Chapter 18



Chapter 18

When the group returned to camp, Zhou Yun Sheng was already there, numerous sedimentary rocks piled up at his feet, carefully examining each one.

Hearing the stupid lion’s impatient howl, he couldn’t help but smile, but just as he was about to stand up to greet him, he was pushed down by a huge shadow. Then a wet tongue started licking his face, sliding down his neck, to his collarbone, the red cherries on his chest, gradually reaching his waist and sliding into his loincloth.

The husbands, who had been apart for a long time, immediately embraced each other. In order to prevent others from seeing his lover’s vulnerable side, Zhao Xuan rolled him onto his back and jumped into the tree house, slamming the door shut.

“My stones…” The sentence remained unfinished. The stupid lion had slipped his tongue into his rump, rubbing against the deepest place, making him gasp.

“Oh, deeper, deeper.” He immediately forgot his original intentions, his legs wrapped around the stupid lion’s head, urging him deeper. His lower body trembled from the force of the pleasure.

Zhao Xuan pushed his loincloth up, his tongue bucked in and out of his sweet hole, his huge red stem slick and hard, raring to go.

After not seeing each other for three months, the two husbands were too impatient for extended foreplay, and hastily combined into one. Deep assaults and shallow thrusts shook the foundation of the tree house.

Kuhn sat on the ground, his face expressionless.

Snow paced back and forth below the tree, looked up, then growled at Xiao Anchun and raised a hind leg to let him see his own eager equipment. Although a tiger’s manhood was not as large as a lion’s, it was still ridiculous, and it was covered with barbs, which could firmly hook the flesh.

Xiao Anchun’s originally flushed cheeks instantly paled, and he backed away, vigorously shaking his head and waving his hands ‘no way in hell’.

Was this a reproductive organ or a torture device? Won’t he die if that enters him?

“No, these barbs are meant to prevent the tigress from escaping. They can soften and contract. If you don’t run away, they won’t stab you.” Snow explained, yowling and growling, unfortunately, Xiao Anchun couldn’t understand animal.

Kuhn appeared calm, but inside, he was anxious. He wanted to return to Addie’s side, and the desire was becoming too strong to suppress. He was now a peak 7th-level warrior, and he only needed to absorb a few more red crystals to advance to eighth level. Even the Renault tribe’s chief wouldn’t be his opponent then. If he returned as an 8th-level warrior, no one would be able to say anything, and no one would be able to usurp his position.

Therefore, he needed to find out where the beautiful female was hiding the red crystals, then kill them all. He recognized that the golden lion was very powerful, but that was before, not now. How could a throwback beast still be a match for a peak 7th-level beastman?

He confidently waited for the couple to finish mating. That evening, the golden lion walked out onto tree house’s balcony with the female on his back. He jumped down, set the female down, then strolled into the kitchen.

The female stretched his limbs, then sat cross-legged on the ground, continuing to fiddle with the pile of rocks. Xiao Anchun was sweating over the stove, and Snow was watching the fire attentively, occasionally adding more firewood.

This bustling scene and warm atmosphere would normally touch anyone’s heart, but contrarily, at this moment, Kuhn was figuring out a plan to kidnap the female, force him to give up the whereabouts of the red crystals, then kill everyone. But just as he stood up, about to invite the female to join him on a walk, there was the sound of loud rumbling in the distance.

“What’s that sound?” Xiao Anchun put down his spatula and climbed on top the kitchen roof to observe.

Zhao Xuan and Snow had already leapt to the top of the tallest tree and were looking into the distance. Kuhn also followed suit, bewildered. Only Zhou Yun Sheng remained unperturbed, sitting on the ground, continuing to sort the stones. No creature on this planet had the ability to threaten his life, so he didn’t care either way.

“What is it?” He asked without looking up.

“Rawr!” A tyrannosaurus rex. Zhao Xuan indifferently shook his mane and jumped down from the tree. Unfortunately, his lover couldn’t understand his sounds, so he looked to Xiao Anchun to explain.

“I was wondering what it was, but it’s just a tyrannosaurus rex. Nothing to fuss about.” Xiao Anchun climbed off the roof, his tone calm.

Snow also snorted in relief, then continued adding firewood to the stove. He thought of that time he’d witnessed the battle between the Beast King and the tyrannosaurus, then kowtowing before the Beast King’s ethereal mane. Now, when seeing another tyrannosaurus rex, he could only think of the scene of the previous one being disemboweled, so it was really hard to drum up fear.

But Kuhn was different, he was already terrified enough to piss himself.

A 7th-level warrior inspires awe, but in front of the overlord of the western continent, he could only be squished into a meat patty. He’d once witnessed a tyrannosaurus destroying the entire eastern forest. If a timely earthquake hadn’t made it accidentally fall into a deep crater and die, the tribes of the eastern continent would’ve been completely wiped out.

Forget about a single 7th-level warrior, even if all the warriors on the eastern continent worked together, they still wouldn’t be a tyrannosaurus rex’s opponent.

Kuhn, who was full of smugness a few minutes ago, was now full of despair.

Kuhn quickly climbed into his tree house and wrapped up his collection of loincloths and dried meat, preparing to run for his life. After frantically sliding down the rope ladder, he saw the others sitting around the stone table, about to serve dinner, and nearly fell on his ass.

“Aren’t you running?!” he asked in a trill voice.

“You run.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved his hand uninterestingly.

Merely a pair of females and throwback beasts, why were they so calm in front of a tyrannosaurus rex? A tyrannosaurus rex was very fast, it only needed half a month to traverse the east and west continents, crossing from that end of the forest to this end would only take a few minutes. Before this meal was over, the camp would’ve already been destroyed by it, and everyone here would die.

Kuhn was very anxious, seeing them still sitting down, he turned and ran.

“Kuhn, you’re just going to abandon us and run away like that? I thought beastmen were social animals ah! Shouldn’t they help each other in time of need?” Xiao Anchun yelled at his frantically fleeing back.

Kuhn didn’t stop or look back, rushing towards the Bayan tribe. But suddenly, a huge black bear emerged from around a corner and barreled into him, the thick belly slamming him into the ground. The black bear stepped over him and ran up to the golden lion, then it kneeled, its front paws together, its head lowered, like greeting the king. It pointed towards the direction of the rumbling footsteps, then pointed towards itself, Zhou Yun Sheng, and the others, meaning, “Please protect everyone, Beast King.”

A short while later, more and more wild beasts rushed towards the camp. One long trunk elephant didn’t watch its steps and accidentally kicked Kuhn, who had finally managed to crawl up to his feet. Kuhn fell to the ground again, this time spitting up blood, his expression was both frightened and resentful.

What’s going on? Instead of escaping with their lives from the approaching tyrannosaurus rex, why were they all gathering here?

Xiao Anchun and Snow looked at the golden lion, their eyes pleading. The golden lion spit out the food in his mouth and looked at his lover. Zhou Yun Sheng put down his wooden bowl and said indifferently: “Isn’t this free food? Let’s eat some dragon meat tonight.” He was bored of eating fish every day, and the fresh ingredients had delivered itself to the door, so why should they miss this chance?

“Long live the male god!” Xiao Anchun jumped up happily.

The male god was the hidden boss. If he said he wanted to eat dragon meat, the tyrannosaurus was as good as dead.

The group of beasts also roared in delight, seeing the golden lion carrying the beautiful female into the forest, they rushed to catch up to them. Dragon meat was not only delicious, it also contained enormous amounts of energy. The strengths of all the beasts who’d eaten the previous dragon meat had increased by varying degrees. This was the reason why they’d recognized the golden lion as king. They were hoping for another tyrannosaurus rex to come over, and for the Beast King to kill it and share the spoils with everyone.

In the past, if a dragon beast found its way to the eastern continent, it would be a disaster for all the creatures here. But now, with the Beast King in charge, it turned into a festival. Kuhn didn’t know the inside story, so he thought that the group of beasts were just inviting the golden lion to escape together. At the thought of that, he starting running towards the Bayan tribe again.

About halfway there however, he began to notice the strangeness of the situation. A beast crossed his path and ran towards the direction of the approaching tyrannosaurus rex. He was unable to read the expression on its furry face, but its two eyes were extraordinarily bright, excitement sparkling inside.

Yes, it was excitement, like the excitement of participating in a monumental feast. It was absolutely impossible for the eyesight of a peak 7th-level warrior to be mistaken. When another beast ran past him, practically cackling in glee, he finally stopped running and looked back.

He saw the head of the more than 10-meter-tall tyrannosaurus rex in the distance, it was using its sharp claws and thick tail to sweep away giant trees. Those ancient trees that were hundreds of thousands of years old and couldn’t be shaken by violent storms were successively knocked down under its mighty power, issuing deafening explosions upon collapse.

Kuhn felt the ground under his feet shake. This power forced even nature to surrender, it made him desperately flee in terror, this power couldn’t be resisted. So why weren’t these beasts escaping? Contrarily, they were rushing towards the epicenter of the destruction, like moths to a flame. What were they so excited about? What were they looking forward to?

While Kuhn was still hesitating, the tyrannosaurus suddenly cried out in a painful yowl, then it was slammed into the sea of ​​trees, only its tail visible, trembling in midair.

Was it… attacked? Kuhn was startled by his own guess. He didn’t dare believe it. The tyrannosaurus rex that could rampage unopposed across the beastman planet, was actually attacked by some beast on the east continent? However, this judgment was clearly backed up by reality, because after the tyrannosaurus fell down, the beasts crowding around it howled in excitement, dispersing the clouds gathering over the forest.

Kuhn was a beastman, he could naturally understand what emotions the beasts’ howls contained. It was indeed excitement, ecstasy and hunger. There was no trace of fear. What’s going on?

Driven by curiosity, Kuhn finally stomped down his fear and ran towards the tyrannosaurus rex. Getting closer, his complexion changed dramatically.

He rubbed and rubbed his eyes, repeatedly confirming that everything before him was not his own hallucination, before he stumbled back and fell to the ground. If before today, someone told him that a tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t even a match for a golden lion, he would’ve laughed at that person.

But now, right in front of him, his former neighbor the golden lion tore apart the neck of the tyrannosaurus rex and let out a war cry. The tyrannosaurus rex that was stuck under him didn’t have the strength to fight back. Every time it swung its limbs and tried to stand up, it was lightly slapped back down by the golden lion, sinking deeper into the pit.

A large group of beasts crowded around it. Whenever they saw an opportunity, they dashed over to take a bite. Although they couldn’t bite through its tough outer shell, each bite accumulated, and it was riddled with small wounds. This was the saying, “Enough ants may bite an elephant to death”, brought to life.

Kuhn swore on the beast god’s name, he’d never seen a spectacle like this before. The eastern continent’s beasts were actually hunting a tyrannosaurus rex. Before today, even his imagination wouldn’t be capable enough to come up with this. He finally noticed that Xiao Anchun and the beautiful female were sitting on a huge rock not far away, calmly watching the play. He stood up with great difficulty and walked towards them.

He was now very scared and slightly uneasy. He’d never imagined that the golden lion that seemed to do nothing but eat, sleep, and mate was actually so powerful. It’s ridiculous that he’d once thought that being a peak 7th-level warrior was enough to defeat him.

But now, what could he defeat him with? Were his hands stronger than the claws of a tyrannosaurus rex? Were his teeth sharper than the teeth of a tyrannosaurus rex? Was he stronger than a tyrannosaurus rex? In front of a tyrannosaurus, he was merely an ant. So, what was he in front of the golden lion who could easily tear the tyrannosaurus into little pieces? Most likely, he was worth even less than an ant.

He finally understood why the pretty female could so carelessly give him so many red crystals, and why he allowed him to get stronger each day. Because they already knew, no matter how strong he got, to them he was like an ant trying to shake a tree, insignificant like dust.

An unprecedented frustration surged up, making Kuhn feel like he’d just been punched in the gut. He walked over to the rock, and hesitated on whether he should climb up, but then he saw the tyrannosaurus suddenly whip its tail around in madness.

In the end, Kuhn was a peak 7th-level warrior, although he’d stared stupidly in fright, he still avoided the whipping tail by instinct. However, he didn’t have the awareness to rescue the two females, since whether they lived or died was never a concern of his. After he leapt away, the tyrannosaurus’s thick tail slashed through the wind, heading right towards Zhou Yun Sheng and Xiao Anchun. If they didn’t evade it, they would be pulverized, their internal organs squished and bones shattered.

With such a strong degree of internal and external trauma, there would be no hope of survival.

Snow immediately jumped off the tyrannosaurus rex’s back and rushed towards his sweetheart, his green eyes full of desperation.

The golden lion was filled with rage, no longer playing around with the tyrannosaurus rex, he swiftly ripped out it’s throat. An enormous amount of blood gushed out, like a geyser, drenching his golden fur.

“Male god watch out!” Xiao Anchun hugged the male god in the bloody mist, his back facing the tyrannosaurus rex’s whipping tail, hoping to take the brunt of the force. But the pain he’d expected never came. He waited a few moments, realized that the surroundings were terribly quiet and slowly looked up, then gasped.

The male god, who he’d always thought didn’t have much strength, was easily holding onto the tip of the tyrannosaurus rex’s tail, so that it couldn’t move forward an inch. The male god noticed him looking up at him and suddenly grinned, then he tore off the tyrannosaurus rex’s stupidly long tail, including the flesh and bones.

The throat and tail were torn apart at almost the same time, the tyrannosaurus didn’t even have time to cry out. It only convulsed violently, then died, leaving behind a spectacular scene.

Xiao Anchun let go of the male god, looked at the big tail he was still holding onto, then looked at the golden lion eagerly rushing towards them, roaring and covered in blood. This means…

“Male god, you, you ripped off the tyrannosaurus’ tail? How did you do that?” He poked the tail to make sure it was actually real.

“Self-preservation.” Zhou Yun Sheng shrugged and casually tossed the tail away.

The huge tail was flung right in his direction, Kuhn wanted to dodge, but found that there were no escape routes, so he braced for impact, and was hurled into the air. He wiped the blood from his mouth and stared at the golden lion and the beautiful female. But there was no contempt in his eyes, only fear. The golden lion’s power was enough to shock him, but it turns out that the female was even more unfathomable.

Everyone knew that the tyrannosaurus’ strongest weapon wasn’t its claws and teeth, but its tail. The tail was extremely strong, some say that it could slice through giant rocks and even flatten mountain peaks. On this beastman planet, except for the same species, almost no other beast could bear an attack from the tyrannosaurus rex’s tail. However, the beautiful female not only caught it by hand, he also tore it off easily. How quick was this response? How violent was the force?

In conclusion, the female had the power to kill a tyrannosaurus rex, and his strength was higher than the golden lion’s. He’d once thought that the golden lion pampered the pretty female out of love, but now he knew, maybe it was out of fear. The female was the most terrifying existence in the camp.

When he recalled how he’d planned to lure him into the forest, interrogate him about the red crystals, then kill him, Kuhn felt his scalp numb, and his spine chill. He found it ever more difficult to stand up.

After killing the tyrannosaurus rex, Zhao Xuan tore off the most tender pieces of meat and presented it to his lover as usual. Zhou Yun Sheng walked over and rubbed his furry head, his eyes filled with warmth. The couple cuddled each other and kissed, the warm scene made Xiao Anchun’s shock quickly fade away, now feeling moved.

He no longer cared why the male god was so strong. He took out a dagger and helped Snow dismember the dragon meat.

Who didn’t have a few secrets nowadays? The male god didn’t want to explain it, so he wouldn’t ask. Not to mention that the person with the greatest secret in the camp was himself.

Feeling the enormous energy leaking from the dragon’s flesh, Kuhn immediately broke free from his fear, his eyes full of greed. The group of beasts surrounded the mountain like corpse, chowing down, the sound of teeth tearing into flesh rising and falling. Undoubtedly, after eating this meat, their strength would rise greatly.

Kuhn was just a few steps away from 8th-level, so his desire for dragon meat was the strongest. He immediately got up and squeezed through the herd.

“Who allowed you to touch?” A stone smashed into the rock by his feet, exploding it with a loud bang.

Kuhn jumped in fright, then looked back, deathly pale.

Zhou Yun Sheng, who was helping the stupid lion clean his mane, leisurely said: “Whenever there’s danger, you abandon your companions and escape alone. Such a person will never get my approval. From this moment, you are expelled from the camp. So naturally, you have no right to share in the camp’s resources.”

Kuhn wanted to defend himself, but his mouth just opened and closed a few times, unable to come up with an explanation. Anyone with eyes could see what he did. The beautiful female was not gullible like Xiao Anchun, his penetrative amber eyes often made Kuhn feel uneasy.

In the end, his intuition was correct, this female was not simple.

He was not only powerful, he was also extremely intelligent. He’d been observing him, and if he failed the test, he’d immediately be thrown away. Kuhn understood that it was useless to say anything now. He thought about grabbing a piece of dragon meat and running away, but the female’s sharp eyes made him feel fearful.

Fortunately, the other man seemed to believe in showing mercy like Xiao Anchun, otherwise he would’ve surely killed him. In other tribes, betrayal was worthy of death.

Kuhn raised his hands and slowly retreated, backing up to the edge of the clearing before turning around and running away, like a tyrannosaurus was chasing after him.

It wasn’t until he was covered in cold sweat that he felt like he’d successfully escaped with his life.

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rotten latte
rotten latte
2 years ago

lol i really wanna see snow & anchun make out :;(∩´﹏`∩);:

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hahahaa kya~ my MC showing his little bit of strength kyah!~

3 years ago

In conclusion, the female had the power to kill a tyrannosaurus rex, and his strength was higher than the golden lion’s.

Awww, Zhao Xuan’s fooling around demoted his position to second strongest lol!

3 years ago

It’s not over for you tho.

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Kawaii Panda
3 years ago

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Xian Yi Xi
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MC strength OP’ness ………. i should just stop thinking.

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I forgot that MC is also Superman.

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And we love it