OGU: Chapter 1


Chapter 1

“… The youngest son of the Tong family is an omega. I heard that he has a very good personality. Although he’s a little younger, he’s very sensible. Mom thinks that he’s very suitable for you.”

    Lin Yue Hua specially called Zhuo Xiang Ming over, after leading the conversation for a long time, she finally got to the main point: “You’re not getting any younger. Other moms wouldn’t manage you, but you can’t stay married to your job forever, right?”

    How many years had passed from studying to graduation to work, his mother had really never meddled in his personal life, Zhuo Xiang Ming paused, then asked, “Are you really worried that I’ll get married too late, or do you just want me to marry someone from the Tong family?”

    The mother and son were always very straightforward, Lin Yue Hua didn’t beat around the bush: “You need to marry someone from the Tong family, but I’m also worried about you being unmarried. If you marry Tong Yan, I won’t have to worry about both problems.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming’s father, Zhuo Zheng De, was fascinated by art, business had never entered his heart. In his generation, he was the only alpha and the only male, so in the end, he reluctantly took over the family business. After marrying Lin Yue Hua at the age of twenty-five, he left all the household management to Lin Yue Hua. He’d already cast aside all thoughts of business.

    The Zhuo family focuses on industry, but Zhuo Xiang Ming has always been interested in securities. After graduating, he started his own business. So honestly speaking, he knew no more about the situation at home than researchers who only looked at financial magazines.

    “Is it necessary to get married?” Ignoring whether or not he disliked it, Zhuo Xiang Ming just didn’t think it was necessary. “If there’s a problem with capital, I can…”

    “It’s not a shortage of money.” Lin Yue Hua frowned slightly. “There’s nothing wrong at home, just … Have you read the renovation documents concerning Yong Xin Plaza and Longshan Creek?”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t care about industry, but he still paid attention to these types of news: “I saw it … Are you planning to team up with the Tong family to win that project?”

    Not to mention the size of Longshan Creek, just Yong Xin Plaza, which was located between two commercial streets, occupied almost a quarter of the city’s most central land. High value wasn’t a sufficient enough description for it.

    If the two businesses ate it, the complexity of the intertwined interests would be visible to the naked eye.

    Financial groups frequently use marriage to consolidate cooperation. When you grew up in such a family, it was impossible to not be aware that such a thing could happen, this kind of thing wasn’t strange.

    And that’s just what this marriage would be about. As long as the two maintained a superficial marriage relationship during the cooperation, the shareholders would feel assured, and once the shareholders felt assured, the CEOs would feel confident.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming had no plans to get married in the near future. In fact, he didn’t even know which end of the world the marriage partner existed in. Since Lin Yue Hua brought this up, he didn’t hesitate much, saying briefly: “Alright, I accept.”

   Even though Zhuo Xiang Ming agreed, Lin Yue Hua didn’t let out a sigh of relief.

    “There’s one more thing Mom has to discuss with you …” She gripped the red tea cup she was holding, this subject was a bit difficult to bring up.

    Even when ordering her own son to get married, she hadn’t felt embarrassed, Zhuo Xiang Ming said, “Speak.”

    “Well … listen to mom, the Tong family’s son is eighteen years old this year. He’s in senior high school, this semester, he just rose to third …”

    “I know this, get to the point.”

    Lin Yue Hua said in a low voice, “He … he’s not in good health. You know, Mrs. Tong left early. Although there’s a father and an older brother in the family, they’re all male, and the brother is a beta. They didn’t know how to take good care of an omega … I heard that he was injured during his first estrus. He took a year off from his studies, and now he has to wear an isolation patch when he leaves the house.”

    Lin Yue Hua spoke vaguely, but Zhuo Xiang Ming was an alpha who had been receiving education about AO biology since the first day of school. He immediately understood: “Pheromone stress disorder?”

    Lin Yue Hua nodded.

    This was a relatively common disease among omega. Generally speaking, it was easy to obtain, and easy to treat.

    Omega were inherently delicate and needed protection. If they weren’t taken cared of during estrus, especially during the first estrus, they may become more sensitive to alpha pheromone later in life-they weren’t easily aroused, and they felt physical pain throughout their bodies.

    However, most omega naturally recovered after recuperating. Only a few developed more serious cases, recuperating was no good, and the drugs to treat the sex gland were no good. They could only wait until they got married and were marked by their own alpha, then they would slowly heal with the comfort of their mate’s pheromone.

    In general, this was also the best way to minimize harm to the omega’s body.

    Tong Yan’s condition required a leave from school, moreover, it still hadn’t healed yet, most probably, even his estrus was chaotic-   “You mean, I have to mark him?”

Lin Yue Hua said hurriedly “No, no, would mom force you to do something like that?”

    After a pause, Lin Yue Hua continued, “It’s not as serious as you think. It’s just that, currently, life is very inconvenient for him. The Tong family asks that, if you agree to the marriage, could you move Tong Yan into your house afterwards? Firstly, it’ll keep the paparazzi from saying that you guys separated as soon as you got married. Secondly, you’re an older alpha, if he spends some time with you, Tong Yan might get better.”

    Even after saying this, Lin Yue Hua didn’t make Zhuo Xiang Ming feel any more receptive.

    The marriage he agreed to was a by the definition partnership. Go to the Civil Affairs office, obtain a certificate, cooperate with the wedding ceremony, and finalize the start of the relationship before the media and the government.

    But the situation was obviously not as simple as he’d imagined. Taking home a barely legally adult omega wasn’t the same as adopting a pet cat or buying a housekeeping robot. When pheromones were involved, no matter how big the heart was, no AO in the world would think that this was a trivial matter.

    Exactly how much influence pheromone plays in the lives of AO has not been determined yet, but it was definitely not an exaggeration to say that it could sometimes determine life and death.

    The traditional concept was abandoned as early as 800 years ago, now, it was not only omega that could be affected by alpha pheromone. It was also a fact that after the bonding, the alpha’s desires increased exponentially, and they regarded their omega as larger than life.

    Pheromone was AO’s most private phenomenon. It could be beautiful, but it could also be dangerous. Zhuo Xiang Ming, who had gone through a period of irritability and impulsiveness during puberty, knew this all too well. So, even if Tong Yan only needed a little bit of natural alpha pheromone to soothe him, he couldn’t easily agree.

    “It doesn’t help to ask me about this, what did they say?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked, cautious.

    “This is what Mr. Tong mentioned, if he didn’t tell us, we wouldn’t even know about this problem.”

    “I’m asking about the boy …”

    Lin Yue Hua: “Tong Yan.”

    “I’m asking about Tong Yan, what did he say?” Zhuo Xiang Ming asked, “Suddenly making him live with a strange alpha, did he agree?”

    Lin Yue Hua: “What can he say? The child is only eighteen, when his father takes charge like this, he can only be obedient.”

Lin Yue Hua continued, “This disorder isn’t a big deal, after all, his physical body isn’t affected, he should still be healthy and active, but it is very inconvenient. Tong Yan is still young, he obviously doesn’t want to get married so soon, but his condition makes it difficult to just leave the house, he can’t even go into crowded places. He can’t always live like this, right?”

    “Isn’t Mr. Tong an alpha?”

    Lin Yue Hua gave him a glance. In fact, as soon as the words left his mouth, Zhuo Xiang Ming also realized that he had asked a stupid question.

    Pheromone was basically sexuality. How could a father comfort his own son?

    Zhuo Xiang Ming understood.

    Although there were many marriages nowadays, every family greatly treasured their omega children. Just look at his own pampered younger brother at home. It was very unusual for an omega to be married off at eighteen.

    The Tong family should be feeling very distressed over Tong Yan’s illness, the chance for the two families to team up to do this project, and Lin Yue Hua’s plotting, lead to the current situation.

    When all was said and done, someone with a family background like Tong Yan doesn’t need to worry about a temporary marking or marriage. Currently, the mark removal surgery was very mature, after they divorced, Tong Yan’s search for a new mate wouldn’t be affected.

    But this was speaking theoretically, Zhuo Xiang Ming still couldn’t immediately accept it. On the one hand, Tong Yan was really too young, on the other hand, Zhuo Xiang Ming himself wasn’t very willing.

    He was almost thirty, although he hadn’t completely rejected society, the Untouchable Flower, the star of the School of Finance during his time, has never even held an omega’s hand.

    Lin Yue Hua: “Don’t overvalue yourself, someone with Tong Tong’s looks is worthy enough to make you release a little pheromone.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t get angry, only taking note of Lin Yue Hua’s slip up. In a moment of inattentiveness, she’d affectionately called him “Tong Tong”.

    Zhuo Xiang Ming: “Have you seen this Tong Yan?”

    Lin Yue Hua didn’t beat around the bush, the satisfaction in her eyes not at all faked: “I just met him last weekend. The child has violin lessons in the morning. I came with his father in advance, Tong Tong took a car by himself. Violin on his back, he apologized to me as soon as he entered the door, saying, ‘I’m sorry, Auntie, I’m late’.”

    “He’s so sensible and obedient, plus he’s really good looking … Mom has never seen such a beautiful child.”

After bluntly speaking about Tong Yan, Lin Yue Hua smiled from ear to ear, then she suddenly sighed: “What a pity, such a good child was raised without a mother, to suffer this kind of sin …”


    “But he’s truly well-behaved, and really sensible. He’ll spend most of his time in school after he moves in, he won’t cause you trouble, you can rest assured.”

    Zhuo Xiang Ming didn’t inquire any further. How else could he soothe Tong Yan, besides hugging and kissing? If he asked, not only would he not get a reliable answer, he might also be laughed at for being a young chicken, wizard, and naive.

    Why should he humiliate himself, Zhuo Xiang Ming said in his heart, embarrassed.

    Also, Zhuo Xiang Ming knew his mother, Lin Yue Hua has always done things openly, if she said one, she meant one, nothing was false. When all was said and done, she was really satisfied with Tong Yan, and that’s the main reason why she chose to pull him into this marriage. The other benefits were just used to help promote it.

    As soon as Zhuo Xiang Ming nodded, he didn’t need to worry about what came after.

    In order to allow Tong Yan to move into Zhuo Xiang Ming’s apartment before school started, the two elders planned, and the lively wedding was held at the end of August. The words ” Wedding of the Century ” filled the pages of the major newspapers and magazines. All the media were discussing this magnificent wedding, never stingy with their blessings. Who would’ve guessed that the husbands to be had met each other for the first time just before the wedding, soon after, they said ‘I do’ before the priest.



I’m finally getting a taste of the different writing styles of these authors. ABO’s writing was easy to understand. FOD was okay to understand, although the author loves to repeat certain words and phrases (peach blossom eyes, anyone?) DFC is okay to understand, but it requires you to remember the context, cause the author doesn’t repeat shit.

This one is 70% easy to understand, 30% wtf are you saying. The author uses unusual words and phrases, and they really confuse the sentences. With that said, I’ll be doing a lot of guessing in this story, so please point out any conflicts.

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