OGU: Chapter 16


Chapter 16

According to incomplete data statistics, on Saturdays and Sundays, the active time of social network users will generally be postponed by a two to three hour gap.

But that Saturday, the top three searches on OUKM’s hot list were marked as “Popular” at 7 am. The keywords were “Zhou estrus”, “Zhou Xiang Ming”, “Zhuo Xiang Ming estrus”.

    If they weren’t in the know, someone could look at these searches and think that this man named Zhuo Xiang Ming was in estrus.

    But obviously, that kind of event was impossible. As long as it was a person who wasn’t out of touch with society, it was impossible for them to not be in the know.

    After all, the 27-year-old alpha had already been in the top five of the rich and powerful list for years, his romantic life and wedding was not the first time he’d blown up the Internet.

    The netizens already tirelessly talked about his birth family, discussing his wedding and marriage partner was no different than talking about his money, his money and his money.

    Young, handsome, and rich as heck, no doubt, he could attract enough attention anywhere.

    Clicking on the first link, the most complete hottest updates were posted by the famous gossip account “bangbang” on OUKM:

    “[#bangbang morning entertainment broadcasts #Zhou young master #Zhuo Xiang Ming #Late night visit to the ER with newlywed omega, lovey-dovey, envy inducing]

    On the night of the 28th, this writer encountered the Zhou family’s young master, Zhuo Xiang Ming, by chance in the ER of xx hospital. He was tightly embracing his newlywed omega, even more, they were whispering to each other intimately. Presumably, everyone has not yet forgotten the two’s Century Wedding in August, but this writer learned that the emergency room visit was not a prelude to a pregnancy announcement, in fact, the real reason is both sad and ridiculous –shortly after getting married, the omega’s pheromones became unstable, and this was regarded as the start of estrus by the young couple. You’ve heard of “baby brain”? It seems that these husbands have the ultimate baby brain.


    This writer who was stuffed with unsolicited PDA late at night still wants to sincerely wish the two a long, happy marriage and a ‘When’s the baby coming?!’.

    [Image] [Image] [Image]”

    The person who took the picture was obviously very near to them. The photography tool should be a cell phone, otherwise there was no way they wouldn’t notice it.

    In the montage, Zhuo Xiang Ming was facing the camera. One photo had a very clear shot of his face. Tong Yan was covered in Zhuo Xiang Ming’s windbreaker, which reached his thighs. Zhuo Xiang Ming was holding one of Tong Yan’s hands and bowing his head towards him, his other hand on Tong Yan’s nape. His expression was very earnest, he should be asking Tong Yan if he was uncomfortable or some other similar question.

    There were also other patients and a nurse in the photo. The content of the photo itself wasn’t extraordinary, but the identity of the subjects was enough to provoke discussion.

    Except for the wedding, Zhuo Xiang Ming and Tong Yan didn’t make headlines again due to Lin Yue Hua’s interference, and they were also not celebrities in the traditional sense. But because of their innate eye-catching figures, even though the news just came out, after numerous commentaries and shares by netizens, they very quickly reached the top of the latest searches, and once again became popular.

    When Tong Yan was woken up by Chai ManMan’s call, he was extremely groggy. It was almost 4 am when he returned home last night. At this time, his brain was no different from turkey stuffing.

    “What’s going on?” Tong Yan spoke with a slur.

    “You’re on the hot search!” Chai ManMan squealed, “Not awake yet? Still asleep? Look at your phone!”

    “Oh …” Tong Yan’s brain still wasn’t functioning, the hand holding the cell phone gradually losing strength. “‘Kay, bye-bye.”

    “Tong Yan, Tong Yan, don’t sleep!”

    “Ok, Ok.”

    “You’re on the hot search, with your alpha! Look at OUKM!”

    Tong Yan reluctantly cracked open his eyes: “Ah? Why?”

    “Did you go to the hospital last night? You were photographed by reporters.” Chai ManMan was still excited. “OMG! Even watching the news during summer vacation wasn’t so exciting, but that’s because it’s different now! My classmate, no! My desk-mate! On the hot search! Plus, countless sisters are shipping him and his husband’s CP … fantastic, fantastic, really fantastic…

    “What…. I’ll take a look. Bye, ManMan, talk later.”

    Chai ManMan’s rapid fire chatter gave Tong Yan a headache, hanging up, he slowly sobered up. When he was fully awake, he sat up and leaned against his headboard, opening up OUKM.

    It was already half past eight, and more than 10,000 comments had accumulated under “bangbang’s” latest update post entitled “boyfriend jacket”.

    Tong Yan found the first post, in order words, the update where he and Zhuo Xiang Ming’s intertwined fingers and intimate pose was shown. Below that, except for the meaningless “aaaaaahhhhhhhhh so sweet so sweet so sweet” comments, there were various other voices.

    F#ck-Tomatoes: Who said their marriage was fake before? Bet they had a Face Slapping set meal when they saw this [heehee!]

    Songyuan-cookies: can’t lie, sweet is very sweet, but am I the only one curious? They’re already married, why go to the hospital for estrus? [doubt] [doubt]

    Spicy-sticks-are-my-weakness Reply @ Songyuan-cookies: That’s why I say it’s a fake marriage ah [open hand shrug] Don’t know what the top comment is so proud about [open hand shrug]

    Whale-with-tiny-cape Reply @ Songyuan-cookies: Remember what the news reports said when they got married? Little O’s pheromones are unstable. Because of that, the wedding didn’t even have a couple’s first dance, and it also ended early. Although the reporters didn’t elaborate, I think it should be quite serious, of course they’re careful

    Whale-with-tiny-cape Reply @ Spicy-sticks-are-my-weakness: Where does this look like a fake marriage ……

    Normally-good-looking! Reply @ Whale-with-tiny-cape: Bump

    Songyuan-cookies’ comment added more than two hundred levels. Looking at this big drama, Tong Yan’s mouth twitched. After exiting, he continued scrolling through the rest of the comments.

    Eek-I’m-blushing: the writer met them by chance in the middle of the night … I can’t help but sigh, indeed, wherever there’s gossip to be had, the writer will be there. It must be really exhausting for you to record chance encounters every day [fist and palm salute]

    Amateur-level10- picking-up-rotten-fans: This pic is soooo sweet! I’m dead! I’m dead! [Die_on_the_spot.jpg]

    Did-you-strive-to-quit-sugar-today-?: When he’s not in a suit, he’s Zhuo (True fashion killer ) Xiang (Still handsome) Ming [Funny] [Kind] Unfortunately, there’s no frontal photo of Little O

    A-sour-mango Reply @ Did-you-strive-to-quit-sugar-today-?: Little O just barely became an adult, haven’t you noticed how little photos of him there are online, except for the wedding photos? There’s not even a name. I’ve been following this story for a few months, and in the end, I only know that he’s the Tong family’s youngest son

    Did-you-strive-to-quit-sugar-today-? Reply @ A-sour-mango: Wtf, I never would’ve noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out… so is there a gag-order? Wow, it’s always the weak that gets picked on ah. Even the gossip blogs have a day of reckoning [complicated]

    Why-don’t-you-go-die Reply @ A-sour-mango: I don’t get it. If that’s the case, why are Zhuo Xiang Ming’s photos all over the internet?

    A-sour-mango Reply @ Why-don’t-you-go-die: Forget the Zhou Consortium, how long has he been the boss of his own securities company? His photos have been easily accessible even before he got married. What do you think, him or a high school student, whose photos are more private?

    Aww-it-thinks-it’s-people: The desk-mate cp is real, don’t believe the lies [cries loudly]

    Call-back-the-tide: Come to my personal harbor, who could hold hands like this in a fake marriage [Image]

    Tong Yan tapped open the image, it was a magnified rear cut-off view of Zhuo Xiang Ming holding him tightly. Furthermore, this entertainment post was not written blindly, it really was a case of “ten fingers intertwined”. Zhuo Xiang Ming’s hand was one size bigger than his own, and he’d held his hand tightly. If Tong Yan wasn’t one of the persons involved, he’d also think that it looks truly “extremely intimate.”

    The picture was taken after they’d already seen the doctor and gotten some sedatives.

    At that time, Zhuo Xiang Ming had anxiously followed the gps to the nearest hospital. Tong Yan was also anxious, but he was even more afraid.

    After the first time, his estrus never came again. The pain and fear of the unknown made him feel very uneasy. The ground clearance on Zhuo Xiang Ming’s vehicle was high. When it was time to get out of the car, his legs were soft, and he fell into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s arms. In the end, Zhuo Xiang Ming straightforwardly carried him into the ER.

    Fortunately, he wasn’t photographed in that position……..


    Having an epic fail is one thing, having your epic fail be seen by millions is another.

    Tong Yan remembered saying, “I think I’m going into estrus,” to Zhuo Xiang Ming last night and wanted to go back in time and choke himself to death.

    Never mind, he’d just cover his mouth, no need for such violence.

    But imagining was no use, the more time dragged on, the heat not only didn’t die down, it got increasingly higher.

    Following the release of “bangbang’s” newest update: “#Boyfriend jacket #some attentive netizens have pointed out, the black jacket the newlywed omega is wearing obviously doesn’t fit. Look at the size difference, you get no prize for guessing who this jacket belongs to [smiles knowingly] [Image]”, “Boyfriend Jacket” also climbed its way up the search engine, fighting tooth and nail, and nabbed the position of fifth hottest search.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming has never been interested in gossip news, and generally, he only appeared in the newspapers when it was related to finance. Therefore, his public relations team didn’t monitor his appearance in the news like they would a star in the entertainment industry. What’s more, it was an early Saturday morning surprise attack, naturally he was caught off guard.

    After circulating for two hours in reckless abandon, more and more people joined the peanut gallery, more strangers shouted ‘sweet’, some businesses seized the opportunity to advertise, and there was no lack of small bloggers, influencers, and tabloids instigating the peanut gallery.

    Most of the people reporting on this event were small fries who hadn’t yet signed up with big publishers, and they were not very accurate in grasping the trends. They could only occasionally play contrarian to public opinion and increase their follower count with the so-called “unapologetic” style.

    Big Dog Let’s Get Wasted Tonight: Is the Person Being Carried by Mr. Zhuo Really His Wife? [Thinking] @ bangbang: [#bangbang morning entertainment broadcasts #Zhou young master #Zhuo Xiang Ming #Late night visit to the ER with newlywed omega….

    After that opening question, public opinion was slowly led to another direction.

    Originally, the gossip was based on what could be seen in the photos. The only person whose face was clearly seen in the photos was indeed Zhuo Xiang Ming. The first impression was always the strongest, if the breaking news source hadn’t stated that the person he was embracing intimately was his newlywed omega, onlookers would truly still be trying to investigate who it was.

    Rumors of Zhuo Xiang Ming finding a new lover shortly after marriage spread faster than the original report of the husbands making a sudden trip to the ER, and within 20 minutes, Tong Yan was in a “broken marriage”.



Really annoying chapter to translate. Lots of slang and internet buzzwords. Idk what the obsession with the word ‘sweet’ is. I looked it up, but found nothing. I guess it’s just a stronger word in Chinese.

This chapter uses a strange word, 营销号, marketing account. They seem to be the equivalent to influencers, youtubers, bloggers in the west, individuals instead of big corporations, who use social media to make money. They repost/report on celebrity news, fashion, trends, drama etc. They seem to be pretty hated, because they spread a lot of false information and are very sensational. Think Keemstar.

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3 years ago

This chapter make me more mad at THAT SHITTY OLDER BROTHER, he know his brother have trauma because estrus but his dickbrain let other estrus omega come home, trigger his brother trauma and then give him to other so he can have sex?? What RESPONBILITY person ? hahaha

1 year ago
Reply to  ran

This is what I ranted last chapter! Because I can foresee the trouble already when that happened. I hate Tong Yang, nothing can change my mind.

8 months ago
Reply to  ran

I think op is forgetting that ZJS showed up unannounced, not that Tong Yang invited hime over. Also, ZJS is an omega in estrus whose alpha suddenly left in the middle. Not only can he not think clearly but he’s overun by anxiety. And extremely horny The only one at fault to me is Tong Yang who didnt think to cancel picking up Tong Yan the moment he realized ZJS had entered estrus since he should know that he has no idea how long it would last. Then he wouldnt have to leave his omega in the middle of estrus. Making ZJS chase him all the way to his house during this desoerate time where his unstable phermones omega brother is.

Ethereal Canvas
Ethereal Canvas
4 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! Is no one finding taking this picture in the first place outrageous? Seriously! He just posted the photo of a kid in distress in a hospital!!!! Never mind that, he’s a private citizen in his private time. I’ll slug the first person who says him being rich makes it acceptable! ZXM being photographed at a party is one thing. It is a public event where one might expect the presence & necessity of journalists to cover it. Anything not public is by definition private & should be treated as such, a few exceptions aside, like a journalist uncovering a crime.

4 years ago

Are you f*cking kidding me [Big Dog Let’s get Wasted tonight]?? I’ll get you wasted to death.

4 years ago

What a sweet alpha he is.