ABO Vol 1: Chapter 26


Chapter 026: Sleepless Roommates

Caesar indeed had flushed cheeks, because he’d seen Lin Yuan hugging and feeding Hobby, looking relaxed and comfortable in his pajamas, his open collar exposing his delicate and beautiful collarbone. His white slender neck, his tender and sexy youthful body, made Caesar’s mouth dry out, and his lower half was actually shamelessly hard…..

Caesar quickly ran into his shower and opened the faucet.

The cold water poured down on his head, which made him feel a little calmer.

Lin Yuan’s pajama-wearing look was really too exciting, his Alpha pheromones suddenly increased, and his body produced a very strong physiological response.

– It was even more intense than when he’d taken the Omega Pheromone Resistance Training class.

Of course, the smell of Omega pheromone had given him a reaction at that time, but it was only because of his Alpha instincts, but now, his reaction to Lin Yuan had risen to the top of psychological desire.

His love for Lin Yuan was almost beyond a doubt. His heartbeat spoke loudly, and even his body was filling with intense longing…..

He wanted to protect him, wanted to embrace him, he even wanted to….. to fiercely hold him…..

Caesar remembered the hurried glimpse he’d gotten that day in the bathroom clearly. Lin Yuan’s lean and supple waist, his straight and long legs, white skin, firm upturned butt….. The close to perfection body had long been imprinted in Caesar’s mind.

He hadn’t cared at that time, but now if he recalled it, Caesar would almost get a nosebleed.

Imaging Lin Yuan’s naked and pressed down body, kissing him, holding him, entering his body in various positions…..

Caesar blushed more fiercely, his fingers couldn’t help but grasp the still anticipatorily hard member of his body, and rub it up and down vigorously.

The bathroom was soon filled with the heavy breathing of His Highness the Prince.


The Lin Yuan that was being pressed down countless times in his roommate’s imagination knew nothing of his roommate’s change in feelings, he was still joyfully sitting in the dining room.

He was really hungry, he’d only had breakfast today. Lunch time he’d encountered Suzaku’s escape and expended too much strength in the spiritual struggle with Suzaku, then he was unconscious throughout the afternoon. Now it was night time and his stomach was empty, hungry enough to knot his intestines.

Anyway, Caesar had said he could eat all he liked, so Lin Yuan was no longer polite, he raided the refrigerator and walked out with a pile of food for supper.

Super delicious biscuits, excellent cheese, plus a surprising variety of barbecue and canned fish, this really is the best happiness!

Lin Yuan was chowing down when the door behind him suddenly beeped, Brian walked in, saw the table full of food in the dining room, and his eyes immediately lit up, he smiled and said: “I was just starting to feel hungry, hey, let’s take more out.”

So, Brian took out a bunch of his favorite foods from the refrigerator, and the two began inhaling their food piles.

When Snow came back, he saw this scene –

Two boys plus a pet were engrossed in gorging themselves with food in the dining room, the table was filled with a variety of food bags, it looked very spectacular.

Brian noticed Snow and immediately stood up, one hand took his hand bag, the other hand pulled Snow into the dining room. He pulled out a stool to let Snow sit down, smiled and said: “Snow, come sit and eat with us, I’ll pour you a glass of water.”

Snow: “…”

Snow, who was invited into the dining room by Brian in such a kiss up way, looked at Lin Yuan in embarrassment.

Fortunately, all of Lin Yuan’s attention was on his food, he completely didn’t notice Snow’s red ears, he enthusiastically handed Snow a pair of chopsticks, smiled and said: “Come, eat some barbecue, it’s super delicious.”

“I’m not hungry.” Snow said.

Brian quickly poured a glass of warm water and handed it to Snow, he smiled and said: “Come for tea then, I boiled your favorite black tea.”

A pair of blue eyes stared directly into Snow’s, as if to say, quickly praise me….. Praise me….. Praise me…..

Snow looked away, embarrassed: “Thank you.”

Brian was immediately contented, he turned and sat next to Snow, graciously handing him a meat dish, “Come on, eat a bit, this is the specialty of Cepheus ….. This is also very tasty, try it and see….. and this is …”

The small plate in front of him was soon piled up like a hill, Snow blushed in embarrassment.

Lin Yuan was completely unaware that he was the third-wheel, he continued bickering with Hobby over the food heap.

When the three people finally finished eating all the food on the table, it was 11:30pm. Lin Yuan hugged Hobby and walked away, satisfied, Snow turned back to his bedroom, and Brian immediately followed him.

Snow: “…”

Looking back at Brian who had trailed him like a shadow to his bedroom, Snow was at a loss for words.

Snow frowned: “Is there anything else?”

Brian smiled and asked: “Are you feeling okay today? When I woke up this morning, you had already left. Is the headache from yesterday gone?”

Snow looked away and said, “I’m fine.”

Brian scratched his head, “Oh…Well if you feel uncomfortable, don’t try to be brave, go to the infirmary for assurance.”

Snow was silent for a moment, then he suddenly said, “Brian, thank you for sending me back last night. Also, I just want to be your roommate, please don’t over think things … and I already have girlfriend.”

In the Empire, it was not uncommon for Alpha males and Beta males to marry, so when a Beta already has a lover, the words needed to be clearly said, it was also necessary to maintain a certain friendly distance with Alpha.

Brian suddenly froze in place, “Girl-girlfriend?”

Snow nodded, “Yup, well I’m going to take a bath, goodnight.”


Looking at Snow disappearing in the direction of his bathroom, Brian stood in place, as if struck by lightning.

If Lin Yuan was here, he would be very puzzled: What’s going on with Brian and Caesar today? Both with expressions as if struck by lightning? Such a rare expression should be photographed to commemorate it!


Brian went back to his bedroom, his depressed mood indescribable!

When he’d heard Snow say he had a girlfriend, anger had suddenly risen straight into his head!

How could Snow have a girlfriend?

How, could, he, have, a, girl, friend!?

Thinking carefully, his assumptions were wrong, he was a Beta boy, love was a freedom, marriage was a right, why couldn’t he have a girlfriend? He could even have a boyfriend! Why do you have a complaint about his private affairs?

Brian sat on his bed with a blank expression, he pulled at his hair in annoyance.

The intelligent mech Little Blue, hidden in the space button on his wrist, responsibly advised: “Master, your heart rate has exceeded the normal range by 1.5 times, your blood pressure has also risen ….. Do you want some medicine?”

Little Blue had just finished talking when Brian jumped straight out of the bed, angrily grabbed a bed pillow, and fiercely smashed it.

Little Blue: “…”

Brian quickly calmed down and sat back down on the bed, then he smiled and asked Little Blue: “Did you say something?”

Little Blue: “…”

Little Blue almost crashed from fright!

Brian narrowed his eyes and touched his chin, “Snow’s girlfriend huh… I’m suddenly very interested in this person…”

Little Blue couldn’t help but tremble.

Last time, when Brian had squinted and said “I’m very interested in it”, not three days later, he’d dismantled that mech into elementary pieces…..

Little Blue suddenly felt infinite sympathy for the “girlfriend” Brian was very interested in.


In the next door bedroom, Snow was lying in his bathtub, frowning, finally he couldn’t help but replace the warm water with cold water.

Probably because of his recent intense emotional fluctuations, his body’s pheromones were repeatedly fluctuating, always unable to stabilize. Last night, he’d used three inhibitors to forcibly suppress it, it seemed that he had to increase the amount to 4 tablets today.

– This happened because Brian always shamelessly tries to get closer to him.

The performance of these batch of inhibitors were discounted, and his resistance was decreasing because Brian was one of the purest blooded Alpha, his pheromone was very rich, so every time he got closer to him, it was tantamount to challenging the effectiveness of his inhibitors.

Brian stuck to him like gorilla glue all day long, making Snow feel very distressed.

An Alpha with rich pheromones was the most intense aphrodisiac for estrus-aged Omega.

He had only pulled his wrist and pressed him into the dining room for a moment, but if it wasn’t for Lin Yuan’s presence, Snow would’ve almost punched him in the eye again.

The feeling of being enveloped by an Alpha’s pheromone was confusing him, he could no longer allow Brian to get so close to him. With a girlfriend as a lame excuse, it should temporarily ease some of the clinginess right?

Although he’d chosen to drive Brian away, when he’d seen the guy’s frozen in place with shock look, Snow’s heart had suddenly felt a little uneasy.

Was this lame excuse really okay? Why did he suddenly feel a bad premonition…..?


Lin Yuan hugged Hobby and went back to his bedroom, put Hobby to bed, and sat in front of his table in a daze.

It was late into the night, the surroundings were finally quiet, but Lin Yuan’s mood was still unable to calm down.

Those messy memory fragments in his mind, as well as the crystal card that could unexpectedly open the museum’s security door, were making Lin Yuan once again suspicious of his life experience.

His memory began at the age of four, from his memories, he knew that his father had died on the battlefield, so he only had his mother and sister. He’d never doubted this, even when his dreams occasionally had a man’s gentle voice, he’d thought it was memories with his father from before he was four.

But today…

Inexplicably, he actually felt that Suzaku’s memory of the General, and his memories of his father were very similar!

A cold yet gentle voice, even the speaking manner was exactly the same!

Even more surprising, today he’d actually remembered some of the fragmented memories from before he was four, he remembered living on a warm planet, in a beach-front cabin, his father giving him a cake, teaching him to read the word “cake”. He also remembered that his father had sent him to the cold Planet Rennes, handing him over to a stranger, turning away and leaving…

He was injected with a strange drug, and from then on, he’d remembered nothing about what happened before the age of four.

If these memories were true, then there was only one possibility – he was injected with an anesthetic, and then they carried out a memory removal surgery. His memories from before the age of four were deliberately washed away!

A slight deviation probably occurred during the surgery, and a little bit of memory was not cleared, but suppressed in the depths of his mind, giving him some strange dreams for the past few years. Today, when he was forced to exchange memory with Suzaku, the huge spiritual impact completely released that part of his residual memory.

But those were just scraps of memory fragments, he simply couldn’t piece them together completely. Moreover, they were from before the age of four, he was, after all, too small, he didn’t remember his  father’s appearance.

– What was the relationship between his dad and the so-called Night Corps?

Lin Yuan was very puzzled, he opened his light tablet to search a bit, but found that there was only one search hit on the Night Corps, and it was from 19 years ago when the military court announced the dissolution of the Night Corps. Except for that, there was no other record about the Night Corps.

Lin Yuan replaced the keywords, General, Suzaku, Issyville galaxy…

He searched for a long time, but still didn’t get any valuable information.

He really couldn’t sleep, Lin Yuan sent a message to Lin Yao: “Sis, are you asleep? Is it convenient to call?”

The message was sent for less than ten seconds, Lin Yu immediately sent him a video request, Lin Yuan connected to the communication device to see his sister sitting in bed with pajamas on the projection screen, apparently she was about to go to bed.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Yuan?” Lin Yao asked, puzzled, “So late, why aren’t you asleep ah?”

Lin Yuan directly asked: “Sis, how much do you remember about dad?”

Lin Yao stared blankly for a moment, “You’re asking about daddy? He died in battle when we were very young ah. I was about six years old, so my impression of him is very vague, even now I can’t remember what he looks like.”

Lin Yuan was silent for a moment, then he said: “Why’s there not even a single photo of dad at home?”

Lin Yao smiled: “Dad was a soldier. Before, the times when the troops returned home every year was extremely small, when would he find the time to take photos? Oh right, I think mom has a photo, their wedding photo. It should be the only photo we have left of dad, mom secretly hid them. She should be asleep, wait here ah, I’ll steal them for you to see.”

Lin Yao’s voice faded as she snuck out the door, creeping into their mother’s bedroom. She took out a crystal photo frame from her mother’s drawer, then quietly walked back into her room.

Lin Yuan: “…..”

Sis, you missed your calling as a thief!

Lin Yao held up the stolen photo, pointing it at the communication device, “See? This is dad and mom’s marriage photo, there’s only this one, too precious, so mom locked it up. You were too naughty when you were small, you always randomly tore things up when you felt like it. She was afraid you’d ruin this last photo, so she lied to you and said there weren’t any photos of dad.” Lin Yao paused, “When you grew up, you never asked to see dad’s photos again, in fact, you never really brought dad up at all, so mom probably forgot about it.”

“…..” So that’s how it was.

After reaching the age of sensibility, Lin Yuan really had never mentioned father in front of his mother, because he knew that his father had died in battle, he was afraid mentioning the word ‘father’ would make his still grieving mother upset.

Lin Yuan stared at the photo in front of him.

Inside the beautiful 3D crystal photo frame was a young man and woman’s wedding photo, the 3D picture was very realistic, as if they were right in front of him. The woman in the photograph was elegant and gentle, the man was handsome and gentlemanly, and both of them had a happy smile. The bottom was engraved, cosmic calendar year 770, Lin Wei Cheng, Wang Ruo, happy newlyweds.

This 3D crystal photo frame allowed the photo to keep fresh, vivid colors for centuries. People used the Internet to store ordinary photos, they used these 3D photo frames for only very important photos, exhibiting it on a table or hanging it on a wall.

The wedding photo was indeed a very important photo for his mother, and the young man and woman in this photo looked very happy. But strangely, when he looked at the handsome man in the picture, Lin Yuan felt…..

Not even a little intimacy.

Too strange…

He doesn’t even feel like calling him dad…..

Was he really the father who died so many years ago? The one who taught him to speak, who cooked for him, who whispered in his ear: “Daddy has to go, he can’t take you with him, you have to stay strong to live.”…..?

What did he mean by leaving? Going to the battlefield?

Seeing Lin Yuan staring without a word, Lin Yao asked, puzzled: “Hey, Xiao Yuan, what’s wrong? Our dad’s too handsome, huh?”

“….Yeah.” Lin Yuan recovered, smiled and said, “Mom’s asleep? How is she lately?”

Lin Yao replied: “Same old, she gets a serious cough on cold days, but no other serious illnesses. These days of home rest has made her complexion much better. I’ll take good care of her, don’t worry about it!”

Lin Yuan nodded, “Okay, then go to bed early, I’m tucking in.”

Lin Yao said: “Yup, you take care at school.”

He ended the call and turned back to his bed, but Lin Yuan was still unable to sleep.

His mother had poor health these years, she’d worked hard to single-handedly raise him and his sister, from small to large, she was also very good to him. Although the home conditions were tough, he’d never felt even a little wronged.

– That gentle woman was Lin Yuan’s beloved mother.

Reasonably, he shouldn’t doubt that he was her biological child…..

However, there were a lot of doubts in his heart, and there were no reasonable explanations.

Memories of his father’s appearance was very vague, a four-year-old child was really too small, plus his memory before four was intermittent, Lin Yuan had long forgotten the man’s appearance.

But Lin Yuan truly felt that the man calling him son in his memories wasn’t the man standing with his mother in the photo.

There was no evidence, just a feeling in the bottom of his heart, that unfamiliar man in the photo couldn’t give him any kind of father-son intimacy…..

His headache growing more and more severe, Lin Yuan could only temporarily repress the strong doubts in his heart.

– It was better to wait for his mother’s health to improve, then he could ask her in detail, make her tell him all the truth about his past. If not, he would have to continue randomly searching, which would simply not give him any useful information, it was better to ask her.

Lin Yuan built up his determination, rubbed his throbbing temples, calmed down, and closed his eyes.


That night, the four roommates had simultaneous insomnia, the reasons for insomnia all different.

Caesar’s dreams were filled with the beginnings of boundless spring. Brian’s dreams were filled with unique murders.

Snow was inventing every kind of inhibitor in his dreams. Lin Yuan was searching everywhere for his father in his dreams.



Gorilla glue – Substituted for 狗皮藥膏 –Gou Pi Yao Gao, Wikipedia: a medicinal herbal plaster that is often used in traditional Chinese medicine. Translated word for word, literally means dog skin plaster.

Spring– also read as thoughts of love

Who are these guys again? lol

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Just reading this chapter makes me blush >///<

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Hi, I really enjoyed reading your translations Kez! I thought that I would like to help out a bit, so I decided to try translating the next chapter with my meager knowledge of Chinese. Took a while but it is finally done! I hope I haven’t done something unnecessary…

Here is the link for the google doc with the chapter: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dA7TrJ2qX-4YLaHTG1KYPMR9tT_mnR0Bb3WmTDy6UgE/edit?usp=sharing

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Thanks so much for the good feedback! Also, yes, I am considering taking up a BL novel, not sure which one yet.

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