan completely ignored the serious face, only finding him obedient and very cute. He couldn’t help but kiss him, and Zhuo Xiang Ming asked: “Weren’t you going to bathe?”

  Tong Yan teased: “I can’t kiss you?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming thought about it, then said: “You can.”

  By the time Tong Yan was also lying in bed, it was very late at night. He’d had a full day of exams, then officially met his spouse’s parents. Although they were not strangers, it still wasn’t particularly comfortable.

  In contrast, after returning home, Zhuo Xiang Ming harassed him from the doorway to the bedroom, although it was physically demanding, it was actually very comforting.

  When he was together with Zhuo Xiang Ming, he was very comfortable.

  Jiangdu’s winters have always been very cold, and this year was no exception, but Tong Yan thought that it was the best winter he’d ever experienced.

  Dating was simpler than he’d imagined. Wake up in the morning and smile at each other. Hurriedly brushing their teeth, holding the toothbrush in one hand, and the other’s hand in the other, then exchanging a long kiss.

  But sometimes, dating was also very complicated. At least for Tong Yan, this was his first time, and he was always afraid of messing up. Fortunately, his partner was also a novice, both of them were willing to endure, and wait.

  ”Tong Tong.” A warm body hugged him from behind. Zhuo Xiang Ming hugged Tong Yan’s waist, pulling him into his arms, letting his back closely fit against his chest. His voice was very deep, a little hoarse, “Tong Tong.”

  ”Hmm?” Tong Yan placed a hand on his forearm, “Weren’t you asleep?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming buried his face in Tong Yan’s nape: “Uncomfortable.”

  ”Where are you uncomfortable?” Tong Yan wanted to turn around, but he couldn’t move in Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hold.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t reply. Tong Yan became anxious, asking again, “Where are you uncomfortable? Let me go, I want to see …”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pressed his lower abdomen to Tong Yan’s back, and Tong Yan suddenly felt the place where Zhuo Xiang Ming was “uncomfortable”. Tong Yan stiffened, unable to speak for a while, and Zhuo Xiang Ming also didn’t speak again. He just printed light kisses across Tong Yan’s nape, his deep and hot breaths hitting Tong Yan’s neck.

  ”Zhuo Xiang Ming …”

  ”Don’t be scared.” Zhuo Xiang Ming’s voice was very restrained and muffled, the bit of alcoholic breath that still hadn’t dissipated almost made Tong Yan feel drunk. “Just let me hug, okay?”

  Tong Yan soothingly stroked the arms that were binding him: “I’m not scared.”

  Tong Yan really wasn’t scared, a moment ago, he just briefly didn’t know how to react.

  During these past few days, the two hadn’t held back on their intimacy. Knowing that he really wasn’t opposed, Zhuo Xiang Ming immediately felt relief, and he also lost a bit of control. Tong Yan was actually also addicted, but Zhuo Xiang Ming was always afraid to upset him, so most times, Zhuo Xiang Ming was the one who helped him release, and the times Tong Yan helped out was very small.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming helped himself, but he couldn’t release even after a long time. He slowly became a little irritable, kissing Tong Yan erratically, sounding a bit aggrieved.

  Tong Yan was immediately distressed, coaxing Zhuo Xiang Ming to let him have a go. He’d intended to use his hands, but for some unknown reason, he changed his mind as soon as he turned around, and drilled into the quilt.

  One didn’t want to evade, and the other didn’t hold back. Tong Yan covered his mouth and stared blankly for a long time, then jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

  When he came out, Zhuo Xiang Ming was already asleep again.

  This sight made Tong Yan very dissatisfied. He pursed his stinging lips, feeling that the corners of his mouth were still a little sore. He climbed into bed and slept beside Zhuo Xiang Ming. He originally wanted to pinch him to vent his anger, but Zhuo Xiang Ming immediately reached out to hug him, it seemed to be a subconscious action. He was sleeping very deeply, and Tong Yan couldn’t pinch him, helping him pull up his pants instead.

  ”I’ll punish you tomorrow.” Tong Yan whispered a warning.

  But after getting up the next day, Zhuo Xiang Ming seemed to completely not remember how he’d tormented Tong Yan last night, even claiming that he’d fallen asleep after taking a bath. Tong Yan was speechless, having no choice but to sigh inwardly and suffer in silence. The ignorant teenager had swallowed Mi Qing.

  Even though winter vacation officially started after the exams, he still stayed with Zhuo Xiang Ming after the family dinner. It was just after New Year’s Day, still early, so Tong Li Qin also turned a blind eye, not calling him to return to the family home.

  During the day, Zhuo Xiang Ming went to work, and he stayed home by himself, doing homework and playing games, he didn’t feel bored. In the afternoon, Zhuo Xiang Ming returned home, and time moved faster when the two wasted it together.

  After dinner, Tong Yan continued building his Phantom City, and Zhuo Xiang Ming sat cross-legged nearby, a laptop propped on his leg. He typed continuously, saying a few words to Tong Yan from time to time, looking very idle.

  ”You don’t have to work overtime?” Tong Yan asked, “Why are my brother and dad always so busy?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked up from the laptop, glancing at him: “Am I annoying you?”

  Tong Yan was dumbfounded: “Can you not misinterpret me?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming stretched out his foot, hooking over the part of the power station Tong Yan had just completed, holding it in his hand to observe: “You’re very temperamental ah.”

  Tong Yan was silent, Zhuo Xiang Ming stretched out his foot again, bumping his knee: “Say something.”

  Tong Yan glared at him: “Are you picking a fight?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming grunted, and Tong Yan crawled over, pushing him down with a kiss.

  The two fooled around on the carpet, finally, Tong Yan was carried upstairs, and they couldn’t leave the bed until eight o’clock the next morning.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming went to work again, before leaving, he said that they would visit his parents tonight. Tong Yan didn’t want to continue doing homework, planning to use the day to complete the power station, so his Xicheng District could be powered, and Zhuo Jia Shuo could no longer ridicule him for playing with low tech builds.

  Unexpectedly, he thought about Zhuo Jia Shuo during the day, and that evening, Zhuo Xiang Ming needed to work overtime, and called Tong Yan to tell him that Zhuo Jia Shuo was nearby. He was on his way to pick him up and bring him to their parents’ home.

  Tong Yan randomly packed his bag and waited. Zhuo Jia Shuo arrived wearing very formal clothes, Tong Yan was alarmed: “Are you guys hosting a dinner party?”

  Zhuo Jia Shuo: “No.”

  Tong Yan had never seen him so proper, not only referring to his attire, but from mood to expression, his whole being was proper.

  ”I didn’t bring my car. Go get a key, I want the off-road jeep.” Zhuo Jia Shuo stood in the doorway and ordered.

  Tong Yan went to find the key for the off-road vehicle, Zhuo Jia Shuo took it and went to the garage to find the jeep.

  The two got into the vehicle, and Zhuo Jia Shuo stopped talking. Tong Yan wasn’t used to the silence, so he looked for a topic to chat about, “Do you know what time Zhuo Xiang Ming will come?”

  ”You think about this?” Zhuo Jia Shuo glanced at him out from the corner of his eye, “Damn love birds.”

  Tong Yan felt that he was normal again, so he also stopped talking, looking at his cell phone instead.

  ”Hey …” Zhuo Jia Shuo suddenly said, “You two….”

  Tong Yan glanced at him: “What?”

  Zhuo Jia Shuo turned back: “Never mind.”

  Tong Yan: “Just say it!”

  Zhuo Jia Shuo: “I don’t really care, but my mother keeps harping about it all day, and she refuses to ask this herself … why haven’t you two bonded yet?”


  Zhuo Jia Shuo continued: “It’s pretty illogical, don’t A and O always get super horny when they get together? You guys are practically conjoined twins. If the scent wasn’t wrong, I’d think Zhuo Xiang Ming never leaves the house because of the bonding reaction.”

  He carefully sized up Tong Yan: “Hey, does he take you for a son or a wife ah?”

  Tong Yan was furious: “A wife of course!”

  Zhuo Jia Shuo didn’t hold back a laugh: “This man is really blessed.”

  Tong Yan ignored him.

  In fact, Tong Yan also didn’t know. Zhuo Xiang Ming previously promised that he would mark him during winter vacation, but the vacation started a few days ago. He hadn’t remembered to bring it up, and it seemed that Zhuo Xiang Ming had also completely forgotten about this matter. Obviously, since he always looked like he wanted to eat him up.

  ”I’m not discussing this topic with you.” Tong Yan said.

  He planned to ask Zhuo Xiang Ming about it tonight.

  ”Did you build the power station?” Zhuo Jia Shuo wasn’t bothered, “Did you do what I told you to do last time?”

  Some time ago, Tong Yan found out that Zhuo Jia Shuo had a lot of Lego, and they were all very complex sets. In this regard, he admired Zhuo Jia Shuo a little, and usually asked Zhuo Jia Shuo for advice if he was stuck on something.

  Tong Yan: “Not yet, but it’ll be ready soon, it’s almost done.”

  ”Hand me a bottle of water.” Zhuo Jia Shuo said.

  As soon as Tong Yan opened the glove box, a folder fell out. He found a bottle of water, opened it, and handed it to Zhuo Jia Shuo, then he picked up the folder.

  Zhuo Jia Shuo asked: “What is it?”

  Tong Yan off-handedly said: “It’s business stuff.”

  He didn’t look at it at first, thinking that Zhuo Xiang Ming had forgotten it there. He didn’t know whether it was important or not, so he planned to give it to him tonight.

  But two papers had fallen out of the folder, and Tong Yan bent down to pick them up, randomly glancing over them. Unexpectedly, it was someone’s resume, looking at it carefully— it was a painter. Because this person recently held a touring art exhibition, and the reviews were very good, they’d become a popular topic in the news, so Tong Yan coincidentally recognized them.

  He opened the folder and looked at the other pages. Tong Yan discovered that the other pages were an itinerary plan, completely consistent with the latest news, but it had more details that outsiders weren’t privy to. Bribing art critics and inviting marketing firms, furthermore, the feedback estimates and intervals between each stage were all marked down.

  Marketing was virtually the same, Tong Yan had been around things like this from childhood, so he understood it somewhat. Promotion from a garbage collector to a celebrity, the difference was only in the amount of money burned. But there was always a return on the investment, and the return was far higher than the initial investment.

  But the thick stack of data in his hand completely disregarded a budget, which was equivalent to using money to prop up a newly born artist.

  The most important point, Zhuo Xiang Ming’s personal seal was affixed below, and it was dated over a month ago.



pin hold- it said ‘press someone down with the pressure of Mt. Tai’, or Body Slam (the Pokémon move). Either way, it sums up to being pinned down

Mi Qing- slang for semen. For anyone still confused, TT gave ZXM a blowjob, and ZXM came in his mouth.

bonding reaction- AO are inseparable after bonding. ZJS is saying that they act like a bonded couple, but they don’t smell bonded.

My fingers are starting to cramp up whenever I touch the mouse, so I’ll keep taking my time with updates.

FOD vol 3 is being slowly but surely re-translated. Almost every sentence needs to be fixed. It’s pretty bad lol

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The whole situation (I mean, ZXM’s having to support young “promising” artists in his father’s stead) puts me in mind of the saying “With friends like that, who needs enemies?” Both Zhuo Xiang Ming’s and Tong Yan’s family members are really damn awkward.
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