FOD Chap 13.4


Chapter 13.4

In the last life, Zhou Yun Sheng hadn’t wanted to pay attention to the red skirt woman, who couldn’t see the calculation in her gaze? But the system had given him the task to keep in contact with the woman. Knowing that there was a trap in front of him, he still had no choice but to jump in.

Sure enough, when on a date with the woman, he was drugged, and she took him to the upstairs private room. It was a new drug called Fairy Water, after taking it, the nerves would be extremely agitated, and sexual desire would be aroused to the limit. At that time, Zhou Yun Sheng’s heart had filled with hate until it was bleeding, but his body wouldn’t listen to him, and he’d impatiently rushed towards the woman.

The woman desperately resisted him, ending up with many wounds, then she cried out for help when she felt it was time. Unsurprisingly, her accomplices quickly called in the police, who caught him in the act and arrested him. When Zhou Yun Sheng was brought into the police car, his clothes still a mess, reporters from small and large stations were crowding outside the club. He became completely infamous.

Because of the clear evidence, he was detained on charges of attempted rape and drug use. Zhou mother visited the woman and persuaded her to settle in private, offering her seven million, and the woman agreed. Then she fled with the money, still taking Zhou Yun Sheng to court, and disappearing without a trace before the hearing. Zhou mother almost had a heart attack from anger.

Zhou mother later found someone who said they could clear up the case, then she was arrested on charges of bribery and obstruction of justice. ZHOU’s Chief entered the cell, and ZHOU suddenly plunged into chaos, the stock plummeting day by day. In order to save themselves, the company execs quickly held a conference for the new game, but Fang Zhifei took them to court on copyright infringement.

Influenced by the scandal, the lawsuit was very thoroughly lost, and by the time Zhou mother and Zhou Yun Sheng were released from prison, ZHOU had been bought out by Fang Zhifei. Fang Kunpeng resolutely divorced Zhou mother, saying that he had endured her presence for several decades, every second and minute of seeing her making him feel nauseous.

Zhou mother had thought that she could rely on her husband after release, only to learn that her husband and his illegitimate child were the culprits of all these tragedies. She fell into a deep depression, then later jumped from the top floor of ZHOU Tech.

After Zhou Yun Sheng was released from prison, the system issued him another task, telling him to drive down Fang Zhifei and Meng Wan. At that time, he had wanted to curse viciously, there were a lot of ways to get revenge, why would he use this foolish approach? He could casually code a few programs and revive ZHOU Tech, why should he jump head first into ruining his own life?

But the system ‘DENIED’ him, forcing him to mow down the two on the street. According to the law of protagonist immortality, the two naturally survived unscathed, and he was severely paralyzed. Full of despair, he committed suicide by ripping off his life support. Of course, this was also a task issued by the system, it took pleasure in seeing him die in all kinds of miserable ways.

Such a brilliant past, how could Zhou Yun Sheng ever forget it? When he just laid on the bed, his body not cooperating, the woman obviously couldn’t call the police and tear her own clothes, crying for help while he was in a coma, right?

In this awkward time, she would definitely call her behind the scene boss to seek advice. Zhou Yun Sheng understood Fang Zhifei, the other man was very intelligent, and he worked ruthlessly, never leaving room for error. He didn’t capture the game’s copyright in this life, so he naturally wanted to vent his anger on Zhou Yun Sheng even more. If Zhou Yun Sheng couldn’t participate because of a coma, he had plenty of ways to make the fake drama real.

Sure enough, he quickly hired two men to rape the woman, then hacked into the club’s monitoring system, erasing the evidence of the two men entering and leaving the club.

The woman couldn’t cry out, only whimpering painfully, she must be regretting her involvement now right? But Zhou Yun Sheng refused to sympathize with her, for a few million she heartlessly agreed to destroy someone else’s life, so she must also be prepared to have her own life destroyed in turn.

The two men enthusiastically had their way, raping the woman while striking her, until she was covered head to toe in bruises, unrecognizable. When they were finished, they poured the condoms into a plastic bag to take away and destroy, then threatened, “Don’t even think about biting the hand that feeds you, the boss saved evidence of every transaction with you, there’s no benefit to turning on him. It’s better to sue this boy, his family is rich, they’ll give you plenty of compensation, definitely not less than five million. You better think this through carefully.”

The woman’s sluggish eyes suddenly held a touch of greed, she gradually stopped weeping.

The two men swaggered away. After they left, the woman didn’t treat her wounds, nor did she take a bath, she just laid still on the bed, quietly waiting. When she heard the man groan, about to wake up, she immediately pulled on her underwear and opened the door, staggering out, shouting loudly while running “Help me! Someone please help me!”

Well-intentioned people quickly wrapped the woman up in coats and dialed 110. Ten minutes later, clothes intact, Zhou Yun Sheng was escorted into a police car. By coincidence, a few paparazzi were camping outside of the club to get footage of a famous actress, they noticed this scene and quickly photographed it. Before long, news of ZHOU young master’s alleged rape spread throughout the city.


In the interrogation room, two detectives were questioning Zhou Yun Sheng.

Zhou Yun Sheng didn’t answer any of the questions, he just gently touched 008 on his earlobe, invading the police’s monitoring system, viewing the woman’s recount of the crime. She thoroughly pushed what the two men had done to her onto Zhou Yun Sheng, her words full of hatred. She had tried to hypnotize herself into believing Zhou Yun Sheng really was the one who’d raped her, and seemed to have succeeded.

Her grief and intense rage infected the two female detectives taking her statement, at the end, they told her firmly that no matter how rich Zhou family was, Zhou Yun Sheng would be brought to justice.

After making sure that the woman had recorded her statement, Zhou Yun Sheng was rest assured, he looked up at the two male detectives in front of him and sneered, “You keep saying I raped her, so have you found my semen in her body?” This was the strongest evidence.

“You wore a condom and hurriedly flushed it down the toilet.” This was the statement from a witness.

“It can be considered rape when there’s a condom? When the rapist is putting on the condom, she doesn’t run and resist?” Zhou Yun Sheng gave a mocking smile. Of course, this was not his true thoughts, rape was rape, no matter the means, it couldn’t erase the crime. He just wanted to anger the two men.

Sure enough, the younger detective suddenly stood up and grabbed his collar, his eyes promising death.

“Come on, hit my face, and when my lawyer comes, I’ll sue you for confession by torture!” Zhou Yun Sheng grinned and pointed at his handsome face.

The younger detective’s partner immediately calmed him down, “Let go of him, if we beat him, his lawyer can immediately use the excuse of torture to bail him out, then they’ll use it as evidence in his case.”

The younger detective was even more furious, but he restrained himself and sat back.

The older detective slowly said, “We detected traces of GHB in the victim’s blood, commonly known as the date rape drug. You didn’t have to worry about her escaping while you put on the condom, because she had completely lost her ability to defend herself. Now forensics is clearing out the club’s sewer, once we find the condom you used and detect your and the victim’s DNA, you will be sentenced. I advise you to cooperate with us to reduce the sentencing, or you’ll sit in prison for 9 bitter years.”

Zhou Yun Sheng pulled at his tie and slovenly said, “Confess and sit tight in prison, resist and be home in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Do I look like an idiot?”

“You fucking …” The younger detective aimed a punch at his head but was firmly pulled back by the older detective.

They asked more questions, but Zhou Yun Sheng had stopped replying, he lazily leaned back in his chair and glanced around, annoying his audience. When even the older detective was losing his patience, the interrogation room’s door opened, and the police chief walked in, followed by a tall man.

“Mr. Yi, the man is inside.”

“Thank you, can I talk to him alone?”

“Of course you can.”

The police chief called out his two subordinates. The older detective secretly shook his head and sighed, knowing that the bailer had arrived. The world was so unfair, the rich committed crime after crime, but could always escape the law’s sanctions.

The younger detective was furious, but he cleverly didn’t show it. He stood at the doorway, watching the two men’s every move through the two way window.

“You came.” Zhou Yun Sheng lost his lazy attitude and stood up to hug Yi Zheng, but the other man fiercely flung him against the opposite wall, a punch aiming for his face.

Bang! Before the fist touched Zhou Yun Sheng’s handsome face, it automatically shifted, slamming into the wall by his ears. Seeing this scene, the younger detective swore out loud, darkly wondering why the man hadn’t beaten that scum to death.

Yi Zheng grabbed the younger man by his hair, his eyes crazy, his tone cold, “Is it because I refused you, so you went out to find that woman, ah? Was your lust so dissatisfied? If I knew this would happen, I should’ve fucked you to death last night!”

“Do it, it’s not too late to fuck.” Zhou Yun Sheng ripped off his tie, and leaned up to kiss his lover’s furious scowl.

Before he came here, Yi Zheng had already gone mad. He’d thought about breaking the younger man’s legs, bringing him back to the U.S and keeping him under house arrest, tying his four limbs and neck with a chain, so he couldn’t move four feet from the bed. But also ruthlessly fucking him, fucking him until he cried and begged for mercy.

But when he was facing the man, he couldn’t will himself to vent his anger on him. He kept thinking that he might’ve been the one in the wrong, he shouldn’t have put him off so much. Even if the younger man liked to play week long love games, he had plenty of ways to make them inseparable.

If he hadn’t left him last night, this wouldn’t have happened. Thinking of this, his dark eyes revealed sharp pain and remorse.

He didn’t reject the younger man again, instead, he picked him up and crushed him into the wall, biting his lips until their mouths were filled with blood.

He pressed his hard length against the other man’s belly, gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t get you out until 24 hours passes. Wait here, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow, then I’ll fuck until you won’t be able to get out of bed for three days and three nights.”

Zhou Yun Sheng chuckled and licked the man’s earlobe before whispering, “I absolutely didn’t rape that woman, this is a set-up. My love, you have to believe me, you’re the only one I’ve ever loved. I fell in love with you at first sight, you are my first love.”

“I have to admit that your sweet-talk skill is very high, you’re indeed the one week lover.” Yi Zheng sneered, but the anger in his heart gradually dissipated, he scolded, “If you knew it was a set-up, why did you still jump in, are you an idiot? The media has already eaten up this case, and there are online mobs inciting public outrage, demanding that you be severely punished to teach the rich second generations a lesson.”

“Now this matter is very difficult to clean up, so you have to be careful not to get burnt. I’ll come with my lawyer tomorrow to bail you out. This lawsuit can be easily beaten, so rest easy, everything will be okay.” On the last sentence, he couldn’t help but give the younger man’s forehead a comforting kiss.

“No, don’t bail me out, I want to stay at the station for a while. I can get out by myself, but now is not the time.”

Yi Zheng fixed his eyes on him, then nodded in understanding, “You deliberately let yourself get arrested. What do you want to do? Going fishing?”

“Yeah, I want to see what demons and monsters come out of the woodwork when I’m in trouble. I plan to clean everything up when I get out, so I need to give them time to rebel.”

“Be careful not to destroy your ZHOU while you have fun.”

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. And even if ZHOU goes bankrupt, I can rebuild a more powerful ZHOU in minutes.” Zhou Yun Sheng flipped the hair that had fallen onto his forehead, his attitude unconcerned.

Yi Zheng adored his arrogant little prince look, he pressed him into the wall for a few more minutes of kissing, then pinched his jaw and told him, “Just come to me when you need help. You have to know, I’ll always be your pillar. When you get out, we’ll officially date on the premise of marriage. America has already recognized the legitimacy of gay marriage.”

He stared at the younger man in a very oppressive way, expressing his unwillingness to accept his refusal.

Zhou Yun Sheng smiled happily and nodded, “I saw the news too. At that time, I’d wanted to invite you to fly to the U.S to register, but you wouldn’t answer my calls.”

The last trace of gloom on Yi Zheng’s face completely disappeared, he caressed the younger man’s cheeks, kissed him again, then said in a hoarse voice, “Baby, you know, I also fell for you at first sight. I’ll wait for you to get out.”

After dawdling for more than an hour, Yi Zheng walked out of the interrogation room radiating happiness, ignoring the younger detective’s strange look.

The younger detective’s heart had almost collapsed. Seeing the man roughhouse Zhou Yun Sheng, he’d thought that the man had a full sense of justice, who would’ve guessed that the two would suddenly start making out, and in such an extremely spicy way.

“Don’t you know that Zhou Yun Sheng is a fucking rapist? That scum deserves your love?” He rushed after the man’s back and roared.

“In the absence of definite evidence, Zhou Yun Sheng is only a suspect, not a criminal. You should pay attention to the things you speak out-loud detective, I have the right to sue you for defamation.” Yi Zheng said without turning his head.

His two bodyguards glared at the detective with cold eyes.


Under the impetus of conscientious people, the social impact of this incident was very vile. The internet was flooded with shouts to severely punish the rich second generation, so if the police showed even a small hint of favoritism, they would be interrogated and abused by the masses. The red skirt woman was interviewed by the media, where she boldly described the painful memories of that period, making the public outrage grow stronger.

Unsurprisingly, Zhou Yun Sheng was detained as a criminal, during which Zhou mother came to see him, she walked in with a dazed expression, then walked out looking frightfully calm. She didn’t do anything illegal, not approaching the woman to settle in private, nor trying to bribe the investigators.

ZHOU Tech was affected by the scandal and the stock began to dive. Following the sudden withdrawal of a major shareholder, a new company was founded, and most of the elite employees of the R & D department were head hunted, including Meng Wan.

The company that Fang Zhifei founded became the partner of the major shareholder’s company, and he proposed the purchase of the game’s copyright in light of ZHOU’s shortage in capital.

The stock fell to the limit, all the talent was hunted, and the core tech and the clients were snatched away, one blow after another pushed ZHOU towards collapse. If there was no large injection of capital, ZHOU would face bankruptcy. Zhou mother considered things for a few days, then decided to sell the game’s copyright, but she set it at a sky high price of 50 million, making the looter Fang Zhifei explode in anger.

“50 million, how dare she!”

“The game’s development cost the company nearly 30 million, her 50 million asking price is not exaggerated. I’ll continue sending people to talk to her, if she doesn’t budge, I plan to buy it myself. I feel very optimistic about this game’s potential.” The shareholder lit a cigar, then continued, “We already have an agreement, your share in the company is equal to how much money you spend on the copyright. If you can’t afford a penny, I can only count your skills as investment, and at most, I can only give you 15%.”

15%? Would you even give that to a beggar? But in order to get a large slice of this cake, Fang Zhifei had to agree to the shareholder’s harsh conditions. He said gloomily, “Tell me a good price, I’ll make sure to get the money.”

Once out of the new company’s building, he immediately called Fang Kunpeng.

“Dad, I need 25 million immediately, do you have it?”

“Where would I have 25 million!”

“Then sell the shares Zhou Tang gave you. With that money, I can get a 50% stake in the new company, then we’ll make it back twice over as soon as the game hits the market.”

Fang Kunpeng considered it for a moment, then nodded, “Then I’ll contact the broker. I’ll tell you the news when I get it.”

Fang Zhifei was relieved, he said his love to his father and hung up.

Fang Kunpeng stared at the phone’s blank screen and smiled. This was his darling son, Zhou Yun Sheng was the true bastard.

Zhou mother, who had installed a monitoring software in his cell phone, took off her headphones and sneered. Nurturing for decades, in the end she only raised a thankless wretch, fortunately her son was clever, recognizing this animal for what he was a long time ago.

She dialed her secretary and asked him to find an agent to buy Fang Kunpeng’s shares at the lowest price. Finally, she called the shareholder that had betrayed the company, saying that she would raise the price to 80 million. The other side was angry enough to almost vomit blood.

The two sides began negotiations. After getting her son’s promise, Zhou mother was no longer worried about ZHOU’s crisis, so no matter how the other side bullied and coerced her, she obstinately refused to cut the price. Seeing another batch of ZHOU’s staff being head hunted, leaving ZHOU an empty shell, she accepted a price of 75 million.

If it was a month ago, 5% of ZHOU’s shares could’ve sold for no less than 50 million, but now it wasn’t even worth 10 million. But before the agent Zhou mother had sent out could find Fang Kunpeng, Yi Group bought all his shares for 8 million, then it began buying up one stock after another.

This made Zhou mother feel very anxious, she hurriedly visited her son in prison to discuss, then went home after calming down, ate, and slept.

Fang Kunpeng failed to cobble together 25 million, he thought about it, then sold the apartment he had bought for his mistress, and also secretly sold the luxury car and all the luxury goods Zhou mother had gifted him, but the auctions only got him another 12 million.

In desperation, Fang Zhifei mortgaged all his personal property and real estate, intending to put everything he had to his name on the gamble.


Zhou Yun Sheng lived in a single-person cell, although his circumstances were not good, victory brought him tranquility. He used 008 to monitor the outside world, and when he found that all the vermin hidden in ZHOU had finally cleared out, and the Fang father and son pair had also gotten into position, he got up and shook the iron bars, shouting, “Police comrades, I want to clear up the situation!”

Immediately, a police officer escorted him to the interrogation room, where the same two detectives were once again in charge of the interrogation.

“Tell us exactly how you committed the crime at that time.” The younger detective picked up a pen and prepared to record his statement.

“I didn’t commit the crime, I was wronged.” Zhou Yun Sheng shook his head and denied.

The younger detective slammed the notepad onto the table, his expression reddening in anger, but the older detective quickly stopped him.

Zhou Yun Sheng was unperturbed, he continued, “I have impotence. I don’t have even the basic sexual functions, what did I use to rape her?”

“That’s impossible!” Who didn’t know that ZHOU’s young master was a famous flaneur, and his favorite activity was playing with women. The younger detective was adamantly unconvinced, but the older detective exposed a doubtful expression.

“I’ve had this illness for almost a year, the Municipal People’s Hospital has my medical records, you can subpoena it. I’ll even allow you to perform a test on me now. As for my girlfriends, they can prove that I’m not pretending to get out of this. I’d planned to settle this quietly with money, no need to broadcast my private matters, but you insist on putting an innocent man in jail. If I don’t clear this mess up now, I’ll be an idiot.”

Zhou Yun Sheng exposed a timely embarrassed expression.

‘Impotence’, this kind of thing gives a man endless pain, most people wouldn’t openly admit it. The two policemen suddenly blanked, then they looked at each other, their expressions like they just heard something unimaginable.

“Take him to the forensics department for testing.” The older detective was the first to compose himself, when the suspect was taken away, he turned to his partner and said, “Go to the hospital to check his medical records, then track down some of his girlfriends and bring them in for questioning.”

The younger detective hurried out to Municipal People’s Hospital, sure enough, he found the proof in his medical records.

“I was baffled when I saw the news. Mr. Zhou has lost sexual function, how could he be convicted of rape. I’ve been waiting for you to come question me.” The doctor sorted through the records and sighed.

“What if we didn’t come find you, you couldn’t come forward to help out our investigation first?”

“Tsk, this isn’t about what’s the right thing to do detective. This is doctor-patient confidentiality, if Mr. Zhou doesn’t explain it first, I can’t speak out ah.”

The younger detective glared at him, then took the records and left. Back at the station, the forensics department’s test results came out, Zhou Yun Sheng really had lost sexual function.

“Fuck, then what the hell is all this!” The younger detective carefully looked through the victim’s confessions, reading through the extraordinarily detailed descriptions, then guessed, “Lao Li, is this girl really falsely accusing him?” Maybe if she’d claimed that Zhou Yun Sheng had raped her with a prop, but she’d strongly stressed Zhou Yun Sheng’s violent assault. This statement was the strongest evidence of her false accusations.

“We’ll investigate thoroughly first, then everything will become clear.” The older detective waved, saw one of Zhou Yun Sheng’s previous women walk in, then immediately brought her in for a statement.

They questioned all the women the suspect had contact with, but none of them admitted to having a physical relationship with the suspect, among these, about 7 out of 10 of them mocked, “I was 90% sure Chief Zhou’s dick was a dud after our ‘dates’, so I was shocked when I saw the news about his rape. We dated for one week, and every time we met, he just sat me down on a couch for an hour, then gave me a check for my time. What a weirdo.”

“Thank you for your cooperation.” After warping up the final woman, the two detectives glanced at each other, both feeling that this was no longer a rape case, but a false accusation case.

Just as this idea emerged, the two received a call from their boss, ordering them to thoroughly investigate to the end.



Fishing- Wiktionary(figuratively) to gain by improper means.

Flaneur- an idle man-about-town. An aimless idler; a loafer. You guys can suggest a better word.

I changed police officers to detectives when appropriate. Idk how it works in China, but detectives are the ones who solve cases, gather evidence and interrogate suspects in the U.S.

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