FOD Chap 14.7


Chapter 14.7

Zhou Yun Sheng changed his clothes and went back to the dining room, before he could sit down he saw the young man who’d handled the traitor for Xue Yan last night walk in with a warm smile, followed by the frightened looking steward. From the words the two exchanged, this person was Xue Yan’s most trusted aide, Xue Lao Si. Xue Jing Yi had already been called back to her room by the steward, so the man wouldn’t be suspicious.

“Jing Yi, have you had breakfast?” Xue Lao Si greeted happily.

“I have not, have you?” Zhou Yun Sheng picked up a piece of toast.

“I’ve eaten, but Yan Ye hasn’t eaten, he sent me to pick you up to accompany him for breakfast. Are you available?” Xue Lao Si smiled and plucked away the boy’s toast, pushing it into his own mouth.

Zhou Yun Sheng pretended to look at the butler with a nervous expression.

The steward had already received Xue Rui’s order, he smiled and said, “Go up and change your clothes.”

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded and followed behind the steward. Xue Lao Si casually walked into the kitchen, took out a bottle of strawberry jam, and layered it onto his toast, seemingly uninterested.

“The one Yan Ye wants to see is the Miss, but the Miss is too sick to leave the house, so you must replace the Miss and pay Yan Ye a visit. Don’t let him find out your true identity. Yan Ye is very hot tempered, you will face serious consequences if you annoy him. I’m sure you witnessed it last night.” The steward threatened between words.

Zhou Yun Sheng knew what this family was all about, if you allowed them to use you once, they would treat your obedience and concession as a matter of course, mercilessly squeezing you for your last drop of surplus value. Only such people could raise a monster like Xue Zi Xuan; and they’re the reason pure and kind Xue Jing Yi could easily go astray after just a little misleading.

His sneered inwardly while pretending to be frightened.

The steward was very satisfied with his cowardice, he pulled out a white crop shirt and skinny jeans from the closet, and helped him pick a pair of white sandals.

“Good, go on, remember not to let Yan Ye find out your identity.” The butler pushed him out of the room and repeatedly warned him.

Zhou Yun Sheng obediently promised.

Xue Lao Si had already finished a plate full of strawberry jam toast and was elegantly wiping his mouth with a napkin, seeing the two men walking downstairs, he gathered himself up, gripped the boy’s hand, and unceremoniously left.

“Look at the time, why haven’t you had breakfast yet? You should pay more attention to your health.” Zhou Yun Sheng walked into the dining room and unceremoniously pulled out and sat down in the seat beside Xue Yan’s chair. He looked over the dining table, then dropped some steamed dumplings into the other man’s plate.

“Is there congee?’ I’d like some fish congee.” He asked while passing the sauce, his attitude like he’d cohabitated with Xue Yan for ten years, not showing the slightest bit of the Xue family’s cautiousness and timidity.

Turns out he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, no wonder Xue Yan fell for him. Xue Lao Si pondered as he sat opposite the two, then he dragged two steamed dumplings into his own hand.

Zhou Yun Sheng shot him a quick glance. Xue Yan immediately knew what he was thinking, he smiled and said, “He can eat for 8 people a day. His family threw him to me because they couldn’t afford to feed him.”

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled openly and dipped a dumpling in a bit of sauce, placed it in his lover’s bowl, then went into the kitchen for the congee.

As he walked away, Xue Lao Si was astonished, “You’ve really only known each other for three days? Why do you seem like you’ve known each other for three decades? Even an old couple doesn’t get along so well.”

Xue Yan concentrated on eating his buns, not paying him any attention. In fact, he didn’t have a habit of eating breakfast, it was just an excuse to bring the boy over, but if he was very worried about his health, he could try to change, after all, they were going to be together. Counting today, they had only met three times, so it should be too early to make such a commitment, but he’d already subconsciously decided that the boy would be his life partner.

When he turned eighteen, he would marry him, and hand him half of the Xue Clan. Thinking of this, Xue Yan exposed a gentle smile, making Xue Lao Si choke on his food in fright.

Zhou Yun Sheng walked out carrying a tray of three bowls of fish congee.

“Thank you, big sis.” Xue Lao Si smiled mischievously and reached for a bowl of congee.

“Big sis huh, when are we getting married?” Zhou Yun Sheng stirred his congee, his attitude light and frank, like acknowledging the inevitable. Xue Lao Si choked on his mouthful of congee, almost coughing out his spleen.

Just what I was thinking, is this two hearts beating as one? Xue Yan chuckled and pulled the boy in for a kiss, then said softly, “As soon as you turn eighteen.”

“That’s still two years, so long.” Zhou Yun Sheng put down his spoon and sighed, provoking more laughter from Xue Yan, who pulled him into his arms for an embrace. He liked the boy’s eagerness and directness, and liked having him look at him as if he was the only one in the world worthy of his focus.

Being loved by him was the greatest blessing.

Xue Lao Si covered his eyes, inwardly sighing for Yan Ye this love struck fool.

After breakfast, Xue Yan brought the boy back to his bedroom. The villa had an elevator and many wheelchair ramps, allowing him to move around at ease.

“When are you leaving the Xue house?” He steered the wheelchair to the closet.

“Soon.” Zhou Yun Sheng sat cross-legged on the bed.

“How long will it take for ‘soon’?” Xue Yan opened his closet and removed a set of brand new casual clothes, tossing them to the boy, “Put that on, you shouldn’t wear female clothes all day. Your jeans are so tight, don’t you feel uncomfortable?” As soon as the boy had walked in he’d noticed how his jeans tightly wrapped his long legs and made his butt stick out more.

Although the Xue family’s girl looked exactly like him, their temperament and mannerisms were completely different, did they really think that he wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between them after the exchange? Putting a priceless treasure and a piece of rubble together, he’d have to be blind to take the rubble and discard the treasure.

Zhou Yun Sheng swiftly replaced his clothes and sighed in relief, “Finally some normal clothes, feels good.”

Xue Yan couldn’t help but laugh, reaching out to smack his ass. Zhou Yun Sheng stepped over to straddle his waist, and began nipping at the other man’s lips like a greedy cat. The two immediately fell into a fiery tangle.

Feeling his lover’s enthusiastic reaction, Zhou Yun Sheng slid down to unbuckle his belt and lower his head, then cleaned them both up with a paper towel after his lover’s low roar of release.

“Bath?” He asked hoarsely.

“Good.” Xue Yan sensed the hidden meaning in his hot eyes, and that satiated place quickly starting to stand back up.

Zhou Yun Sheng heated the water, took off Xue Yan’s clothes, and picked him up and brought him into the bathtub, his effortless carry shocking Xue Yan. Catching a glimpse of his lover’s astonishment, Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow, “What’s so shocking, I’m also a man.”

The two people fooled around in the bathtub for more than an hour before they reluctantly separated. The walls and floor was covered in foam, and even the towels were soaked. Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t bother drying himself off, he fished his lover out of the tub and carried him to his wheelchair, helping him wipe down with a towel, then carried him to the bed, covered him with the quilt, kissed him and said, “Wait a moment, I’ll be right back.”

He walked back into the bathroom, changed his clothes, and walked out holding a hair dryer.

Xue Yan leaned against the headboard and watched him quietly.

After plugging in the hair dryer and blowing each other’s hair, Zhou Yun Sheng helped his lover into a bathrobe, then finally sat cross- legged in front of him and sighed, “Actually, I think this is nice.”

“What’s nice?” Xue Yan grabbed his ankle and dragged him into his bosom.

“This is nice.” Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to his immobile legs and smiled, “Wherever you can’t go, I can put you into my pocket and carry you. I can take care of you for a lifetime, no, into the next life, and the next life after that, no matter who you are, I’ll always love you.”

Xue Yan’s eyes darkened, he suddenly rolled over and pressed the boy down, mercilessly kissing his incomparably sweet lips. The vows of the youth were often impulsive, but he knew that his baby wasn’t so frivolous. He really didn’t care about his disability, he would be happy to take care of him for a lifetime.

He spoke plainly, the affection in his eyes indescribable.

“Baby, I love you.” He bit the boy’s red lips and confessed.

Zhou Yun Sheng gave him a brilliant smile.

While Xue Lao Si was directing the movers to bring the newly-purchased piano into the living room, Xue Yan was sitting on the sofa fiddling with a laptop, and the boy was hugging his legs, nesting in the crook of his arms, chatting idly. He said something amusing and Xue Yan chuckled, the he printed a kiss on the boy’s forehead, their intimate atmosphere even richer than this morning.

“Yan Ye, where do you want the piano?” Xue Lao Si pinched his jaw, feeling his teeth about to rot and fall out from the excessive lovey-dovey-ness. He would’ve never guessed that the hot tempered King of Hell had such a gentle side.

“Empty out the room next to my study and decorate it into a piano room.” Xue Yan responded without lifting his head.

But Zhou Yun Sheng jumped off the sofa and walked up to the piano, fondly stroking it and testing the keys. Xue Yan felt his arms empty, and his expression couldn’t help but chill.

Xue Lao Si quickly pushed the boy away from the piano and said, “The elevator is too narrow, we can’t move it up that way, so I’ll have the movers hang it up from the balcony. Please step aside, be careful not to get bumped.”

Zhou Yun Sheng returned to Xue Yan’s side and pulled his head in for a quick nibble.


Xue Zi Xuan waited until eight o’clock before finally seeing Xue Lao Si’s car drive up the garden. He immediately walked out onto the porch, staring at the car blankly.

The boy opened the passenger door and jumped out, but was pulled back in by a big hand, so he had to lean over on the car window as he listened to what the person inside was telling him. The voice was too far away for Xue Zi Xuan to hear clearly, but he vaguely heard ‘tomorrow’, ‘together’, ‘baby’ and other words. They were meaningless apart, but the intimate and gentle tone was unmistakable.

Xue Zi Xuan stepped forward and firmly pulled the boy behind him, then dully said, “It’s late, Yan Ye should get home soon.”

Xue Yan glanced at him with gloomy eyes.

Zhou Yun Sheng stuck his head out from behind Xie Zi Xuan and waved, “Uncle, see you later.” His tone was very proper and well-behaved, but he puckered his lips to blow out a kiss.

Even Xue Lao Si smiled, let alone the love struck Xue Yan. His cold face instantly softened, then he chuckled and waved, “See you tomorrow, remember, you have to join me for breakfast.”

When the car drove away, Xue Zi Xuan gripped the boy’s wrist and asked, “Didn’t I say to stay far away from him? Why won’t you listen?”

“But, but the butler told me I had to.” Zhou Yun Sheng lowered his head and stammered.

Xue Zi Xuan’s anger instantly dissipated, he pulled him into a hug and comforted, “I’ll talk to Fu Bo, you won’t have to go there anymore.”

“Thank you, big brother.” Zhou Yun Sheng obediently nodded, then tentatively grabbed the hem of the other man’s shirt.

Big brother? This address was so intimate and warm, Xie Zi Xuan couldn’t help but chuckle.

Xue Jing Yi was standing at her window, staring at the two figures almost glued together in the darkness, her face twisted in chilling hatred.

That night, Xue Zi Xuan and Xue Rui had a fierce quarrel, and the two of them walked out the door with livid expressions. Zhou Yun Sheng was not interested in listening to the contents of their quarrel, so he went to bed early.

Xue Zi Xuan was powerless to stop Xue Yan from taking the boy away, because his father was the culprit who’d sold the boy off in the first place. He was made profoundly aware of his own incompetence in the things that really mattered, and became more and more uncommunicative, sitting in front of the piano whole days, his dejected and mad eyes alarming.

But when the boy returned home and sat beside him to play the piano together, the loneliness and indifference that lingered around him was swept away, and he smiled like a carefree little boy.

Seeing him caring more and more about the boy each day, clearly deeply attached, Xue Jing Yi’s heart twisted in distress.



Big sis- 嫂子- Saozi – Sister-in-law

Love struck fool- 老房子著火 – Old house on fire, idiom – unsavable.

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8 months ago

Actually, i think zi xuan is not entirely wrong?
He’s just didn’t get enough love. Mysophobia. And music fanatic.

The thing that he did wrong… in the last life.. that i know… it’s only closing the piano cover while the mc was playing?

Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
Zhou Yun Sheng ❤
1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Hmmm well he’s pitiful but it won’t change the fact that he’s involved

1 month ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I can’t help but feel bad about it, it has ml potential!

8 months ago

I honestly dont understand how some readers are liking this brother??!
Did ya’ll forget how he treated him before and in the last life when Yun Sheng was controlled by the system?! The Xue family are all murderers they brought a helpless young child to slaughter him to sacrifice him for their daughter??? Who tf gave them the right to choose who should live and who should not… Jingyi is equally cruel… and the brother ugghh he didn’t even stop the previous life and this life he would’ve done the same if Yun Sheng had no music skills! I understand his love for music but thats plain creepy…

8 months ago
Reply to  Kanaoshi

And how can you even say that the brother’s love for Yunsheng is the same as our ML because he wouldn’t love Yun sheng if not for his abilities!!!!!! Gosh… he literally is a string of data who started having feelings for YunSheng since the first arc and has been following him around having feelings!! How do you top that?! Cant be compared sorry… I absolutely feel NO sympathy with this brother or anyone from the Xue family…
YunSheng and our ML are the best !!!

8 months ago
Reply to  Kanaoshi


I regret saying whatever i said against Zi Xuan!!!! M sorry 😭😭😭😭😭😭

8 months ago
Reply to  Kanaoshi

I knew you’ll regret it

Last edited 8 months ago by Oldvine
4 months ago
Reply to  Kanaoshi

Yeah, he even get together with FL because of music lol

11 months ago

Damn I’m feeling sorry for the brother BUT mc and the lover boy has been together for 10 thousand years. He never stood a chance even if he wish for a next life *sigh*

9 months ago
Reply to  chihakuuu

Maybe in an alternate universe! 😉

11 months ago

honestly i am gonna feel a little sorry for the bro, but depends on what he does later.
He can’t control his lack of emotions, music is what gives him release, ofc he’s gonna be obsesses with it.
And even if he only cared about mc’s music abilities first, that doesn’t mean his love (as of now) isn’t genuine or more than that. That’s like saying the ml wouldn’t have fallen in love with mc if not for his abilities (because that was one of the main reasons why mc got ml’s attention)

11 days ago
Reply to  lovlis

What matters is if they still love MC even if he in the future loses his ability. ML still loves him no matter how bad he is (especially during xianxia arc). Idk about this Xue bro.