Chapter 11


Chapter 11

“How long will the salt last?” Zhou Yun Sheng carefully picked out the fishbones for his lover.

Because of his large bites, he’d inevitably get fishbones stuck in his throat. Although it was unlikely to injure him, he still felt uncomfortable.

Zhao Xuan growled fawningly while licking his lover’s wrists, very happy with his partner’s tenderness. This honeymoon trip was as great as he’d expected, he really gained a lot of happy and beautiful memories. If they could stay here forever, that would be fine.

“If we use it sparingly, it can last a least a month.” The male god and the golden lion didn’t eat the forest’s beasts, so they couldn’t supplement the salt with beast blood.

“Good, Xuan and I will go buy salt at the coast in two days.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded.

“But the merman tribe only accepts red crystals, no bartering. If we don’t have red crystals, they won’t give us salt. I heard the tribe’s elders say that the merman tribe’s warriors are very powerful. Not only are they the rulers of the sea, they can even grow legs to fight on land. They control a large number of salt fields, and all the land tribes have no choice but to buy salt from them. So, they have no shortage of red crystals for cultivation. Their warriors are all above level six, as strong as the Renault tribe.”

Xiao Anchun paused, then said in a low voice: “It’s difficult for two fists to resist four hands. No matter how powerful the big lion is, it can’t fight the entire merman tribe. You shouldn’t go to the coast. Let’s find another way, okay? I heard that you can also find salt on land, it’s in the ground.”

“No, Xuan and I already searched the area.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head.

Xiao Anchun’s face wilted.

Zhou Yun Sheng wasn’t worried, he waved his hand: “You don’t need to fuss over this matter. We have our ways. Just wait at home. Make sure you don’t leave Xuan’s territory after we leave.”

Xiao Anchun nodded obediently. He would’ve suggested that they send him to the Dada tribe in exchange for salt again, but the male god’s stern eyes made him back down. His heart felt both moved and troubled.

At this moment, a large, snow white tiger jumped out of the bushes, carrying a massive fish. He leaned down, bowing to the golden lion before slowly walking over to throw the fish onto the ground.

“Just in time.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved him over and pointed to Xiao Anchun. “Snow, this is Xiao Anchun. Can I bother you to take care of him after we leave? Don’t let other beasts take him away.”

The white tiger growled softly in agreement, reaching his head up to sniff at Xiao Anchun’s neck, as if memorizing his scent. Xiao Anchun didn’t dare move, he drew his neck in tightly, his head almost touching his chest, his timid appearance truly resembling a quail.

Zhou Yun Sheng chuckled inwardly, patting Xiao Anchun’s shoulder soothingly: “Don’t be scared, Snow’s a throwback beast. He has intelligence and thoughts, mentally, he’s essentially the same as us. You’ll get along well with him. If you have any troubles, you can ask him for help. He’ll understand.”

The Bayan tribe also had two throwback beasts, but because they were thoroughly ostracized, they usually slept on the outskirts. Only when the number of warriors in the hunting teams was short would they be called out, and even then, they were often used as cannon fodder. Xiao Anchun saw all this and felt sympathy. So, his acceptance for throwback beasts was naturally much higher than others.

He was instantly no longer afraid, he raised his head and smiled at Snow, taking hold of his big paw and shaking it up and down: “Nice to meet you. Since Snow is a friend of the male god and the big lion, that makes you my friend too. We’re a loving family.” Stranded in a strange world, his desire for friends and family had surpassed all other emotions, and he was willing to sacrifice everything for them.

Snow glanced at him like he was looking at a strange creature, but he nodded.

Getting a new friend’s recognition, Xiao Anchun seemed to receive a shot of adrenaline, quickly cleaning the fish the other party brought and meticulously roasting it over the fire. The fragrance of the roasted fish spread out, dripping fatty juices.

Snow’s nose twitched slightly, but his expression remained indifferent. When Xiao Anchun was finished roasting the fish, he had to enthusiastically invite him over to eat 3-4 times before he walked over. However, he still ate half of it in one gulp.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled. This man and beast, one was clumsy but endearing, the other was tsundere, but they unexpectedly got along quite well.

After breakfast, Xiao Anchun insisted on building a tree house. He didn’t want to wake up every morning to the sounds of the male god and the big lion mating. Forget about the embarrassment, he’d definitely become impotent sooner or later.

Zhao Xuan’s claws were very sharp, he could even cut rocks and metals into smooth blocks. It was trivial for him to cut a few pieces of wood. Snow was a descendant of the Ice Flame Tiger. His blood was very noble, and his abilities were naturally not bad. One claw could slash a big tree that would take four people to encircle. With these two beasts helping out, the tree house was built very quickly.

The next night, Xiao Anchun was able to sleep in the new house, especially since the male god helped him make a few pieces of furniture. For example, a bed, chairs, tables, etc., even a pair of chopsticks. Zhou Yun Sheng had been waiting for him to introduce these things, cause now they could also use them. The cave was cold and damp, not to mention it had a strange smell. It would get really uncomfortable if you had to live there for long. But building a house would violate interstellar law, even trying to improve the living conditions was illegal.

Fortunately, Xiao Anchun was recognized as a native under interstellar law. An indigenous person had already built a house, they were just following suit, okay? Zhou Yun Sheng quickly built a tree house for himself and the stupid lion. He worked hard for two days straight, then finally relaxed on the plank floors lined with soft moss.

With no more delays, the couple planned to set off for the coast the next day. After waking up in the morning and sliding down the tree house ropes, they found Xiao Anchun with a tear stained face, an obviously unhappy Snow standing behind him, and an unconscious male beastman on Snow’s back.

“Who’s this?” Zhou Yun Sheng frowned reflexively.

Zhao Xuan ran forward and walked two laps around Snow, leaning in to sniff the male beastman. Then he let out several uninterrupted sneezes while Snow looked on in schadenfreude.

Stinky, way too stinky, it reeks! Did this person fall into a latrine?

Xiao Anchun quickly explained: “He’s still alive. He’s Kuhn, my benefactor. When I first came here, I was almost eaten by a beast, but Kuhn rescued me and brought me to the Bayan tribe.”

“What happened to him?” Zhou Yun Sheng took out a piece of fish skin leather to help clean the stupid lion’s nose, then tenderly kissed his cheeks. A beast’s sense of smell was very keen, even he couldn’t stand Kuhn’s stench, not to mention the stupid lion. The most unfortunate one was Snow, who had to carry such a rancid smelling person on his back. It must be pretty tough.

Seeing Snow clearly ready to toss Kuhn away, Xiao Anchun quickly ran over and helped lower Kuhn to the ground. Covering him with a shark leather blanket to protect him from the cold.

“He was attacked by a giant porcupine a few days ago. The tribesmen covered his wounds with a thick layer of blood paste, and it’s already infected.” Xiao Anchun explained as he tore open the leaves wrapping the wounds, letting the male god examine it. He then explained what this “blood paste” was, making the male god expose a look like he was going to vomit.

“The Bayan tribe never supports males. Once a male is disabled to the point where he loses his hunting ability, they’ll throw him out into the forest to let him fend for himself. I think Kuhn was thrown away by them. He saved me once, I also want to save him.” The words fell, and Xiao Anchun looked at the male god with pleading eyes.

One more person didn’t matter, and if the other man had bad intentions, Snow could always just kill him. Zhou Yun Sheng shrugged, expressing his indifference.

As long as his lover approved, Zhao Xuan wouldn’t have an objection. He picked up a crocodile leather bundle and pulled his lover onto his back, ready to head to the coast. He was tired of the forest; it was time to go swimming and sunbathing. Of course, before he left, he didn’t forget to scatter some urine around his territory to freshen up his scent.

Xiao Anchun settled Kuhn down and followed them to the edge of the forest, stammering: “M-male god, c-could you let your husband scatter some urine on my loincloth too. So, even if I occasionally wander off with Snow we won’t have to worry about security.” The beasts in the forest treated the lion’s scent like a poisonous gas, immediately running away as soon as they smelled it, no exceptions.

The muscles in Zhao Xuan’s face twitched slightly, wishing that he could bite Xiao Anchun to death. He always thought that the other party was kindhearted and stupid, but in an endearing way. But as it turns out, he was pretty cunning.

Zhou Yun Sheng first stared blankly, then he palmed his forehead and burst into laughter, almost falling off the stupid lion’s back. When he saw the stupid lion’s melancholy expression, he slapped the back of his head and ordered: “Didn’t you hear? Hurry up, pee on him so we can leave.”

Xiao Anchun was overjoyed. He quickly pulled out a brand-new fish leather loincloth from the sack around his waist. He respectfully cupped his hands behind the golden lion’s buttocks, obviously prepared, continuing to flatter: “Everyone said that as long as you received the beast god’s blessings, you’d be able to freely enter and leave the forest, basically becoming invincible. Bullshit! I say, you just have to get some of Mr. Lion’s urine. My lord, you certainly must be the beast god’s reincarnation! You’re the strongest, the most powerful beast!”

Zhou Yun Sheng laughed hysterically. Zhao Xuan resisted his desire to tear Xiao Anchun to shreds, hurriedly squeezed out a little urine, and ran away.

Snow looked at the golden lion’s fleeing back, then looked at the ecstatic Xiao Anchun. Snorting coldly, he lifted his hind leg and aimed at the loincloth, sprayed a bigger amount of urine, then vanished without a trace.

Before the golden lion came, he used to be the king of this part of the forest.

Xiao Anchun, who was peed on from head to toe, really felt like bursting into tears.

Meanwhile, Kuhn, who was sleeping in the tree house, opened his eyes and stared at the wooden ceiling above his head.

A bird landed on the window sill and chirped, while a slice of sunlight fell on the bed, warming up Kuhn’s chilled skin.

Wasn’t I already thrown out? When I was being sent off, Addie cried so much. Did he return to save me? Kuhn was full of hope.

There was a loud noise outside, then someone pushed open a the door and walked in.

Kuhn stared at the door as it opened, his bright eyes gradually dimming, immediately filled with hatred. He would always remember this face. Who’d think that such a soft and pretty face concealed such a black heart. If it wasn’t for him scraping away Addie’s divine blood, how could he have fallen to the point of death?

“You again? Haven’t you hurt me enough?” He asked through clenched teeth.

The person who’d walked in was Xiao Anchun. After he saw the male god and the big lion off, he went searching for medicinal herbs. The big lion’s scent was incredible, the inner forest that he didn’t dare enter before was now a safe haven, it was a cake walk to collect the necessary herbs. Kuhn’s calf had already half rotted, revealing a big chunk of white bone, the muscles filled with pus and maggots. It needed to be cleaned and medicated as soon as possible.

Hearing Kuhn’s question, Xiao Anchun’s breath stopped slightly, and he hurriedly explained: “I’m not hurting you; I’m saving you.”

“If you hadn’t scraped away the divine blood, I would’ve already healed. Addie said that I became like this because I wasn’t treated in time. Xiao Anchun, what did I do to you to deserve this?” Kuhn looked away, his expression full of sorrow.

Xiao Anchun took in several deep breaths, managing to maintain a smile: “No matter what you’ve misunderstood, I don’t plan to explain. You’re dying right now, and there’s no more room for resistance, you have no choice but to let me work.”

He walked over and tied Kuhn’s hands and feet to the bedposts with leather he’d cut into thin strips. He cleaned the calf with boiled water, cut out the rotted flesh, and pounded numerous herbs into a paste, spreading it over the wounds and wrapping it up with breathable fish leather. Kuhn experienced unbearable pain, but he had no strength to struggle, so he could only growl angrily.

Xiao Anchun didn’t even glance at him. After treating the wound, he poured the remaining medicinal herbs into a tortoise shell and boiled it. Just now was external application, this was oral administration. These herbs could be used to reduce inflammation, but only Kuhn’s luck determined its effectiveness. He had already done his best.

The medicine was very bitter, it also had a terrible odor, and it was a turbid dark brown color. Kuhn stared at the medicinal juice in the wooden bowl, the loathing in his eyes growing deeper and deeper. It seemed that Xiao Anchun really wanted to poison him.

Xiao Anchun wasn’t concerned with his thoughts, he forced his jaw open and poured the medicinal juice into it. Then he covered him in a blanket and left silently. Sitting out on the spacious balcony, he stared at the vast green forest, and let out a long, helpless sigh.

If he hadn’t met the male god, the big lion, and Snow, he couldn’t imagine how lonely he would’ve been.

Snow strolled around the inner forest, noticing that it was midday, he ran back to the tree house. He roared, a huge paw pressing down on a still lively fish.

Xiao Anchun immediately understood what he wanted. The momentary depression dissipated, and he slipped down the rope ladder, off to prepare Snow’s lunch.



Snow- It’s actually Bai, or White. But I’m not calling the poor tiger Whitey. Idk why everyone has such weird names in this extra

Tsundere- if you wanna know the Chinese word for tsundere, it’s àojiāo

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The sun is there
The sun is there
3 months ago

XA’s medicine has bad odor and dark brown colour

Bayan people: This is surely a poison.

Addie’s blood paste has even more bad ordor and very dark brown colour

Bayan people: Divine Medicine!!


4 months ago

I could almost see in the future that he’s going to get betrayed after healing him

rotten latte
rotten latte
1 year ago

ahhhhh i ship snow & an chun!
our cutie boi deserve a tsundere snow lol!
i cant stop laughing when he was peed all over lol.
snow gets too jealous(´∀`)♡

2 years ago

Addie cried? Huh, didn’t expect that.

2 years ago
Reply to  Baldingère

they were faking im pretty sure

2 years ago
Reply to  lovlis

Crocodile tears.

Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
2 years ago

I vote for snow ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

2 years ago

Aww he finally has friends and family!

Xian Yi Xi
Xian Yi Xi
2 years ago

Are we getting our side couple/ship ? Snow X Anchuan ……. Fighting ✊

3 years ago

“But I’m not calling the poor tiger Whitey. Idk why everyone has such weird names in this extra“

This note made my day ???

The names may be weird but they’re in primitive society so they prob don’t have *surnames*. Chinese names are short in the first place, then you cut from the already short 2-3 syllables.

Though the translator knows more Chinese than me, I’m just saying extra.

If we change the names to Japanese, it doesn’t feel as weird since it’s >1 syllables and not logographic (kana), like Haku, Moku (Mu, assuming it’s “wood”), Kon/Magokoro.

3 years ago

Aojiao… Does that mean hot n cold literally?

3 years ago
Reply to  Raven

Somewhat… same as Japanese as it was loaned from it, “unfriendly yet warm-hearted”.