FOD Chap 13.5


Chapter 13.5

At the emergence of new evidence, the detectives put together the clues they’d collected so far, re-organizing the investigation, then they called in the victim for more questioning.

At first, the red skirt woman continued playing the pitiful role, weeping and condemning ZHOU young master’s atrocities, so when the police brought out a medical certificate, she looked at it, then froze, completely dumbfounded. Even if her life depended on it, she never would’ve guessed that Zhou Yun Sheng was impotent, then what was he doing playing around with so many women?

It was true that the woman was raped, and because of her employer’s demands, she’d had no choice but to be as noisy and public about it as possible. The employer had also told her that Zhou mother would definitely give her money to settle things in private, so she just needed to take the money and leave town, then she’d get her final payment after the court hearing started.

But Zhou mother never came to her house. She took part in such a serious crime, but only got the initial 50,000 dollar payment, and now she constantly had to suffer her neighbors and colleagues’ secret pointing and whispering. The psychological pressure was growing day by day, her emotions on the brink of explosion at any moment.

Then the police called her back in, but frightened her by treating her like a convict. As soon as she saw the medical certificate, she collapsed. No wonder Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t even slightly react under a heavy dose of Fairy Water, he was impotent! Now what? Withdraw her confession, right, she must withdraw her confession!

The woman wiped at her runny nose and tears while correcting her confession, claiming that Zhou Yun Sheng had raped her with a prop that evening. The confession of the course of events was incoherent at best, and the police told her that her confession couldn’t be edited, so she laid face down on the table and wailed.

By this point, the police was 100% sure she was lying, so they arrested her on charges of false accusations.

“Mr. Zhou, you’re free to go. Next time something is said, don’t stubbornly become a scapegoat, know that some guilt is not your burden to carry.” The younger detective walked him to the door, his attitude very mild, even containing a little pity. This poor soul couldn’t touch a woman for the rest of his life, no wonder he suddenly changed sexuality and took up with a man, this was also a choice of last resort ah.

“Tell me about it, how could I have guessed such a terrible woman would come after me? I’ll never play with women again, too fucking dangerous. Also, you better not advertise my private matters, or I’ll sue you.” Zhou Yun Sheng furrowed his eyebrows in threat.

The young detective quickly waved, “We absolutely won’t reveal your privacy, but I don’t know if your ex-girlfriends will.” There were quite a few desperate looking women in the mix, who knew what they would do if it could help them promote themselves.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, then ran towards Zhou mother, who was waiting for him by the door. On the way home, Zhou mother opened her mouth to speak several times, but didn’t know what to say, eventually she could only pretend to lightly pat her son’s shoulder and comforted, “This is nothing, that illness has a cure. Don’t give yourself too much of a psychological burden, it’s fine to move slowly.”

“What if it’s not cured?” Zhou Yun Sheng fished out his laptop and effortlessly hacked into Fang Zhifei’s computer.

“That medicine is so advanced now, why wouldn’t it be cured? If there’s no hope domestic side, we’ll go abroad.”

Zhou Yun Sheng copied out some important documents and answered without lifting his head, “Mom, I don’t care if I’m cured or not, anyway, my days are the same. And to tell you the truth, I feel sick even looking at a woman now, I might just throw up if you ask me to touch them.”

Oh no, my son now has a mental barrier! Zhou mother didn’t dare stimulate her son any longer, the discouragement could make him give up on medical treatment altogether, it was better to quickly get home and rest.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, then quickly searched Fang Zhifei’s system, sure enough he didn’t find any evidence of his transactions with the red skirt woman. The words the two burly men had used to intimidate the red skirt woman at that time were actually empty threats, Fang Zhifei was very cautious, he wouldn’t leave behind any information that could be used against him.

Zhou Yun Sheng thought for a moment, then decided to wait for the results of the police investigation to come out before acting again. He exited the system, then searched the internet for news of ‘Magic World Mastery’s listing. Because the production team was directly scooped up by Fang Zhifei, and the copyright was finally bought out, it only took a few days for them to hold a grand conference, offering the players a free trial month.

Free demo for a month? Excellent, all within my expectations. Zhou Yun Sheng whistled cheerfully. In one month, he would teach those who’d betrayed him how to write ‘despair’.

He glanced over gushing praise for Tengda Tech and news of ‘Magic World Mastery’, then Zhou Yun Sheng’s fingers paused slightly, clicking opening a video.

Meng Wan’s fresh and pure face appeared on the screen, holding a trophy and giving a speech, her eyes breaming with tears of excitement. A few days ago, she’d won the gold medal at the New Acute Designer Competition, which was an international contest, where winning gold was a very high honor. No one from China had entered the finals in the past few years, let alone won the championship.

The contest’s judges had hailed her as the future star of the design community, asserting that she would have a glorious future. She stood on the stage, beautiful like a star, after thanking all the people she was grateful to, she suddenly turned around during her speech, saying that the person she should be most grateful for was her lover, since without him she wouldn’t have made it so far.

The cameraman followed her direction to aim at the IT industry’s upstart, Tengda Tech’s CEO Fang Zhifei, he showed a tender and sincere smile, warmly waving at his girlfriend on the stage.

Meng Wan raised the trophy and said, “This honor is half mine and half his. Thank God for letting him appear in my life.”

Fang Zhifei couldn’t hold back, he stood up, and spread his arms, wrapping his girlfriend in a tight hug as she stepped down. Two high-profile people announced their love, attracting the media’s praise, saying that they were a beautiful couple, a perfect match and so on.

Zhou Yun Sheng turned off the video and opened the two’s microblogs, both were filled with loving couples photos, so sweet.

Zhou mother naturally knew that her son was pursuing Meng Wan, she reached out to close the webpage and said in a heavy voice, “Don’t read this nonsense, this woman is not worthy of your love. She resigned as soon as the company was in trouble, and she also had the gall to pull away most of the elite in the R & D department. Typical adding insult to injury, ungrateful tramp.”

“It’s better if they cut ties now, I don’t want them double-dipping in ZHOU’s future success. I’ll go to the company tomorrow, see who else wants to leave, even if the company is left a one employee empty shell, I can still bring it back to life. Don’t worry mom, it’ll be just like the good ol’ days. You’ll be a rich madam divorced from that sneaky old bastard, free to walk the dog, go clubbing, play poker. Have all the fun money can buy in the world. I’ll even help you fund a cute little boy toy if you want.” Zhou Yun Sheng hugged Zhou mother and kissed her wrinkled cheek.

In the real world, he never got to enjoy familial love, he was a stranger to fatherly love and maternal love. In his reincarnations, most of his identities were orphans, bereaved of his parents a long time ago, no one to tie him down. So whenever he met a gentle and loving family member like Zhou mother, he did his best to cherish them, even though he knew that they’re just strings of data.

Zhou Yun Sheng succeeded in coaxing an amused grin from Zhou mother, she flicked his forehead playfully. Her baby grew up into a sensible young man, and he was able to come back to her side safe and sound. Without Fang Kunpeng’s vicious words provoking her, this world’s Zhou mother was much stronger than the previous one, she cheered up in only a few days, then covertly helped her son clean up all the trash.

Seeing the mother and child chatting and joking around as they walked down the hall, Fang Kunpeng dropped his mug in surprise.

“Yun Sheng, why did you come back?”

“What are you talking about? My son can’t come back to his own home?”

“No, I didn’t mean that. I just wanted to ask if the case was settled.”

Zhou Yun Sheng took off his coat and casually replied, “Some new evidence popped up, the police know that I was wronged, so naturally they released me.” Here, he remembered the problem of his impotence, then quickly used 008 to search the internet.

To his great surprise, those starlets had managed to be secretive, no one came forward as an insider. Although Zhou Yun Sheng could use 008 to clean up any leaks, it was still an annoying thing to deal with. The entertainment circle was messy, some people would do anything to stand out. ZHOU was now in ruins, so they didn’t have to worry about being black-listed, this was naturally the best time to speak out.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t care about a so-called ‘reputation’, he had thrown that stuff away as early as 800 years ago, but ZHOU was still in a troublesome spot, the less negative news, obviously, the better.

He repeatedly searched to determine that the internet was truly clean, then gradually understood, had Yi Zheng helped him suppress the news?

Must be, that man has always stood behind him as his silent guardian. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but grin.

Fang Kunpeng saw a careless smile as the only reply, leaving the question unanswered. He walked over anxiously and pulled at his clothes, asking again, “What new evidence did the police find?” It doesn’t involve Fang Zhifei, right?

His heart was panicked, his forehead breaking out in cold sweat.

Looking at this appearance, Zhou mother confirmed everything. Fang Kunpeng really was an insider to Fang Zhifei framing and imprisoning her son. Well, since he could heartlessly ignore the father-son bonds, she wouldn’t be lenient.

“I don’t know what evidence the police found, but it seems that the woman was following orders from someone who wanted to falsely accuse me.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook off Fang Kunpeng’s hands with a look of disgust.

Zhou mother walked upstairs to fetch a stack of documents, then placed them on the coffee table and calmly opened, “Fang Kunpeng, please sign this divorce agreement.”

“Why do you suddenly want to divorce me?” One event wasn’t cleared up when another popped up, Fang Kunpeng’s brain was spinning.

“You had a son with someone else, one year older than Sheng, you thought I wouldn’t find out? He’s now all grown up and a founder of Tengda Tech, getting ready to attack our ZHOU. Don’t you want to quickly go support him? Sign, and get the hell out!”

Fang Kunpeng noticed a lot of colorful photos below the divorce documents, he took them out. All of them were intimate photos of him with Fang Zhifei or his mother, as well as copies of proof of his sales of ZHOU’s shares. He immediately discarded the defenses he was about to spout, picked up the pen and signed his name, then went upstairs to pack his clothes.

His son had his own company with good looking future prospects, he felt that he no longer needed to continue aggrieving himself, cleansing the family cleanses the home. Anyway, all these years of fishing was enough to help him break even.

Zhou mother sat down and silently tidied up the files.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly hugged his mother in comfort, “Cheer up mom, who doesn’t run into a few slags in their lifetime? It’ll be okay, your son will help you vent your anger. I’ll make them vomit out everything they ate from our house. If they don’t have enough, I’ll take their lives as compensation.”

“You can’t do illegal things ah!” Zhou mother pinched the back of her son’s hand.

“I know what I’m doing.” Zhou Yun Sheng waved, undaunted.

At this time, a housekeeper walked into the living room, announcing that there was a man named Mr. Yi who had come to visit the young master.

Zhou Yun Sheng quickly asked the housekeeper to invite him in, then he stood by the door and stretched out his neck to look. A black luxury car drove up the driveway, slowly parking next to the fountain.

“Yi Zheng, I missed you so much! Did you miss me?” Zhou Yun Sheng ran over, nearly knocking over the taller man as he stepped out the car. The man quickly gripped his butt, holding him up.

“I missed you too. You sure you want to wrap your legs around me? Your mother’s right over there.” Yi Zheng attached his lips to the younger man’s ear, a smile in his voice.

“It’s fine, she’ll have to accept our relationship eventually, now’s the time to give her a heads-up.” Zhou Yun Sheng squeezed his lover’s waist, then jumped down, dragging him over to greet Zhou mother.

“Mom, this is Yi Zheng.”

“Yi Zheng, Yi Group’s Yi Zheng?” Zhou mother immediately recognized this statue of the Buddha’s identity, the finance magazines had recently began reporting on Yi Group’s every day activities in China. If someone couldn’t recognize his extraordinarily handsome face, they really didn’t belong in the business circle.

“Yes that’s me, hello auntie, I’ve brought you a gift.” Yi Zheng politely greeted, then took out a finely wrapped box and handed it over.

Zhou mother received the gift, dazed, only remembering to invite him into the living room on the housekeeper’s reminder.

“Mom, you won’t open the gift to look?” Zhou Yun Sheng pouted.

Zhou mother hurriedly opened the box and found an emerald brooch surrounded by many dazzling blue diamonds inside. Its pricelessness could be seen in one glance, she immediately froze in shock.

“This gift is too expensive!” Zhou mother’s words implied resistance to accept it. She remembered hearing about this brooch, it seemed to be called ‘Kingfisher’, easily auctioned for the sky high price of 30 million.

“Mom you have to accept it, don’t be modest with him. He doesn’t have a dad or mom, he wants to treat you like a mother.” Zhou Yun Sheng smiled slyly.

Yi Zheng looked down at his smiling eyes, anxious to press him into the sofa and ruthlessly ravage him. He naturally hugged the younger man’s shoulder and said, “Bab- … … Yun Sheng’s mother is my mother. This gift is only a small kindly gesture, I’ll be really disappointed if you don’t accept.”

Zhou mother had no choice but to accept. She switched to asking about how the two knew each other, and learned that the two had been pen pals for many years, their friendship deep. It’s no wonder her son was so confident he could revive ZHOU, he’d always had Yi Zheng’s support.

She was completely relieved, she walked into the kitchen to personally prepare a fruit platter.

Fang Kunpeng walked down the stairs carrying a suitcase, caught sight of Yi Zheng, and was visibly stunned for a moment. Yi Zheng’s face had recently become highly exposed, too many people in China wanted to gain a foothold with him. Even his son mentioned a few days ago that he’d wanted to meet with Yi Zheng, hoping to talk about a cooperation project.

“Mr. Yi?” He tentatively called.

Yi Zheng only glanced at him, his attitude indifferent.

“Why are you still standing there? Do I have to call the security guards?” Zhou Yun Sheng sneered.

Fang Kunpeng returned to reality, nodded at Yi Zheng, then pushed open the front door to see the black luxury car parked by the fountain and a few bodyguards, even more sure of Yi Zheng’s identity. What was the relationship between Zhou Yun Sheng and Yi Zheng? Would Yi Group lend a helping hand to ZHOU? Would they retaliate against his son?

One thought after another spun around in Zhou father’s mind, he quickly took out his cell phone and called his son.

Zhou Yun Sheng sat for a while, then, unable to restrain himself any longer, he rushed to the kitchen doorway and called out, “Mom, I have to talk to Yi Zheng about something, we’ll come down for the fruit later.”

“That’s fine, go on. I’ll let the housekeeper got out to buy more groceries. Mr. Yi, will you stay with us for dinner today?”

“I’ll be honored.” Yi Zheng’s sincerity greatly pleased Zhou mother, she smiled and waved, “Well go, tonight I’m cooking myself.”

As soon as they closed the bedroom door, Yi Zheng’s refined exterior became extremely ruthless, he crushed the younger man against the door and fiercely kissed him, their tongues grinding against each other’s’, little nips bringing out small wisps of blood. The smell of blood stimulated the beasts in their hearts, they rolled onto the carpet, tightly embracing each other.

“You’re impotent? How did forensics identify it?” Yi Zheng squeezed the younger man’s hard place.

“The test was no problem. I’m impotent to others, I can only get hard for you.” Zhou Yun Sheng licked a line of silver off the corner of his mouth.

Yi Zheng buried his face in his neck and laughed, his laughter filled with satisfaction and pleasure. From start to finish, this person had never deceived him, he really did belong only to him.

“Happy now?” Zhou Yun Sheng raised an eyebrow.

“Very happy.”

“Then happily continue, who’s the one who said he was going to fuck me to death in the police station? If you don’t fuck me to death today, you can’t get out of my bed.” Zhou Yun Sheng joked without a sense of crisis.

Yi Zheng lifted him up without a word and threw him onto the bed, then dropped down on him. The room’s sound proofing was very good, so the occasional passing housekeeper didn’t hear the two’s growls and urgent panting, and the muffled sound of colliding flesh. Finished, Yi Zheng pulled the limp man into the bathtub and said, “Once in the water.”

“No! We have to go down eat, my mother is waiting for us.” Zhou Yun Sheng quickly rejected. He’d almost forgotten, this man had the power to destroy the Lord God, not to mention the force to defy natural order, of course he also had leverage in that department. Provoking him in bed was simply courting death.

If only he could practice the “Nine Circles Body Refining Technique” again. Zhou Yun Sheng soaked in the bathtub and daydreamed.

Yi Zheng washed him inside and out, then wrapped a soft towel around him and carried him to the bed. He dried his hair with a hair dryer, then selected a new set of clothes for him. Squatting in front of the younger man, tying his shoe for him, he suddenly felt that this setting was very familiar, as if he had done it thousands of times.

“What’s with the silly look?” Zhou Yun Sheng lifted his white socked foot to step on his lover’s unrivaled, handsome face.

“Nothing, I just feel that I really like taking care of you.” Yi Zheng gave a heartfelt smile, his heart not only filled with happiness, but also the inexplicable ecstasy of having regained something lost.

As soon as he heard this, Zhou Yun Sheng immediately jumped off the bed and helped his lover into his suit and tie, then finally hugged his thin waist tightly, vowing, “From now on, it’s my turn to take care of you, okay?”

“Let’s take care of each other.” Yi Zheng felt like his chest was about to burst from extreme happiness. They’ve clearly just met, but the deep feelings came so rapidly and violently, making him completely fall without even a trace of resistance.

This might be an arrangement by fate.

Zhou Yun Sheng nodded, sealed their lips, then said in a confident tone, “No one exposed my privacy, you handled it didn’t you?”

Yi Zheng nodded, “I don’t like having the outside world speculate about your sex life, that was very irritating. Whether or not you can do it, it’s enough that only I know.”

Zhou Yun Sheng blinked his peach blossom eyes up at him and smiled brightly.


ZHOU’s young master was released from jail, the news attracted the attention of the majority of media outlets. Some people immediately asserted that there was some shady behind the scenes deals, demanding an explanation from the police. The police couldn’t expose the private matters of the involved parties, so they published news of the red skirt woman’s arrest and collision with the new acute designer Meng Wan on the official website, announcing that they had conspired to commit fraud and false accusations. After the case was completed, the media could arrange to interview the two suspects, to help the public understand the hidden truth behind the case.

The media didn’t waste any time, they all called the police department for exclusive rights to the interview, with the station CCTV naturally coming out on top. Soon, they produced a special column with a thorough analysis of the whole case.

The case was moved to the CCTV’s authoritative legal program, completely quieting down the netizens clamoring about shady background deals. There was recently a change in national leadership, and wave after wave of anti-corruption campaigns were in full swing throughout the country. ZHOU only had influence in Y City, it wasn’t ranked highly enough to pull weight in the whole country, so if it bought out the Y City police station, it wouldn’t let the police accept any media intervention, let alone the CCTV.

If there was shady dealings, that would be self-defeating. Then people noticed that one of the women arrested was Meng Wan- the Meng Wan who recently came into fame as the future star of the design community- that had to be a mistake, right? What deep enmity did she have with ZHOU’s young master?

Not only did the public find it unthinkable, even Zhou Yun Sheng was surprised. He’d always thought that Meng Wan hadn’t participated in that ugly business, but as it turns out, she was even more ‘capable’ than he’d imagined.

She was the one who’d recruited the red skirt woman, and she’d also called in the two burly men to rape her. When she’d done those things, her only thought was helping Fang Zhifei retaliate against Zhou family, she didn’t care about anything else. The red skirt woman was detained for two days before having a nervous breakdown and selling her out. When the police knocked on her door, Meng Wan was very calm. In order to prevent the police from digging further into things, she didn’t hesitate to take on all the charges. The only reasoning she gave was that Zhou Yun Sheng had frequently harassed her in the past few years, so she came up with this plan in revenge.

CCTV interviewed her, digging deeply into her dark psychological journey. She was very blunt, she described Zhou Yun Sheng as a villain who had no limits, a bastard who wantonly used his money and power to force her. She also recounted the hardships they had to face after her younger sister fell ill, very moving.

As soon as the news aired, it aroused deep sympathy among the masses. Many asked the court to sentence her lightly. Meng Wan was also a victim, she was forced by circumstances.

“It was a last resort? What kind of logic is that? She had no choice but to destroy my life? She had to instruct two men to gang-rape a woman? The world has so many unfortunate people, should they all go around killing everyone else? Why does society still need laws? I’ve searched my soul but I can’t find anything I should be sorry to her for. We’ve known each other for a few years, and I’ve never touched a hair on her head, let alone forced her.”

“When her sister fell sick, I unhesitantly loaned her 3 million. This is the loan receipt she wrote, look at it. But since that day, she refused to talk about paying back the money. Then she took advantage of ZHOU’s crisis to lead away my production team, pushing my company closer to bankruptcy. Without my 3 million, her sister would’ve already died. I treated her with the greatest kindness, but she stabbed me in the back with a cold knife. What kind of victim is that? I’ve never seen a more vicious woman than her. I have no doubt that she framed me to get out of this debt.” Zhou Yun Sheng also accepted the CCTV interview and spread out the loan receipt under the camera.

In fact, the program had set up a trap. They broadcasted Meng Wan’s testimony on the first episode, so the audience could sympathize with her, then left Zhou Yun Sheng and the red skirt woman’s confessions for the second episode.

Compared to Zhou Yun Sheng’s rationality, the red skirt woman was almost crazy, hysterical. She cried bitterly as she cursed Meng Wan, calling Meng Wan a bitch, she clearly told her that it would be an act, yet she called in two men to rape her after Zhou Yun Sheng fell unconscious from the drugs, simply an immoral beast.

The reporter also interviewed related parties, including visiting Meng Wan’s hometown. Meng Wan’s sister had finished her bone marrow transplant, and her recovery was currently going well. It was inconvenient for Fang Zhifei to personally look after her, so a few nurses were hired to take care of her. In the absence of a guardian, the reporters couldn’t interview the sister, so they interviewed the neighbors.

“I never thought Meng Wan would do such a thing. She usually looks so gentle and refined, and so soft-spoken.”

“Did Zhou Yun Sheng nag her? No here at least, I’ve never seen him come by. Plus her boyfriend visits her every day, the two of them are inseparable.”

“I heard that she spent 800,000 for her sister’s treatment and surgery, we all thought she wouldn’t be able to recover financially for a long time. But guess what she does a few days before her sister’s discharge? She buys a BMW X5 to go welcome her! How lavish!”

“Yes it’s true. I also heard that she provided her boyfriend’s venture capital. Because of that, their feelings became especially deep, they couldn’t get off each other! They didn’t even care if people were watching! At that time I thought, isn’t she an orphan, fresh into the workforce? Where is she getting all this money? Turns out she borrowed it all from someone. That man was so easy-going that he casually gave her 3 million. Poor sap.”

From the neighbors’ words, you could slowly put together an image of a poisonous woman scamming money from an admirer to subsidize her family and boyfriend, then when the admirer was no longer exploitable, she designed a trap to frame him.

The reporters bid farewell to the neighbors, then interviewed a few of Meng Wan’s colleagues.

“I’ve never seen Chief Zhou make things difficult for her at the company, at most, he put her in charge of sending up the weekly R & D report. But he also had to call, like, 4 times before she did it. It was as if she was the boss, and Chief Zhou was the employee.”

“Yup, but every time she went in, she come out in a minute or two, and she always slammed the door hard enough to shake the foundation. I starting thinking maybe Chief Zhou owed her a few millions, turns out she’s the one who owes Chief Zhou a few millions. Nowadays, even the creditors have it bad ah.”

“Chief Zhou regularly invited her out, but out of 10 times she rejected him 11, and Chief Zhou always just shook his head and left, inviting her out again the next time. I’ve never seen him make things difficult for her, heck I’ve seen the opposite. Even though she’s a fresh college graduate, Chief Zhou transferred her to the R & D department to manage the art design, with an annual salary of 300,000. Chief Zhou obviously took care of her, I really don’t understand why she hurt him.”

The colleagues had already resigned, there was no need to tell lies to please the boss. And all these things were common gossip in the company, casually ask anyone and they would tell you.

The reporter that was in charge of Meng Wan’s interview originally felt very sympathetic of her, but they already hated her by the end of the second episode.

After this episode aired, the voices that were abusing Zhou Yun Sheng completely disappeared, and Meng Wan gained a new title in the public’s hearts – The Black Widow. Refusing to pay back borrowed money, jumping jobs and trying to topple her old boss. Finally, in order to set up a badger game, she ruined a woman’s life. What kind of human was capable of that? Even a dog knew how to be grateful. She was even less than a dog.

The halo that had once shrouded Meng Wan’s head instantly shattered.



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5 months ago

Author-sama needs a new title, Black Widow is getting old after being used in another arc hahahahahahaha. It’s quite unfortunate that the author wasn’t a Marvel fan before the Avengers movies became blockbuster hits otherwise maybe wouldn’t have chosen the title Black Widow in a derogatory fashion.

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The bird looks beautiful to me??

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The bird still look beautiful ??

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