OGU: Chapter 24 Part 3


Chapter 24 Part 3

    Zhuo Xiang Ming had anticipated it a bit, so he wasn’t shocked, but there was still some unavoidable nervousness.

    Tong Yan didn’t evade anymore, opening his eyes to look directly at Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Don’t be so quick to divorce, okay?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming maintained his pose leaning over Tong Yan: “Why not?”

    Tong Yan took a few deep breaths, his pheromones spilling out again, but this time it wasn’t intentional, and Zhuo Xiang Ming also didn’t remind him.

    “Because it seems that I kind of like you… but you don’t seem to like me.”

    Tong Yan started feeling dejected, he silently removed the second “seem” in his heart, because Zhuo Xiang Ming’s expression appeared unmoved, merely asking calmly, “What? I don’t like you?”

    Tong Yan’s courage stopped there. Letting him maintain his position of being pressed down by Zhuo Xiang Ming while he confessed his feelings, looking like they were about to kiss, but in fact, the other person was very calm, was too much. He tried to push away the arm beside his face, the one Zhuo Xiang Ming was using to block him in: “Let me up first.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming’s heart was in high suspense, which allowed him to ask so much and say so much. But in the end, he didn’t bully Tong Yan too much, sitting up and pulling Tong Yan into a sitting position.

    The two sat face to face, and Tong Yan fiddled with a few strands of his hair before continuing, “I said like, um, not like how an older brother likes a younger brother, nor how an elder likes a junior, but one person towards another. W-wanting to date each other, that kind of like.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “But last time I asked you what dating involved, and you said studying together. Can you date this way?”

     “I said that on purpose!” Tong Yan said anxiously, “How does that count? What would you say if your elder asked you that?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Oh, now I’m your elder again.”

    Tong Yan was speechless. He didn’t know how Zhuo Xiang Ming suddenly became so wicked.

    When he didn’t want Zhuo Xiang Ming to see through him, Zhuo Xiang Ming always exposed him as easily as a searchlight, but now that he was hoping that Zhuo Xiang Ming could understand his meaning, Zhuo Xiang Ming became a blockhead.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming was quickly melted by Tong Yan’s cuteness.

    The omega with somewhat long and messy hair was sitting in front him, the fatigue obvious on his face, blushing slightly because of confusion and annoyance. His soft red lips wanted to pout but held back, and his round eyes were lowered, covertly glancing up at him from time to time.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming touched the back of Tong Yan’s hand with the back of his hand, and Tong Yan subconsciously dodged him. Zhuo Xiang Ming said: “When you’re dating someone, you should at the very least expect to hold hands. Can you handle this?”

    Tong Yan said, “Of course I can, I just wasn’t prepared, that’s all. Didn’t I already take the initiative to hold you just now?”

    He looked at Zhuo Xiang Ming, his slightly timid and uncertain appearance made Zhuo Xiang Ming not have the heart to tease him again.

    Tong Yan was still too young. He was eighteen years old, he’d seen and heard a lot of things, maybe he even understood something about romantic relationships. But Zhuo Xiang Ming couldn’t be certain what percentage of the “understanding” in his early confession was stimulated by Zhuo Jia Shuo.

    Could he distinguish between true affection and possessiveness? Becoming real lovers was not as simple as Zhuo Xiang Ming picking him up from school and sending him to school, at least not everything. Has he thought about those types of things?

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “You’ve misunderstood. My affection towards you is not that of an older brother to a younger brother, nor an elder to a junior.”

    Tong Yan stared blankly, and Zhuo Xiang Ming said: “Since the beginning, I’ve treated you like how a man treats another man, or how an alpha treats an omega.”

    When Tong Yan first moved in, he instinctively avoided Zhuo Xiang Ming, and Zhuo Xiang Ming also only got close to him when it was necessary. He just thought that he was an adult, since he’d promised to do it, he’d find a way to do it.

    Maybe when he was just starting to get to know Tong Yan, he viewed himself as somewhat of an elder, but if he thought about it clearly, his feelings for Tong Yan were actually very simple. Tong Yan wasn’t blood-related to him, when they were together, the atmosphere was not the same as with his own parents and younger sibling. For almost three months, his meticulous care for Tong Yan was an alpha’s care for an omega, and their closeness was the attraction of one personality to another.

    It’s just that, Tong Yan was still young. He was afraid of stepping out of line, and he was even more afraid of scaring Tong Yan.

    Tong Yan: “T-then?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming said gently: “I think that, between the two of us, it’s not just me who might confuse other feelings for love.”

    “You know that I care about you, and take care of you, then, adding in the pheromones, it’s normal for you to feel safe and dependent when I’m near you. Can you be certain that what you call ‘like’, is not the like of a younger brother towards an older brother, nor the admiration of a junior towards an elder?”

    Tong Yan had fallen under an immense wave of joy.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming said that he treated him like a how a man treated another man, or an alpha treated an omega. Zhuo Xiang Ming asked him if he could differentiate his feelings.

    Tong Yan nodded repeatedly: “Of course, I’m certain!”

    His face was completely red from excitement, he even forgot about the discomfort in his legs and feet. He knelt excitedly, grabbing the hand Zhuo Xiang Ming had just stretched out to touch him: “I’m certain it’s not a like for an older brother! I mean, I think you’re especially handsome …”

    Tong Yan’s eyes shined: “Y-you’re very handsome, and very nice.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming smiled, at least, he thought that he was smiling, but then Tong Yan asked: “Why are you so calm?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I’m calm?”

    Tong Yan: “You’re very solemn, and also very calm. If you didn’t say that just now, I’d think that you didn’t like me.”

    He asked hesitatingly: “Do you like me?”

    Did Zhuo Xiang Ming like Tong Yan? He certainly liked him. He hated seeing Tong Yan frustrated, and he couldn’t bear seeing Tong Yan troubled. His desire to possess him budded a long time ago, and it steadily grew bigger and bigger everyday they stayed together. The mutual attraction between AO had only ever been so vivid with Tong Yan, how could he not like Tong Yan?

    Tong Yan didn’t wait for an answer, taking it upon himself to say in a low voice, “I know you’re celibate, so I just want us to try. Anyway, we’re already married, and m-my illness is still not completely healed. Can we try? If I do well, you, um, can you give me a try?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Dating a guardian, that doesn’t seem very normal.”

    Tong Yan countered: “What about it, legally speaking, you’re my husband.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “…”

    Tong Yan: “Your expression is getting more and more serious. Is what I’m suggesting so outrageous?” 

    Tong Yan stared at Zhuo Xiang Ming doubtfully, finally concluding: “You’re shy! Right?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “No.”

    Tong Yan: “You’re definitely shy.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “I like you too. I agree, let’s give it a try.”

    Tong Yan: *Blush* …

    Zhuo Xiang Ming asked: “Are you shy?”

    Tong Yan: “Yeah…”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming agreed so easily, but, contrarily, Tong Yan couldn’t accept reality.

    He laid flat on the bed, hugging Zhuo Xiang Ming’s pillow as he asked: “Is this real? Obviously, when I woke up this morning, you were still my brother.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Of course it’s real. You can also call me brother now.”

    Tong Yan blushed beet red, it felt like his face hadn’t been any other color today: “Brother.”

    This time, Zhuo Xiang Ming successfully revealed a clear smile: “Yeah.”

    Tong Yan rolled around on the bed, Zhuo Xiang Ming was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight, and started massaging his legs again.

    He alternated between the left leg and the right leg, after a complete round of massages, Tong Yan wouldn’t let him continue: “Your hands will get tired.”

    He curled up, covering half of his face with a pillow, only exposing his eyes to look at Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Later, I’ll tell Zhuo Jia Shuo that we don’t need to divorce.”

    After he said that, he corrected himself: “Don’t need to divorce… for the time being. I’ll perform well.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming grunted noncommittedly, and Tong Yan hugged the pillow and started rolling around again. The bed was only big enough for a couple of rolls, he would fall out of bed if he pushed it a bit more … Tong Yan fell off.

    He’d rolled to the other side of Zhuo Xiang Ming and had fallen off. No matter how fast the alpha’s reflexes were, it was no use.

    From then until the call for dinner came from downstairs, Tong Yan banned Zhuo Xiang Ming from talking to him.

    Too humiliating. The most humiliating moment in history actually happened less than ten minutes after his successful confession.

    They waited for Zhuo ZhengDe to return home, he was already on his way, so they didn’t start dinner first, chatting in the living room instead.

    Zhuo Jia Shuo had gone out in the afternoon, coming back a little before Lin Yue Hua. After taking a drink of water, he stayed watching TV in the living room.

    Tong Yan originally planned to ignore him, but because he had good news to announce, he reluctantly approached him.

    “Did you have a fight with my brother?” Zhuo Jia Shuo asked.

    Tong Yan looked at him challengingly: “Never.”

    “Then what’s up?” Zhuo Jia Shuo asked nonchalantly while changing the station, “I almost expected him to carry you downstairs too.”

    Tong Yan blinked a few times before reacting: “You peeked at us!”

    Zhuo Jia Shuo helplessly said: “I’m in my own house, just looking up can be called peeking?”

    Tong Yan: “There was definitely no one in the living room!”

    Zhuo Jia Shuo: “Then you’re blaming me for being unlucky? Walking out of the kitchen just to be stuffed with unsolicited PDA from you guys? Eh, speaking of that, my brother’s so good to you that he even carries you upstairs? Do you need to walk by yourself when you guys are at your own house?”

    Tong Yan: “None of your business.”

    Zhuo Jia Shuo: “Such a combative tone, yet he still says he didn’t argue with my brother.”

    Tong Yan: “Don’t talk nonsense, we’re dating now.”

    “?” Zhuo Jia Shuo was shocked, “Really?”

    Tong Yan felt a little guilty, after all, he was still wooing Zhuo Xiang Ming, “Of course it’s true, why would I lie to you?”

    That afternoon, Zhuo Xiang Ming obviously still carried an awkward, constipated expression of “Although I really like him, he’s so cute, I can’t let anyone bully him, but he’s really too young, I can’t be such a beast” and “Zhuo Jia Shuo this shit-stirrer, although his unfriendly pheromones made Tong Yan a bit uncomfortable, it also unintentionally made Tong Yan cling to me like an octopus, now I smell like my sweet wife, I’m so proud”, yet by night they were already dating?

    What kind of inhuman progress was this?

    Tong Yan saw that he wasn’t speaking, and thought that he didn’t believe it, so he repeated, “We’re really dating, and we also won’t divorce.”

    Zhuo Jia Shuo nodded: “Uh-huh.”

    Tong Yan: “Then what are you and my brother going to do?”

    Zhuo Jia Shuo: “What’s that got to do with me? The law only prohibits marriages between close relatives. Tong Yang’s your brother, not mine.”



Melted- or transformed

what percentage of …-他的“懂”究竟在卓嘉烁刺激下提前的告白里占了多少比例, unsure of translation

That was easy lol

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1 year ago

Hehehe finally. Tong Tong, congratz!! Our TongTong had grown up. He used seduction skill once and he reeled in Xiang Ming smoothly~ (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

1 year ago

There’s no law that say ‘You can’t marry your brother-in-law’

4 years ago

There’s something between tong yan’s brother and hia shuo?

4 years ago

That afternoon, Zhuo Xiang Ming obviously still carried an awkward, constipated expression of “Although I really like him, he’s so cute, I can’t let anyone bully him, but he’s really too young, I can’t be such a beast” and “Zhuo Jia Shuo this shit-stirrer, although his unfriendly pheromones made Tong Yan a bit uncomfortable, it also unintentionally made Tong Yan cling to me like an octopus, now I smell like my sweet wife, I’m so proud”, yet by night they were already dating?

I laughed a lot at that description!! I’m looking forward to it Tong Tong.

Thanks for the great translation ♥️