FOD Chap 14.6


Chapter 14.6

When he stepped out in his outfit, Zhou Yun Sheng’s whole body felt uncomfortable. In order to cover up his gender, Xue Li Dani originally intended for him to wear a very conservative dress, preferably wrapping him up from head to toe. But she only saw him as a heart container for her daughter, how could she have the patience to take care of him? So she had just casually turned over the fashion catalogue that the store had sent over, pointed to a pure white, high-necked, long sleeved, flowy dress and said, “This.”

She’d only glanced at the front picture of the model, she didn’t know that if she’d turned over to the back photo on the second page, she would’ve seen that although it was a very conservative dress from the front, the behind was very open back. Not to mention the shoulder blades and vertebrae, even the top part of the butt cleft was exposed, irresistible sex appeal.

It was not until Zhou Yun Sheng had changed into the dress that he finally noticed the designer’s ‘special feature’, then his face turned green. However, the family couldn’t find a second dress for him, and it was too late to go out and buy one, so they could only muddle through it.

Now, the culprit even had the face to ask him if he couldn’t remember his own sex, he immediately mocked, “If uncle hadn’t specified ‘dress exquisitely to attend’ on the invitation, would I have to wear this?” This person had done it on purpose.

Xue Yan chuckled, “I didn’t think they’d pick out such sexy clothes for you, not bad, I’m very satisfied.” His palm ran along his spine and slowly slid into the gully, where the skin was particularly delicate and soft, the flexible flesh wrapped around his fingertip, like it was sucking him in.

He swallowed a few times, then hoarsely said, “You’re so clever in front of me, very observant, why do you pretend to be stupid in front of Xue family?”

Zhou Yun Sheng was already unsteady in his high heels, with the man’s intentional or unintentional teasing, his legs turned to jelly. He planted half his butt on the man’s wheelchair arm, to avoid humiliatingly falling limp to the ground.

Xue Yan grabbed his waist, assuming a possessive posture, then let his bodyguard light a cigar for him before slowly opening, “Do you know that Xue Jing Yi is suffering from congenital heart disease?”

They say that serious men were the sexiest, but Zhou Yun Sheng felt that smoking men were even sexier. He hadn’t seen his lover’s twisted brows as he spit out smoke for a long time, so he felt the relief and delight of travelling back and forth for numerous years before finally returning home.

He wasn’t paying attention to what the man was saying, he just nodded absent-mindedly.

“If Xue Jing Yi can’t find a suitable heart transplant, she’ll only live to 25. In the whole of China, you’re the only person who can provide her a heart.”

“Oh?” Zhou Yun Sheng was still absent-minded.

“This is the reason why Xue Rui adopted you into Xue family, kill you so his daughter can live.” Xue Yan severely sucked on his cigar, his expression cold. He could understand Xue Rui’s anxiousness to cure his daughter, but he could pick a thousand, choose ten thousand, he still wasn’t allowed to pick his baby.

“Ay, I got it.” Zhou Yun Sheng absentmindedly responded.

Xue Yan noticed that he was somewhat out of it, he raise his eyebrows, “Got it? That’s your answer? Weren’t you listening to me?” He’d thought the boy would be trembling in fright, maybe even hide in his arms to seek protection, then he could naturally take him under his wings.

But at the moment, the boy’s reaction was completely different from his imagination.

“I wasn’t listening.” Zhou Yun Sheng frankly confessed.

Xue Yan scowled and pinched his butt.

Zhou Yun Sheng almost groaned, his cheeks flushing light pink, he softly said, “I’m not interested in Xue family’s rotten schemes.”

“You don’t have any interest in your own life? So what are you interested in?”

“What I’m interested in right now is what it’d taste like if you kissed me with your cigar smoking mouth. I guess it’ll be like bungee jumping from the edge of a volcanic crater into boiling magma, the hot, scalding feeling and my throbbing heartbeat would make me happy enough to die.” After reincarnating for so many years, Zhou Yun Sheng’s sweet-talk skill was already full, and he only spoke his true feelings, nothing to be shy about.

As soon as he’d seen his lover, he’d felt a strong desire to take him to bed, which was not superficial lust or desperation, but the most direct manifestation of his love for him.

Although Xue Yan had experienced countless storms, he couldn’t help but redden from the boy’s flirtation, his previous dissatisfaction swept away by irrepressible joy. He wanted to immediately pull the boy into his arms and taste his sweet lips, but he hesitated after reaching out.

Here was clearly not the best place for this. The attitude when dealing with someone precious was not to parade them obscenely in public, but add them to your collection, so other people couldn’t discover their uniqueness and beauty.

Taking a deep breath, Xue Yan pushed the boy away with all his restraint.

“Why didn’t you kiss me?” Zhou Yun Sheng knew what he was thinking, while he was secretly delighted, he couldn’t help but tease him.

“Behave, now is not the right time.” Xue Yan gently massaged the boy’s sexy back dimples.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled, noticed a waiter walking by, and immediately beckoned him for two glasses of red wine, but Xue Yan timely stopped, “No alcohol yet. Get him a glass of milk, warm.”

A cup of warm milk was sent over. Zhou Yun Sheng kicked off his high heels and slowly sipped, letting out a comfortable sigh. Red wine and milk were his two favorite drinks, his lover never failed to remember what he liked.

Xue Yan stared at his profile, his eyes revealing gentle love that even he himself didn’t notice. He took out his handkerchief to help the boy wipe his mouth, then asked in a low voice, “You already knew why Xue Rui brought you back?”

“Obviously. They all think I’m an idiot, but in fact, I’m a genius.” Zhou Yun Sheng noticed Xue Zi Xuan staring at him and gave him a cute smile.

Xue Zi Xuan immediately put down his glass and strode towards him, but Xue Li Dani pulled him back, shoving him into a group of debutants.

Xue Yan coldly glanced at the other man’s back.

“If you want to leave, remember to tell me.” He said in a heavy voice. The teenager was completely different from his imagination. He was not a lamb thrown to the wolves, but a beast in sheep’s clothing. Dormant in the darkness, observing his prey with amusement, watching them perform all kinds of amusing ticks, not hesitating to launch an attack after he was tired of playing.

He hid his tough heart under a slender and soft appearance.

The more he understood the boy, the more fascinated Xue Yan felt. He felt that he would never find a second person more suitable for him, even if he searched the whole world.

“Then give me your phone number.” Zhou Yun Sheng immediately climbed the pole.

Xue Yan affixed his lips to his ear and whispered a string of numbers.

Zhou Yun Sheng silently memorized it, then pointed to his legs and asked, “How did you get like this, can you still be cured?”

“I got into a car accident when I was younger. So what if it can or can’t be treated? Do you really mind it?” Xue Yan’s eyes darkened for a moment, his arms around the boy’s waist unconsciously tightening.

The nearby bodyguards glanced at the boy with particular pity. He could chose to talk about any topic, but insists on bringing up the boss’s legs, was the boy deliberately trying to make him unhappy?

“I was just thinking, if it can’t be treated then we can’t use a lot of positions. But it doesn’t matter, I’ll study carefully after I get back home, I’ll find some solutions.” Zhou Yun Sheng nodded earnestly. In fact, he personally liked riding, so this position would be used in the future quite frequently.

Xue Yan spent a minute to digest the tremendous amount of information hidden in his simple words, his lower body tenting at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The eavesdropping bodyguards almost choked on their saliva, praising the boy’s passion. They’ve seen proactiveness, but never to such an extent. Yet it didn’t seem like frivolous wantonness, the boy looked earnest to an adorable extent. Such pure enthusiasm, it’ll probably take a hundred years to run into another one, look, even the boss can’t hold back.

Just do it! This was not only the voice of the bodyguards, but also Xue Yan’s internal voice. He patiently held back his desire to strip the boy on the spot and eat him up him.

He pressed his palm to his face, uttering a helpless sigh. It was a mistake to invite him to attend a banquet today. He should’ve sent someone to tie him directly to his bed.

Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow, staring at his lover’s huge tent with a peculiar look, slowly stirring the cup of milk in his hand.

“What are you thinking?” Xue Yan found himself unable to keep up with the ​​boy’s thoughts, and perhaps this would go on forever. He was a deep treasure, repeated digging would reveal pleasant surprises, of course, there were some startling surprises.

“I was thinking about throwing this glass of milk on you, so I can accompany you back to your room for a change of clothes. Some people concluded online that it’s a melodramatic and cliché hook-up trick, but I’m starting to think it’s very practical.” Zhou Yun Sheng sipped his milk, his expression very well-behaved, his words extremely wicked.

A bodyguard was unable to hold it in, he turned his head and coughed.

Xue Yan felt that his heart and self-control were being unprecedentedly tested. What was a temptress? This was a real temptress. He really wanted to tear the boy’s dress to pieces, regardless of the location, regardless of the time, and mercilessly push him down, frantically taking him, making his lovely and hateful little mouth unable to make any other sound except passionate moaning.

Zhou Yun Sheng spent half a minute to consider things, then tilted his cup, but at this time, a haggard looking middle-aged man suddenly appeared in the rest area, he knocked into him (splash!) then kneeled at Xue Yan’s feet.

In the end, the milk was spilled, but none of it ended up on Xue Yan’s body, all contributed to the smooth marble floor. Zhou Yun Sheng sighed regretfully.

“Yan Ye, I’m innocent ah, I’ve never been in contact with the Zhong Xing people, there should at least be some evidence involved in whatever you do… …” The man anxiously opened.

“Shut up!” Xue Yan’s slap knocked out a few of the man’s teeth. He took the cane the bodyguards handed him and mercilessly stabbed it into the back of the man’s hand.

The man howled miserably, gripping the bloody holed hand as he rolled around on the ground, bright red blood splashing onto the white floor, it looked very terrifying. The rowdy banquet hall suddenly quieted down until a needle drop could be heard, some people took a few steps back and pretended not see, others slowly crowded around to express support.

Of course, these were people who had already won Xue Yan’s trust, their closeness obvious at a glance.

Xue Rui was in the group that retreated the farthest, he appeased his frightened wife, while stretching his neck to check out Huang Yi’s situation. Not out of worry for him, of course, he was just afraid he would provoke Yan Ye’s anger and get him involved. Noticing his son trying to squeeze to the front of the crowd, he fiercely held him back.

Xue Zi Xuan already couldn’t count the number of times his parents had imprisoned him today, his fretful mood felt like a fire was burning in his chest.

The man was still rolling and howling miserably, the blood a chaotic smear on the ground, emitting a thick and nauseating smell. But Xue Yan was quiet cheerful, he took out a cigar, lit it, and leisurely sucked a mouthful. Then he looked towards the young man that was slowly walking up to him and said, “Find out how he came in.”

“Yes.” The man nodded respectfully.

The bodyguards were waiting for this man to be called. They carried the screaming man away, then the attendants quickly cleaned up the dirty floor and sprayed air freshener, as if the bloody scene had never really happened.

It never really happened? Zhou Yun Sheng looked down at the blood stain on his dress’ hem, his temples twitching.

“Xiao Yi, are you frightened?” Xue Zi Xuan finally squeezed through the crowd.

Before Zhou Yun Sheng could respond, Xue Yan pulled him onto his lap and pressed his head into his bosom, gently combing through his long hair. He loathed Xue Zi Xuan’s concerned tone and expression, and felt the need to declare his sovereignty to everyone.

“I was careless. I almost forgot that Yi-er is suffering from heart disease, she cannot see such a scene.” He slightly bowed his head to kiss the boy’s hair, comforting him with an unprecedentedly gentle voice, “Yi-er don’t be afraid, uncle’s here.”

Zhou Yun Sheng was fitted into the man’s bosom, he raised a hand to cover a lazy yawn.

Xue Yan had behaved like an ascetic monk over the years. Whenever beautiful women were sent to him, he always returned them untouched, so many clan members had decided that his lower body was injured in the car accident, and he was unable to act on any sexual impulses. But just a moment ago, Xue Yan’s crotch had been clearly tented, only a blind person wouldn’t have been able to see it.

His good mood was interrupted, no wonder he was so irritated. The few people closest to him looked at each other, all understanding that he’d probably fallen for that Xue daughter.

Calling yourself an uncle while you have a hard on, have you no shame?

“Yan Ye, my sister has had poor health since her childhood, I want to bring her back home early.” Xue Zi Xuan tried to restrain his impulse to pull the boy away. He could ignore anyone he wanted, except for Xue Yan.

“Yan Ye, look Xiao Yi is stained with blood, she really … …” Xue Rui braced himself and walked over. He didn’t want to offend this person either, but it’d be bad if the other man kept embracing Huang Yi and found out his true sex.

“I’ll personally send her back.” Xue Yan motioned for his bodyguards to push him out, then turned to the guests, “You may do as you like, leave or continue to party, let Xue Lao Si assist you with any arrangements.”

Everyone smiled and nodded, putting on a vague ‘we understand’ expression.

Xue Rui was both excited and worried, he followed behind him, waiting for him to leave in his car before going for his own car in the parking lot.

“Were you really scared just now?” Xue Yan took out his handkerchief, wiping the drop of blood staining the side of the boy’s face, afterwards, he couldn’t help but kiss his sleepy, misty eyes.

“I was terrified, quickly kiss me so I feel better.” Zhou Yun Sheng shifted closer, pointing to his puckered lips.

Xue Yan couldn’t help but laugh, he parted his legs so the boy could straddle his waist, and said in a low voice, “You’re so sure I’ll like men?”

“Whether you liked men or women before, it doesn’t matter, you’ll only like me from now on.” Zhou Yun Sheng impatiently covered the man’s lips, using his tongue to taste the smoky scent in his mouth, somewhat astringent, somewhat salty, but mostly indescribable sweetness.

Xue Yan immediately stretched out his tongue to meet him, inwardly sighing in contentment.

The two kissed until they were loath to part. Silver wire dripping from between locked lips and teeth, only reluctantly separating after numb tongues and swollen red lips. Xue Yan lifted the boy’s dress and pulled down his pants, alternating between light and heavy strokes, his eyes closed to listen attentively to the boy’s heavy breathing and muffled moans.

After a quickie in the car, Zhou Yun Sheng arrived at Xue house with somewhat unstable legs. He had no idea where he’d thrown his high heels to, and when his bare feet stepped on a rock, he couldn’t help but scream, then hop back and forth like a spring.

Xue Yan smiled and watched him for a while, then pulled him onto his wheelchair for a tight embrace. Prior to this, he never knew that just by looking at a person, the heart would feel so much happiness. If his previous suffering was in exchange for encountering this boy later on, then he had suffered gladly.

Seeing the patriarch personally sending Huang Yi back, the steward was shocked, then he summoned the courage to invite the patriarch in for supper.

But Xue Yan refused, told the boy to quickly take a bath and go to sleep, then immediately left after watching him wobble upstairs. When Xue Rui arrived home, he was long gone.

“Sir, Yan Ye said to make Xue Jin Yi visit his place often in the future.” The butler truthfully reported to his superior.

“Do it.” Xue Rui nodded, his eyes smiling.

“Don’t do it.” Xue Li Dani opposed sternly, “What if he finds out the boy’s sex?”

“Yan Ye’s injured, he can’t have sex, as long as Huang Yi is careful nothing will happen.” Xue Rui whispered into his wife’s ear. Xue Li Dani pondered for a moment, then reluctantly nodded. They had been standing at the back of the crowd, so they hadn’t seen Yan Ye’s obvious arousal, they still firmly believed in the rumors.

Xue Zi Xuan was in no mood to communicate with anyone, he slowly climbed the stairs, and stood in the second floor corridor for a long time, finally knocking on the boy’s door.

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Yun Sheng had just taken a bath, so only a towel was wrapped around his waist, his long hair dripping wet. His skin was an attractive shade of pink because of the heat, the faint smell of his shower gel filling the room.

Xue Zi Xuan froze and stared blankly, his mind emptying.

“If it’s nothing, I want to sleep.” Zhou Yun Sheng urged.

“Did you forget what I told you? Stay away from Xue Yan, he’s a madman. ”

“If I hadn’t stayed with him, he would’ve made things difficult for you. You didn’t want to play the piano for them, I could tell. As long as you don’t want to, I won’t let anyone force you.” Zhou Yun Sheng seemed to be smiling sincerely, but in fact, his heart was annoyed.

Xue Zi Xuan had no empathy, he was unable to concern himself with other people’s feelings. If someone gave up everything for him, he wouldn’t feel even slightly emotionally moved. But now, his always cold heart was slowly beginning to soften, like warm water cleansing it over and over again, washing away the dust.

He opened his mouth, but couldn’t find anything to say. Then he suddenly reached out to pull the boy closer, kissed his forehead gently, turned and hurried away.

Zhou Yun Sheng closed the door, then repeatedly scrubbed his forehead with a handkerchief, making sure the soft sensation completely disappeared before stopping. In the next room over, when Xue Jing Yi heard her brother walk upstairs, she’d quietly opened the door, but hadn’t expected to see him kiss the boy.

A kiss on the fingertips is adoration, a kiss on the forehead is love- these were the words Xue Jing Yi had read on the Internet by chance. Does my brother adore Huang Yi? Thinking of how he always focused on him with deep, dark eyes, perhaps adoration could be used to describe his feelings. But love, that could also easily explain why he treated him so gently and concernedly.

She’d thought Huang Yi was only her shadow, a heart container that would die soon, but now, the situation was completely out of her control. If her brother’s feelings for Huang Yi continued to deepen, then he wouldn’t be able to bear hurting him.

That thought made her feel even closer to death. Death was not frightful, frightful was being abandoned by your favorite person.

Xue Jing Yi closed the door and slid to the ground, enduring the pain in her heart. She didn’t call anyone for help, she just abandoned herself, feeling that it might be a relief to die quietly like this. But the next day, she actually woke up, even without her medication or cardiac stimulant injection, she actually woke up.

She staggered up and faced the mirror, the gray faced girl softly laughed at her. This was a miracle, and it was proof that God wanted her to live, so why should she give up?

No way! Mouthing these two words silently, she dressed and walked briskly to the dining room.

Xue Rui and the others had already left, only Zhou Yun Sheng was sitting at the table with his laptop, the steward in the kitchen baking bread.

Xue Jing Yi heated up the kettle of hot water and smiled, “Want some milk tea? I’ll pour it for you.”

“Sure, thanks.” Zhou Yun Sheng responded without lifting his head.

The freshly boiled water was very hot, Nurse Xiao Deng wanted to assist, but she was turned down. Xue Jing Yi carried two cups and quickly walked towards the table. When she reached Zhou Yun Sheng’s side, her hands shook, and the two cups of milk tea dropped and spilled. The drenched laptop loudly beeped twice, then the screen blacked, and the body started emitting a pungent burning smell.

Fortunately, Zhou Yun Sheng had dodged in time, or he’d have lost a layer of skin from where his hands were positioned on the keyboard.

Xue Jing Yi shrieked and jumped back, tears pouring out in apology. The nurse and butler quickly walked over to comfort her, not sparing any attention for the real victim.

“It’s fine, you’re not well, let others handle these things from now on.” Zhou Yun Sheng pointed to the tea stains on his shirt and said, “I’ll go change.”

Back in his room, he took off his shirt and sat on the edge of his bed, palm on his forehead as he snickered. Oh Xue Jing Yi, what did you want to do? Destroy my hands? Because these hands can play music that captivates Xue Zi Xuan?

This was why he’ll never believe that there’s such a thing as a pure white soul. Even the good and honest people will also feel selfish desire. Whether a human was controlled by their selfish desires depended on the temptations or threats from the outside world.

Xue Jing Yi not only faced the threat of death, but also the pain of losing her beloved. If she could keep her pure heart through all this, Zhou Yun Sheng would be bewildered.

Her blackening was always within his expectations, from the moment she’d seen the report and kept silent, she’d walked down a path of no return. She clearly understood that there was only one life between herself and Huang Yi.

And she’d finally decided to choose herself.

Now, the two most important pieces had entered the playing field, the game could start.



Cute –– guaiqiao- clever (child) / smart / lovable / cute

This kind of smile:

Temptress- 磨人的小妖精. Some kind of slang, the closest I got was temptress, but you guys can suggest another term.

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4 months ago

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This. I’ve always thought this. Therefore anyone who claims to be “a good person”, “on the side of justice” (sound familiar?) or even innocent are hypocrites. Whether you’re a good person is up to everyone else to judge. Feel free to call me cynical.

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ecle chan
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