FOD Chap 15.1 Cuckold Emperor


Chapter 15.1 Cuckold Emperor

Zhou Yun Sheng choked on the restoration liquid when he woke up, while coughing, he crawled out of the induction cabin. This time, he was unconscious for 27 hours, and the medical staff kept guard of him at all times.

“There’s progress, but I need to go in again a few more times.” He quickly dressed, ignoring the anxious Marshal and Generals and heading for Orr Assai’s ward.

“What are you doing?” Jeram Assai was bent over, fiddling with Orr’s medical apparatus. He seemed to be especially interested in the ventilator, staring at the readings for quite a long time. Zhou Yun Sheng walked in with a gloomy expression, pulled away the chair by the bedside and sat down.

“Who are you?” Jeram asked in reply.

“You don’t need to know.” Zhou Yun Sheng pushed the door open and called over a passing nurse, “Move my induction cabin to this ward.”

The higher ups had already explained, they had to meet all the ‘martyr’s requirements, so the nurse didn’t question him, they quickly informed the superiors and had his induction cabin moved over. Then they installed monitoring equipment in every corner of the room, and assigned medical personnel to watch over him for 24 hours shifts. Jeram was caught unprepared by this unexpected event, he pretended to chat casually with the soldier in charge of protection before leaving.

Zhou Yun Sheng used taking a break as an excuse to get rid of the crowd of people, then he took off his stud earring and embedded it in Orr Assai’s earlobe. His movements were very slight of hand, from the monitor it just looked like he was touching General Orr’s temple, and although this action was very intimate, it was not outrageous. The EEG issued a lively sound, and with it, Orr’s fingers started trembling, a sure sign of brain recovery. Zhou Yun Sheng took back his earring and waved to the monitor, “Ready, I want to re-enter the Star Network.”

“So fast? You only rested for an hour.” The doctor frowned at his wrist watch.

“Everyone is suffering, I have no right to rest. Let’s go.”

The young man’s devotion to humanity moved the experts, they looked at him with reddening eyes as he re-entered the induction cabin.

Because of the Queen’s data regression and disorder phenomenon, Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t know which reincarnation he was about to enter, so he left some energy in 008 to use in critical situations. Before he could open his eyes, the faint smell of ambergris entered his nose. Someone was fanning him, slowly producing a cool breeze.

“Your majesty the Emperor, are you awake? Then please get up and have a meal.” After seeing his curled eyelashes tremble slightly, a warm and gentle voice whispered in his ears.

Emperor? Zhou Yun Sheng quickly recalled the times he was an emperor, then focused on the familiar voice of the woman to clarify the context of the world. Very good, last life he was a cuckold bastard for eight-years, this life he could finally collect on this debt. He opened his bright, black eyes and looked at the woman kneeling by his seat, as expected, she had a familiar, devastatingly beautiful face.

This was his favorite concubine, no, she should be called this world’s consciousness and the villain system’s beloved daughter of fate – Zhao Bi Xuan. Judging by her tender facial features and luxurious robes, this time period should be her first year canonized as an Imperial Consort, meaning, she was 16 years old. 16 years old, still a child in modern times, but here, she had already lived in the palace’s harem for three years. In the first year, because she didn’t want to become the Emperor’s pet she angered him, and was consigned to the Cold Palace. She spent the second year in the Cold Palace deep in reflection. In the third year, she rose vigorously to counterattack, relying on her resplendent beauty and gentle and charming personality to become the pet of the Sixth Palace, eventually giving birth to the Second Prince for the Emperor.

Zhou Yun Sheng was the supreme ruler of this Da Qi Empire, and Zhao Bi Xuan’s husband. He was gay, he only liked manly men, not women, it was impossible for him to sincerely love Zhao Bi Xuan. But he was helpless to the villain system, which constantly gave him tasks to dote on Zhao Bi Xuan, making him repeatedly raise her in rank. After the successful birth of the Second Prince, she was promoted to the highest ranked Imperial Consort, and bestowed the honorific Hui Yi, in charge of governing the Sixth Palace on behalf of the Emperor. If the first heir passes away, she could immediately be at the top of the pyramid.

Who knew how many harem women hated her to the bone, but because of Zhou Yun Sheng’s protection, no one could touch her.

“Arrange the meals.” Zhou Yun Sheng slid off the couch and changed his clothes. This body was named Qi Yi Ning, 27 years old this year. As seen in the bronze mirror, he had flying sword eyebrows, a face like crown jade, matchless handsomeness, and because of a childhood filled with martial arts, a strong and flexible body, with pecs, abs, and V line. When he was younger, the Old Emperor used to humorously call him Da Qi’s First Beauty, he always doted on him, and even raised his rank, fostering him to the then Empress, the current Empress Dowager. Zhou Yun Sheng dropped into this body after three years of Zhao Bi Xuan residing in the palace, looking at Zhao Bi Xuan’s luxurious robes and magnificent bedchamber, the body seemed to have fulfilled its tasks well.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised his arms to allow Zhao Bi Xuan to help him fasten his belt, and asked lightly, “Cheng-er?”

“He just drank his milk, and is sleeping. If Your Majesty wants to see him, I’ll have the wet nurse bring him over.” Zhao Bi Xuan didn’t intend to wake up the child, she was just humbly offering. If it was the past, the Qi Yi Ning who was extravagantly doting and indulgent with the mother and child would wave his hand and refuse the offer, but unexpectedly, he accepted today, “Bring him over.”

Zhao Bi Xuan’s eyes flashed as she dispatched a maid to the side chamber, a moment later, the wet nurse stepped over the threshold carrying the crying child, and immediately kneeled to beg forgiveness for accidentally waking up the little prince.

“No harm done, let me hold him.” Zhou Yun Sheng took the less than a year old Second Prince into his arms, gently patting his red cheeks. The child’s facial features were very similar to his own, when he grew up, he would definitely be just as extraordinarily handsome, and an outstanding young ruler, but unfortunately, his body was flowing with another man’s blood.

Yes, this child was not Zhou Yun Sheng’s. If she hadn’t accidentally gotten pregnant while in the Cold Palace, why would this haughty Zhao Bi Xuan get off her high horse long enough to seduce him? The Second Prince’s biological father was not a stranger, it was Zhou Yun Sheng’s younger half-brother, the Empress Dowager’s son, Gong Prince Qi Jin Yu. If the Old Emperor hadn’t died when Qi Jin Yu had just turned two years old, who could say whether or not this throne would’ve been given to Qi Yi Ning. Although he was adopted by the Empress Dowager, his birth mother was only a minor, lower ranked concubine. She died in childbirth, her maternal home was not prominent, and her status was not high.

Because he was close to the Empress Dowager from childhood, he was easy to control, so the Empress Dowager conspired with her maternal home, Jing Guo Duchy, to push him onto the throne. But Qi Yi Ning had only been playing dumb, within three years, he freed himself of the Empress Dowager’s control and became Da Qi’s Emperor in reality as well as in name. With his position and power, adding a romantic affair to the mix seemed natural, therefore, when Zhou Yun Sheng arrived, under the villain system’s control, Qi Yi Ning madly rushed onto the foolish path of ‘Loving the beauty over the country’. It wasn’t until the Gong Prince captured and beheaded him did he learn how he’d lived half his life as a cuckold bastard.

Although he only loved Zhao Bi Xuan because of the system’s threat, what man could withstand this humiliation? This time, Zhou Yun Sheng would definitely finish off this dog woman. Dark thoughts clouding his heart, he soothed the fussing child more gently.

Zhao Bi Xuan was all smiles watching the “father and son” pair, she seemed very pleased.



Cuckold bastard for eight-years –七八年烏龜王八. The best translation I could think of.

Hui Yi- Bright Harmony

Duchy- My westernization of 公府-Gong Fu, Gong is the equivalent to Duke, Fu is official residence. I do the same for Marquess- 侯-Hou, and March- 侯府-Hou Fu. I thought the titles would get too confusing if I left them untranslated.


Yes I know it’s late. This is why I don’t like giving dates, shit happens in life. I’ll post when I post, I have no schedule, stop asking.

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Nothing Unicorn
4 months ago

I hope everything would turn better for you translator.

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I pray to all the gods that the ML is not the little prince because anything can happening , because the author commented on the fact that he was not related by blood 😭🙏🏼

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Uh oh

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Well he can easily sense the ML’s presence so it’s definitely not the child lol

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