OGU: Chapter 41


Chapter 41

  For more than twenty days before and after tooth extraction, Tong Yan’s sleep wasn’t very good.

  The pain was particularly noticeable at night, he had no mood to tease Zhuo Xiang Ming. Zhuo Xiang Ming embraced him very patiently, and their intimacy was also limited to light touching of lips. But recently, Tong Yan’s condition has been getting better and better every day, and his demands were also increasing. He started squeezing Zhuo Xiang Ming’s face, ordering him to stick out his tongue.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming obediently stuck out his tongue, and the two cuddled and kissed. From leaning on the sofa at the beginning, until finally falling onto the sofa, Zhuo Xiang Ming’s actions were all very gentle. Lightly caressing Tong Yan’s face and neck, supporting his body as much as possible to keep from squishing him, everything was gentle and orderly. Tong Yan was also very comfortable, feeling his extensive love for him, but a moment later, he felt dissatisfied.

  ”Recently …” Tong Yan panted lightly, grabbing Zhuo Xiang Ming’s pajama collar to stop him from pulling back, “Why are you …”

  He couldn’t explain it, kicking the problem to Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Your repeated offenses, say it yourself.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming knew what he was dissatisfied about. Restrained kisses naturally weren’t as exciting as intense kisses. The eighteen-year-old boy was at an age where he was full of energy. Although he didn’t have much experience, always staring with two round eyes, looking very scared and overwhelmed, in fact, his courage was extraordinarily big.

  Unfortunately, right now, he didn’t dare play with Tong Yan like in the past.

  Unlike nowadays, when they kissed in the past, afterwards, the two went back to their respective rooms to rest. No matter how hard it was to end, their hearts both knew that there was always an end.

  Now, they slept in one bed, Zhuo Xiang Ming’s arms didn’t need to stretch, Tong Yan was always in his embrace. Before the balance of reason and desire could stabilize, he could drag Tong Yan over to indulge his beastly side.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming believed that he was a healthy man, and his reactions were honest, he couldn’t be a Liu Xia Hui. So, he stayed in line, not going too far.

  ”What did I do wrong again? I’m being slandered.” Zhuo Xiang Ming lowered his head and bit Tong Yan’s lower lip, “There’s nothing, let’s sleep.”

  The two went upstairs, the lights in the living room gradually dimming. Zhuo Xiang Ming tossed Tong Yan onto the bed from a short distance, then turned off the bedside lamp and laid down on the other side of the bed. Tong Yan immediately wrapped around him: “Hug me.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hugged him. After a moment, Tong Yan asked, “There’s really nothing?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming covered Tong Yan’s eyes with a hand, feeling his eyelashes flickering under his palm, smiling: “Do you have something?”

  ”Fine.” Tong Yan said, “I’m sleepy.”

  ”Good night.” Tong Yan said.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming also said: “Good night.”

  Tong Yan again: “Love you.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Love you.”

  They managed to spend two days like this, but Tong Yan wasn’t easy to fool. On a Thursday night, he stepped out of the bathroom after his bath, wearing only a thin sweater of Zhuo Xiang Ming’s, which reached his thighs. His collarbone was flushed, his whole body shrouded with steam.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding a hair dryer, waiting to blow dry his hair. Before he could appreciate the white jade-like legs, he was caught red handed by an incensed huff: “Why are you looking at me?”

  Tong Yan walked over to sit on his lap, interrogating with a menacing expression. Zhuo Xiang Ming wrapped his arm around his waist, not so well-behaved, groping from his lower-leg upward: “It’s my room, you’re wearing my clothes and exposing yourself in front of me, but I can’t look?”

  He cut off his sentence, and his hand stopped its caressing, how could Tong Yan endure this? As soon as that warm hand touched his skin, his body had tightened. With great difficultly, he remembered what he had just been pondering over, asking hesitantly: “I thought about it, recently … you haven’t been so perverted, why?”

  Whenever he suspected that Zhuo Xiang Ming was not perverted, Zhuo Xiang Ming showed him his perverted side. He didn’t expect that the more perverted he became, the more he couldn’t restrain his hand. He fiddled with the boy so much that he slumped in his arms for a while. In the end, when Tong Yan regained his senses, he angrily plunged into the quilt and stayed silent.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming held back a smile and peeled him out of the quilt with great difficulty, only to see Tong Yan’s crying face.

  His face was originally somewhat pink because of the bath, plus, who knew whether he was holding his breath or stewing in anger in the quilt just now, but at this moment, he was bright red, his face was covered in tears, and his eyes were foggy. When he was forced to look at Zhuo Xiang Ming face to face, he turned away and blinked, tears pouring out again, looking very miserable.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming panicked somewhat, hurriedly coaxing: “You’re really crying? Tong Tong? Tong Tong, don’t cry, Tong …”

  A moment ago, Tong Yan had tried to escape, in a moment of relaxation, Zhuo Xiang Ming failed to restrain him. The two had struggled for a while, and now the bed sheets were disordered. Tong Yan pushed Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand away and turned around to lie face down on the messy quilt and down feather stuffed pillow. His shoulders trembled, gasping for air while crying.

  This should be the second time Tong Yan truly cried. The previous time he cried, was because Tong Yan didn’t love Zhuo Xiang Ming, and didn’t want to leave his childhood home.

  This was very serious, Zhuo Xiang Ming froze in place. Tong Yan was putting on an uncooperative expression, for a moment, Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t know whether he should wash his hands first, or confess his guilt first.

  Tong Yan’s small white undies was on the floor. Zhuo Xiang Ming was paranoid, afraid that Tong Yan would feel sad again when he saw it later. He swiped it and stuffed it in the bedside cabinet’s drawer. Wiping his hands on his own trousers, he tried to coax Tong Yan again: “I was wrong, I really know how wrong I was, Tong Tong?”

  He flipped Tong Yan over again. Tong Yan had just cried, so he had no power to resist. He was shifted around until he fell into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s embrace. His eyes were lowered, his eyelashes very pitifully wet, breathing shudderingly.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming regretted until his bowels turned green, he hugged Tong Yan’s waist with one hand, and wiped his tears with the other, not saying another word to coax.

  Tong Yan’s skin was white, the kiss marks on his neck were particularly conspicuous. The large sweater was rolled up, exposing his slender waist, and two vague handprints were on it, lower down … Seeing Zhuo Xiang Ming’s gaze dropping to that place, Tong Yan remembered to curl up his legs, stretching out his hand to pull down the sweater, straightforwardly covering his legs so Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t look. Tears still falling, he said: “I begged you to stop, but you didn’t listen to me.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming kissed a teardrop on his tender, egg-like face, truly feeling like his heart was being crushed by him. “I was wrong.” Zhuo Xiang Ming softly said again.

  ”Why were you so fierce ah?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I’m sorry.”

  Tong Yan: “You’re not good to me, you don’t listen to me at all.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hurriedly apologized.

  To be honest, Zhuo Xiang Ming was also feeling wrongly accused. Recently, whenever Tong Yan went to bed, he always looked very horny, pouncing on him and kissing him whenever and wherever. That behavior made Zhuo Xiang Ming feel like he could immediately slide into home base.

  And when he’d begged Zhuo Xiang Ming to stop, he was clearly soft and trembling, voice terribly sweet, ending on a comfortable sigh. Inside Zhuo Xiang Ming’s ear, how could that sound like real begging?

  But he was the older one, he naturally felt that if he couldn’t even tell whether Tong Yan really didn’t want to continue or was faking, then this couldn’t be called intimacy.

  Coaxing for a while, Zhuo Xiang Ming still had not come back from his reflection, hugging a crying omega, only feeling his scalp tightening when Tong Li Qin’s suspicious look untimely appeared before his eyes. He pulled over the fleece blanket and wrapped Tong Yan up, seeing his tears gradually petering out, he couldn’t help but release a relieved sigh.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Uncomfortable?”

  Tong Yan shook his head. Unexpectedly, he reached out to hug Zhuo Xiang Ming. He’d always liked hugging Zhuo Xiang Ming’s neck, leaning over to pillow his face on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s shoulder.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming was like a criminal on probation, happy, but wanting to speak and act carefully, for a while, he didn’t know how he should react.

  ”I won’t cry next time.” Tong Yan suddenly said, “I’m sorry.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming’s heart jumped fiercely, before he could say a word, Tong Yan’s hoarse voice sounded again, his tone contemplative: “I didn’t know how to react, it was too fast … I feel ashamed, I don’t want you to hate me.”

  ”Why would I hate you?” Zhuo Xiang Ming looked down into his eyes. Tong Yan’s eyes were flushed, and his fair face was still damp, the traces of his crying obvious. Zhuo Xiang Ming said, distressed, “It’s my fault.”

  Tong Yan closed his eyes and shook his head, habitually whimpering, leaning on Zhuo Xiang Ming very dependently.

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hugged him tightly, and Tong Yan softly asked again, “Was I too fast?”

  ”…” If asked like this, Zhuo Xiang Ming really only had one answer, “No.”

  But Tong Yan obviously wasn’t convinced: “Then why, you, as soon as you touched me, I…?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming also hadn’t anticipated it, during the two’s affectionate embrace, Tong Yan rubbed that place that was eagerly reacting against him, and he naturally reached down to help him, but Tong Yan didn’t need his help for long….

  “The first time is like this.” Zhuo Xiang Ming said.

  ”It’s not the first time.” Tong Yan said.

  Does a teenager’s mood change so quickly? Just a moment ago, he was still dejected and uncomfortable, but now, he became a good student with a strong thirst for knowledge. And Zhuo Xiang Ming was the unlucky sex ed teacher, needing to give an answer that wouldn’t hurt this teenager’s self-esteem, while also being convincing.

  ”I’ve done it myself; it wasn’t that fast.” Tong Yan blushed, when frankly explaining, he still used powerful attacks one after another, “I didn’t do it too often, but recently, sometimes, if you kiss me, I’ll … am I very bad?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming gulped, subconsciously hemming and hawing, “You’re not bad, this is very normal, you …”

  ”Does this also happen to you?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming hummed, and Tong Yan asked again, “I’ll help you next time, OK?”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming felt that that place was still full of vigor, forcing himself to nod calmly.

  The two changed position while chatting, Zhuo Xiang Ming leaning against the headboard, and Tong Yan lying on top of him, neither of them were calm.

  After he finished crying, Tong Yan was in a good mood, feeling that he’d made great progress with Zhuo Xiang Ming. Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t know whether this should feel sweet or bitter. In short, his feelings were complex, but Tong Yan was clinging to him, so he could only believe that he’d done well.

  ”You can do it by yourself, but not too many times, understand?” Zhuo Xiang Ming seized the opportunity to educate Tong Yan, saying as earnestly as possible, “Also, pay attention to hygiene.”

  Tong Yan nodded on his chest. The two hugged quietly, the atmosphere getting warmer, when Tong Yan suddenly sat up and said indignantly, “Which hand did you use to touch my face!”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming looked down at his unwashed hand, then quickly got out of bed, a raging hit man following behind him.

  The two entangled in the bathroom again. The upper part of Tong Yan’s sweater was crooked, an inexcusable gap hanging underneath. Originally, he’d touched with his own hand, now he was going to snub. Zhuo Xiang Ming had no choice but to apologize, kissing Tong Yan on demand, plus pledging to immediately forgot about his inexplicable cry session. With this, the lawsuit was over.

  With such an unreasonable high school student at home, there was some chaos within the calm cohabitation life. Zhuo Xiang Ming’s homebody mood had never been higher, throughout the winter, he hardly traveled.

  On New Year’s Day, the two households had dinner together, settling on a family restaurant in Zhuo Xing Mall. The elders all arrived on time, but the protagonists Tong Yan and Zhuo Xiang Ming, who got stuck in traffic on their way over from Tong Yan’s school, arrived a little late. They entered the door, the group was originally chatting with each other, but upon seeing them arrive, they suddenly all laughed, as if they’d agreed to beforehand.

  Tong Yan sat adjacent to Tong Yang, asking in a low voice: “What are you guys laughing at?”

  Tong Yang glanced at his school uniform: “Look at yourself.”

  Among the group in the private room, he was the youngest, but his dating pace was also unambiguous.

  On the way over, he’d chatted with Zhuo Xiang Ming, so Tong Yan wasn’t too nervous. Only at this moment did he have a real sense of officially meeting his partner’s parents. After greeting his elders, he sat blankly, Zhuo Xiang Ming taking a warm towel to wipe his hands.

  ”Is it hot?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked.

  Tong Yan replied: “It’s not hot.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming continued to wipe him, then squeezed his hand after he was done: “That one, bring it.” Tong Yan extended his other hand, very natural.

  The other adults all acted like they couldn’t see this, afraid of embarrassing Tong Yan. Zhuo Jia Shuo wanted to shout “Ohhhhhh”, but backed down after receiving Tong Yang’s, who was sitting opposite him, glare.

  The dishes were almost all served. Everyone started moving their chopsticks, the table a bit livelier than before.

  Tong Li Qin said little, Lin Yue Hua animatedly chatting with him.

  Zhuo ZhengDe was solemnly warned by Lin Yue Hua before coming here. Originally, Zhuo ZhengDe was quite cynical about this matter. Whoever listened to him got angry, so he avoided speaking when he could, feeling very uncomfortable holding back, persistently passing Lin Yue Hua dishes.

  After the liquor made more than half of its rounds, Lin Yue Hua asked Tong Yan: “Tong Tong, was today the last day of exams?”

  Tong Yan was dismembering crab with Zhuo Xiang Ming, hearing this, he quickly said: “Yes, Auntie.”

  Lin Yue Hua looked at him with a smile, not replying, but also not looking away. Tong Yan was dumbfounded by her stare, putting down the crab cracker to turn to look at Zhuo Xiang Ming. Zhuo Xiang Ming also smiled at him, then Lin Yue Hua kindly said: “After half a year of marriage, are you still calling me Auntie?”

  Tong Yan blushed, but unexpectedly, didn’t freeze in embarrassment, opening his mouth to call out: “Mom.”

  Lin Yue Hua was originally smiling, but felt a little moved after hearing this, pausing, then smiling again: “What else?”

  Tong Yan called Zhuo ZhengDe father. When Zhuo Jia Shuo shouted “Do me next, me, me!”, Zhuo Xiang Ming whispered to him, and Tong Yan called out: “Uncle.”

  Everyone burst into laughter, and Zhuo Xiang Ming also made his greetings, drinking with Tong Li Qin and Tong Yang.

  Zhuo ZhengDe thought that he finally had a chance to display his talents, opening liquor bottle after bottle, in the end, the only sober one was Zhuo Xiang Ming.

  Tong Yan wasn’t very drunk, but he was also a little unstable on his feet. Zhuo Xiang Ming sent off the two cars, leaving him and Tong Yan waiting in the outdoor parking lot on the 46th floor.

  The temperature had dropped, but fortunately, it wasn’t windy, and the air was also very good, carrying the unique icy scent of winter. At this time, the night was very thick, the corner of a crescent shaped moon revealing itself. The densely packed, shining taillights of the aircrafts littering the sky was also very eye-catching. The couple was not in a hurry, holding hands and leaning against the passenger pick up station.


  Tong Yan shook his head, then nodded: “I’m a little sleepy.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming pulled him into his arms, shortly after, the driver arrived, home was still some distance away. When they arrived home, Tong Yan got out first, then noticed that Zhuo Xiang Ming was sitting motionlessly inside.

  ”Brother.” Tong Yan bent over to call out to him, “We’re home.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming mumbled unclearly, still not moving. Tong Yan leaned in, at that moment, a gust of night breeze blew, and he finally smelled the alcohol on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s body. In hindsight, Zhuo Xiang Ming drank so much, naturally, he was also drunk.

  Tong Yan wanted to drag him out of the car, but he tried several times without success. He had no choice but to re-enter the car, kneeling on the seat beside him, calling out near Zhuo Xiang Ming’s ear: “Brother, brother.”


  Tong Yan patted his face: “Get out of the car, sleep when we get inside.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming shook his head. Tong Yan was helpless, having no choice but to continue coaxing him. After persuading every way he could, he finally coaxed the drunkard out of the car, and unsteadily supported him into the house.

  The two fell on the sofa. Tong Yan was brought down on top of Zhuo Xiang Ming, and an arm was hooped around his waist, he couldn’t budge an inch.

  ”Who are you?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked.

  Tong Yan informed him: “Tong Yan.”

  ”Oh.” Zhuo Xiang Ming silently pondered on that. Tong Yan patted the arm binding his waist: “Let go, we have to go upstairs.”

  Zhuo Xiang Ming refused, hugging him and turning over, until the two faced each other sideways. Zhuo Xiang Ming asked again, “Who are you?”

  Tong Yan said, his expression bitter: “Tong Yan.”

  ”Which Tong Yan?”

Tong Yan touched Zhuo Xiang Ming’s eyelids with his finger, shifting down to trace the bridge of his nose. He felt that this man was really very handsome, since he was so handsome, he could forgive a little drunken foolishness: “Your Tong Yan.”

  ”Mine?” Zhuo Xiang Ming opened his eyes and looked at him, shifting closer to ask, “You’re mine? Who am I?”

  This time, Tong Yan was once again not sure if he was really drunk. He shut his mouth, refusing to say anything. However, Zhuo Xiang Ming kept asking urgently, not giving up, grabbing him and kissing him. In the end, Tong Yan resignedly said: “You’re Zhuo Xiang Ming, my husband.”  

  Zhuo Xiang Ming paused, then buried his face in Tong Yan’s neck hollow and chuckled, Tong Yan struggled to get up: “You’re pretending to be drunk!”

  ”Not pretending.” Zhuo Xiang Ming easily suppressed his struggle, pressing down his legs and arms. Their faces were still very close to each other. Zhuo Xiang Ming wistfully kissed Tong Yan’s cheeks and earlobes, his voice was very deep, but obviously not drunk, “Too much happiness, too much happiness will make you drunk.”



Liu Xia Hui- Wikipedia “an ancient Chinese politician… said on one occasion to have held a lady in his lap without the slightest imputation on his moral character.”

Horny- lit. Sperm on the brain, to lose the ability to think rationally when driven by sexual impulse.

had not come back from his reflection- It says he had not 回过味来, which I think basically means “Come to a realization after some time has passed.” I tried my best.

used powerful attacks – 放大招, fangda zhao, google says that it’s video game slang for using your character’s most powerful tricks, so that’s what I’m going with.

Originally, he’d touched with his own hand, now he was going to snub –I think ZXM touched, and TongTong is snubbing, but I’m not sure, so I’m leaving it worded as it was in the original.

Zhuo ZhengDe- Original says Tong Li Qin, but I think it’s a typo. Zhuo ZhengDe is the one who can’t control his mouth, and it makes sense that he’s feeding LYH, since he’s her husband.

Uncle- Xiao Shu, means both brother-in-law (husband’s younger brother), and paternal uncle (father’s youngest brother). You get the joke.

Idk why the author keeps saying ZXM isn’t drunk, cause spoilers, he is.

This story always has too many translator notes. I hate it. I’ve had a cough since last Wednesday, if I don’t post for a month, I’m dead. Just letting you guys know.

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Pls stay strong Kez! Thinks positive. Eat food rich in vitamin ACE. Its good for your lungs and immune system. I know the feeling of being hopeless because our country’s medical system is really lacking. Stay strong and dont lose hope! Fighting!

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Please take good care of yourself, thank you for translating this very cute story. I love how the relationship builds between ZXM and Tong Tong, so much chemistry and sweetness

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Thank you Kez. You are not alone. We’ll get through this together. ???

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Hehe some good progress. Tong Tong crying over coming too fast lol.

Thanks for the great translation, I will be cheering for you to survive.

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