Chapter 10


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Chapter 10

The next day, ten females gathered in the valley under the cliff, eight of them were chattering excitedly, while two had bound hands.

They were Muhl and Xiao Anchun.

Because the sex ratio was out of balance, the males far outnumbered the females. So, the females lived very well regardless of which tribe they belonged too, since numerous males were ready and willing to take care of them.

In order to highlight the Bayan tribe’s sincerity, the selected females were very attractive. They were escorted to the Dada tribe by several male beastkin, all laughing and joking around, not looking the least bit homesick, a stark contrast to Xiao Anchun and Muhl’s gloominess.

As soon as it turned midday and the group found an open space to rest, Xiao Anchun blew the whistle. He thought that the whistle’s sound would be very loud, but in fact, no sound came out. It seemed to be a dead whistle?

Xiao Anchun felt a little nervous. His wrists were tied, but his fingers were unrestricted, he twisted the whistle this way and that way, blowing it over and over, but it remained silent.

I’m doomed, it really is a dead whistle! Was the male god that unreliable? He slapped his forehead in frustration and slumped against a tree trunk.

The male beastman who was responsible for escorting him saw him continuously blowing into a bamboo tube, but thinking that he was only playing around, he didn’t bother with it. Seeing that it was almost time to set off again, he cut the rope that connected Xiao Anchun to Muhl and brought Xiao Anchun to a nearby clearing.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Anchun saw the other man’s uncaring expression and reflexively clamped his legs. But the situation was worse than he’d imagined, the other man wasn’t planning to r*pe him, instead, he took out a coarse dagger and gestured to his lips.

“The old shaman doesn’t want you talking indiscriminately, so I’ve been ordered to cut off your tongue.” The beastman squeezed Xiao Anchun’s lower jaw, forcing his mouth open.

Xiao Anchun screamed “Ahhhhh, ahhhh” but the group resting nearby just looked at him curiously, no one thought to save him. There were even a few females who revealed gloating smiles. Only Muhl jumped up and tried to rush over, but some of the females knocked him down, punching and kicking. They’d obviously received instructions from Addie, who’d never let his love rival off easy.

Seeing the tip of the knife reaching into his mouth, slowly pressing against the base of his tongue, Xiao Anchun felt deep despair, closing his eyes and bracing for pain. But the pain he’d expected never came, instead, the man who was trying to hurt him slowly fell to the ground, his eyes unfocused, revealing the male god standing behind him.

Zhou Yun Sheng picked his ears, his expression very annoyed: “Only I and Xuan can hear the whistle, and it’s ear-splittingly loud. You blew it so much we almost went deaf.”

“Sorry male god, I didn’t know. Male god, you really came to save me, you’re my savior!” Xiao Anchun plopped down on his knees, hugging the male god’s long legs as he blubbered.

He was so moved that he could no longer form coherent sentences.

Zhou Yun Sheng kicked him away, worried that he would stain his leg with snot, and turned towards Zhao Xuan, who had already dealt with the other male beastkin. The eight females cowered together in a group, pleading with the golden lion not to eat them.

Zhao Xuan snapped the legs of the unconscious males then flicked his tail around his lover and pulled him up onto his back, ready to leave. Xiao Anchun absentmindedly wiped away his tears and snot, blindly following behind the two. From today on, he’ll be the male god’s follower.

“What will you do?” He whispered as he passed by the battered Muhl.

“I’ll take care of myself. You don’t have to worry about me.” Muhl glanced at the golden lion, his expression fearful. He wouldn’t recklessly follow such a ferocious beast, and he didn’t want to inconvenience Xiao Anchun. After all, it was not easy to survive in the wild. It was already a burden to bring along Xiao Anchun, they probably wouldn’t make it if he also tagged along.

Xiao Anchun didn’t persuade him. Asking was only in consideration of their unlikely comradery. He actually wasn’t qualified to ask the male god to also take Muhl along. He nodded and quickly left.

Muhl picked up a dagger one of the males had dropped, cut the rope binding him, and glanced at the weeping females before turning away with a sneer. With no male escort, this group must either continue to move forward, or return home. Either way, the possibility of encountering danger on the road was almost certain. The retaliation the Bayan tribe will receive for failing to deliver the females to the Dada tribe on time wasn’t even worth his considerations.

Xiao Anchun was like a small bird finally allowed to fly freely, endlessly fluttering around the golden lion, layering praise after praise on the male god. The golden lion grew very impatient, and let out a puff of breath into his face.

The muscles in Xiao Anchun’s face quivered, and he felt a light stinging. He hurriedly covered his mouth, expressing that he would be calm and quiet from now on. The group strolled back to the cave, catching a few fish for lunch on the way.

“Male god, from now on I’ll take care of all three meals.” Xiao Anchun slapped his chest while grilling the fish, then said in a wistful tone: “It’s too bad I have no way to get back all the treasures I left in my cave. I’d horded a lot of seasonings and vegetables. I still had a packet of salt ah.”

“I have some here. When we run out, we can go fetch some more.” After receiving a free chef, Zhou Yun Sheng was in a particularly good mood, tossing over a bundle of seasonings.

“The seasonings are easy to get, but what about the salt?” Seeing that there was only one packet of salt left, Xiao Anchun worriedly asked.

The tribe distributed salt, although it was a small portion, they had never gone without. Now that there was no tribe to supply it, where would they find salt? It was impossible for the big lion to safely reach the sea while protecting two burdens.

He realized that joining the male god and the big lion seemed to be causing them trouble. The big lion was more than enough to protect the male god, but adding one more person would be a little more difficult.

“Male god, please escort me to the Dada tribe tomorrow, ok? I didn’t mix well with the Bayan tribe, but that doesn’t mean I won’t fit in with the Dada tribe either. When I settle down, I can always provide you with salt.” Although beast blood could supplement for salt, the male god and the big lion never hunted the beasts in the forest. They were nobler than everyone in the tribe.

“You don’t need to go back. You’re so clumsy, any group you follow won’t be as beneficial as following me. Xuan and I will go to the coast to find salt in a few days. You stay here and look after the house. Don’t worry, Xuan has peed all around here. No beast would dare come over.” Zhou Yun Sheng quickly glanced at the stupid lion with a faint smile.

The stupid lion used his front paws to cover his face, his appearance quite silly.

He also didn’t want to pee everywhere, but it was such a strong instinct that he couldn’t resist.

Home, this is my home? Xiao Anchun also smiled foolishly. He spent the rest of the day in bliss, but when night fell, he began feeling nervous again, hesitating in front of the cave entrance.

“Male god, do I sleep with you in the cave?”

“Where else are you going to sleep?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow.

“Won’t I disturb you?” Xiao Anchun remembered that the golden lion was awfully spirited in the mornings. He was worried that he would witness a scene that he shouldn’t.

“Don’t worry about that, he’s been too excessive lately, he needs to relax for a few days.” Zhou Yun Sheng said while giving the stupid lion a quick kick.

Zhao Xuan howled, who knew whether it was from external pain or internal distress. But he didn’t dare rebel against his lover. He could only fawningly lick his lover’s instep.

Xiao Anchun quickly covered his eyes, not daring to meet the golden lion’s resentful gaze. He secretly vowed to build a tree house outside the cave, and move in as soon as possible.

Xiao Anchun thought that he wouldn’t be able to sleep in a new environment, but unexpectedly, he slept so peacefully that he drooled.

The next day, the low-pitched sound of the golden lion pleading roused him from sleep, soon followed by the male god’s pleasured moans. He immediately froze, not daring to move a muscle. In the meantime, there was the sound of creaking and flesh meeting flesh, which would make the imagination of anyone listening in run wild.

Xiao Anchun quietly gathered together his loincloth, covering his own reaction, his face burning in embarrassment. After staying like that for more than an hour, the activities finally ended, and he pretended to have just woken up, quickly bidding the pair good morning before sprinting out of the cave.

Zhou Yun Sheng’s cheeks were still flushed, his eyes glossy. At first glance, he clearly looked like someone who had been thoroughly ravaged. The lion held him in his bosom, covering him with his furry abdomen, preparing to nap.

“Will you die if you don’t do it for one day? Since becoming a lion, your brain capacity has clearly decreased, right? Next time you act up I’ll really cut your balls off.” Zhou Yun Sheng slouched into the stupid lion’s fur. Although his words were ruthless, his voice was still husky from the previous activities, so there wasn’t much intimidation behind it. On the contrary, it stirred Zhao Xuan up even more.

He growled softly, who knew whether it was an agreement or not. He leisurely licked his lover’s face, his front paws wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him deeper into his bosom.

One man and one beast were resting together, while Xiao Anchun was digging up sweet potatoes for breakfast. Worried that the golden lion couldn’t eat vegetarian food, he also roasted the left-over fish from yesterday.

The types of animals and plants on this beastman planet mostly coincided with earth, but the sizes were much bigger. Sweet potatoes on earth weighed one to two catties at most, anything bigger was difficult to find. But here, a sweet potato you randomly dug up would weigh at least 6kg, enough to eat for several days. The average size of the fish was also outrageous, ranging from a few kilograms to more than a hundred kilograms, heck, it wasn’t uncommon to find a fish that weighed a few tons.

The world was like this, yet the people of the Bayan tribe were still paranoid about not having enough food, Xiao Anchun had been completely baffled. But it wasn’t surprising, they never ate root vegetables or fish, only consuming a few wild fruits they’d deemed harmless and animal meat. This crude diet was horribly inefficient.

He thought of how he’d enriched their diets, and how he’d tried his best to watch over the health of the tribe’s elderly and children. But they never gave him any respect, instead, they’d planned to cut out his tongue and sell him off like used goods.

Why so much hatred? Why didn’t he know that he could inspire such hatred?

Xiao Anchun contemptuously stared into the fire, eventually letting out a small chuckle after hearing the big lion’s deafening snores. He picked up a huge tortoise shell, cleaned it out and used it to boil the diced sweet potatoes. When the male god got up, he could eat some sweet potato porridge. The male god never doubted his words. If he said it could be eaten, the male god wouldn’t hesitate to put it into his mouth. He also never forgot to praise him generously, his unreserved trust made Xiao Anchun feel very happy.

In contrast, every time he brought new ingredients to the Bayan tribe, they’d beat around the bush for ages, and also made sure to grab some beasts to test it on them, making sure it wasn’t poisonous before allowing the females to pick it. They were obviously treating him like a threat.

Bah! Recalling those days, Xiao Anchun spat into the fire.

Half an hour later, the smell of breakfast floated into the cave, rousing Zhou Yun Sheng and Zhao Xuan. One man and one beast emerged, first walking over to the stream to wash up, then collect water into a bamboo tube before heading back.

As usual, Zhao Xuan sprayed some urine along the creek, and roared at the sky, showing off his Beast King majesty. After hearing the howls of the forest beasts acknowledging his rulership, he turned around and rushed over to his lover, baring his sharp white teeth in a grin, his expression proud.

Sure enough, his brain capacity has decreased. The only thing he has in his skull is sperm and muscle. Zhou Yun Sheng snickered inwardly, but his face showed an admiring expression, making the stupid lion feel even more proud.

Xiao Anchun now no longer felt that this man and beast coupling was perverted.

When thinking of the male god and the golden lion, besides admiration, only the adjectives ‘perfect match’ and ‘natural pair’ popped up in his mind. Seeing them walking over, he quickly pulled out small bamboo bowls, ladled porridge for the male god, and placed the big lion’s grilled fish on clean banana leaves.

Two men and one beast enjoyed breakfast under the warm morning sun, life couldn’t be more leisurely.



Clumsy – chǔn- meaning stupid, sluggish, clumsy. It’s the same stupid in stupid lion. Calling XA stupid felt too harsh, but yes ZYS is calling him an idiot.

Home, this is my home – ZYS said to look after the jiā, which means home, family, etc. So XA feels touched that he’s part of the family. But ‘stay here and look after the home’ is an awkward sentence in English, so I left it as house.

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Kawaii Panda
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Kawaii Panda
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*sigh* I dont like him anymore ?

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Yea only sperm and muscle left ?

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Xian Yi Xi
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Every arc i see a new side of ML and this arc was no exception.

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Blue Wine
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