OGU: Chapter 15


Chapter 15

    It seemed that Tong Yang was feeling very restless with anxiety. After entering the house, he asked Tong Yan about a few trivial things, then after calling for delivery, he immediately got caught up in persistent anxiety.

    He paced aimlessly around the living room, and finally couldn’t wait for the delivery, leaving behind instructions for Tong Yan to go to bed early after dinner, he ran towards the door.

    The leather jacket Tong Yang wore was obviously not his. The upper part was one size too small, but he might not have noticed if it wasn’t so stretched over his body.

    And if you looked closely, you could see the tiredness on his face, and his already bloodshot eyes. The tiredness was probably not too obvious because of his youth, but his 5 o’clock shadow hadn’t been shaved, and, in addition to the too small jacket, even his shirt was crumpled.

    Tong Yan asked him what was wrong. At first, Tong Yang remained silent, so Tong Yan tried his best to pry it out of him, even threatening to complain to their father. At that, Tong Yang looked at him and suddenly smirked: “Complain about what? Big brother is going out to find your sister-in-law.”

    Tong Yang was usually sloppy when it didn’t involve work, and he often teased Tong Yan until he was hopping mad. This sudden smirk left Tong Yan stunned.

    However, his gossip soul didn’t have time to emerge before Tong Yang started the car, and he was blocked by a thick cloud of car exhaust.

    But at midnight, Tong Yang, who was in such a hurry to leave, returned home with a hopeless posture and dejected expression. On the first floor, Tong Yan was caught red-handed watching a horror movie on the holographic screen.

    This time, there was no need for Zhuo Xiang Ming to rat on him, Tong Yang would shut off his Internet browsing privileges during the rest period.

    This was the only thought in Tong Yan’s mind when Tong Yang entered the door.

    However, Tong Yang didn’t seem to have any intention to make trouble for Tong Yan. Holding that conspicuous small leather jacket in his hands, he strode over and threw himself onto the sofa that Tong Yan was leaning against while sitting on the floor.

    The female ghost on the holographic screen was still howling in grief. Tong Yan suspected that Tong Yang was drunk, so he turned off the projection, planning to slip away upstairs.

    “What are you watching?” When he had almost escaped, Tong Yang lifted the arm that was covering his eyes and asked.

    “Gh- ghost film.” Tong Yan said in a barely audible voice.

    “Turn it on, turn it on.” Tong Yang rolled off the sofa and also sat on the carpet. “Let’s watch it together.”

    Tong Yan quickly walked back and switched on the movie.

    “What did she do before?”

    Tong Yan paused for a moment, before realizing that Tong Yang was asking about the female ghost: “She was a teacher.”  

    “Teacher eh.”

    “Then why is she scaring people?”

    Tong Yan: “She was dumped, and her child also died. So, she ran to the home of the man who dumped her and committed suicide, later, she became a ghost.”

    “Haaaaa…” Tong Yang massaged his forehead, “Really f#cking tragic.”

    Tong Yan cautiously asked: “Brother, did you drink?”

    Tong Yang grunted noncommittally, then said a moment later: “Maybe I drank some counterfeit wine … Have you ever seen such an unfortunate face?”

    Tong Yan turned his head so he could take a closer look, thick eyebrows, big eyes, still handsome, but disheveled and unshaven, he really looked unfortunate.

    Tong Yan shook his head: “Nope, never seen it before.”

    Tong Yang pursed his lips and said, “I really want to smack you, but I’ll hold back.”  

    The female ghost hugged her child on the roof of a building, Tong Yan slinked away from Tong Yang, then asked: “Didn’t you say that you were going to look for my sister-in-law? Where’s my sister-in-law?”

    Tong Yang hissed again from his headache: “Ran away.”

    Tong Yang had obviously just finished dealing with an omega during their estrus period. Tong Yan wasn’t slow, forget about the smell on his body, only his dazed expression was needed to announce this fact.

    But the current situation was a bit strange. Usually, if you’re willing to spend estrus together, it was positive that both parties were tacitly agreeing to become each other’s mate, because sometimes, it was more worrying than going through a legal procedure. Physically and psychologically, whether it was omega or alpha, none of them could leave their partner just after estrus … Although Tong Yang was a beta, that didn’t mean he couldn’t be affected by pheromones, but this omega actually “ran away” after estrus …

    Tong Yang wasn’t the type of person who could force others, Tong Yan believed this very much, so thinking about this made the situation even stranger.

    Seeing him looking truly depressed, Tong Yan lightly pushed over an almost full bowl of congee from the side: “Drink this, I tasted it, but I didn’t put my spoon back in.”

    The bowl of corn congee in front of him immediately made Tong Yang reflexively gulp.

    Calculating, he hadn’t eaten in two days. In the hotel suite, there was nothing except for useless condoms and lubricants. An omega during estrus was extremely clingy, they also couldn’t stand being approached by others, he survived two days by drinking water.

    He gave that little devil what they wanted as soon as they woke up, when they slept, he was occupied with giving baths, and massaging legs and waist. He waited upon them for almost a week, but as soon as the estrus period passed, and he left for just a moment, that white-eyed wolf immediately ran away.

    Ran away, again.

    Tong Yang swallowed a few mouthfuls of congee, and Tong Yan pushed over the unfinished spring rolls. Tong Yang glanced at him and didn’t eat: “Oy, do you really think your leftovers are gold-plated?”

     “Better than going hungry.” Tong Yan said, “Where else can you get food at this time?”

    “…. Time?” Tong Yang said, “Why on earth aren’t you in bed?!”

    Tong Yan vigilantly crawled back: “T-Tong Yang, I’m telling you, don’t lose your temper at me just because you’re unhappy, I even gave you my leftovers …”

    “Go up to your bedroom.”

    But Tong Yan wasn’t assured, instead, he was even more afraid that Tong Yang would hold the matter of catching him staying up late over him. With no choice, he climbed up and slipped away, saying, “What about my sister-in-law? Weren’t you going out to look for them? Could it be, you lost them when you came out to look for me? You couldn’t find someone to watch them…. Oh no, big brother, don’t tell me you forced others …”

    Tong Yang, who had been searching for the other party till midnight, grabbed his slippers and threw them at Tong Yan: “Go to sleep!”

    The doorbell rang.

    Tong Yan and Tong Yang looked at each other in shock. Tong Yan was the first to speak, “Is it a ghost …”

    Tong Yang was still listless, treacherously saying: “Behind you.”

   Tong Yan shrieked and ran towards Tong Yang.

   Tong Yang walked over to door barefooted, a frightened Tong Yan hanging on his arm. The door was opened, and the two Tong brothers stared blankly.

    Zhuo Jia Shuo was wearing a black down jacket, combined with his black hair and the dark night, his complexion looked even whiter. Because of his red cheeks, he didn’t look deathly pale, and his lips were also red, the color of fresh cherries. He had a look of grievance on his face, and when he saw Tong Yang, he blinked twice, his eyelashes flickering, tears abruptly falling.

    Tong Yang was momentarily stunned, then suddenly appeared to come back to life. He shook off Tong Yan’s hold and pulled Zhuo Jia Shuo into his arms, hugging his waist and groping his face: “Where have you been?! Do you know how much I….”

    The man standing behind Zhuo Jia Shuo couldn’t watch anymore, saying sincerely: “Young man, how could you lose your omega in estrus like that? Don’t you know how dangerous it is out there?”

    Tong Yang: “Who are you?”

    The man pointed to the rental behind him: “I drove him here. It’s not easy to get a taxi at this time, and here is also out of the way …”

    “No money …” Zhuo Jia Shuo leaned against Tong Yang’s ears and whispered, aggrieved, “I have no money …”

     “It’s okay, it’s okay.” Tong Yang bowed his head and kissed Zhuo Jia Shuo’s ear comfortingly, but his movements were still very stiff.

    “Tong Yan, Tong Tong, go get some money. See if there’s any in the shoe cabinet …” Tong Yang’s voice was starting to shake. He groped his empty pockets, and hurriedly wiped away the sweat on his forehead. Finally, he hugged Zhuo Jia Shuo up in a princess carry and turned to try to find the money himself. When they met face to face, he immediately buried his head in the hollow of Zhuo Jia Shuo’s neck, only aware that he was lovingly carrying Zhuo Jia Shuo upstairs and directing Tong Yan, “If there’s none, just look around again …”

    “I know, I’ll pay him.”

    “Call Zhuo Xiang Ming to come pick you up.” Lastly, Tong Yang said.

    When Tong Yan paid the fare, Tong Yang had already disappeared. He locked the front door and went inside, then he turned on the lights and sat on the sofa, dazedly watching the female ghost on the holographic screen.

    How can horror movies have such realistic scares?

    Was that guy Zhuo Jia Shuo? Why did he have so much trouble believing it?

    But he certainly couldn’t stay in this house, it was inconvenient for both Zhuo Jia Shuo, and himself.

    The pheromones Tong Yang had brought along were already pushing his limits, now that an omega who had not fully completed his estrus was here, his stress disorder should act up soon.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming was already asleep when he answered the phone, but as soon as he heard what Tong Yan said, he immediately left, he didn’t even bother to ask for details.

    There was no traffic at this time, so Zhuo Xiang Ming arrived quickly, he hadn’t even changed out of his home clothes. He was focusing on the road when Tong Yan said, embarrassed, “Sorry for inconveniencing you.”

    “What’s wrong with your house?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked, as if only now remembering, “Why did you call me out so late?”

    The situation was complicated. Tong Yan didn’t know if Zhuo Xiang Ming knew about the relationship, and he didn’t know how to explain it. Finally, he dismissed it vaguely: “There’s an omega in the house, um … they’re in, e-estrus …”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming immediately understood, he frowned, but ultimately said nothing.

    Tong Yan felt embarrassed, so he also didn’t say anything. But he seemed to be feeling hotter and hotter, he lowered the window to allow ventilation, and Zhuo Xiang Ming inadvertently glanced at him.

     Zhuo Xiang Ming said grimly: “Tong Tong?”


    “Why is your face so red?”

    Tong Yan touched his face, it felt hot to the touch: “I don’t know … it’s hot …”

    After saying this, Tong Yan also stared blankly. Could it be…. the stimulus from Zhuo Jia Shuo brought out his own estrus?



little devil- he called him an ‘ancestor’, but apparently mischievous children are sometimes referred to as little ancestors, so I assumed that that’s what the author was trying to convey

white-eyed wolf- thankless wretch / an ingrate

That whole paragraph about TYang and ZJS was vaguely written, lots of ‘hes’, ‘peoples’, no names, so I just made a guess at who’s princess carrying who and who’s sniffing who’s neck. Anyway, now you know why TYang was late. He was balls deep in ZJS. Worse couple ever.

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2 years ago

Somehow none of the important side characters are likable in this story so far… what an eye opener, such a stifling novel

1 year ago
Reply to  Aforia

Agreed. TongYang supposed to pick up Tong Yan isn’t something spontaneous but weekly affair. If he is caught in whatever, called ZXM to say no one at home, so whether TongTong wanted to stay at Tong’s home or not is up to himself. But no. He fricking go out leaving the omega, left his phone and waited like a dumb brick outside the school, waiting for ZXM to take action like calling MaiMai and teacher. Now, he knows he had sickly brother that had gland disorder, and he is the reason TongTong is exposed to estrus pheremones! And then called AN ALPHA (that he will oh so bravely beat if he touched his-oh-so-precious did that didn’t seems to be treated preciously by him). Whatever happens next I am going to hold Tong Yan accountable. Such unreliable mess shaped as human.

3 years ago

Trash with a trash perfect indeed

3 years ago

I’m so frustrated and annoyed. They have no idea how to act responsible and independently. Acting like total idiots or incompetent marionettes.

3 years ago

I really mad at this shitty irresponsible 2nd CP ?

Ethereal Canvas
Ethereal Canvas
3 years ago

Thanks for the chapter! I don’t even know what to say about that irresponsible couple of fools… everything would have been solved with a simple message of sorry, can’t come to pick you up…

4 years ago

The plot thickens.

4 years ago

Ohhh, I really hope that Tong Yang and Zhuo Jia Shuo will hook up – the former’s callous while the latter’s immature and egoistic, they deserve each other.

1 year ago
Reply to  kayrahiss

And I hope one of them is impotent so the genes won’t be passed on.

4 years ago

So then the only reason this omega came back was that he didn’t have taxi fare?

1 year ago
Reply to  Kleep

It is because Tong Yang leave him without telling him, as callous as ever. Probably he is asleep from too much s**, and that prick remembered Tong Yan. Left the phone and no notes, so this another prick decided to go to his home searching for him for another round of s**. Without even considering the BIL with gland disorder that both families know will be at his family home in weekend. Poor Tong Yan and ZXM had to be implicated due to these immature dogs’ behaviour.