Chapter 19



Chapter 19

Xiao Anchun had to chop for a long time before successfully cutting off a large piece of meat. It’s not that the tyrannosaurus’ meat was tough, but the armor like skin wrapped around it was too difficult to penetrate.

He poked at it for a long time and didn’t make a dent. Fortunately, Snow took pity on him and helped him tear off a piece of skin, allowing him to cut at the meat.

He shoved the meat into his bag, satisfied, then turned around just in time to see Kuhn’s retreating back, and couldn’t help but pout.

“Male god, you just let him go like that? Don’t you want to teach him a lesson?” He wasn’t a fan of murder, but Kuhn had tried to poison everyone, it really was an unforgivable sin. But the male god not only didn’t discipline him, he also helped him become a 7th-level warrior. This situation was a bit abnormal.

“He was taught his lesson a long time ago. You’ll understand later. What’s the point of murder? All you get is a useless corpse. The most pleasurable form of revenge is allowing your enemy to reach their greatest heights, then pushing them off, letting them slowly bleed out in regret and despair.” Zhou Yun Sheng narrowed his eyes and smiled, his gentle tone soothed Xiao Anchun’s ears, but the words made him tremble.

He wondered just what kind of retribution Kuhn had gotten, but now was not the time to care about that, because the male god gave him a difficult task – to turn all eight hundred catties of meat they’d cut out into cured meat. Just how much salt would this require?

“I have plenty of salt, you just have to ask when needed.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand, unconcerned.

With Kuhn gone, he no longer had to be cautious with his resources.

Xiao Anchun didn’t question it, and said resolutely: “Okay, half will be made into cured meat, the other half we’ll hang up to make jerky. I’ll have to build a special oven to dry out the meat when we get back.”

Snow yowled, apparently looking forward to it.

With a few hundred catties of dried meat and the charcoal, they could safely cruise through the cold winter.

A few months later, Xiao Anchun was hand washing the male god’s winter loincloths in a wooden cast. Snow, who had grown stronger yet again, was resting beside him, enjoying the warm spring sun, occasionally using his tail to swat his sweetheart’s rump.

Zhao Xuan was embracing his lover in the tree house, napping. Spring was the season for mating, and he couldn’t completely control his desires. They’d done it many times last night, afterwards, his lover’s hoarse voice, puffy eyes, and limp legs made him feel truly satisfied. Currently, their lower bodies were entangled together, white residue dotted a few places, and that tell-tale musky scent still hadn’t dissipated from last night.

A bird flew down to sit on the window sill and chirped, rousing Zhou Yun Sheng up. He frowned tightly, and rubbed his sore waist, saying in a disapproving tone: “You still haven’t pulled out?”

Zhao Xuan shook his mane, and began slowly pulling out. But before barely pulling out half-way, his lower half started swelling and hardening, making Zhou Yun Sheng groan and glare back in contempt.

Zhao Xuan growled plaintively and not only didn’t withdraw, he began thrusting in and out. That place was untreated from last night, so it was still very moist. The evidence slowly seeped out with each lunge, providing lubrication. The mucky scent that filled the air thickened.

Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed the lion’s mane with one hand, and covered the lion’s face with the other, as if he was about to push him away and also pull him in closer. While he hesitated, Zhao Xuan ruthlessly attacked his most sensitive places, making him gasp. Zhou Yung Sheng unwilling grabbed the lion’s mane and sank into an ocean of lust

But after a few more thrusts, Zhao Xuan suddenly paused, then he rolled his lover up onto his back and jumped out of the window. Leaping from treetop to treetop, rushing towards a remote cave.

The stupid lion suddenly pulled out, the extreme emptiness made Zhou Yun Sheng stare blankly for a moment. When he snapped out of it, they were already far away from the camp. Snow and Xiao Anchun didn’t notice their sudden departure, one was still washing clothes and the other was still sunning.

“What’s wrong? Why did you suddenly leave?” After being dropped onto the dry cave floor, Zhou Yun Sheng tried asking for an explanation, but his back entrance was suddenly filled again by the lion’s huge stem. He immediately hugged his furry head and groaned passionately.

Zhao Xuan abruptly increased the pace of his assaults, gradually, his golden fur faded away, revealing human skin. Although the size of that place hadn’t shrunk, because of the pain of transformation, it added a different kind of thrill.

Zhou Yun Sheng also realized what had happened. His legs were wrapped around the other man’s thin waist, and his hands were digging into the flesh on his back. He clamped down tightly, and groaned as he climaxed. Zhao Xuan felt his soul fly out when his lover squeezed him, and he also reached climax. Afterwards, he embraced his lover and gently caressed his smooth back, sighing in satisfaction.

“Time flies so fast. I blinked and it’s already been a year.” Zhou Yun Sheng grabbed the other man’s dark brown hair and said critically: “There’s no fuzzy golden mane.” He was used to seeing the big lion’s stupid shape, he somewhat wasn’t used to Zhao Xuan’s sudden human form.

“Should I dye my hair gold?” Zhao Xuan embraced his lover, muttering between light kisses on his cheeks, his handsome face sporting a gentle smile.

Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head lazily, broke free from the embrace and put on his leather loincloth, asking, “What are you gonna do? Walk back naked?”

Naturally, Zhao Xuan was prepared, he took out a loincloth from his space ring and put it on. This was a souvenir the tour guide had sold to him, fake animal hide, it couldn’t be worn or soiled. The loincloth was very short, only covering his crotch, his abs and long muscular legs were extremely exposed. Because of the previous exercise, his smooth bronze skin was shiny with perspiration, he looked delicious.

Zhou Yun Sheng stared for half a minute, and suddenly felt ravenous. He pounced, taking hold of Zhou Xuan’s mouth, sucking and biting. Zhao Xuan promptly pulled him in closer, and responded enthusiastically. The two men delayed their plans to leave for a few hours before slowly making their way back.

“How are we going to explain my new look?” Zhao Xuan habitually picked up his lover but remembered that he’d lost his beast shape, and could no longer carry him on his back like before. He sighed regretfully, but also couldn’t bear to let go. So, he lifted his lover onto his shoulders.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know what it meant to feel embarrassed, he just spread his legs apart, and rode on his husband’s shoulders, grabbing his soft hair for balance. He smiled and said: “There’s no need to explain, just make something up.”

Thinking of Xiao Anchun’s dopey expressions, Zhao Xuan also grinned.

The two returned to the camp, making Snow and Xiao Anchun jump in fright. They thought that Zhou Yun Sheng had dumped the golden lion and brought back a new lover.

Don’t blame them for reaching that conclusion, Zhao Xuan was very handsome, and had great potential to become a gigolo, moreover, Zhou Yun Sheng had shown that not only did he not need a male’s protection, the male needed his protection. No matter how powerful the golden lion was, could it instantly kill a tyrannosaurus rex?

Zhao Xuan felt wronged. In order to show off his awesomeness in front of his spouse, he was naturally reluctant to kill his props right away, but this gave everyone the impression that he was weaker than his lover.

“This is Xuan, not a gigolo.” Zhou Yun Sheng patted the disapproving Xiao Anchun’s head, and directed his husband towards the tree house.

Xiao Anchun didn’t believe it, he thought about catching up to them to get a closer look, but Snow pulled him back. Beasts could easily distinguish different smells, as soon as he saw the handsome man, he knew that it was the Beast King. His scent was the same, and the power leaking out of him was equally horrifying.

“Is that really the big lion?” Seeing Snow’s nod, Xiao Anchun yelled at the treehouse: “Male god, how did he become a human? Isn’t he a throwback beast?”

“While out in the woods, we just ate a few random herbs. I don’t know how it happened, but Xuan suddenly started changing shape.” Zhou Yun Sheng pushed open the window and grinned, saying some random nonsense.

Xiao Anchun actually believed him, and his eyes immediately brightened, he muttered: “Sure enough, a happy coincidence. It must be the transformation herb, the legendary transformation herb used to make pills to transform magic beasts!”

Zhou Yun Sheng’s hearing was extraordinary, he burst out laughing, struggling to breath. This kid must’ve read too many isekai cultivation novels, his imagination was really rich. He picked up a smooth slab of rock and casually drew out a few herbs in charcoal, then he threw it down to Xiao Anchun: “Here, these are some of the herbs I remember seeing. Look for them in the southeastern part of the forest.”

Xiao Anchun picked up the rock and looked over it, black lines appearing on his forehead. What are these random squiggles? A three-petal flower sandwiched between two leaves? Couldn’t kindergarten children draw better than this?! If he followed this picture, he’d have to sort through 80% of the plants in the forest, right? Xiao Anchun wanted to ask for more info, but thinking about how the big lion just changed shape, he should definitely be feeling tired. Plus, the male god hadn’t received modern education, it already wasn’t easy for him to draw such simple lines, Xiao Anchun shouldn’t demand more.

As he touched the rock, he looked at the excited Snow and comforted him: “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find that transformation herb and help you become a human.” Not only could throwback beasts suddenly lose their consciousness, their lifespans were also similar to beasts. They could only live a short twenty or so years. He couldn’t look on helplessly as Snow slowly died, or went mad, leaving him alone.

Snow nodded, sticking out his tongue to lick his warm palm. One man and one beast hugged, gently rubbing their cheeks together, their hearts full of hope.

Zhou Yun Sheng watched the couple from a small gap in the window, smiling gently. Not everything he’d told them was fake. Zhao Xuan really hadn’t eaten any transformation herbs, but there really were a few species of plants on this planet that could help beastmen transform. The females were the first to benefit from it. However, the beastmen eventually engraved the ability to take human form into their DNA, making those herbs more and more irrelevant. After thousands of years, the beastmen slowly forgot.

The travel brochure Zhou Yun Sheng was reading had a clear description of the herbs, but he couldn’t directly interfere with the lives of the natives, so the picture he drew was just a hint for Xiao Anchun, telling him to go find a solution. Xiao Anchun had studied Chinese medicine, he should be able to stumble onto it with some slight guidance.

“This is our parting gift for them. What do you think?” Zhou Yun Sheng looked back, seeking his husband’s opinion.

Zhao Xuan embraced him from behind, asking somberly: “A parting gift? Are we leaving already?”

He didn’t want to leave now. Life here was relaxing and peaceful, but more importantly, he could be intimate with his lover anytime, anywhere.

“Not now, it should take about five years to calculate the precise coordinates. The honeymoon has been extended for another five years, you should be happy.” Zhou Yun Sheng habitually reached for a mane, but all he grabbed were a few strands of soft hair. He couldn’t help but frown.

Zhao Xuan deeply regretted not buying a few more transformation pills. In order to not disappoint his lover, he leaned his head in closer, allowing his lover to get a better grip on his hair. His mouth didn’t stay idle, sucking and nibling on his lover’s slender neck.

While the two husbands were getting cozy, Xiao Anchun had already ventured into the inner forest with Snow, vowing to find the legendary transformation herb. The throwback beasts from the Renault tribe who had followed the Beast King to the eastern forest, quickly heard the good news and sent out dozens of beasts to help search.

Every day, they brought back numerous herbs for Zhou Yun Sheng to identify. Xiao Anchun also opened up a clinic, examining every throwback beast, trying to find the reason why they couldn’t transform. The previously quiet and peaceful camp became very lively, countless throwback beasts coming and going each day. More and more throwback beasts heard the news and settled into the vicinity, basically, they became an enormous throwback beast tribe.

With the Beast King and numerous throwback beasts occupying the area, no other tribe dared hunt in the eastern forest.

As long as they encroached on the Beast King’s territory, they’d immediately be attacked by the beast tide. With a strength comparable to a tyrannosaurus rex’s rampage, the eastern forest eventually became the only force that could compete with the Renault tribe…



Husband- Old Gong

happy coincidence- 奇遇- qíyù- fortuitous meeting, adventure, happy encounter

Thanks for making the only normal sex scene a fade to black author….

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4 months ago

That’s why recording is necessary…

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He was taught his lesson a long time ago.

What lesson? The infertility caused by the red stones?

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I like that both of them have the upper hand in sex in this story.
I’m sick of the bottom being “weak”.
Like in GB stories, either the girl is the one begging for it to stop, crying and all and the guy enjoys pushing her more, even when the FL is a strong woman, they think it’s a “nice contrast” that she’s “feminine” in bed (it just feels like a way to say the man is the one in control in the relationship) or when the girl isn’t in a fixed relationship, like she has one-night-stands, then she gets to be mature but it means she’s a slut. So annoying.

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Reply to  Baldingère

And in BL, the bottom seems like a poor victim. He’s “bullied”. That’s not sexy at all. But I can’t find novels without that clichee.
It’s great that here, ZYS is obstinate and plays around with the ML.
I love this couple.

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The scene where throwback beasts settling in the vicinity reminds me of Shrek’s house being occupied by many fairy tale characters trying to seek protection from him 😂😂

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Kawaii Panda
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Reply to  redblossom

I can’t unread this…

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Xian Yi Xi
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